The best of OLD SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO (watch before you go)

  • Published on Nov 25, 2018
  • Old San Juan, the historic jewel of San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. Old San Juan is a 500 year old city that will transport you to another time with its colors, colonial architecture and latin vibrance for life. This vlog tour will walk you through some of the many surprises you will find around every corner in Old San Juan! If you are getting a cruise from the Port of San Juan, check out this vlog for ideas to eat, drink and play before or after a cruise to the enchanted island. This is a travel vlog style video but I include names and locations for you to get a feel for what the best things to do are in Old San Juan.
    It´s been over a year since Hurricane Maria and Irma crossed the island, and the Old City is as looking as good as ever.
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  • Sam - LifeAFAR
    Sam - LifeAFAR  8 months ago +9

    Hi everyone! I'm glad so many people are open to discovering Old San Juan. We are hosting a conference on April 23-25 in El Convento Hotel, Old San Juan discussing real estate, opportunity zones, tax incentives and meeting like minded people. I hope to see you there! More information at

  • Brandon Cox
    Brandon Cox Day ago

    Whatever they pay Sam, it is not enough!! Great job Sam!!

  • Snake Man
    Snake Man 9 days ago

    San Juan was there long before Columbia.

  • xiomana xoxoxo
    xiomana xoxoxo 9 days ago

    That restaurant was a tourist spot...the real locals are small cafes or Tin Huts on the road. Although he did show authhentic dishes they were the American ized tourist version sexy and cute on a wood board, there is also guineo y bacalo, pasteles....and so much more authentic food....I wish Puerto Ricans were going back to buy land not all these white folks.

  • edward dey
    edward dey 10 days ago

    Nice work Sam, especially what you said at the end.

  • Here Be Barr
    Here Be Barr 15 days ago

    Thanks for this ! Doing some research on my video. You earned my sub !! Did you have any issues with flying the drone in Old San Juan ?

  • mana269
    mana269 19 days ago

    Mi alma, mi Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 gracias por tu video

  • Steve Zilla
    Steve Zilla 22 days ago

    What is the best way to get around Puerto Rico? Taxi? Bus? Rental car? Staying for a week. Great video btw

    • Steve Zilla
      Steve Zilla 22 days ago

      @Sam - LifeAFAR Thank you!

    • Sam - LifeAFAR
      Sam - LifeAFAR  22 days ago

      Ubers for San Juan, rental car for any thing outside

  • CHEETOE408
    CHEETOE408 Month ago

    When’s the cheapest time of the year to go from America? And best airline

  • Chris Paris
    Chris Paris Month ago

    Please do not over sell P.R. with your cheap convertion of historical building with pre fab building, cheap bed ad breakfast hotels or apts. Keep San Juan as a UNESCO world heritage site you plan to invest in P.R. real estate properties.

  • Leslie Rican
    Leslie Rican Month ago

    Yo amo mi bonita isla!🇵🇷😘❤

  • blue K
    blue K Month ago

    Very nice video .

  • Boricua Yehudim
    Boricua Yehudim Month ago

    Your words are encouraging, I'm greatful for persons such as you who visit us here with an open heart and mind ☝🏽The lady in the restaurant forgot to mention that a large populous of Puerto Rico are also descendents of Crypto Jews brought by the Spanish Empire after the Inquisition, something the Spanish attempted to obscure from our history ☝🏽🤗🙏🏽

  • Princess Legarreta
    Princess Legarreta Month ago

    Puerto Rico es hermoso. Me gustaría aclarar unas cosas los puertoriqueños podemos tener descendencia española, africanas, taina, italiana o de cualquier otro país. La más famosa es la mescla española, taina y africana.
    Puerto Rico tiene 2 idiomas oficiales el español y el inglés.
    Me alegra ver que la gente disfruta la isla.♥️

  • Jay Stubbs
    Jay Stubbs 2 months ago

    This is like 1/2 self promotion. It’s nice, but what’s in the castle? How about a little more on this history and a little less of your personal philosophies.

