Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - August 07, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

  • Published on Aug 8, 2019
  • Nation on edge after a pair of frightening scares on the heels of three deadly mass shootings, bodies found in manhunt believed to be of Canadian teens suspected in killing spree, and Cyntoia Brown released from prison after serving 15 years of life sentence.

    Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).
    1:34 New Scares After Mass Shootings Leave Nation On Edge
    3:52 Trump Visits El Paso & Dayton But Greeted With Protests
    5:52 911 Calls Reveal Horror As Deadly Dayton Rampage Unfolded
    6:17 Dayton Gunman's Family 'Shocked And Devastated'
    6:30 Gunman's Ex-Girlfriend Says He Heard Voices Urging Violence
    6:46 57-Year-Old Father Shot In Rampage Died In Son's Arms
    7:10 Walmart Employee Hailed As Hero For Saving Over 150 Lives
    8:28 'Red Flag Law' Push Gains New Momentum After Shootings
    10:37 Equinox & Soulcycle Under Fire For Owner's Trump Support
    12:12 ICE Agents Arrest 680 In Largest Immigration Raid In A Decade
    12:34 Police: Bodies Believed To Be Teens Wanted In Killing Spree
    13:44 Tornado Touches Down In New Jersey With 70 Mph Winds
    13:53 Severe Storms Threatening 50 Million Across Several States
    14:34 Simone Biles Blasts USA Gymnastics: 'You Didn't Protect Us'
    15:32 Thieves Caught On Camera In Armored Truck Heist
    16:17 Daycare Danger Report: 1 In 10 Still Using Recalled Baby Sleepers
    18:18 Cyntoia Brown Freed After Serving 15 Years Of Life Sentence

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    Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - August 07, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Comments • 581

  • David Brodie
    David Brodie Month ago

    No mention on how those 2 teenagers on the run died. These people call themselves journalists?

  • Chance Steinberg
    Chance Steinberg Month ago

    Cyntoia is going to make a big difference in this world. God bless her!!

  • pieface mozy
    pieface mozy Month ago

    Stop blaming this all on Trump. There has been shootings for a long time the news channels are escalating it and creating fear, the video is proof of the fear they're creating. People running when there aren't even any people shooting. There was shootings when Obama was in office and the president before Obama. Come on what's wrong with people. Stop letting the news channels dictate how your world is. People are becoming zombies. I find it ironic how they don't report the shootings that have been going on in LA CA for more than 30 years. The high school that I went to in the 70s put gun detectors in the school in the 80s. This is nothing new people it is about politics. This is about the news channels hating Trump.

  • Micah and me
    Micah and me Month ago

    Why can't someone take out that sociopathic pompous orange thug?

  • Carlos Reyes
    Carlos Reyes Month ago +1

    Terrorism is spreading in the us.the instigator of this crisis is the president sad.

  • Blake Q
    Blake Q Month ago

    Maybe we should panic on the almost 100 people killed by vehicle accidents daily, 22 vet suicides a day and 100 a day dying of drug over doses... geez people get real...

  • Smokey Bear
    Smokey Bear Month ago

    there were 28 mass shootings in America during the eight years of the Obama's administration, and eight so far in Trump's. but Trump has divided America, right?

  • Smokey Bear
    Smokey Bear Month ago

    wow. this country is unravelling like a pair of chinese walmart socks. time to gear up for life in the mountains. going to look for a good place to build a dugout shelter and start packing in supplies.

  • Angel Lopez
    Angel Lopez Month ago

    They need to show more kindergartners doing shooter drills until Americans decide to pressure Washington.

  • Cheryl Mcwilliams
    Cheryl Mcwilliams Month ago

    How does this make you feel Trump. You love to hate and cause a stirring in people that puts Americans on edge.

  • Cheryl Mcwilliams
    Cheryl Mcwilliams Month ago

    When a man has to be on attack against so many people, a man like Trump. Its because he feels that the more he insults others the better he feels about himself. He is a very insure man.

  • Louis Braille
    Louis Braille Month ago

    It all was plan from the illuminati and the president

  • Richard Moore
    Richard Moore Month ago

    The end of white America, the count down, Air Berlin Babylon has fallen had become the habitation of devils, slavery in America 1619 European tribulation for black people, the end August 20 2019 , what's next 🦁🐃🐖

  • Louis Braille
    Louis Braille Month ago

    Oh well life will go on because it does

  • Alicia Hernandez
    Alicia Hernandez Month ago

    Is wallmart doing anything for the victims?

