The Summer of Loving Football - The Last Leg of the Year


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  • Indi Heaton
    Indi Heaton Month ago

    Men came 4th, but it was the Women's Football World Cup in 2015 and I believe England came 3rd.

  • Slave2PaperWithInkOn

    'George Carlin on Our Similarities.' -~- the youtube video !!!

  • Adair Murray
    Adair Murray Month ago +3

    Um it definitely wasn't still light out when we won the pens Josh

  • Cheesus Cheetos
    Cheesus Cheetos Month ago

    Cheers from Croatia, it was a wild ride for us too.
    Loving the football rivalry our teams have.

  • Girls of Instagram
    Girls of Instagram Month ago

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  • SWEEP 0149
    SWEEP 0149 Month ago +1

    My highlight of the year was when England lost I was so relieved because I don’t think I could keep on living in the uk as Scotsmen. but they didn’t so things are as they should be England loosing and Scotland making fun of them even though we are so shit we didn’t even make it to the World Cup

  • Bat Fastard
    Bat Fastard Month ago

    for such a bunch of lefties, I'm surprised you has the BBC's favourite racist on your show. Nish Kumar is a oxygen thieving, piece of unfunny, talentless shit.

  • Rob Chilton
    Rob Chilton Month ago +6

    I'm not sure I call droughts and fires: "great weather" it was a bad summer, the country wasn't prepared for it.

    • Rob Chilton
      Rob Chilton Month ago

      sorry to show concern for my country, hope we're better prepared for this year which is predicted to be worse.

    • Adair Murray
      Adair Murray Month ago +2

      Buzz Killington ladies and gentleman

  • Dave Rivers
    Dave Rivers Month ago +1

    The JW doll joke at the end is priceless!

  • Kristy
    Kristy Month ago +35

    England MEN reached their first semi-final in 28 years, I think you’ll find the women’s team did it in 2015. And I assume I’m going to get a lot of shite for this comment but it needed to be said.

    • floopy goober
      floopy goober Month ago +2

      There's far less competetition in Woman's football, the UK is one of the only country's that properly funds it, it was highly likely that England womens would get far in the that world cup. The mens world cup is an entirely different beast.

    • sanityisrelative
      sanityisrelative Month ago +5

      It's the same across the pond. Our women's team is *amazing* and yet all the attention (and money) is on the men's team.

    • Mactheknife1978
      Mactheknife1978 Month ago +8

      It's a shame the women's game isn't given the same coverage in the media.

  • Romain Savioz
    Romain Savioz Month ago +4

    Great he kicked the ball now the ball is over there

    • Torstein Bakketun Kyte
      Torstein Bakketun Kyte Month ago

      «Killed the ball»? Haha, kicked the ball.

    • fenhen
      fenhen Month ago +1

      Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

  • TokenBlackman7
    TokenBlackman7 Month ago +49

    Seeing England in the semifinals of the World Cup was like seeing an elephant in a tree.
    You don't know how it got there, but you know it won't stay there.

  • Stoned Scouser
    Stoned Scouser Month ago +16

    Anyone else notice as soon as we got knocked out the weather turned for the worst

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz Month ago +7

    the weather was great, England doing well in the sports, everyone having a good time...SEE? SEE? We HAVE BEEN Pushed through a portal to the BIZARRO! universe. Trump is POSTUS, rasPUTIN and the Saudis getting away with murder, England all sunny bright and happy, yes, yes we have been shunted through....