U-KNOW 유노윤호 'Follow' MV

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • U-KNOW's the 1st mini album "True Colors" is out!
    Listen and download on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify
    iTunes: smarturl.it/UKNOW_TC_i
    Apple Music: smarturl.it/UKNOW_TC_a
    Spotify: smarturl.it/UKNOW_TC_s
    01 Follow
    02 Blue Jeans
    03 Swing (Feat. BoA)
    04 불러 (Hit Me Up) (Feat. 기리보이)
    05 왜 (Why)
    06 Change The World
    U-KNOW Official
    #U_KNOW #유노윤호 #Follow #TrueColors
    U-KNOW 유노윤호 'Follow' MV ℗ SM Entertainment
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  • Melcjay
    Melcjay Day ago

    Yunho Time

  • kon美枝
    kon美枝 4 days ago

    ユノ( ´∀`)かっこよすぎだー!♡

  • Honey Lehoux
    Honey Lehoux 4 days ago

    Fuuuuck meeee Yunhooooo


    oppa saranghaeyo~

  • Ena Kiseky Arrow
    Ena Kiseky Arrow 5 days ago

    Great. < ^ - ^ >

  • Vn Snz
    Vn Snz 5 days ago

    Go uknow go uknow ❤

  • Vitamin Jelly
    Vitamin Jelly 7 days ago

    조회수 2,436,912회

  • Ena Kiseky Arrow
    Ena Kiseky Arrow 8 days ago +1


  • cassie l
    cassie l 9 days ago


  • Jocelyn Pyne
    Jocelyn Pyne 11 days ago +2

    Love his dancing skills......Awesome Yunho!!!!

  • Fish DH98
    Fish DH98 13 days ago +1

    I'm addicted to this song ❤❤❤

  • Daisy Nicole
    Daisy Nicole 14 days ago

    Okay U-Know! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • squid w
    squid w 15 days ago


  • 슴순이'ᄉ'
    슴순이'ᄉ' 16 days ago

    뒤에 여자 왼쪽 백댄서분 수리수리였나 무대 같이 섰던것 같은데....익숙하다

  • Mayi Guarina
    Mayi Guarina 17 days ago +2


  • Vitamin Jelly
    Vitamin Jelly 17 days ago

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  • Ena Kiseky Arrow
    Ena Kiseky Arrow 17 days ago +2


  • ana martínez
    ana martínez 17 days ago +2

    So hot 🔥🙈💗

  • Cherry Rose
    Cherry Rose 17 days ago +3

    I just discovered him n boy can he MOVE! Can't stop listening to him!It's a pleasure to see him move

    • Emy Chica
      Emy Chica 14 days ago +1

      He is the leader of TVXQ pls check their other MVs they are so talented

  • mapo Take
    mapo Take 19 days ago


  • Anna Maria Hultquist
    Anna Maria Hultquist 20 days ago +1

    Way he must be the better performer to perfection this Mv is so energetic his singing and moves are perfect and power ful as a solo lead figure. BEST and BETTER. Will he make more MV and compositions I hope..Additive Yes, more and more -So strong energy here. i toutch you like a LOBOT..........low boat that is a submarine............follow me.........

  • Dita Novianto
    Dita Novianto 20 days ago

    Aaaaaaa love it

  • buzan123
    buzan123 21 day ago +1

    This MV/song deserves way more views!!!

  • 긍정민
    긍정민 21 day ago

    모텔에서 즐겨듣던 노래

  • Ena Kiseky Arrow
    Ena Kiseky Arrow 22 days ago +2


  • Loyal Reveluvs
    Loyal Reveluvs 23 days ago +13

    To everyone who is new. He is Yunho, the leader of TVXQ
    Ask anybody in Korea, they actually really respect him af because he is one of the most talented, humble and not controversial artist. The level of respect is just the same as how they respect Yoo Jae suk from Running man.

  • Nathan Firmalino
    Nathan Firmalino 24 days ago +4

    Yunho's highnote is so imaginable like wutt oh wow im amaze

  • 권궁민권흥남
    권궁민권흥남 25 days ago +1


  • 김선아
    김선아 25 days ago +1

    와 씨바 대존잘

  • Z shii
    Z shii 26 days ago +3

    I came here because of Moonbyul but I stayed because of U-KNOW's mind blowing talent.

