MMA Community Reacts to the DOMINATING Performance in Leon Edwards vs Rafael Dos Anjos,Masvidal

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Comments • 80

  • MagicBeemes
    MagicBeemes 29 days ago

    Woodley will give him an reality check, to bad its in the UK if it was in the USA Woodley would KO this clown

  • TheLumeri
    TheLumeri Month ago

    Who in top-tier MMA welterweight has more losses than Masvidal?

  • kuprebou57
    kuprebou57 2 months ago +1

    6 months later Jorge cpuld give 2 shiits about the belt (fighting Usman) or Leon or ANYONE other than LW conor and Retired Nick Diaz..dudes scrapin resin when he should be bong rippin CMON JORGE

  • Modern Savage25
    Modern Savage25 3 months ago

    Apparently if you're clinching with this guy throw the elbow first because he's coming over the top with it.

  • JSmith Place
    JSmith Place 3 months ago

    What a whining bitch

  • Alejandro Francisco
    Alejandro Francisco 7 months ago

    Where is weisel georege masbidal

    • Trapking SWAG
      Trapking SWAG 4 months ago

      Hiding, doesn’t want to lose to Edwards lol too much of a risk for him and he knows it.

  • Marten Dekker
    Marten Dekker 7 months ago

    Wonder if hours in the gym, results in immature cringey arseholes
    ... Isreal, Colby, Tyron, Usman, Till, & now Leon Edwards...hope u all lose.

  • Gen ST
    Gen ST 8 months ago

    Fans acting like the know the undercard fighters 🤣

  • NexisFilms
    NexisFilms 8 months ago

    Leon Edward's voice/accent gives me ear cancer every time !

  • Tory Mayek
    Tory Mayek 8 months ago

    "I'm not here to win" - Bruce Leroy....LOL

  • Cadbury's Cuomo
    Cadbury's Cuomo 8 months ago

    They put Matt Serra on dissing Trinaldo's sportsmanship but they dont have even 1 fighter or commentator that thinks he did win? Shills. When a fighter with a track record of being a good sportsman gets angry like that. We need to look at why not just throw him under the bus. Look how many people who defended Khabib after his little thug display were given a shout on this channel. Fucking shills.

  • Paul Weston
    Paul Weston 8 months ago

    Hahaaa Mike Perry... Have you even won a fight yet?

  • Standupforyourself9
    Standupforyourself9 8 months ago

    Jorge these motherfuckers just keep coming at you, I hope you do fight this fool and 5 second his ass as well. Loved those interview punches you gave him.

  • pomme melon
    pomme melon 8 months ago

    Colby vs Twood, Edwards vs Masvidal

  • A. Pena
    A. Pena 8 months ago

    I give up, I can't handle that beat over and over lol

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller 8 months ago

    Edwards gets KO'd 4 second. in Masvidal

  • edit11
    edit11 8 months ago

    leon just ruined Masvidal fight with conor smh

    • Trapking SWAG
      Trapking SWAG 4 months ago

      Don’t worry, masvidal won’t fight Leon ever, Leon is a very bad match up for masvidal. If masvidal gets beat my edwards he’s done, might as well retire afterwards

  • David James
    David James 8 months ago

    10:08 Dude, your eye!!

  • Ruben Nunez
    Ruben Nunez 8 months ago

    I watch these video for the beats

  • Dread Man
    Dread Man 8 months ago

    Juan Adams didn't storm off cause he lost, he stormed off cause of that dance move celebration Greg Hardy was doing for the win. JUAN ADAMS took it as an embarassing form of disrespect and was mad cause he couldn't come up with a better dance move rebuttal.

  • Rory Cummins
    Rory Cummins 8 months ago

    Why does Dan Hooker have a South African accent?? 🤔

  • James Cazzaly
    James Cazzaly 8 months ago

    Hardy stays punching people out. Lol.

  • Rory Cummins
    Rory Cummins 8 months ago

    Give Edward's a title shit. He s getting better with every fight!! The Alex Hernandez fight was pathetically shit!! 💩 2 average fights punching and kicking air for 15 minutes 🤣

  • Joe Sheridan
    Joe Sheridan 8 months ago

    Someone tell Mike Perry he might have to actually win some fights if he wants to fight Edwards, masvidal or anyone decent

  • ZC 13
    ZC 13 8 months ago

    Alex Hernandez was shocked that he won

  • Acoustic Soulexternal
    Acoustic Soulexternal 8 months ago

    Meagan Anderson..ummm no,he does not get to just bypass other higher ranked fighters n get a title shot cause of 8 wins in a row... Khabib had almost 30 straight wins n yet had to battle through the ranks n wait forever for a shot at why would you even think he'd not have to face Masvidal before Usman? Are you not watching that division closely?

