Lonzo Ball Full Highlights 2019.10.11 Pelicans vs Jazz - 15 Pts, 5 Rebs | FreeDawkins

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • October 11 | NBA PreSeason | Lonzo Ball Full Highlights 2019.10.11 Pelicans vs Jazz - 15 Pts, 5 Rebs FreeDawkins - NBA Video' #DawkinsLONZO
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Comments • 367

  • Ant Truth
    Ant Truth 20 days ago

    He will embarrass lakers this season ! I seen it. After this will come true I will be targets because I died in 2058

  • MrFuchew
    MrFuchew 24 days ago

    what an exciting time to be a pelican fan

  • Ab Nice
    Ab Nice 24 days ago

    Lonzo Ball looks like he’s next in line after Curry, Kobe and Jordan

  • G ZT
    G ZT 24 days ago

    glad this overrated kid kicked from lakers

  • mmafan2223
    mmafan2223 25 days ago

    As a rookie he couldn't shoot worth a damn but I remember how he absolutely controlled the court against my Bucks. Give him a shot and he's definitely worthy of all the hype.

  • Mr. Rogers
    Mr. Rogers 25 days ago

    The best thing I think for Lonzo that BI, and Josh Hart are with him so he seems already comfortable with the situation. I think the improved strength training will benefit him and hopefully will keep him injury free.

  • -chase
    -chase 25 days ago

    0:35 kinda looks the same

  • Blue
    Blue 25 days ago +1

    He's actually looking a bit like he did at UCLA. I think he's going to take a big step forward this year.

  • Gustavo Rodriguez
    Gustavo Rodriguez 26 days ago

    Shaq in da fool

  • Branden Eskridge
    Branden Eskridge 26 days ago

    I like the new jumpshot and he’s changed his game quite a bit, Lonzo new and improved.
    I didnt like his play at first but kids starting to look promising

  • Fawazz
    Fawazz 26 days ago

    Lonzo can honestly become a Jrue Holiday replica, if not even better if he’s just aggressive with his scoring

  • Lrg one
    Lrg one 26 days ago

    Yo pretty good performance he good be good this season

  • Clutch_Buckets 21
    Clutch_Buckets 21 27 days ago

    1:59 are we just going to ignore that guy’s vertical?

  • Snakesz
    Snakesz 27 days ago

    @1:20 you can see BI telling lonzo to shoot and not give him it, yet lonzo does but BI returns it and lonzo made, what great teammates

  • John Mortellaro
    John Mortellaro 27 days ago

    Who's bonzo loll?

  • Allen Corbalan
    Allen Corbalan 28 days ago

    Anyone else feel like the last shot should have been a block not a goaltend

  • natnat darwin
    natnat darwin 28 days ago


  • Jerrick Valentine
    Jerrick Valentine 28 days ago +3

    Love the way Lonzo plays... but he has to start trying to finish at the rim more, that's the part of his game he HAS to start at least attempting


    Lonzo gotta play aggressive this season

  • Cecelia Helms
    Cecelia Helms 28 days ago

    Lonzo gonna have a good yr. Gas no pressure, father not n his business, we might c the Zo he suppose to b n LA

  • James K
    James K 28 days ago +1

    Its nice that lonzo is having a kidd n nash type start.. now on a new team for a much needed change. I like his surroundings and want to see him play 75+ game. 12ppg 8ast 6reb will be good growth imo

  • Boss Hog Zoomer
    Boss Hog Zoomer 28 days ago

    Zo shot a hella three going left,yo

  • kingmichaeln1
    kingmichaeln1 29 days ago

    The pelicans lookin good Ig all lonzo needed was to get away from LA

  • Freddy Chavez
    Freddy Chavez 29 days ago

    2 asst... really? 🙄

  • ohmyGUHDness
    ohmyGUHDness 29 days ago

    I just wish he didn’t have all that pressure put on him by his dad from the beginning

  • H.Graham McPherson
    H.Graham McPherson 29 days ago

    Lonzo looking like a young Gary Payton out there

  • Raymond Zambrana
    Raymond Zambrana 29 days ago

    Haters hate this guy cuz of his father but minding that. He's a good player.

