Exhaust #62: Next Big Things (from Loretta Lynn's)

  • Published on Aug 7, 2019
  • The dizzying array of classes and ages makes it tough to understand what happens at the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn's, but Jason Weigandt cracks the code in this episode of The Racer X Exhaust Podcast. You'll hear his conversations with Jalek Swoll and Jett Lawrence, who are set to race pro at Unadilla this weekend, and also get some insight into their styles and personalities. Also, who are the biggest stars further out on the horizon? Familiar last names Vohland and Deegan are making their way to the front.
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Comments • 7

  • Susanne Kemmer
    Susanne Kemmer 2 months ago

    Great podcast!

  • Nuculear TV
    Nuculear TV 2 months ago

    Maddox Jarvis is my favorite at Loretta Lynn’s. I have met him before. He is awesome!!!

  • Frank Perreault
    Frank Perreault 2 months ago

    Jett is awesome... possibly new favorite rider

  • mike honcho
    mike honcho 2 months ago

    At what point does weege shut the fuck up and get on with it? This is a brutal listen

  • Chris Gleis
    Chris Gleis 2 months ago +3

    Pulled my finger out and caught up w my sushi teammate.Dudes a humble joker.

    • Chris Gleis
      Chris Gleis 2 months ago

      Josh Hanson trainer.duck yeah

  • Alex Trompen
    Alex Trompen 2 months ago

    1st or last!