    • Z shii
      Z shii 22 days ago

      @Emy Chica Thank you

    • Emy Chica
      Emy Chica 22 days ago

      Welcome if you have any questions we are here

  • Vitamin Jelly
    Vitamin Jelly 26 days ago +1

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  • irapjustlikejayz
    irapjustlikejayz 26 days ago +1

    Excuse me

    Am I just
    Out about

    • Loyal Reveluvs
      Loyal Reveluvs 23 days ago

      Youre so late. Nvm. Enjoy our king talent and charisma.


    Yunho tiene todo.

  • 김경아
    김경아 27 days ago +1

    비율.. 비현실적이다....
    너무 길지도않고 너무완벽....
    유노윤호는 과연 누구를 만나게될지..
    궁금 하넹.. ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Ena Kiseky Arrow
    Ena Kiseky Arrow 28 days ago +1

    Let's go, canción genial, me encanta!

  • Ena Kiseky Arrow
    Ena Kiseky Arrow 28 days ago +1

    =^ - ^=)/ México presente!

  • ゙゙
    ゙゙ Month ago +2

    i cant even spend a day without watching this. hielp

  • Ena Kiseky Arrow
    Ena Kiseky Arrow Month ago +2


  • Taecito con azúcar
    Taecito con azúcar Month ago +2

    Está bien chido este man UwU ❤
    Asdksk, una de sus mejores canciones. Amo la parte donde la música se detiene y crees que va a acabar, pero hace un chasquido y prosigue. * inserte voz y movimientos roboticos* *_Follow me like a robot, touch me like a robot_*

  • Ena Kiseky Arrow
    Ena Kiseky Arrow Month ago +1


  • Vitamin Jelly
    Vitamin Jelly Month ago +2

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  • Ena Kiseky Arrow
    Ena Kiseky Arrow Month ago +1

    Como cada día, aquí escuchando esta canción super genial!
    : )

  • Vitamin Jelly
    Vitamin Jelly Month ago +2

    조회수 2,378,920회

  • Alexa ndra
    Alexa ndra Month ago +1

    Dice follow me like a lobo? .. si dice eso creo que dentro de SM hay alguien a quien le gustan los ritmos latinos... Por Súper Junior y EXO cantando sabor a mi y Taemin despacito.

  • Emily
    Emily Month ago +2

    This is sooo good why is this the first I watch this
    1. Who is he
    2. Why didn’t I know him
    3. Have no more words

    • Christine Jones
      Christine Jones Month ago

      Emily Also check out their Tokyo concert , it’s sensational ❣️

    • Emy Chica
      Emy Chica Month ago +1

      He is the leader of TVXQ his name is U know Yunho pls check their other MVs

    • Keserü Tímea
      Keserü Tímea Month ago +1

      He is one of the members from TVXQ! duo. This is his korean debut song after 16 years. Watch and listen Keep Your Head Down, Catch Me, Something, Spellbound, The Chance of Love :))

  • Ena Kiseky Arrow
    Ena Kiseky Arrow Month ago +2


  • Zriquqkmj Zsdbalpk
    Zriquqkmj Zsdbalpk Month ago +1


  • 金迷糊的小嗯啊


  • Siap Kenyang
    Siap Kenyang Month ago +3

    Oh My God, too much sexiness here. I love you Yunho. 😍💓💓💓

  • riprene2
    riprene2 Month ago +2

    The more often I listen, the more the song grows on me.

  • Sakuramichi
    Sakuramichi Month ago +5

    ユノの歌声 パフォーマンス 世界観 全て大好きで 最高✨ SMTで見れた Swingも最高でした✨ アルバムの他の曲も どんなステージになるのか見たくなる曲ばかりで いつか見れるその日まで 楽しみにしてます! あ、でもユノの健康が一番なので 時間と余裕をもって ユノの満足のいく ショーができる事を願ってます🌟

  • ApicC5 _
    ApicC5 _ Month ago

    As it's Halloween this is the new Halloween vibe for the rest of my lifeu

  • はるみ
    はるみ Month ago +5

    There is no one like Yunho. He's outstanding.

  • Abby Ro
    Abby Ro Month ago +1

    3:30 until the end, it kill me 😍

  • Vn Snz
    Vn Snz Month ago +1

    Mi little boy, my boy now my man ❤🖤

  • Kari
    Kari Month ago +2

    yunho es lo más de lo más 100000/100000

  • Dae Semb
    Dae Semb Month ago +1

    I have a crush on him since I was high school. 😱😱😱

  • Tair Nave
    Tair Nave Month ago

    It's like an old school song in 1080p

  • Adia Olivia
    Adia Olivia Month ago

    i can hear changmin's voice in 3.13. high tone

  • lee sai
    lee sai Month ago +2

    ?? why is this not at least 5 million more!!