Jake Paul claims he will KNOCK me OUT?!

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • like this if you want me to KNOCK OUT Jake!
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  • Ferrente Pistach :

    Lol he called out dillon danis he would get molly whopped

  • Silent Snipes
    Silent Snipes 4 hours ago

    Faze sensi would reverse him so hard

    MR FLORES 10 hours ago

    Sensei just kill in the ring

  • Good Peeps
    Good Peeps 14 hours ago

    Jake Paul not gonna fight you faze he knows better I hope

  • Reclus Nary
    Reclus Nary 16 hours ago

    Only people who disagree you is his 9yr old fans

  • Harry Sime
    Harry Sime Day ago

    Jake Paul can barely beat a guy who barely for a fight with him, how the fuck is he supposed to be faze sensei

  • Fight Perfect TV

    We will fight you faze :) fight is a fight.... no need to make it about beef or hype bullshit.

  • Joel s
    Joel s Day ago

    Let’s see you two fight, no rules, full contact, for 5 minutes. #OUS #youwontdoit

  • Mr.Rangz0r
    Mr.Rangz0r 2 days ago

    It's gonna be a left hook kidney shot

  • dfdf Goku
    dfdf Goku 2 days ago

    You both trash

  • Roberto Hernandez Jr

    Jake paul is phoney

  • Roberto Hernandez Jr

    Faze sensei anyone who knows what a real fighter is knows that you would knock out Jake he's a scrub

    INEVERGAVE 2 days ago

    Both you guys can fight but I feel like you actually know what you’re doing out there

  • MiDnighT
    MiDnighT 2 days ago

    The bench press is the strength in frontal body bitch you don't know shit

  • MiDnighT
    MiDnighT 2 days ago

    First of all you said deji is going to win know you say that he didn't knockout him out Mann fuck off you a bitch ass lies are not working

  • MiDnighT
    MiDnighT 2 days ago

    You have to much ego Mann .

  • Mitchell Wain
    Mitchell Wain 2 days ago

    Fight him please I want him to hurt

  • its_Nick N
    its_Nick N 2 days ago

    Please fight him please

  • Debbie Hamlyn
    Debbie Hamlyn 2 days ago +3

    Even us aussies know Jake is a scared little boy... i would love to see you or big gibber knock that ugly block off

  • Stelios Kontos
    Stelios Kontos 3 days ago

    Dana white make it happen

  • Mt Lofty MTB
    Mt Lofty MTB 4 days ago +1

    Big GIBBER!

  • Cynical Boi
    Cynical Boi 4 days ago +2

    Jake want to fight Fousey tube because he knows that it’s a easy fight and Fousey doesn’t defend himself

  • Andres Contreras
    Andres Contreras 4 days ago

    Get Logan/Jake Paul a real boxing amateur to shut down his ego. It really annoys the fuck out of me that he calls himself a “fighter”, he does it way too much. Hope he had the balls to backup his shit and get into the ring with someone of same skill level or a real fighter if he likes them call them out so much.

  • PopularPilot
    PopularPilot 4 days ago

    Sensei please please please just knock his ass out.

  • MVP㐅ꪜᥲ𐡀ɨꪎ OP

    The next thing u know jake Paul careers ends

  • Diogo
    Diogo 5 days ago

    He couldn't knock an unfit manlet like Deji out lmao

  • Cloud
    Cloud 5 days ago +4

    How will he beat you when he is scared of anesonGib... I AM CONFUSION

  • J K H
    J K H 5 days ago

    ok cool but i want and i think most people want him to fight gib. but if it does end up being you fighting jake then f*ck him up

  • Ryanlawpk
    Ryanlawpk 5 days ago

    Plz do everything in your power to fight him I don’t pay attention to you tuber fights but I will pay to watch you beat his ass

  • Bulletz4Dayz144
    Bulletz4Dayz144 6 days ago

    jakes bluffing, he wouldn't know what to do against a real boxer like sensei

  • Mikey P
    Mikey P 6 days ago

    Look at this fake faze member

    • I’m God
      I’m God 3 days ago

      Mikey P he’s not a fake faze member 😂😂

  • -Xsy_
    -Xsy_ 6 days ago

    Jake is scared he wants to fight fousy lol ohio blonde pussy.