  • Louis Braille
    Louis Braille Month ago +2

    America will never be safe because of Trump

  • joe k
    joe k Month ago

    As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the end. Now go do your homework

  • Anna in Vermont U.S.A

    America blames ALPHABET GANGS in government. Gun grabs are illegal..

  • Ian Rhein
    Ian Rhein Month ago

    I can’t do this anymore. I was shot two times by an active shooter when I was 19 years old, one bullet unfortunately was & is non removable forever lodged in my upper back, pieces of shrapnel still lay in my chest. As I watched the people in NYC running, I thought to myself how it feels to live through this experience. Those running in terror were feeling the same way I do everyday. I’m older now, yet I still live with the memories of that night. A few things I want to relay. What happens when the story isn’t “the story” anymore? When the cameras and the reporters go away? Those of us who have lived through this kind of violence, often are forgotten, and left behind, often unable to find employment due to our injuries, and trauma. Then this cycle repeats itself, over and over across our nation and we relive our trauma all over again. There’s no long term help, no long term strategies in place, therapy is nearly if not totally nonexistent, no job training to help those of us who are unable to pursue fields of work we were once able to do. There’s no way “back” to living the life we did before being shot. Imagine fighting for your life only to exist. There’s no medals of merit, or “welcome home”. In the end it’s just you. And the memories coupled with the physical & emotional pain of utter chaos that this violence visits upon those who survive. As a survivor, I just want to move on, I want to work again, I want to help others. Through these things we live again. My heart felt prayers are with the families of those who lost loved ones and with those who survived. God Bless you all. Ian

  • D Wise
    D Wise Month ago +1

    I am a multimillionaire with a loving family and home
    My spouse and I love each other completely, have great chemistry and are harmonious together
    I live in abundance, peace, joy and happiness
    I am always in the moment and when I sleep I have the most beautiful dreams imaginable
    When I wake in the morning I am fully charged and ready to do it all again
    Because each new day is better than the last❤️🙌🏼🙏🏼

  • Betty Owens
    Betty Owens Month ago

    There not fit for office of any kind bunch murders

  • Betty Owens
    Betty Owens Month ago

    Where old Joe getting his campaign money 💰 💰 💰 Obama and the old rich man he went to see after losing his term under Clinton's

  • Betty Owens
    Betty Owens Month ago

    Stay home stop the death toll by running someone down

  • Betty Owens
    Betty Owens Month ago

    You people need to get it together mass shooting done for now Obama's not going strike third time clam down stop making it worse by running over people and killing someone Obama not going strike third time he never dose maybe in a month or two graud your children in schools and colleges remember he hits a crowd Joe not going to do nothing but let Obama run him get rid of Joe the sucker or Clinton kisser..

  • captiantim1
    captiantim1 Month ago

    273 dead from mass shootings 2019. Automotive deaths 29,000 per year drug overdoses 70,000 in 2017

    • Susan Kay
      Susan Kay Month ago

      @Captisntim1 - Nobody, apparently, likes a Smart-alec or a Wisenheimer! (Not even Dr. Tyson!!)
      "Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Tweet on Mass Shooting Deaths, Strikes a Nerve"
      NYTimes (8.5.2019) -- After attacks in El Paso and Dayton killed more than 32 people, the astrophysicist apologized for his ill-timed attempt to add context.
      Dr. Tyson apologized for his comments in a post: “My intent was to offer objectively true information that might help shape conversations and reactions to preventable ways we die.”