  • Robert Villarreal
    Robert Villarreal 2 months ago

    Worthless and in Mc Donald's Douglas House Ronald Boeing

  • Genesis Solis
    Genesis Solis 2 months ago

    I watch your videos for practice My English 👏 This Is A Good video

  • Chasing Jaunts
    Chasing Jaunts 2 months ago

    We were just in Puerto Rico for 5 days we stayed in a hostel for a few days then an apartment. Such a beautiful Island! We vlogged our whole trip and just posted our first day. Some people were telling us that after the hurricane there were big incentives for building on the island? Is this kind of what your meeting was about. Investments in PR?

  • Yamaha Guy17
    Yamaha Guy17 3 months ago

    I went to San Juan on my cruise and that was my 2nd favorite place it was really cool walking through old San Juan my favorite was st Thomas for obvious reasons but I really enjoyed San juan

  • illbeyourlink
    illbeyourlink 3 months ago

    Going in 3 months couldn't be more hyped.

  • Michael Rosado
    Michael Rosado 3 months ago

    I'm glad you liked and enjoy my island. We have everything a person would like to have. I hope you come again

  • javier perez
    javier perez 3 months ago

    Just a few words.... PR is a hidden gem, come and visit it , don't spoil it please

  • Lityfun
    Lityfun 3 months ago

    I met the Mayor in San Juan, Puerto Rico' he was super nice

  • Nicholas Kelley (Student)

    i like turt,les/////////////////////////////////////

  • ddbp123
    ddbp123 3 months ago

    You lost me at the 180.00 a night AirBnB...🤣😂🤦

  • Norma González
    Norma González 3 months ago

    And that is the beginning. Even there is more like a theatre life with lots of plays, music concert, lots and lots of all kind of activities. Also, San Juan is more than Old San Juan (by the way is full of history and the Totem that you show it was made with a mix of latinoamerican,( inc) Puerto Rican clay, to commemorate the 500 years of the Spanish discover). San Juan extends more and to that, there is more towns that joint to San Juan municipality to make a cosmopolitan Metropolitan Área. After that...more town with many places (total including SJ -78). What you see is the hanging around but our daily life is of work, school, college,etc. etc.etc. like in any other city.
    On the other hand, we got more kind and variations of music farther than the modern salsa and regetón . The is lot of folklore and traditional music.
    And at last, thanks for how good you talk about everything you enjoy and see. (By the way, we are very us, look a like to other Latin place because we all have some similar heritage, but we have our own culture, each Latino country has it because it is not the same Indians and Africans (in PR came 40 African groups) heritage. Yes each country has a rich culture so us. Puerto Rico is full of history, the food is wider too.... Thank for how you see with respect and love, our. PR. You have to return because there is more to see, enjoy and learn... Thanks 😍
    P.D... Each country is so unique that each one is really valuable and important, so great places to know and enjoy....

  • Josner Maysonet
    Josner Maysonet 4 months ago

    You should do real estate in Arecibo tbh

  • Nurse 7Love
    Nurse 7Love 4 months ago

    I booked only 5 nights in Old San Juan...I think that was a mistake 😫😩

  • Paradise Studios
    Paradise Studios 4 months ago

    It isn’t that great anymore with the protests and all the graffiti

  • Txarli321
    Txarli321 4 months ago

    Dice que la arquitectura le recuerda a Colombia... Poca cultura la de este muchacho sino sabe que este es un estilo común (con algunas variantes) en toda latinoamérica... quizá le suene ...estilo colonial ...español.

  • EvaJ Morales
    EvaJ Morales 4 months ago

    Bienpapayas es excelente se los recomiendo.

  • Astrid Ortiz
    Astrid Ortiz 5 months ago

    I love my Island,,🇵🇷

  • Julio Centeno
    Julio Centeno 5 months ago

    Thanks Sam 💪😎👍

  • Online Classification Digital Marketing Agency

    You should be our next governor I think you would do a better job I'll vote for you.