  • Yousef Al Bayed
    Yousef Al Bayed 6 days ago

    Please fight jake paul and knock the fuck out of him

  • Craig Anthony
    Craig Anthony 6 days ago

    You would hurt him. Not even a fight.

  • yvng Moni
    yvng Moni 7 days ago +11

    Jake pual is so unhumble and thinks he can fight anyone on earth

  • Slim dude
    Slim dude 7 days ago

    These blond bitch family is crazy, they'll literally do porn for views. And the next day call out Mia Khalifa to box them

  • DissTrackt
    DissTrackt 7 days ago

    Plot Twist: Fousey takes a fight in a charity event to lose on purpose, and bait Jake Paul into choosing him as his opponent. Then he opens up on Jake in the first round, Knocking him out and reclaiming relevancy.

  • UntamedGoddess
    UntamedGoddess 7 days ago +2

    9:56 Left hook, really Jake? 😹😹

    Jakes a freaken 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Ryley
    Ryley 7 days ago

    Jake Paul Is A Tool

  • leihmmal
    leihmmal 8 days ago

    Fight jake fight jake

  • PJ OG
    PJ OG 8 days ago +1

    You know jake is a fucking immature kid!!!

  • Blaze IT
    Blaze IT 8 days ago

    Jake would absolutely get destroyed lmao

  • Reza
    Reza 8 days ago +2

    Go fight ADAM SALEH if you want a real apponent and a real boxing match. This other youtubers jack paul logan and others they do not fight like a real fighter . And also let SLIM bit jakepaul ass up . Every one should fight someone who is on there level . cuz u cant just go fight jakepaul , it will be so boring and easy fight for you his face will end up like fousy's face after fight

  • OttomanPower1453
    OttomanPower1453 8 days ago

    is that overbite? Underbite? Fix that shit my bro

  • bruhq
    bruhq 8 days ago

    nah he is just scared of gib

  • Replayz
    Replayz 8 days ago

    Bruh He would delete jake. I wanna see the fight cuz it would be nice seeing jake getting knocked out cuz of his talking

  • Xx-UFC41-x X
    Xx-UFC41-x X 8 days ago

    Fousey has barley trained in boxing and Jake wants to fight him, clearly an easy fight for Jake

  • Alex Narvaez
    Alex Narvaez 9 days ago

    I really don’t watch your like that but I do respect you.PLEASE BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF JAKE PAUL.

  • Pablo Lopez
    Pablo Lopez 9 days ago

    Faze Sensei will knock him out

  • a Cray
    a Cray 9 days ago

    Sensei would kill jake paul

  • k0nny
    k0nny 9 days ago +3

    "Sole intention of hurting him" oh yea

  • 준༻༺준
    준༻༺준 10 days ago

    If it's not gib I would love to see you drop him

  • Space Waster
    Space Waster 10 days ago

    jake has gotten fatter

    CNE CHRIS 10 days ago

    Jake paul will KNOCK you the FUCK out

    • Trollveer Singh
      Trollveer Singh 9 days ago +2

      Sure he will buddy and I can walk on fucking water. Shit that'll never happen is what im listing

  • PROZONE 77
    PROZONE 77 10 days ago +1

    Jake Paul going for all these easy fights. He don’t want the smoke from gib and sensei

  • Oh, Didn’t see you there

    I’d rather watch Sensei vs Jake then gib vs Jake

  • Sharpish Z
    Sharpish Z 10 days ago

    please let gib fight him
    you would obviously win but u could have his leftovers when gib is done with him

  • i explore
    i explore 10 days ago

    2 things. 1. What do u mean by snap. 2. What are good ways to get harder hits?

  • Lifshu
    Lifshu 10 days ago

    Just beat him up

  • Dalton Kidwell
    Dalton Kidwell 10 days ago +1

    Did Jake Paul get fat whatttt