Chauncey had never heard of Beadle's favorite sports movie | Off the Clock

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • In the latest edition of Off the Clock (on the road at the 2019 NBA Finals), the NBA Countdown crew reveals its favorite sports movies. Chauncey Billups and Jalen Rose both agree: "Above the Rim" is No. 1. Paul Pierce goes with a more traditional choice, "The Karate Kid." And Michelle Beadle? She goes with "Bull Durham," which Chauncey had literally never heard of.
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Comments • 707

  • reyeseekay
    reyeseekay 6 hours ago

    It's amazing ESPN is smart enough to hire and retain Michelle Beadle. She's awesome

  • james baldwins
    james baldwins 7 hours ago

    Michelle Beadle is TERRIBLE. SHE should work with Ryan hollins. Their show would be called the unlikables..

  • nutznchocolates melt-in-your-mouth

    Jalen on here caping for the white bitch.

  • nutznchocolates melt-in-your-mouth

    this Michelle Beadle is about the most garbage person on television. Now it's racist because black people have not seen a white movie ? Bull Durham? nobody said nothing when she had never seen Above the Rim. who cares if you ain't never seen it. why is she still on TV please flush her down somebody's toilet she needs to grab her maga hat and head on over to Fox news co-host the show with Laura Ingraham.

  • Saquon Barkley
    Saquon Barkley 5 days ago

    Air Bud, hands down!

  • jos4132 Oxford
    jos4132 Oxford 6 days ago

    White Men Can't Jump

  • Zaigum Abbas
    Zaigum Abbas 9 days ago


  • cliff2521
    cliff2521 12 days ago

    Paul was thinking about For Love of the Game...where Kevin Costner pitches for the Tigers.
    You gotta throw in Tin Cup, Bloodsport, Glory Road, and The 6th Man for sure...super underrated movie.

  • 27cooperjustin
    27cooperjustin 16 days ago

    can't believe they didn't say Coach Carter wow lol

  • Mike Taylor
    Mike Taylor 27 days ago


  • TJ #KingsDoKingThings

    Love and basketball anyone?

  • rudy2fat
    rudy2fat Month ago

    Does Ace Ventura Pet Detective count as a sports movie? Showing some love to Little Giants and Bad news bears

  • Dr Air
    Dr Air Month ago +1

    42 ...Cinderella man and MORE THAN A GAME

  • Brett Laube
    Brett Laube Month ago

    Green Street Hooligans!

  • Justin Trapp
    Justin Trapp Month ago

    The Sandlot

  • A1 Wright
    A1 Wright Month ago

    Remember the Titans close 2nd.
    Number one has to be Above the Rim.

  • da_jeezuss
    da_jeezuss Month ago

    The Sandlot

  • OneWireOne
    OneWireOne Month ago

    2:16 its baseball son she hoodreffic lol

  • King Similien
    King Similien Month ago

    The Mighty Ducks. But this motherfucker said “Bull Durham” 😂😂😂

  • Charley Carey
    Charley Carey Month ago

    Field of Dreams, Remember the Titans, League of Their Own, Rocky, Bull Durham, White Men Can't Jump

  • Pumpin George
    Pumpin George Month ago

    Brink and Jonny Tsunami..
    But only because I from the lucky generation that grew up in the 90s

  • JP Sartre
    JP Sartre Month ago

    Raging Bull. Scorcese and DeNiro in their prime.

  • robert matthewson
    robert matthewson Month ago

    Karate kid is garbage. Daniel larusso was the worst

  • stevenjm12
    stevenjm12 Month ago

    hoop dreams

  • David Stephens
    David Stephens Month ago

    Fuck Michelle Beadle. She gave Kawhi crap for not returning because he didn’t feel well and didnt let everyone pressure him to come
    Back. And look what happens to KD. He comes back and re injured himself

  • BootlegFightVideo
    BootlegFightVideo Month ago


  • nfl20
    nfl20 Month ago

    Karate kid! Never thought of that as a sports movie. Good choice

  • Milo Tucker
    Milo Tucker Month ago


  • MalikEmmanuel
    MalikEmmanuel Month ago

    YES!!!!! Bull Durham is my fav of all time!