  • Erin levere
    Erin levere 5 months ago

    You grew up in Australia but you have a very strong American accent now

  • Lance Lucid
    Lance Lucid 6 months ago

    I'm Puerto Rican and I'm so home sick that I searched old San Juan and selected your video randomly and having been a thousand times there I can tell you did a great job, so proud of you and my little tiny island!!

  • shopaholic5701
    shopaholic5701 6 months ago

    Where was that avocado stuffed with steak?

  • donarail00
    donarail00 6 months ago

    Spent a couple days in Old San Juan before our cruise. Loved it. Decanter Hotel is the best centre of everything.

  • John R
    John R 7 months ago

    Great video. Thanks for the recommendations they are useful since I’m visiting PR in 3 weeks.

  • Kimberly Muro
    Kimberly Muro 7 months ago +1

    I can’t wait to go visit the Mother land 👌🏼 Thank you for making an amazing video ! #proudRican here 🤘🏼

  • Antonio Lee Moreno Ortiz

    You deserve a new subscriber! Excellent video and you touched in many good points from Old San Juan. Success!

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    Ferdison Perez 7 months ago

    Mi casa 💪🇵🇷😎

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    James Barnett 7 months ago

    Awesome message and video.👍

    • James Barnett
      James Barnett 7 months ago

      Traveling to Puerto rico during cinco dey mayo. Plan on visiting and learning as much as possible. Thanks again for the video

  • Oscar Hourruitiner
    Oscar Hourruitiner 7 months ago


  • queen imaya
    queen imaya 7 months ago

    wow. i love your message towards the end of the video. to me, puerto rico is full of magic. awesome video.

  • Beverly Lovos
    Beverly Lovos 7 months ago

    Thank you for coming to my little island and showing how beautiful its is 😊

  • N Esq
    N Esq 7 months ago

    Dont think I could live In old san juan. It has a lot of charm for a visit with excellent food Choices. Maybe ocean park.

  • Robert Cosme
    Robert Cosme 7 months ago

    Good video! I love PR!!

  • Zugeily Vazquez
    Zugeily Vazquez 7 months ago

    Nice video can't wait to go there

  • Juan Carlos Roman
    Juan Carlos Roman 7 months ago

    This lady doesn’t know Puerto Rican history

  • Juan Carlos Roman
    Juan Carlos Roman 7 months ago +2

    She is wrong by saying that Puerto Rican’s are only a mixed of Taino, African and Spanish. Puerto Rican’s are a mixed of those 3 and most of all Europeans from all over Europe.

  • Arlene Vazquez
    Arlene Vazquez 7 months ago

    Wow beautiful video of my island!! I can’t wait to see more!!

  • toxicc janielkobito
    toxicc janielkobito 7 months ago

    11:32 el chisme de las tipas

  • Eagledives
    Eagledives 8 months ago

    Part 2 - Puerto Rico (a.k.a 'Welfare Island' & 'La Isla Del Engano' ) ) THE TRUTH THAT MUST BE TOLD...
    You have to feel so sorry for those that advocate for Puerto Rico’s self determination , apparently you never ate your veggies as a kid and you ended with un-repairable brain damage otherwise known as LOW I.Q., .there isn’t one valid point to support independence, so lets begin from the top and the most obvious and common arguments for a "Free and Independent P.R".
    1) Is Puerto Rico self sustainable ?: The idea is just pure comedy, have you been in the Island lately ? have you noticed that the food stamps and unemployment lines are the longest ever and most are island wide?
    Puerto Ricans are just too comfortable doing nothing for many decades and that is understandable, since they move to a housing project and they pay only $1.00 for water, $12.00 for electricity, then negative rent "they get paid for living there" but if they would have to get a job they have to pay full rent and they would loose the food stamps and their welfare would be removed. Oh hell no! there is no way that people with those lazy lifestyles and with a 18% unemployment rate would ever do something other than watching 'Tele Novelas' all day long or sell drugs to the tourist.
    2. Becoming a US state would make P.R. poor ? really ?.

