Slow-Roasted Pork Belly - Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on May 7, 2015
  • Slow-roasting really locks in the flavours, and the end result will be a delicious crispy delight perfect to share with family and friends.
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  • 선풍기
    선풍기 2 hours ago

    Does he always do some workouts before cooking?

  • yt_ carter1
    yt_ carter1 2 hours ago

    Bend it over and get in the cracks

  • Gaming Boti
    Gaming Boti 8 hours ago

    When you see a gordon ramsay ad before a gordon ramsay video

  • iraq iraq
    iraq iraq 11 hours ago


  • iraq iraq
    iraq iraq 11 hours ago

    عباره عن قذاره براز حيواني تطعمون انفسكم في

  • Gazza Clarkson
    Gazza Clarkson 12 hours ago +1

    "... add a nice teaspoon of mustard..." proceeds to add a bloody great tennis-ball-sized dollop of mustard, balanced carefully on a teaspoon....

  • Rossana Recanzone
    Rossana Recanzone 12 hours ago


  • Jain Chacko
    Jain Chacko 13 hours ago

    everytime i watch his videos,feels like he is in rush as he has to go somewhere :D

  • Jospeh Compierchio
    Jospeh Compierchio 16 hours ago

    Hey guys check this out and let me know what you think:)

  • RollingTube T
    RollingTube T 16 hours ago

    Best place of pork is back side its so soft and delicious and very easy to cook

  • Claudia Aravena
    Claudia Aravena 20 hours ago

    Un pasaporte directo a la muerte. Me crujen las arterias

  • azingna khamho
    azingna khamho Day ago

    Yu r sooo irritating 🍆🍆🍆

  • 심플요리 Simple Cooking

    고기껍질에 다이아몬드 칼집^^
    넘 맛나게 보이네요
    삼겹살로 도전해 보아야 할 것 같아요

  • Canapes
    Canapes Day ago

    I believe CHEF Lamsy is the GOAT of the chef :) huge fan since day 1

  • Cat Anderson
    Cat Anderson Day ago

    Three WHOLE cloves of garlic?! Britain gone WILD, Gordon!

  • Error Playz
    Error Playz Day ago +1

    I got this joke from a TheXvidr so..just read the joke under this text
    Doctor: ok where’s the transplant kidney?
    Me: finishing the weird looking steak
    ..get it?

  • Maria de Fatima Martins

    Crua não não não

  • Maria de Fatima Martins

    Hum pouco de vinho quase uma garrafa🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira Day ago

    Damn his hands are sexy.

  • It's Tina
    It's Tina Day ago +1

    I need to make this for Christmas 😂

  • horse rider
    horse rider Day ago

    anyone can see that cracklin aint crunchy in Gordons words soggy as fuck get out of my kitchen !!!!!

  • Gb Main
    Gb Main Day ago

    Wow holy crap this looks so good

  • G Lo
    G Lo 2 days ago

    2:34 Nice house

  • Mark Keith
    Mark Keith 2 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay has a no-nonsense yet calming demeanor on his guides to making grub.

  • primary son
    primary son 2 days ago

    That skin needed 10 minutes blasted to crisp it up, looked shit house gordo

  • Dicas de mãe e corpo em forma.

    Brasileiros adoram porco, vou fazer para meus pais.

  • ElectroDoDo
    ElectroDoDo 2 days ago

    Season the water

  • Jacob Tan
    Jacob Tan 2 days ago

    0:01 to 0:00

  • joy dela fuente
    joy dela fuente 2 days ago +2

    Guga foods or Gordon Ramsay

  • Elizabeth Burke
    Elizabeth Burke 3 days ago

    I just love this clipped so much your amazing have a great wonderful merry Christmas to you and your family Elizabeth Burke from Australia

  • EL Davey
    EL Davey 3 days ago

    on behalf of my friends on Christmas this yeah..." thank you"...always wanted to do roast pork and now I shall coz this was nothing if not inspirational thanks Chef Ramsay!