      31 people were killed in back-to-back mass shootings over the weekend, leaving the country shaken and refueling the national conversation on access to firearms.
      On Sunday, Neil deGrasse Tyson, the astrophysicist posted a Tweet, comparing statistics on *_Other causes of death, in comparison with gun deaths,_* he wrote, “Often *_our emotions respond more to a spectacle than to Data.”_*
      Dr. Tyson listed how many Americans die, on average, from other causes: medical errors, flu, suicide, car accidents and from homicides by handgun. He said 34 people had recently died in mass shootings. (In TX and OH, there also recent attacks in VA and MD)
      Social Media quickly criticized his response and timing as insensitive, for implying, "intentional attacks and accidental deaths are ever comparable."
      Geo-Physicist, Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, apologized, explaining his motive for the Tweet : “My intent was to offer objectively, true information, that _might help shape_ conversations, and our reactions to the preventable ways we die.” - NYTimes (8.5.19)
      ( )

  • L BW
    L BW Month ago

    Dayton clearly didn’t learn anything. Welcoming the root cause of their shooting with open arms. Smh.

    RED CLOUD ALPHA Month ago

    Liberal Fascists are to blame for your problems out west in California. Its your insane fascist leadership out there that makes life completely unaffordable.
    They are the reason everything cost double compared to prices here in the Midwest.
    Its because of your Liberal Fascist politicians promising the world to any who cross the border illegally and make it to the sanctuary cities that your homeless population is through the roof.
    President Trump isn't the one responsible for the human feces on your sidewalks or the used needles everywhere.
    You have 3rd world diseases popping up there because the cities are so disgustingly filthy.
    How on earth do you think the illegals are being taken care of in your sanctuary cities, (which are only sanctuary for rodents that love garbage ) by raising your taxes and overall cost of living. Nothing is free and you civilians that live in these areas are the one's footing the bill for every last immigrant that is bedding down in your city's.
    Those of you that are employed are working so that these illegal immigrants don't have to.

  • Ramona Ray
    Ramona Ray Month ago

    You do not need AK47's !!!!ever ever ever get rid of them!

  • NotSee Chucky
    NotSee Chucky Month ago +1

    1:50 People running 🏃‍♀️ 🏃 for their *laws*

  • michael bishop
    michael bishop Month ago +3

    😀😀😀😅😅 Spanish dude telling trump he not welcome with Spanish accent

  • cal do
    cal do Month ago

    Lol something funny about a mexican leading people into shipping containers

  • jim c
    jim c Month ago

    Society = Paranoid schizophrenia, its not surprising when a piece of it breaks off and pops off....

  • d murph
    d murph Month ago +1

    Can we use the red flag law against the cops

  • Juliet Catherine
    Juliet Catherine Month ago

    Can’t wait to own my big ranch to be at peace, no riots, no drama, no shootings near me... I don’t trust people.

  • Joluvslilhorses
    Joluvslilhorses Month ago

    I think we need to bring back the old Kirkbride insane asylums. Honestly......

  • Kent Amick
    Kent Amick Month ago

    Better late than never, so NOW is the time for banning assault weapons with a buyback program. It will save lives. Any procrastination of this and politicians are accountable and should be sued.

  • Kent Amick
    Kent Amick Month ago +1

    Well we know Prez Trump can read; unfortunately for American lives: he does not care. The domestic terrorism blood is on his hands also. It is his watch and he is accountable, even if he had not used inflammatory rhetoric - but he has.

    • Smokey Bear
      Smokey Bear Month ago

      by your logic Obama is a mass murderer, and should be given a lethal injection. under his joke of a presidency there were twenty-eight mass shootings. eight so far under Trump. funny isn't it? no republicans blamed Obama's anti-white/pro Muslim rhetoric for all those killings. strange how this only flows one way,huh? ALL republicans are racist devils, and ALL democats are pure as the driven snow and above reproach. yeah....that's intelligent.

  • David Alan
    David Alan Month ago +1


  • Ebony Rogers
    Ebony Rogers Month ago +2

    I live in California and we have the “Red Flag Laws.” My neighbor suffers from mental illness and he was having an episode saying he was going to harm the neighbors. We called the police and they went into his home and seized all his weapons and put him on a 72 hour 50/50 hold. Every state should have this law. There is no telling what he would have done...