    Ok, this is where anyone with any common sense would loose it and would be out of breath from laughing so hard, because you just can't be serious. The pathetic miserable island is already fuck up and if it wasn't for welfare, food stamps, housing projects etc… there would be 8 times the amount of 'hobos' at traffic lights asking for money.. think about that.
    3.More illegal immigration to the island if it becomes a State ?.

    Would it really skyrocket? then you should take a stroll down 'Barrio Obrero' in San Juan because they are already here and they will keep coming no mater what, at least they are trying to do something for them and push forward not ending stuck like 90% of Puerto Ricans that simply don't care about trying because they just have it too easy.
    4. Increasing the Latino representation in the voting system ?. geez far as anybody knows the island is in the Caribbean not in Latin America…
    This is all besides the fact that no one can't even understand "Independentistas bullshit" because yeah they are all about a free Puerto Rico,. ohhhh but how do they love the once again prior mentioned, food stamps, unemployment benefits, free lunch at Mc Donald's and everything that comes from good old USA yet they can always hate the main land so much..
    Is kinda of a ridiculous witch hunt don't you think Mr. 'Puerto Rico Libre'…
    Notable Quote from a 'New Yorker' from Aguadilla P.R. ( posted on May 3rd, 2009 )
    " I myself am a Puerto Rican. I have been living in P.R for about 4 years (maybe a few months shy of 5 yrs whatever). I moved from NY to Puerto Rico, because I HAD genuine pride. "
    " However moving to P.R made me lose that pride I had for a long time (and I had a lot of pride !). Puerto Ricans are in fact lazy; no doubt about it and there are many examples and undisputed evidence, they work only because they feel like it’s an obligation or something (cause let me tell you they work like shit, very inefficiently)."
    " Service here sucks, in the Hotels, in Government buildings in the public and private sectors of the economy, the people think they are somewhat superior than all the rest of the world ( false sense of pride ) ...a.k.a they somehow think their shit don’t stink (4give my French) I can't wait to move back to NY. Everyone in P.R has like mental depression; hummm, you would wonder why, it is very evident. Puerto Ricans can’t speak English, they are way too lazy, it really doesn't take much to impress a Puerto Rican, and it is being destroyed within."
    "The beautiful natural destinations in the island are very few and take hours just to take a quick look at, people here going to a social party or club is like going to a pub/ sports bar so the social life sucks and you have to put up with so much bullcrap, inefficiency, bad manners, low moral standards, crime and just plain stupidity. I WAS A PROUD PUERTO RICAN, NOW I JUST WANT TO MOVE BACK TO N.Y. City and I HOPE THIS ISLAND SINKS. "
    "The only reason why this piece of shit island isn’t independent is because Puerto Ricans know if it were to become one they would have to go back to the sugar cane , they would have to work harder to earn a living and stop selling drugs and like I said THEY ARE STR8 UP pathetically LAZY."

    Posted by ' Bill ' Feb 07, 2009 at ' Puerto Rico Sucks < Discussion on
    "It is a real crap hole here. My wife and I had to move here for work, but we are almost free. It is a US territory, but you would swear you were in any other politically corrupt, Latin American country. "

    "The whole "You don't need a passport" campaign is a joke. I consistently tell my friends and family to take the time and money to just get a passport and go to Mexico. It is cheaper there, and you know what to expect. The most significant difference between this place and Mexico is that the food is worse here and the prices are higher than the US. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, their drug addicted criminals ( 'ZOMBIE' Island ) don't just kill each other ( like in Mexico). Here they kill pregnant tourists as well.! "
    Posted by ' Don' Mar 3, 2009
    "Totally agree with 'Bill '. Puerto Rico is the bottom of the barrel in the Caribbean. Too bad, it could be a nice place, but is NOT...however, the locals have destroyed it. It is dirty, full of high crime,coruption and way too overpriced. If you want a nicer beach and lower cost, just go to Florida. If you want a nicer Caribbean vacation, just go to about a dozen other destinations in the Caribbean but never to that garbage island "
    After leaving Indiana for a nursing job at Miami's Children's Hospital, Daniele Hoffman dedicated herself fully into her new workplace, organizing hospital-wide activities, mentorship programs, and potlucks.
    Despite Daniele's dedication to [MCH], she suffered severe discrimination on the job because of her race, color, and national origin, reads the suit, which also claims she was retaliated against for telling on Puerto Rican hospital staff who drank 'coquito' with alcohol content at work, a violation and high risk to patients
    Anesthesiologists, nurses, and surgical technicians insisted on speaking Puerto Rican 'Spanish' during surgical procedures ( very unprofessional )despite Daniele's inability to understand Spanish and her continuous requests that they speak English for the safety of the child patient
    She claims that when she complained to her supervisors, she was told "that's just the culture around here" and she should "get tougher skin, they're all from P.R.." She says she was also told she'd better learn Spanish
    In a federal lawsuit against the hospital, Hoffman says the Puerto Rican staff discriminated against her, called her "gringa" and "skinny white girl," and insisted on speaking Spanish around her.