  • Potato
    Potato 3 days ago +3

    This Gordon Ramsay could really make a cooking show where he goes to different restaurants and helps them renovate and judges the food

  • Humus Is tasty
    Humus Is tasty 3 days ago

    Hi I just gotten a new apartment in New York and I threw s house party and cooked this the crowd went wild! They loved it! I love it myself! Thank you truly for this mouth watering recipe

  • Mushraff Mansaray
    Mushraff Mansaray 3 days ago

    Wish he was ma dad. Breakfast would always be bomb

  • Samraat Grewal
    Samraat Grewal 4 days ago +1

    why are you cutting halal????????????

  • Cyberboy
    Cyberboy 4 days ago

    Like gordon ramsay comment salt bay

  • Nelida Leguizamon
    Nelida Leguizamon 4 days ago

    Hola rando Saludos y gracias por Compartir tus ricas y espectaculares recetas.nelida Barcelona Sitges.

  • Milla Bakula
    Milla Bakula 4 days ago

    Back me

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon 4 days ago

    expensive cooking

  • Henning Radasewski
    Henning Radasewski 4 days ago

    Skin has NOT "popped" and turned into crackling.

  • mr will i am kim
    mr will i am kim 4 days ago +1

    Me: olive oil
    Gordon : olive ol

  • Andrei Phillip
    Andrei Phillip 4 days ago

    1:50 noice

  • Joey G
    Joey G 5 days ago +1

    I tried turning my pan on. I couldn’t find the button.

  • John
    John 5 days ago

    The top should be way more crisp than it’s here. And it should roast on 80 degrees celsius for 8 hours, then 250 celsius for 25 minutes to make it really crisp

  • daNNel :D
    daNNel :D 5 days ago

    Got a Gordon Ramsey master class ad on Gordon Ramsey video lol

  • PineappleMayhem
    PineappleMayhem 5 days ago +2

    I’ve been cooking for 6 years (since I was three) and want to go on master chef jr

  • Rehara Tamehana
    Rehara Tamehana 6 days ago

    Skin doesn't look crispy?

  • dino bh
    dino bh 6 days ago

    É só na europa, no Brasil come-se ovos muito ovos.
    Obrigado bozo!!!

  • Pr. José Brandão
    Pr. José Brandão 6 days ago


  • GD Noob99
    GD Noob99 6 days ago +12

    1:49 “now some white whine”

    • micha05
      micha05 3 days ago

      a fellow vinegar legate

    FEEL FANCY 6 days ago

    Beautiful. 👍

  • Alex YT
    Alex YT 6 days ago +1

    “Low strokes take your time”

  • Carter
    Carter 7 days ago

    ME B4: Ramsey cooking a pork belly? WTH?
    ME AFTER: Running to get a piece of paper and pen.
    I am in awe.

  • Logan Rutledge
    Logan Rutledge 7 days ago

    It almost look like gorgor has a boner throughout this whole video because of the way he’s look at that pork😂😋

  • Ben Castillo
    Ben Castillo 7 days ago

    When he hypes you up just to call you a cheap cut at the end

    • Ben Castillo
      Ben Castillo 4 days ago

      @John no you're explaintion was good i sincerely appreciated it and your English is actually wonderful :). in America we have a very dry sense of humor well maybe just nyc

    • John
      John 4 days ago

      Didn’t mean to sound rude. Not an expert in english, unfortunately

    • Ben Castillo
      Ben Castillo 4 days ago

      @John its supposed to be a joke, but thanks for informing have a great day

    • John
      John 5 days ago

      This is what we eat on Christmas eve here in Norway. The cheapest ones are like 3 usd pr kg, but you should pay a little more and get much better quality. I pay about 25 usd pr kg for mine, that’s not really cheap is it

  • James Zhang
    James Zhang 7 days ago

    It is amazing. It makes feel so hungry.

  • Cynthia Ruggs
    Cynthia Ruggs 8 days ago +1

    the skin on that was not crispy at all ........

  • Richie Summers
    Richie Summers 8 days ago

    1:16 That wasn't a little bit of advertising..........was it

  • Marcelino Torrez
    Marcelino Torrez 8 days ago

    Alguien que le ponga subtitulos en español!!!

  • Saras Pawar
    Saras Pawar 8 days ago +2

    Messenge to vegetarians and muslims : thank you so much for saving the pork for us