  • ryan welch
    ryan welch 8 months ago +1

    "I don't see where he can beat me" -James Vick.
    How bout in the face? lol

  • i Schotty
    i Schotty 8 months ago

    Actually Dana never said he gets title shot

  • Captain Howdy
    Captain Howdy 8 months ago

    0:25 he wants another three-piece and a soda 🥤- from Cuban Jesus

  • Erik Hashem
    Erik Hashem 8 months ago +1

    Jorge vs. Leon let's go!! If we can see 3 rounds out of them both I think it will be EPIC! 🤘🤓🤘 #supernecessary #ufc

  • Timothy Mcinvale
    Timothy Mcinvale 8 months ago

    Leon did not dominate anything

  • Underwear Taker
    Underwear Taker 8 months ago

    Who are these people Greg hardy is fighting 🤔

  • Honest Lee
    Honest Lee 8 months ago

    Bruce Lee Roy, ive always been impressed with your striking, but this fight your footwork was straight up inspiring. Keep it up , you are getting noticed!

  • Jacabo Blanco
    Jacabo Blanco 8 months ago

    Vick is such trash 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jacabo Blanco
    Jacabo Blanco 8 months ago

    When are they going to have Greg Hardy fight someone thats actually half way decent?
    Such nonsense.
    Tired of it.

  • Chibareeba
    Chibareeba 8 months ago

    11:31 When you nut but she keeps on sucking

  • Robert Jojo
    Robert Jojo 8 months ago

    I can't wait until masvidal gets his ass handed to him again remember wonderboy

  • Ivan C
    Ivan C 8 months ago +1

    Andrei is a true OG of the sport the original pitbull from Belarus mad respects never count him out of a fight

    NONSYSTEMATIC 8 months ago

    Masvidal is way to gassed up.

  • Honeybadgershoots
    Honeybadgershoots 8 months ago

    BAN Ask Him - Leon Edwards

  • TDave tdave
    TDave tdave 8 months ago

    Mike Perry Gold again 😅😅

  • WhitePony1990
    WhitePony1990 8 months ago

    Fights to make:
    Edwards vs Chiesa or Askren
    Hardy vs Harris
    Andrei vs JDS
    Rothwell vs Aleksei
    RDA vs Maia or Perry
    Hooker vs winner of Cerrone/Gaethje

  • Chance Uriah Miller
    Chance Uriah Miller 8 months ago

    12:30 That ending bit 🤣. I love those ending sequences on occasion.

  • Mass Effected
    Mass Effected 8 months ago +1

    On a 4 fight losing streak but still believes he's gonna go in and get the fastest ko record, lmao that's believing in yourself right there!
    Best quote: I'm not here to win, I'm not here to not to lose.
    LOL I know it's not what he meant to say but damn that was good stuff

  • Time Master
    Time Master 8 months ago

    You stfu your fights are boring as shit hell. .title shot fuck you bitch m not watching damn ass boring Fight.. Masvidal he s what I wanna watch.. Greatest fighter. Give him the title shot Dana

  • Mass Effected
    Mass Effected 8 months ago +4

    It's hard to believe Leon and Rafael are in the same weight class, looking at them stand next to each other

  • James Tisdale
    James Tisdale 8 months ago

    james vick needta put that shit on a T-shirt

  • Samuel Odell
    Samuel Odell 8 months ago

    Vick reminds me of a lighter rockhold. Same ego, same chin

  • Will DaBeast
    Will DaBeast 8 months ago

    Yea get yo fat goofy lookin ass outta here Adams

  • B-Conn66
    B-Conn66 8 months ago

    Great fight. RDA is tough as shit, took some big shots and didn't even stumble. Awesome work by Edwards tho. Smart fight on his part.