    • PGUNNA201
      PGUNNA201 6 months ago


  • Eagledives
    Eagledives 8 months ago

    Puerto Rico ( a.k.a 'Welfare Island' & 'La Isla Del Engano' & ' The Tijuana of the Caribbean' ) ) A TRUTH THAT MUST BE TOLD

    The USDA Food and Nutrition Service told that, on average, 4 million people received food stamps in Puerto Rico each month in FY 2012.
    This pathetic miserable island is distinguished by its high crime, poverty and joblessness, which are far worse than in any of the 50 states. The territory's economy, moreover, has fallen further behind the national one over the past four decades. Bad inept government is largely to blame.
    Yet most Americans are oblivious and unaware to the Caribbean island's problems. After a Century of American Citizenship, Puerto Ricans Have Little to Show for It. After one hundred years of citizenship, the per capita income of Puerto Ricans is roughly $15,200-half that of Mississippi, the poorest state in the union
    Puerto Rico is the bottom of the barrel in the Caribbean. Too bad, it could be a nice place...however, the locals have destroyed it. It is dirty, overpriced and overrated big time !. If you want a nicer, safe beach and lower cost, just go to Florida. If you want a nicer Caribbean vacation, just go to about a dozen other destinations in the Caribbean.
    Puerto Rico has a population of 4 million, meaning 40 percent of Puerto Ricans are on food stamps paid by the federal government ! Many people in the island practice syncretism, the blending of traditional Christianity with African religions that arrived on the island with the slaves imported during colonial times this are done with SANTERIA dirty rituals are often seen on the streets and sidewalks ( Devil Worshipping and Ancient witchcraft Only about 10 percent describe themselves as Catholic, once the dominant faith. NO wonder why they are so ignorant and have such low ethical and moral standards.
    How prosperous is Puerto Rico?
    Not very, by any standard. More than 53% of the island’s residents live in poverty. The median household income in 2015 was $15,350. Puerto Rico’s colossal debt load - now close to $84 billion - has left it in a state of deep financial crisis. Its inability to maintain basic infrastructure made Puerto Rico highly vulnerable to severe hurricane damage that destroyed much of its water, roadway and electric-power systems
    Although the supplemental assistance cash is designated for eligible food items, it is widely acknowledged that participants use most of their allotted cash for non-food essentials, drugs and illegal gambling, now that is dumb !
    The smaller than Jamaica Island is filled with high crime, drugs, thieves and killers, way too many hard core criminals for such a small island and a fake witchcraft religion that has divided the population.
    Most US Hispanics stereotype Puerto Ricans as dumb, or with lower intelligence but.. as you can see there's some truth to it:
    The food stamp program has had a negative effect on the population they even admit they use the money to buy pot, guns and cocaine. The 'boricuas' of 100 years ago would be ashamed of the current crop of 'boricuas'. No wonder why most other Hispanics consider Puerto Ricans, lazy, dishonest, corrupt and heavily dependent on US Government handouts. Most other Hispanics agree that Puerto Ricans speak the worst Spanish language dialect in the western hemisphere, in fact they don't even speak good English either.

