First Mag Review: Grand Power Q1s

  • Published on Aug 12, 2018
  • The Grand Power Q1s
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Comments • 212

  • exzeaon
    exzeaon Month ago

    3:40 so it feel like a 1911 pull?

  • Brandon Thomas
    Brandon Thomas Month ago

    Collin, do a review on the Wilson combat EDCx9l, it's a double stack 9mm 1911, I think you'll love that gun,front fiber optic sights, it's dope,

  • Jeremiah Jig
    Jeremiah Jig 2 months ago

    Considering that the Glock 46 will probably never come to the US, I'm highly considering this

  • Im The southpaw
    Im The southpaw 2 months ago

    I own a GP P11 Mk12. That rotating barrel design really does make a difference (even in their 10mm).

  • TC J
    TC J 2 months ago

    Have you shot the next gen version of this with the flat faced trigger?

  • Matthew Trabue
    Matthew Trabue 4 months ago

    God Bless you Colion you are truly a Godsend! God Bless you and your family sir!

  • Honest Acehole
    Honest Acehole 5 months ago

    NRA is taking a huge shit. What are you guys going to do to turn things around? I’m tired of constantly getting asked for money. With nothing being done. Just negotiating away more of our rights daily. I no longer am a member because of this. I joined GOA. But I think the best thing i did to save my 2a rights was working in a machine shop. Tradesmen will save this country in the end

  • Orlando Williams
    Orlando Williams 5 months ago

    ...AND your folks are Nigerian and you share your platform with a thin white girl?! Really? In order to deal with the bad shut people say about you just bring more of us on your platform...not that city crap you do...sit down and talk to us like you are one of us. Most of us like the content but you leave us out. Why?

  • Orlando Williams
    Orlando Williams 5 months ago +1

    Man where are the interviews with the black folk? Why aren’t you doing more shots in the hood instead in the studio with Killer Mike? You don’t like your folk? You don’t think we are watching you? That would be incorrect BUT we are dissatisfied with the lack of diversity you have on your platform.

  • Stanley Moore
    Stanley Moore 6 months ago

    I would like to shoot with you..

  • todd glick
    todd glick 6 months ago

    This guy is a youtube HACK at best! If you want to see a real, knowledgeable, informative and professional firearms instructor and entertainer too....CHECK OUT HICKOK45!!

  • Matthew Gray
    Matthew Gray 6 months ago

    Glock 48 video???

  • daniel ward
    daniel ward 6 months ago

    please design more firearm accessories

  • daniel ward
    daniel ward 6 months ago

    please design some firearms 1 day

  • Jack Whiteman
    Jack Whiteman 6 months ago

    I want one of these, but I'd imagine it wouldn't be a great carry choice given there's no definite wall in the pull before the break. Any thoughts?

  • Aaron Hattier Training
    Aaron Hattier Training 7 months ago

    Hey Colion I just saw your NRA informational video. I am a Texan and CHL holder. Really wanted to say 1. Great facts based information to all parties on both sides of the rights we have as gun owners and the people who are anti gun. Really appreciate your insight and perspective of the all sides.

  • Robert Mosher
    Robert Mosher 7 months ago

    I think he might just be busy too. He is constantly on tv as either a supporting voice of the voice of dissent, depending on who has him on. He is also an attorney with a private practice and does spokesman work for the NRA and is in a bunch of commercials. He is a smart dude

  • Robert Mosher
    Robert Mosher 7 months ago

    The gun is very hard to see at timed due to the shoot house walls/tires obviously being the same color and the walls being textured.
    Still a huge fan and will continue to watch your videos.
    I had another you practice gun rights/constitutional law? If so, where and is it a 501c3 or 501c4...or an organization that we can support?

    • Adrian Arias
      Adrian Arias 7 months ago

      Robert Mosher same. Lol. Yeah I like his reviews honestly I think the feds got to him . I’m only guessing since he had a lot of eyes on him

    • Robert Mosher
      Robert Mosher 7 months ago

      @Adrian Arias I have been watching his older stuff then. Honestly I don't normally check the dates on gun videos unless they are dealing with changes in law. I should stop watching gun intro videos like this because I live in CA and I have a very short list of what I am allowed to own here.

    • Adrian Arias
      Adrian Arias 7 months ago

      Robert Mosher he has not posted for 1/2 a year.

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt 7 months ago

    I love you! But why are you killing gun laws example the bump stock. With this new law you approve is not that your nerfing way more. Wtach your own videos because it the last time you can do that again.

  • Derrick Perez
    Derrick Perez 7 months ago +2

    You should actually show the gun up close for a minute too and the different angles and close ups of grip texture and slide/mag release trigger etc...

  • MikeDindu
    MikeDindu 7 months ago

    I wish all the big gun TheXvidrs would collab all the time. Hickok45, Demo Ranch, Colion Noir, etc.

  • Ammoking
    Ammoking 8 months ago

    Ask the NRA why they arnt defending bump stocks?

  • Charles B
    Charles B 8 months ago

    You must've learned your place with the philandro Castile incident.