  • Steve Hill
    Steve Hill Month ago


  • donyeokeziri
    donyeokeziri Month ago

    Bull durham? sounds like a very diverse movie

  • Jeremy Stevens
    Jeremy Stevens Month ago

    Paul Pierce Don’t Give A Fuck Anymore 💀😂

  • Timothy Fuller
    Timothy Fuller Month ago

    The 6th man sunset hill yall trippin

  • Anton M
    Anton M Month ago

    Feel the Rhythm! Feel the Rhyme! Get on up, it's bobsled time! Cool Runnings!

  • Brandon Mackey-Darden

    Love and Basketball, Paul. #Inglewood

  • Abia Borico
    Abia Borico Month ago

    My favorite sports movie of them all hands down "The Karate Kid Part 1"

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore Month ago

    -"Soul Of The Game"
    -"Rocky II"

  • Dwight Schrute
    Dwight Schrute Month ago

    Michelle Beadle is old and lumpy. Time to trade her in for someone younger and bouncier.

  • Abia Borico
    Abia Borico Month ago

    Good answer Chauncey. But dam even better answer Pierce. I was being limited to just basketball til I heard Pierce say The Karate Kid.

  • mellowman1001
    mellowman1001 Month ago

    For Love of the Game

  • Toronto Rap Critic
    Toronto Rap Critic Month ago

    Beadle calling Paul Pierce "Racist" . - smh

  • divine oneal
    divine oneal Month ago

    The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

  • tyrone james
    tyrone james Month ago

    Sounds about white Michelle. Lol

  • Tazmanian Devil
    Tazmanian Devil Month ago

    Kawhi still spoiled tho😂

  • Chocomantis
    Chocomantis Month ago

    Hockey: Mighty Ducks. Basketball: White Men Can't Jump. Golf: Tin Cup, Baseball: Rookie of the Year, Football: The Program, Martial Arts: Best of the Best, Race Cars: Days of Thunder, Olympics: Cool Runnings, Jousting (lol): A Knight's Tale, Boxing: Rocky 4, Soccer: Bend it like Beckham, BMX: Rad, Skateboarding: Gleaming the Cube, Figure Skating: The Cutting Edge, etc...

    Overall, I think baseball has the best movies, with Football coming in at second. And I don't play or watch baseball.

  • Rayin WPB
    Rayin WPB Month ago

    Kevin did a few baseball movies. Bull Durham, Field of Dreams. My favorite baseball movie is For the Love of the Game

  • Mario Cruz
    Mario Cruz Month ago

    Above the Rim is awesome. I like it so much I have it on DVD when all I collect is Blu-Rays and 4ks.

  • Tawski
    Tawski Month ago

    My fav sports movie is Angels in the Outfield. Such a good movie for younger kids.

  • big deezle
    big deezle Month ago +1

    Can’t hear beadle talking shit about Leonard now, self entitled spoiled brat

  • Julien Alvarez
    Julien Alvarez Month ago

    Remember the titans and the rookie

    ROBERTO A Month ago

    Above the rim n heaven is a paly ground n Raging Bull

  • Davontae Hill
    Davontae Hill Month ago

    Never seen that shit either lol

  • Rafael Castano
    Rafael Castano Month ago +1

    Dodgeball - A true underdog story. 'ESPN 8 - THE OCHO'

  • Rafael Castano
    Rafael Castano Month ago

    Sunset Park - Fredro Starr

  • Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot

    Little Big League. Most slept on sports movie of the 90s. Smart movie, funny, kid friendly.

  • Nikko Garcia
    Nikko Garcia Month ago +1

    Friday Night Lights!!!

    TOMS WILL Month ago

    Above the rim.

    TOMS WILL Month ago

    I heard of it Michelle. But never watch it.

  • Deucki21
    Deucki21 Month ago

    Happy Gilmore

  • Curtis Williams
    Curtis Williams Month ago

    Hurricane season

  • Antwon Carter
    Antwon Carter Month ago

    Probably biased but Bull Durham is one of my favorites also mainly because I’m born and raised in DURHAM, and I go to Durham Bulls ( which the movie is about ) games every week during the season. 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Jumbo Storm
    Jumbo Storm Month ago

    The Longest Yard was a pretty good one or The Bad News Bears

  • Karen The kat ZON
    Karen The kat ZON Month ago +1

    Paul was trying to get at Major League 😂😂😂 Btw, I love Any Given Sunday

  • Spencer Wright
    Spencer Wright Month ago


  • Just different
    Just different Month ago

    The fact vision quest isn’t an option is crazy

  • KrazE HandZ
    KrazE HandZ Month ago

    Coach Carter

  • africano dos santos dos santos

    Glory Road, Coach Carter, He Got Game and Any Given This particular order.