    Among other problems: rampant identity theft by P.R. immigrants - often from the 'welfare' island - who use stolen Puerto Rican birth certificates to obtain U.S. passports, Social Security benefits, and other federal services available to Puerto Ricans because they are U.S. citizens.

    In a recent sample of 8,000 passport fraud cases investigated by the State Department, 60 percent involved Puerto Rican birth documents purchased illegally for as much as $10,000
    Puerto Rico's annual income per person was around $12,000 in 2004, less than half that of Mississippi, the poorest state. More than 58% of the island's people live below the federally defined poverty line. That poverty rate is nearly four times the national average, and more than twice as high as in poor states such as Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia.
    Has anyone ever noticed how much ( false ) pride Puerto Ricans have? At the same time many Puerto Ricans are filled with Anti-American sentiment. Most Puerto Ricans see the United States as a symbol of Imperialism and a very oppressive country to their beloved little island ( smaller than Jamaica ). While many Puerto Ricans have spent time in different cities throughout United States, return migrants and their children are often ridiculed because of their inability to speak Spanish with the same accent and lexicon as natives and their poor English language skills, so the Dumb Puerto Rican is NOT a Myth. There is an old well known saying among the tourists : "HAiiiiy ! BENDITO que sucio esta Puerto Rico ! "
    Puerto Ricans are the most violent offenders in NYC, they are the poorest group in NYC.

    The Island of Puerto Rico is known as Zombie Island due to the all the crack heads. The wrongly imposed name of ' La Isla de El Encanto' this a Myth and a distortion of oversize proportions !, Puerto Ricans have been here in the US as long as Italians, Cubans, Colombians, Dominicans and other Hispanics and while Italians, Cubans and Colombians have moved on to the Suburbs, to upscale single family homes Puerto Ricans are still living in the projects in section 8 housing ghettos and high crime neighborhoods ( The Hood ).

    Well the logical question must be asked. Why would a prideful bragging irrational with an identity crisis people such as the Puerto Ricans constantly vote to remain an American Territory (Commonwealth )over the past 5 decades?
    The people of Puerto Rico vote every 4 years (during the same time we hold our American Presidential elections) towards becoming an American State, remaining an American Territory or becoming Independent.
    During the last two elections Puerto Ricans rarely voted to remain an American territory (49% of the vote) over becoming a an American State (48% of the vote). While the voting toll for Puerto Rican Independence was a mere 1%. If Puerto Ricans are such patriotic and proud people how is it possible that only 1% of the population wants to become independent from the United States?
    Keep in mind that Puerto Rico is extremely poor. As of 2017, the per capita income there is half that of Mississippi, which is the worst-performing state in the U.S. by that measure. Moreover, 50 percent of Puerto Ricans live in poverty. Thi territory has been incapable of paying its debt since 2017. Put it simply, Puerto Rico is an economic pathetic miserable sinkhole. The General Accounting Office has estimated that the added tax burden coming along with statehood would cause enormous job losses and damage the economy of Puerto Rico even further. What benefit would the American people get from adding to the union a bankrupt state with a tanking economy? NONE
    The primary language spoken there is Spanish.The number of residents fluent in English is less than 20 percent. That fact alone should give most Americans pause about whether Puerto Rico should become a state - people who don’t share a language will have difficulty working together at a job or sharing a common culture. Puerto Rico has demonstrated they only want our handouts, and none of the responsibility that statehood demands.

    Puerto Rico doesn't want to become the 51st state. It has held five votes on the question. Three times, the people of Puerto Rico said "no." The fourth vote was indeterminate. The fifth time, 13 percent of Puerto Ricans overwhelmingly said "yes" - but the anti-statehood party refused to participate because of the way the referendum was worded, and the vote was therefore practically meaningless. In other words, it’s unclear whether a majority of Puerto Ricans have ever wanted the island to become the 51st state.

  • Xrr Kid
    Xrr Kid 8 months ago

    No go before you watch this video because it will spoil your trip

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    You should do a video on the west coast of the island

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    Thank you for go to PR my island

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    Great job looks beautiful