Will It Muffin? Taste Test

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • Not much has changed in the muffin world, so it’s time we make some updates! Today we ask the age-old question… Will It Muffin? GMM #1525
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Comments • 4 967

  • Good Mythical Morning
    Good Mythical Morning  Month ago +850

    Want to know how Josh prepared these muffin monstrosities? We’ve got a Behind the Mythicality for “Will It Muffin?” coming out on Wednesday, so sign up for the Mythical Society and watch how Josh cranked out these muffins! www.mythicalsociety.com/

    • Alexander Ray
      Alexander Ray 7 days ago

      Scott Bakula was the captain of Enterprise in Star Trek Enterprise, too

    • Guess Who
      Guess Who 14 days ago

      you are all bunch of idiots

    • David Little
      David Little 19 days ago

      For the record...English muffins aren’t English..they’re an American invention.

    • Spraypaint 13
      Spraypaint 13 19 days ago

      do will it nugget or chicken nugget

    • Andrew Bergmann
      Andrew Bergmann 21 day ago

      Will it pillow

  • Markky
    Markky 2 hours ago

    You're right, words do have meaning. And you're speaking english (trying to) so...

  • John Simmons
    John Simmons 4 hours ago

    1:17 Frank West after his health gets restored

  • Loca Kishami
    Loca Kishami 5 hours ago

    Im from England.....( ;∀;)˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅

  • LT_Nomad
    LT_Nomad 6 hours ago

    Who did you take the brest milk from TF

  • LT_Nomad
    LT_Nomad 7 hours ago

    "I just streched my mouth farther then it should've" *that's what she said*

  • Nick Macedo
    Nick Macedo 9 hours ago


  • Grace Ellis
    Grace Ellis 12 hours ago

    I've watched this four times and I'm not sure if it's because I like muffins, or because Chef Josh really throws down in the kitchen lol

  • CookieStyle Guy
    CookieStyle Guy 18 hours ago +1

    He’s married to the muffin man. The muffin man! He is married to the muffin man?

  • Jsweizston
    Jsweizston 20 hours ago

    Idk how Josh didn't watch Quantum Leap. It was in re-runs by 1995-2000 and I remember watching it all of the time on sci-fi. Legit good show!

  • sideshow fonz
    sideshow fonz 20 hours ago

    Also we made the language....wait did i say that already.....hmmm well we made the language.

  • pyrosinugami
    pyrosinugami 20 hours ago

    Fun fact the English muffin was made in America the inventors were trying to reproduce Crumpets and kind of failed in Britain they call them American muffins

  • Shadow Light
    Shadow Light 22 hours ago

    Josh is the star that saves the day in most 'will it' episodes 😂

  • BMO
    BMO 23 hours ago +1

    Will it milkshake

  • Literally Schashi

    Cup cakes are cakes in a cup

  • Georgiana Aur
    Georgiana Aur Day ago

    "Borș" is what we usually put in soups and what we drink on hungovers😂😂😂

  • Outwardpanicjoe
    Outwardpanicjoe Day ago

    9:30 "O GOD" 😂😂

  • Bianca Neal
    Bianca Neal Day ago

    Link totally should have supported Rhett and ate the top of the seafood muffin

  • Abby Petricek ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    I’m sorry but...
    “CHocOLaTe CHOcOLATe cHIP mUfFiN rIGHt”
    Also why am I just seeing this now


    “BlUebErRy mAcADamIA”

    I’m so so sorry I’ll leave

  • shelley Griego
    shelley Griego Day ago +1

    Did he say oh daddy that’s sticky I love a sticky muffin
    And wares the doctor sausage and Butar broud in the Soviet muffin

  • Lil’ Uni
    Lil’ Uni Day ago +1

    arent poptarts the most reliable breakfast pastry known to man?

  • ZedCactus
    ZedCactus 2 days ago

    I love the Quantum Leap references :D

  • Krampus YouTube
    Krampus YouTube 2 days ago

    Couldve called russia one muffia

  • BloodThirstyScott1
    BloodThirstyScott1 2 days ago

    why didn't link eat the uni?