    • Susan Kay
      Susan Kay Month ago +1

      @RED CLOUD ALPHA - We're also glad you're in your _''normal state"_ - eating Milk, Bread, and Gasoline for din-din, every day you want it!
      Not too cool tho, looking down on other's misfortunes, and sneering at them because they've had a financial downturn, or an unexpected injury or illness, that broke their bank, (the #1 cause is medical bankruptcy), or were simply 'down-sized' out of a job, and now being "too old" or "over-qualified" to hire elsewhere? How'd you like your own grandma being sneered at on the street - for being _poor?!_ *_Really?!_*
      Think about your *_own_*_ loved ones,_ being out there on the mean streets, without any options: hungry and homeless, in_the_dark - If *_you_* weren't there, to help them pick up the pieces, or start over? How long would _they_ last? And how much _more_ would they have to suffer, just because of an attitude like *_Yours?_*
      Not cool. Next time you feel that lip of yours start curl down into a sneer, and you get that ugly urge to shat on another's person's pile of pain and suffering, and you start to *_add your 'tude to their problems?_*
      Repeat This Silently To Yourself : *"There, But For the Good Graces Above, Go I"*
      And thank your own lucky stars for what you *Do Have.* And the people in your life, that you DO love. Some people - through no fault of their own, are in this world, and aren't that lucky!
      And it's *NOT **_YOUR_** PLACE TO DEBASE THEM **_EVEN FURTHER_* - for their losses or suffering in life, now *IS IT?*
      Go _try to grow some _*_compassion_*_ somewhere!_ What would Your OWN Mama say about how you treat others - those less fortunate than you? Would she be proud of you? Or, disappointed, that one of the primary, and basic 'Golden Rules' didn't stick with you?
      That's a pretty sound yard-stick to use in Life, while venturing out in this world : _Pretend your _*_own Mom_*_ is looking over your shoulder, and she's _*_Watching How You Behave!_*

      RED CLOUD ALPHA Month ago

      Police officers will do that in every single state within the Union of our Republic.
      Whats it like having no money? What's it like paying 4 dollars plus change for a gallon of milk?
      Oh or eggs? How much do you enjoy paying almost 4 dollars for 12 eggs? Oh wait wait wait I forgot everyone out there uses tax payers money to pay for everything. Ya know EBT or SNAP? It's probably not called either one of those cause those acronyms might hurt someone's feelings.
      Whats it like living amongst all the trash and feces on the sidewalks?
      Oh hey do you help out the homeless there? What about the homeless illegal immigrants?
      I'm sure you have your front door wide open as well so that the homeless can come on in and shoot up some fentanyl and sleep on your couch. Yeah California seems like a real gem to live in.
      LMFAO I thank God everyday that I live in a normal state where I only pay 950.00 a month for a 4 bedroom townhouse. Oh or food too. Not only does food taste better when you buy it yourself; it feels good not being dependent on other hard working tax welfare-food stamps.
      It's fantastic being able to leave your front door unlocked and open.
      Lol milk is only 2.30 bread is only a buck gas is only 2.50 a gallon.

  • night Mare
    night Mare Month ago

    Looks like a bunch of people that are scared bitchs if you dont know the sound of gun fire then stay home

  • vistaprime
    vistaprime Month ago

    Well we all know conservatives are fat and out of shape. So none will be joining equinox to offset the ones who leave out of protest

  • Jorge Vieira
    Jorge Vieira Month ago

    More hate does not solve anything. I absolutely understand why people do not want him there. But the shun him and spreading hate towards him, brings you down to his level.

  • latino heat
    latino heat Month ago +2

    How does one go on after this happens to them or loved ones

  • Micah Isreal
    Micah Isreal Month ago

    What’s going to happen when the Black messiah come...
    Christ was never white 🤫
    Revelation 1:1 kjv
    Revelation 1:14 kjv
    Daniel 10:5
    Christ was sent to save us from the white man aka Esau the devil
    Genesis 25:25 kjv

  • Koosha Las Vegas Ex Muslim

    2nd amendment, gun dont kills

  • Sa Hoang
    Sa Hoang Month ago

    US lay off of military then weapons for their civilians a big mistake now they must be pay for their mistake .

  • william May
    william May Month ago

    This is how stupid the liberals are making America with the racist reddrick and talk about gun laws. Most criminals don't follow the law .and with the fake news like this one is the reason nobody watches it anymore.

  • blondwiththewind
    blondwiththewind Month ago


  • Judith Osorio
    Judith Osorio Month ago +2

    Of course Republicans needed a man like trump to advance a morally bankrupt agenda, no one else would do.