  • muscian1
    muscian1 8 months ago

    Here is a song inspired by Colion Noir . Take a listen it might save lives

  • Cpt. Battlecock
    Cpt. Battlecock 9 months ago

    Are you allowed to flm inside a shooting range, it would be kinda better if you'd shoot inside a range when its windy.

  • Cpt. Battlecock
    Cpt. Battlecock 9 months ago

    You looked really huge on joe rogan's podcast, But on the lens you look kinda skinny, Just shows how big arms do make a difference.

  • Anthony C.
    Anthony C. 9 months ago

    Great vid... Only thing I’m wondering is does this guy ALWAYS where a hat because: 1) He just really likes hats. 2) Because top half of his head above his eye lids doesn’t really exist. 3) Some rare skin disease. 4) Receding hair line and doesn’t want anyone to know. I’m prolly just a cynical ass but I gotta go with #4 or # 2. It’s impressive how consistent he is. When wearing forward u can’t even see his brows. I compare it to females and their 3 inch heals. And yes, I’m all up on his nuts about it. It just strikes me as either super vein or super insecure. He’s a good lookin cat. He should switch his shit up every once in a while. God bless him though. Doin what he loves and making some dough. Saw a vid recently of him bangin out 20 shots from a competition pistol in 4seconds. Accuracy was only 20% but 20 shots in like 4.04 seconds (or 5 shots a second).

    NEGRO NORRIS23 9 months ago

    I was curious what you think about the NRA's (or, at least, one representative of the NRA's) statement on shooting of Jemel Roberson? Could you do a video for this?

      NEGRO NORRIS23 9 months ago

      The only reason I ask is because I understand you're not their advocate, they just love what you do so I figured your opinion would be unbiased

  • Jefery Stewart
    Jefery Stewart 9 months ago

    First Mag a FNS 9

  • Chicowize
    Chicowize 9 months ago

    Cool range, thanks for sharing

  • 82394forrest
    82394forrest 9 months ago +5

    You're so shiny in this video colion.

  • J van
    J van 10 months ago

    just another black guy working for the man .... work it you puppet

  • Mike Lindner
    Mike Lindner 10 months ago

    Looks like a Hi Point but it actually shoots pretty smooth

  • Joel Pessina
    Joel Pessina 10 months ago

    Baby oil anyone?

  • stewieinafgan
    stewieinafgan 10 months ago

    Do a sig p320 x5 review please!!

  • YOgO23
    YOgO23 11 months ago

    would you say that the trigger pull is similar to a hammer fire feel?

  • Gilly Gil
    Gilly Gil 11 months ago

    Doggone! I remember when you first started. Put those guns away. Not that Slovakian thing. 19 inch pythons, boyeeee! It goin' off before you intend it to doesn't seem to hurt your accuracy. Work those legs, man. Don't forget the legs. I think I'm funny.

  • Eduardo Gil
    Eduardo Gil 11 months ago

    Colion I like the way you do your reviews especially the fnx 45👍🏻

  • Brian Ramirez
    Brian Ramirez 11 months ago

    @colionnoir brotha u should do a video of ur collection

  • Sean Walters
    Sean Walters 11 months ago

    @colion Noir When are you going to review the p320

  • champer slimmerthannone
    champer slimmerthannone 11 months ago


  • Chadd Lee
    Chadd Lee 11 months ago

    Let's hear about your gym routine brother, gotta get them arms you got.

  • Paul d
    Paul d 11 months ago

    Someone stole your sleeves.

  • Badazz Outlaw
    Badazz Outlaw 11 months ago

    Love the channel !

  • Davidjasso07
    Davidjasso07 Year ago +1

    Shoot the ruger american 9mm i would realy like to see what you think about it.

  • Centurion Wizofid

    It is a day on the range like me. Wind is strong and your moving to fix things. Cheers.

  • Ripe Slightly-Bruised Apple

    Make This Gat Bang Again

  • Mike Whit
    Mike Whit Year ago

    Great video. Taurus G2s try it out. Awesome gun for its price.

  • RC saiga
    RC saiga Year ago

    Foreal who gives a fuck about a first mag review? 50th yes. This channel is useless

  • Michael Kellerman

    What range is that ?!??!!!!

  • Nico Cabrera
    Nico Cabrera Year ago

    Dang brah easy on the arm oil next time

  • Forum and Brim
    Forum and Brim Year ago

    Interesting review. As far as the trigger is concerned, what I imagine is happening is that, instead of a grisp wall that breaks, you have a less definitive wall that you roll through. Some people have always preferred this because the break almost surprises you which can be advantageous because anticipating the break is sometimes detrimental to those who flinch anticipating the shot. When it goes off before your ready for it, you don't have quite enough time to flinch (if you suffer from that, especially with a new gun or if you haven't been shooting for awhile).

  • BennyLR
    BennyLR Year ago

    I just got interested in those shoes! Haha any chance there will be a "first shoe" review?

  • Derrick Williams
    Derrick Williams Year ago

    Colion Noir has perfected the lost art of turning hot garbage into a true social media masterpiece. Yes, he admitted that he didn't plan accordingly for the weather. But allowing for the raw environment to be a supporting cast in this, what I think, is a true product review video under REAL WORLD conditions, Colion Noir has superseded all of his other projects thus far. Very courageous of you to post this video. Very well done. I applaud you sir.