  • aldro cherres
    aldro cherres 8 months ago

    juan giant head vs tito ortiz

  • ButtSaladNinja official

    Leon is gonna need 5 tune up fights to even be on Masvidals level yo

  • felipe contreras
    felipe contreras 8 months ago

    If Alex Hernandez had any honor .. he would have said he did not believe he won that fight .. total complete horse crap

  • Shrikant Ramkrishan
    Shrikant Ramkrishan 8 months ago

    Dr who applied vaslien to d eye of rda shud get paid litle extra

  • Peter Pettigrew
    Peter Pettigrew 8 months ago

    Day 1: Masvidal serves Leon that 3 piece and a soda.
    Day 2: Masvidal serves Askren the whole buffet.
    Day 3: Leon tells daddy he’s hungry again.

  • dankbro420
    dankbro420 8 months ago

    Lmao RDA is on his way out dafuq is this squeeky voice doofus saying

  • Mango Fresco
    Mango Fresco 8 months ago

    Fuck Edwards

  • kyle yung
    kyle yung 8 months ago

    2:25 " I proved to the world that I can do it where I'm from & believing in my team, believing in my country..."
    Doesn't this fool live and & train in the UFC but carries another nations flag around ? lol

  • bondonsky 500
    bondonsky 500 8 months ago

    Wtf as big as a pussy he is just how old is #greghardy 7 doing the dumbest dance i ever saw & i have it on good authority its a fortnight dance wtf is an old head doing reinacting kids game dance moves ..... tut tut tut smmfdh only in america home of the brave & the land were absolutely anything goes foh

  • happentodie
    happentodie 8 months ago

    shitty night , if hernandez won that fight then i,ll eat my own dick, horse shit decision ,and peterson was robbed against caceres too ,dreadful decisions ,awful judging ,texas is a shit hole crooked dump

  • Kyle Stewart
    Kyle Stewart 8 months ago

    I think I recognize Juan Adams from those old Geico commercials.
    So easy a caveman can do it.

  • BoomBappa
    BoomBappa 8 months ago

    so nobody is talking about how trinaldo got assaulted?

  • kevin johnson
    kevin johnson 8 months ago

    Leon Edwards would get smoked by masvidal

  • bondonsky 500
    bondonsky 500 8 months ago

    Yes my brummie brother now lets see that 3 piece showdown masvidal vs Edwards dana you know after whats happened thats the fight he aint knocking edwards out woooow😲😲😲😲he beat rda masvidal aint getting no title shot hes only a few steps above Edwards 😁😁😎😎🤓🤓cant wait for this 1

    EMANUEL MANGITUKA 8 months ago

    Ben ass ken😂🤣

  • John Christian
    John Christian 8 months ago

    Give me a midget to fight and I'm likely to "dominate" too.

  • Jeff Duncan
    Jeff Duncan 8 months ago

    Leon Edwards would take Masvidal

    BLOODNUT87 8 months ago

    hernandez rigged fight

    BLOODNUT87 8 months ago

    love from hobart tasmania go you boys in aus and nz....dont fight one another look after one another thats what Anzacs are for homie!

    BLOODNUT87 8 months ago

    i was falling asleep after 7 hrs and a few beers and cones lol edwards ya shit cunt #GetSomeTrainingIdiot even from 2mins in you can see no1 is there in the crowd lol pussy

  • Uncle Big boss
    Uncle Big boss 8 months ago

    If i look at Greg Hardy is believe we are related to monkeys

  • Osrɔ a.k.a Benji O L
    Osrɔ a.k.a Benji O L 8 months ago

    James Vick needs to move up

  • Osrɔ a.k.a Benji O L
    Osrɔ a.k.a Benji O L 8 months ago

    Greg Hardy actually has supporters? Thank God

  • Othon Pedro
    Othon Pedro 8 months ago +1

    Leon Edwards vs Ben ' Funky ' Askren next.

  • Reid Cheetham
    Reid Cheetham 8 months ago

    Casuals that think Edwards fighting style is boring just don’t understand how technical he actually is and if you understood the sport more then you would find his fights very exciting to watch

  • 56TheAnimal
    56TheAnimal 8 months ago

    Arlovski is a legend I’m happy to see him get back in the W column

  • 713Sherro
    713Sherro 8 months ago

    I wanna make custom beats for your background music

  • Paul Littlehales
    Paul Littlehales 8 months ago

    Let's get the fuck outta here..... Just got my head lit up....Juan Adams

  • Batman
    Batman 8 months ago

    When Adams stood up on wobbley legs to protest his stoppage. Dudes head was visibly swollen at this point.

  • PowWowChicken
    PowWowChicken 8 months ago

    Damn major upsets everywhere on these fights.