  • BancroftOutdoors
    BancroftOutdoors 2 days ago

    Liamkylesullivan did it first

  • Tiya’s Glam Lounge

    Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰 ♥️

  • Lynnie W
    Lynnie W 2 days ago

    “I like a sticky muffin.” 😂😂

  • help given
    help given 2 days ago


  • help given
    help given 2 days ago


  • help given
    help given 2 days ago


  • Grace
    Grace 2 days ago

    You guys should play the muffin song

  • kaidon lawrence
    kaidon lawrence 2 days ago

    America it is our language u changed it
    Cabbages and greens
    Broccoli and beets
    ...no ok I'll stop

  • Gacha Fantom Life
    Gacha Fantom Life 3 days ago

    Muffins is a breakfast version of a cupcake while a cupcake is crazy drugs for your blood pressure XD

  • Tashnah TV
    Tashnah TV 3 days ago

    "That's a uterus?... Where does the baby go?"... Lol. Just be glad you didn't find a "baby."

  • Tatum Malone
    Tatum Malone 3 days ago +1

    lol i am binge watchig them

  • Brandon ES
    Brandon ES 3 days ago

    Filipinos: *exist*
    Pandesal: Am I a joke to you?

  • oudcast
    oudcast 3 days ago

    When one of these 2 pass away the funeral should be called "good realistic mourning"

  • K B
    K B 4 days ago

    English people never call crumpets "English Muffins". That is an American thing, in England there is no such thing as an "English Muffin". It's a crumpet.

  • Never X Nice
    Never X Nice 4 days ago

    The milfen. Oh lord.

  • KimTaehyung
    KimTaehyung 4 days ago

    When i was 7 i watch these everydayyy

  • billyr21080
    billyr21080 4 days ago +1

    Rhett's face when Link said the muffin diver 😂😂

  • GlazedHamRiot
    GlazedHamRiot 4 days ago

    *blames England for english muffin naming*
    *doesnt realise they were created in america*

  • Heather McClain
    Heather McClain 4 days ago +1

    I've never been up close & personal with pig uterus, but I'm pretty sure those toppings are fallopian tubes, not uteri. A nice compliment to the uterine chunks within.

  • Jason Hagar
    Jason Hagar 4 days ago

    I would have used Gatorade powder

  • BaBskII
    BaBskII 5 days ago

    “Maybe uterus is good?”

  • Xand3r
    Xand3r 5 days ago +5

    The Russian muffin looks like an eye that is just watching you

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews 5 days ago +1

    well watching i forgot the difference between a bagel and a muffin

  • Jamison Lamkin
    Jamison Lamkin 5 days ago +1

    I loved Quantum Leap!

  • Stephen Castañon
    Stephen Castañon 5 days ago

    Can you guys do a taste test on frozen fries? Lol 🍟

  • Krista Jahn
    Krista Jahn 5 days ago

    Its just who cooks it lol

  • KolMan 2000
    KolMan 2000 5 days ago

    I honestly really like Uni

  • Pranam Bhavani
    Pranam Bhavani 5 days ago

    Indeed words have meanings so you yanks need to behave and follow English from England and not make up your own hybrid language as you go along.

  • Eric Kennedy
    Eric Kennedy 6 days ago

    he was also on star trek enterprise

  • Korina Patchet
    Korina Patchet 6 days ago

    Link, have you never seen Chuck!?! One of the best shows on TV. Scott Bakula plays one of my favorite characters. Also, he was one of my favorite Star Trek captains! Quantum Leap definitely not the ONLY thing he's been in.

  • SnoWing
    SnoWing 6 days ago +6

    The quantum leap comments actually made my day, so thanks for that!

  • olesia823
    olesia823 6 days ago

    Egg mcmuffin muffin lol hahahahaha

  • Kit Kat The Unicorn
    Kit Kat The Unicorn 6 days ago

    I'm Russian and borsht is the bomb

  • S. C. Mack
    S. C. Mack 7 days ago

    Peanut butter banana muffins

  • Aaron Moss
    Aaron Moss 7 days ago

    I'm in England hardly anyone cllas all deserts "pudding". I call muffins and then we also have breakfast ones which are called muffins

  • jaden
    jaden 7 days ago

    Muffin diver 😂😂😂😂

  • Paris Baseball
    Paris Baseball 7 days ago +1

    I didn’t think anyone else liked glacier freeze Gatorade and your right it is the best

  • Centauri
    Centauri 7 days ago

    Quantum Leap AND Star Trek : Enteprise !

  • Bea Stephenson
    Bea Stephenson 8 days ago

    will it BBQ?? will it char grill?? will it lollipop???

  • ηαєуα вαву
    ηαєуα вαву 8 days ago

    I love sticky muffins !