  • Dobby Maltese
    Dobby Maltese 29 days ago

    15 pts in a pre season game is now a big thing for the former number 2 pick

  • Timothy Ackey
    Timothy Ackey 29 days ago

    🐐 PG

  • Michael Najera
    Michael Najera 29 days ago

    Is the commentator move to the pelicans and ditched the lakers

  • Nikyyy WEED
    Nikyyy WEED 29 days ago

    支持库德族放出ISIS 支持难民持续进入欧盟~

  • Donald Allen
    Donald Allen 29 days ago

    Tattoos and a beard I'm a bad man now.....😂

  • Courney Hallcy
    Courney Hallcy 29 days ago

    Nice seeing Zo shot something other than 3s

  • carine foretia
    carine foretia 29 days ago

    Injury prone...sad! 😑

  • adingdingdiiing
    adingdingdiiing 29 days ago

    Lonzo off the Lakers is the best thing that has happened for this young man.

  • Waynimations
    Waynimations 29 days ago

    Definitely will be a fun team to watch

  • Andrew Stewart
    Andrew Stewart 29 days ago

    I wish that my lakers kept this guy, it was dumb to trade him. I knew he wasnt going to come out the gates, but he has alot of potential.

  • Jose Fernandez
    Jose Fernandez 29 days ago

    He better average 15 5 5

  • Jose Fernandez
    Jose Fernandez 29 days ago

    He better average 15 5 5

  • Jose Fernandez
    Jose Fernandez 29 days ago

    He better average 15 5 5

  • PJ Clemons
    PJ Clemons 29 days ago

    Thank you Lakers.

  • kidcanman
    kidcanman 29 days ago

    Why even put this man on a highlight video? You're just embracing him. He's poo

  • Kimberly Kim
    Kimberly Kim 29 days ago

    All preseason games ingram looks unmotivated.,hope it will not continue in the regular season.,

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood 29 days ago

    Still trash

  • Aou Celloutus
    Aou Celloutus 29 days ago +1

    15 pts WOW! that's like 40 for a normal NBA player.

  • Marcus G. May
    Marcus G. May 29 days ago


  • Scott Floyd
    Scott Floyd 29 days ago

    He's such a good point guard

  • MrBysiorek
    MrBysiorek 29 days ago

    If you remember all this hype about him and compare to what he is doing be honest he is a bust. He is not next MJ, he is not next Kobe, he is not next Le Crybaby, he is not even next Rondo he is and always will be a Big Bust Ball.

  • J Vill
    J Vill 29 days ago

    What an Accomplishment.... 2 assists

  • Ahahajahah Ahahajjaja
    Ahahajahah Ahahajjaja 29 days ago

    Excited that he left LA. Kid has very good vision

  • OnlyFatSnapz
    OnlyFatSnapz 29 days ago

    ez 7th-8th seed.

  • Douglas Walker
    Douglas Walker 29 days ago

    Woulda been hooping like that he'd still be in l.a

  • KobeDropped_81
    KobeDropped_81 29 days ago

    I think he can become a 15 5 and 10 or 11 guy in the near future especially in this fast paced offense

  • KobeDropped_81
    KobeDropped_81 29 days ago

    I think he can become a 15 5 and 10 or 11 guy in the near future especially in this fast paced offense

  • KobeDropped_81
    KobeDropped_81 29 days ago

    I think he can become a 15 5 and 10 or 11 guy in the near future especially in this fast paced offense

  • Joe Daddy
    Joe Daddy 29 days ago +1

    Good shit Zo I know it’s preseason but good job!!

  • Rakisuta01
    Rakisuta01 29 days ago

    I dont care if it was goal tend or not. That guy jumped super high. Crazy.

  • Stephen Sommerfeld
    Stephen Sommerfeld 29 days ago

    hes underated but overhyped

  • Papershredder27
    Papershredder27 29 days ago

    I love watching him do good

  • adriangreen25
    adriangreen25 29 days ago

    This nigga sorry lol