  • Keith Cramer
    Keith Cramer Month ago +1

    Michelle Beadle is an idiot. Too bad she got kicked off Get- up

  • jaylock9twenty5
    jaylock9twenty5 Month ago

    Longest Yard (Adam Sandler version). Happy Gilmore. He Got Game. Coach Carter

  • MyPartnasAndMe
    MyPartnasAndMe Month ago

    I’ve heard of bull durham but never seen it. Mostly because it looks too dramatic and I don’t like baseball enough. Huge man of Major League tho 🤷🏽‍♂️.
    Also, if documentaries count, I have to go with Sebastian Telfair’s “Through The Fire”

  • joe shmow
    joe shmow Month ago

    Baseball sucks and so does that movie! Reason why nobody's heard of it!! Is baseball even a sport? 🤔

  • x rated
    x rated Month ago

    Its between blue chips and white men can't jump

  • Seshadhri Subramanian

    Miracle was my favourite. Remember the titans, Friday Night Lights, Pele and Glory Road too are good

  • pezjme
    pezjme Month ago

    Cool Runnings

  • Memphiz 10 Boi
    Memphiz 10 Boi Month ago

    Isn't Coach Carter a sports movie 🤔

  • NTgiftedTV
    NTgiftedTV Month ago

    "The Basketball Within" greatest sports movie of all time. Michael B Jordan killed it in that role.

  • Zach Shaw
    Zach Shaw Month ago +1

    "Baseball Son!"
    Beadle's the GOAT

  • Ben Davis
    Ben Davis Month ago

    Cool runnings has to be considered surely



  • Stephen Kennedy Jr.

    Glory Road

  • Prizm 280
    Prizm 280 Month ago

    Beadle, I love you for picking Bull Durham.

  • Zorak0515
    Zorak0515 Month ago

    Which one of these black dudes smashed that blonde chick?

  • Zorak0515
    Zorak0515 Month ago

    Which one of these black dudes smashed that blonde chick?

  • TheLtrain85
    TheLtrain85 Month ago

    "Nobody saw that" hahaha. No chill

  • swiftslick
    swiftslick Month ago

    White Men Can't Jump seems more like a documentary than a sports movie when you watch it. HAHA... Yes. They played some pickup games. But Wesley Snipes couldn't ball at all, while Woody had a legit jump shot and passing ability. Good flick though.

  • Og Mane
    Og Mane Month ago +1

    *Space Jam?!*

  • Cruzinthruspace
    Cruzinthruspace Month ago

    Remember the Titans, sandlot, hardball, Friday night lights, and the mighty ducks.

    Honorable mentions: space jam, the big green and Rudy.

  • don ice
    don ice Month ago

    The Replacements

  • Hitemdown
    Hitemdown Month ago

    Can any of yall sneaker nerds tell me if thats kobes on pauls feet cuz im confused

  • ronetize
    ronetize Month ago

    Breaking Away! Cmon!

  • B H-0
    B H-0 Month ago

    Chauncey rocking the Sambas my nigga

  • I Am #24
    I Am #24 Month ago

    The truth wearing Kobe’s lmao.

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson Month ago

    Major league. Watched it every time I see it on tv. Saw it 50 million times as a kid.

  • Ramel George Jr
    Ramel George Jr Month ago

    I thought Jalen would say Hoop Dreams since he had a cameo in it

  • Detroit Cb
    Detroit Cb Month ago +1


  • Pedro Robles
    Pedro Robles Month ago

    Major League for me that movie is timeless the sacrifice bunt at the end still gives me goose bumps

  • Jay Millzz
    Jay Millzz Month ago

    Wtf were these guys doing on the road for 12 seasons? They should be movie critics by the end of their careers.

  • Michael Donaldson
    Michael Donaldson Month ago

    One that hardly ever comes up, Hardball! RIP G-baby

  • Brian Madison
    Brian Madison Month ago


  • T R A P S O C I E T Y M E D I A

    It’s so funny that nobody seen her movie.. 😂