  • ParanormalUniversity

    You guys should seriously do a "will it" food truck with the good stuff and just a few of the bad ones! Or a chain of "Rhett and Link's Will-it Fast Food" joints across the nation!!

  • Wynn Luin
    Wynn Luin 8 days ago +1

    Josh needs his own show or at least an on screen segment..

  • Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn
    Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn 8 days ago +3

    Excuse me, leave our puddings and English muffins alone

  • Richard Breads
    Richard Breads 8 days ago +2

    Life of Boris: where is mayonnaise on muffin?
    Life of Boris: *WELCOME TO GULAG*

  • Captain Spooks
    Captain Spooks 9 days ago

    oh god the muffin song is flooding my head now

  • Alex Sears
    Alex Sears 9 days ago +1

    “At least it’s not Mother’s Day”
    *watches this on Mother’s Day*

  • D14m0nd M4n
    D14m0nd M4n 9 days ago

    Watching this on mothers day oof

  • Kelvin Mathew
    Kelvin Mathew 9 days ago

    How many old age questions are there

  • Marissa Smylie
    Marissa Smylie 9 days ago


  • David Chavez
    David Chavez 9 days ago

    12:16 I am watching this on Mother’s Day...🤦‍♂️😂

  • Blissty Personal
    Blissty Personal 9 days ago


    Today IS Mother’s Day :||

  • Ana Stela Rossito
    Ana Stela Rossito 9 days ago

    Mother's day

  • Dead Head
    Dead Head 9 days ago

    I purposefully don't watch your show for a few weeks just so I can binge all the new episodes in 1 session

  • Tristan Cooney
    Tristan Cooney 9 days ago

    I just happened to watch this on Mother's Day. Oops

  • Tracey Goodman
    Tracey Goodman 9 days ago

    Haha I’m watching this on Mother’s Day

  • Timothy Baker
    Timothy Baker 9 days ago

    I watched this on mothers day😂

  • Ben Baldwin
    Ben Baldwin 9 days ago

    Can I have the recipe for the gatorade muffin please

  • AngryPotato
    AngryPotato 10 days ago +2

    I loved and appreciated the Quantum Leap references :D Totally unexpected! I loved this show :) The older guy's name was Al and he was played by Dean Stockwell. ("Oh, Ziggy, come on! *boink boink*")

  • Nathaniel  Post
    Nathaniel Post 10 days ago

    There is a red velvet muffin that has icing on it. Know your facts boys but I love yall

  • Neptanium Titan
    Neptanium Titan 10 days ago

    watching this on mothers day yikes.

  • Noa wolves 6
    Noa wolves 6 10 days ago

    Fof the 1% of people seeing this have a grate day

  • Chaos Lesbian
    Chaos Lesbian 10 days ago

    Jokes on you I'm watching this on mother's day

  • Jonathan Hamilton
    Jonathan Hamilton 10 days ago

    Where did they get the milk!?

  • Lemon Lime
    Lemon Lime 10 days ago

    AGe OlD QuEStiOn

  • Brendan Buttz
    Brendan Buttz 10 days ago

    Currently watching this on mother's day

  • Sunny Wininger
    Sunny Wininger 10 days ago

    Scott Bakula's "sidekick" in Quantum Leap was Al. Also how can you talk about Scott and not mention Enterprise or NCIS New Orleans?

  • Alexandria Freeman
    Alexandria Freeman 10 days ago

    Speaking as a born and raised Brit, we don’t actually eat ‘English’ muffins

  • Zora Crisp
    Zora Crisp 10 days ago +3

    yall...why does link look like Tan France from queer eye? :')

  • Zion Robinson
    Zion Robinson 10 days ago +1

    Ok wait...he reduced 2 gallons of glacier freeze...TWO GALLONS?

  • huggledemon32
    huggledemon32 10 days ago

    As a sympathetic gagger there's no way I could work on this show!🤢

  • Sydney Maison
    Sydney Maison 10 days ago

    "milfen" okay link I see you

  • moki
    moki 11 days ago

    josh is like a mad scientist with these foods

  • Emma Elliott
    Emma Elliott 11 days ago

    6:57 that sour cream on rhetts beard disturbed me

    THE UNBOXING SHEEP 11 days ago

    Where can I hire Mythical Chef Josh, (if im right) XD

  • Donna M
    Donna M 11 days ago

    No. I Just no.

  • Delaney Sinton
    Delaney Sinton 11 days ago

    but dose the ketchup count as frosting???