  • Stephen Hanson
    Stephen Hanson Year ago

    Watching from the city of Baltimore, Maryland. You have the best continent on all things gun/second amendment hands down! Love and respect my brother. Keep the content coming and look me up if you come to B-More.

  • Stiffun Jackman
    Stiffun Jackman Year ago

    you like this gun, get your hands on their P11 and see what Grand Power can do with a trigger that doesn't have a striker sponginess..

  • Ms. K
    Ms. K Year ago


  • ordo
    ordo Year ago

    Colion you need to try the hammer fired K100 next! Its trigger is phenomenal - like a CZ Shadow. Even the double action is good.

  • Mark M-K
    Mark M-K Year ago +5

    @ 1:28 - Looks like something flew out of the firearm when CN actuated the slide release. What was it?

    • Mark M-K
      Mark M-K Year ago +2

      Never mind. looks like it was just a bug flying through the shot.

  • GrayF0x
    GrayF0x Year ago

    Where is this range?

  • Thats Fucking Awesome

    Wheres this range at its badass

  • JoshDaBeast
    JoshDaBeast Year ago

    Swolion Noir

  • TheFantasticSeal
    TheFantasticSeal Year ago

    whats your opening theme song

  • Danny Schneible
    Danny Schneible Year ago

    I totally appreciate you sticking with the real audio. Next time, get something like this for your camera mic. Makes a big difference.

  • john vrablec
    john vrablec Year ago

    Thanks for raw dogging us Colion

  • Tony O
    Tony O Year ago

    I have always been under the impression, any Gun I have owned, I always at least polish all the trigger points for smoothness. You can take the ugliest, non function piece of crap, and if you know what you are doing, massage that trigger, and you will have a fabulous fun gun. Its all about the trigger to me, first and foremost... then we work from that point on, and some guns do not even need to be touched. I have an original Glock, 1st gen from the 80's. Curious, they are still about the same price. Never liked the trigger, didnt know hoe to work on it, then youtube... 20yrs later, and found trigger kits, and I was like HELLL YEAAAAA... lets to this hehe. OG Glock 17, all decked out, along with bout 5 other models over the years. Point is, it seems these guys have a surprise trigger break from factory, that could be good and bad, depending on the shooter I suppose.

  • Tony O
    Tony O Year ago

    Looks a lot like that $200 gun we all make fun of... the brick heheh

  • Timo M
    Timo M Year ago +2

    I have been shooting the Q100 for a year now. It is jaw dropping accurate! The trigger rolls through like an AK trigger. It surprises you every single time. It is offsetting at first but man, is this gun a laser beam! I shoot it out to 200 yards from a rest (!!) from time to time just for shits and giggles because it is so darn accurate! The gun is NOT as satisfying to shoot like a Glock or an Walther P1 where you feel the wall and reset, but the group size make up for it! The Grand Power amazes because it connects so well. It comes with 3 front sight sizes for the sight picture of your choice (6-o'clock, dead on, combat slight picture). The ugly looks aside, the Q100 is crafted beautifully and has an indestructible feel to it. I will never trade it.

    • Timo M
      Timo M Year ago

      Thanks so you for the feedback! I will have to try the K22, it caught my eye a year ago but I went for a S&W Victory...mistake, I traded it away.

  • Aaron Parry
    Aaron Parry Year ago

    Better video then I extend from your Intro

  • Key Hole
    Key Hole Year ago +1

    Welcome on board of Grand Power!
    Q100 & K100 ara amazing guns family.

  • Justin Grimmelt
    Justin Grimmelt Year ago

    Please do a POF Revolution review!!!

  • Kyle Bradley
    Kyle Bradley Year ago

    I wish there was a range like that in CA

  • Jaewun Bellz
    Jaewun Bellz Year ago +34

    Black people support the second amendment also... Keep teach firearms safety and spreading the knowledge more of us will come around...

    • Steven Sessoms
      Steven Sessoms 5 months ago +1

      Rad G. Any American should definitely be armed, no matter what color. If your ancestors had the rights to bear arms like we have now, it really could’ve changed the history for your race, same goes with Jews and the Turks. Don’t re live the past, get guns and get familiar with them.

    • mike hunt
      mike hunt 7 months ago +1

      When you say black people that is not right. You as a human I know not all see it the same way but they should. We as human's make rules and judges others. You sir are my brother are I can care less what color you are. I know you're in my family of protection.

  • Kao-Z
    Kao-Z Year ago

    Mr Noir - here is a gun joke for the day. Every time i see a "No Gun Allowed" sign on buildings, it is mostly a sketch of an AK47 or a 1911. I thought to my self "mmm?! this is prejudice right? But today I went to the bank and that sign looked like a sig sauer P365 hahaha! lol! funny.

  • Aaron Diaz
    Aaron Diaz Year ago

    You have a bad habit where you waggle the gun to drop the mag.
    This might be from shooting Glocks!?
    Hk' s and Walthers really kick the mag out so no need to shack ur wrist like that , funny to watch