Phil Spencer Shows Next Gen Plan | Xbox 2 and xCloud To Lead Microsoft

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
  • Phil Spencer talks about Microsoft's plan to make Xbox the leading gaming platform.
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  • Guild Rider
    Guild Rider 6 months ago

    Set timeline..

  • Evildead
    Evildead 8 months ago

    Mixer Microsoft they all assholes Phil Spencer is a liar n asshole

  • Lewis Taylor
    Lewis Taylor 8 months ago

    If Microsoft are partners with amd then does that mean next Xbox will have Ryzen cpu ? 👀

  • White Knight 5
    White Knight 5 10 months ago

    I want to see Rare continue to improve Sea Of Thieves even for next gen and I'm excited to see what these new studios can crank out. Microsoft owes us after this gen. And no, I don't think too many options are a bad thing. It's a way of reaching everyone and affording us all more freedom. The ending of your video kind of reminds me of Colteastwoods videos, another Xbox channel. I thought that was interesting.

  • Ork Diktator
    Ork Diktator 10 months ago

    Cloud computing will bring total new experiences… even for Single Player Games. Imagine a real open world with NPCs run by AI. Imagine a game like Fallout 4 for example…. Instead of automatic hostile actions and limited scripted dialogues you interact with a KI. Instead of a Supermutant trying to kill you on default you also can negotiate if your skills are high enough or when you have killed half of his clan. And you talk to him via headset and he gives non scripted answers because you talk to a interactive AI, he might have heard about you before and knows you are a deadly enemy to his clan. The AI also creates the world and the Relations between the NPCs. The AI might offer you to help his clan crushing a raiders gang and getting the possibility of a non Aggression treaty and the Right to trade with the clan... or if it's not the leader you talk to you would be able to corrupt him, promising to help him to take power from the actual leader. a vital and fully interactive world is possible through Cloud computing. It offers an impossible grade of Immersion and is much better than simple Streaming bc your character and the surrounding area is rendered locally on your PC or console without any lag for you.

  • Calebunga
    Calebunga 10 months ago

    As much as I prefer ps4 I will point out Phil turned this shit show into something actually good

  • Calebunga
    Calebunga 10 months ago +1

    Hopefully either the ps5 or the xbox 2 get released relatively far away from each others launches so I don’t go broke.

  • Big RazO
    Big RazO 10 months ago

    Coool...cant wait to build up my pc 😂

  • John Schmidt
    John Schmidt 10 months ago

    Just love what MS has been up to. Phil has done a fabulous job and glad MS is rewarding him and listening and implementing his vision for Xbox and gamers.

    • Zalker 87
      Zalker 87  10 months ago

      Yea it's been really good for the brand. Especially when you think about where he started with it and all the backlash before he took over.

  • Elo F
    Elo F 10 months ago +3

    After hearing you talk about mutant year zero, I tried it out and honestly couldn't stop playing. Such a good game!

    • Zalker 87
      Zalker 87  10 months ago +1

      Dude enjoy XCOM that game when it came out, came out of left field. I loved it so much. Played it on my PC and loved every minute. It's why I'm hyped for Gears Tactics I love strategy games.
      Thanks for the kind words man, will see you on RDX for sure.

    • Elo F
      Elo F 10 months ago +1

      @Zalker 87 yea such a good deal for a great game! I played it non stop and beat it and now im getting into xcom enemy unknown for the first time. I enjoy your opinions man keep up the good work and see you on rdx

    • Zalker 87
      Zalker 87  10 months ago +1

      It's sooo good. I enjoy that game a lot, I'm still playing it. It's a pretty long game which is really nice. 40 buck game right on Game Pass day and date. Pretty awesome.

  • Ap cool J
    Ap cool J 10 months ago +2

    great video zalker

  • phoenix
    phoenix 10 months ago

    Awesome video sir 3 months now owning a one x 👌 but what i don't get is why ppl 👎x for bc n then we hear info about ps5 bc n it gets praise
    (i own both btw)

    • fluidvertigo
      fluidvertigo 10 months ago +1

      Because ponies love to hate on xbox

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen 10 months ago

      BC is nice feature and no one trashed it directly.
      People trashed xbox fanboys hype over it. At least mostly.
      And IMO BC is not important after 2 years and only for past gen not gens before those.

    • Zalker 87
      Zalker 87  10 months ago

      Who knows man. Some people just love to hate.

  • Ahmet Sen
    Ahmet Sen 10 months ago +2


    • Zalker 87
      Zalker 87  10 months ago

      Yes? You called my name :)

  • Johnny The truth teller
    Johnny The truth teller 10 months ago +5

    • Zalker 87
      Zalker 87  10 months ago

      Cool. Going to read this. Thanks for the post.

  • RestoredHades
    RestoredHades 10 months ago +10

    I like the freedom of choice. I know some gamers don't like where the industry is heading.I just say it's evolution and if you don't adapt, you'll wand up like the dinosaurs.

  • YoChillOutBro
    YoChillOutBro 10 months ago +7

    Excited for Xcloud since phill took over he has done great things for Microsoft gaming imo

    • Zalker 87
      Zalker 87  10 months ago

      Need the solid hardware for developers to make great games. It was the right move if you ask me.

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen 10 months ago

      Phil have made some good moves for sure.
      But i think he should have got those studios first and after that focus on hardware.

    • Zalker 87
      Zalker 87  10 months ago +1

      Same here. Can't wait to see what Xbox and Microsoft do.