  • Luna Azule
    Luna Azule Month ago

    As someone who had to try and fit underneath a wooden desk in 4th grade during a bomb drill, I'm in a position to say this. I'd rather be afraid of the enemy thousands of miles away (like we were from Russia then) than the enemy sitting next to me. America needs to stop playing cops and robbers (or crazy gunmen) and grow up.

  • Lateef Abdurrahim
    Lateef Abdurrahim Month ago +4

    Stop feeling sorry for victims of senseless gun violence... start voting b/c there is a target on your back as well if you live in the U.S.A... the do nothing politicians will continue to do nothing if we don't vote them out of office...

    • Thomas Fields
      Thomas Fields Month ago

      Target on my back.

      Gun on my hip.
      I like those odds.

  • loren salazar
    loren salazar Month ago +1

    Partisan NBC News , , ,
    Still fanning the hate and slander against the President Of The United States.
    ~ NBC , you are an insult to the traditions of American Journalism.

  • Champagne DJ MCDJ
    Champagne DJ MCDJ Month ago +2

    Corporate News did not mention the immigrant kids left alone and never picked up by their parents and living with strangers...

  • L Santos
    L Santos Month ago

    Great Americans, put inocente people in jail,after all she has a degree. Sad times and world see what you doing.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago +3

    we are not far from a civil war

    • D Wise
      D Wise Month ago

      Susan Kay haha so true 😂

    • Susan Kay
      Susan Kay Month ago

      @D Wise - " .... people stop and complain between binge-watching TV Shows, and trips to McD's."
      Since the advent of Streaming TV's *'Auto-Advance Play'* and the popularity of Home Meal Delivery Services like: *'Uber Eats'* and *'GrubHub'* there's _NO EXCUSE_ at all any longer to stop for a lengthy Civil War, not these days!
      _We're fully Zombie-fied by the Matrix!!_

    • D Wise
      D Wise Month ago +1

      John Doe civil war won’t happen because we have to much social media, entertainment media and cable tv. People only stop to make a fuss in between binge watching their favorite shows and frequent trips to McDonald’s

  • K. Floyd
    K. Floyd Month ago

    Temporary ceasing a weapon is not enough!

  • L Santos
    L Santos Month ago +1

    Americans against Americans.
    The enemies shake the hands for happiness and worst is inside there already.

  • Traveling the USA
    Traveling the USA Month ago +1

    Strict gun laws dont work! Chicago has the strictest laws in the country and look at the gun shootings & murders every year, month and weekend.
    What we need is more stable citizens who carry and can neutralize the threat before police get there

    • Susan Kay
      Susan Kay Month ago

      Actually, there *WAS* an enactment called, *'The Brady Bill'* that specifically *OUTLAWED* any new purchases of these *_Semi-Automatic Weapons,_* on the books for close to _20 years,_ after *President Ronald Reagan* was nearly assassinated, and his chief of staff, Mr. Brady, was shot in the head, and severely disabled!
      It's enactment and federal enforcement resulted in a statistically *_marked decrease_* in both the *number, and the severity of shootings, nation-wide!*
      Unfortunately, our Congress allowed it to _'Sunset'_ in the early 2000's, and those weapons, became legal once again.
      With what we're dealing with _again,_ today, and considering *_history_* as any indicator, _this Federal Ban on Purchases, and outlawing of the Possession of these Specific Weapons, like 'The Brady Bill', *WILL* make a great difference!
      It's what we very seriously and urgently need in our society, to dial back these endless, worsening public blood-baths we are experiencing!
      *_Get On It, NOW, Congress!_*

  • L Santos
    L Santos Month ago

    This Joe Biden should be quite, DONE much evil for world. May his life be in the hands of LORD GOD

  • YourTubeVideoss
    YourTubeVideoss Month ago +1

    This Is NOT the World I Grew Up In .. 1970's .. Was Paradise .. COMPARED to These Times / Days .. 2019 SAD - SAD - SAD

    • Smokey Bear
      Smokey Bear Month ago +1

      the 70's.....Carpet bombing Cambodia, the son of Sam killings, the Kent state killing of protesting students by national guard troops, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison overdosed, Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash, asbestos and saccirhin. there were 13 mass shooting in the 1970s...the first decade to break into double digits! the worst year statistically for mass shootings was 1991 with 8.