First Drive Of The Dream Car Almost Ends In Disaster | Drift Lamborghini #3

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
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    Mad Mike Whiddett is addicted to building cars and his latest passion is converting a Lamborghini Huracan into a drift supercar.
    In this episode, the time has come for Mike to finally drive his drift Lamborghini for the first time. After so much hard work and many late nights, how well will the car drive? Is everything ready, will it drift?
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Comments • 409

  • Red Bull Motorsports
    Red Bull Motorsports  2 months ago +322

    So you realise the brakes are on fire on your brand new custom-built Lamborghini🔥 What do you do?

  • David Hill
    David Hill 2 days ago

    Mad Mike used to do motocross and freestyle motocross , he had a bad crash and broke his back was touch and go that he might end up in a wheelchair.

  • HDnoob
    HDnoob 9 days ago

    Imagine if Mad Mike was on Hyperdrive

  • Dragan Vasiljevic
    Dragan Vasiljevic 16 days ago


  • Sidhant Subudhi
    Sidhant Subudhi 19 days ago

    2:09 radbull?

  • Joey Clemenza
    Joey Clemenza 19 days ago

    hell, the guy on HyperDrive drifted a lambo easily... and even came close to winning. truly it can't be THAT hard.

    • Tobias Schenk
      Tobias Schenk 19 days ago

      Joey Clemenza yeah and him and the Amg weren’t even drifters they lied on the application check vinwikis vid

  • slowoldboy
    slowoldboy 19 days ago

    Well done Mike , Mike and everyone who put the hours into this... Do it because you love it but also because you can and all due to your families ...... congrats

  • dunichtich100
    dunichtich100 21 day ago +2

    I had an old VW Golf, where one of the rear brakes also locked up in winter while driving. The disc also was glowing red hot! 😂

  • Haniff Ssan
    Haniff Ssan 22 days ago +2

    People : You can't drift a Lamborghini
    Daigo saito : hold my energy drink

  • Danu Arga
    Danu Arga 22 days ago

    Mad Mike is what Old Maverick Vinales looks like

  • rehlean
    rehlean 22 days ago

    Brilliant work

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown 22 days ago

    Bro the wall at 200k! What!!! 👏

  • Daniel Walker
    Daniel Walker 22 days ago

    Tucking your ears in a hat has to be the silliest look.

  • Adrian Monge
    Adrian Monge 24 days ago

    they need some Sheepy Race Power Twin Turbo Magic, it will be really nice to get a vid collab

  • Даниил Давыдов

    очень интересно но них*я не понятно

  • Kyronius
    Kyronius 24 days ago +9

    So, what if for next year, y'all take it to Underground Racing for a nice set of Twin Turbos?

  • Jamon77
    Jamon77 25 days ago

    Enough soapopreah drama just show me the build, fake fires and shit no fire extingusher was ever discharged

  • Adito Muca
    Adito Muca 25 days ago

    Was it stock or the supercharged or either twin turbo ?

    • Leonardo
      Leonardo 25 days ago +1

      i tihink twin but could be mistaken, there should be a build video

  • lululu boi
    lululu boi 26 days ago +1

    Libertywalk !! YES

  • King Of The World
    King Of The World 27 days ago

    Bro rescue those front rim's 🤢🤮

  • Jamieson Scott
    Jamieson Scott 27 days ago +1

    The Liberty Walk body kit is artful 👍👊👏👏👏

  • A 5000 A goyang kepala

    In this fire situation. Relax and pray to God. It will help you.

    • Cowabunga
      Cowabunga 25 days ago

      Lol. It most certainly will not

  • Ryan Nusan
    Ryan Nusan Month ago

    Please subtitel indonesia 😁

  • TooFast TV
    TooFast TV Month ago

    Sick video bro. We do some insane stuff our selves. Make sure to check out our channel and let us know what you think!

  • TheZefirFreak
    TheZefirFreak Month ago

    He need twin turbo lambo drift build

  • coelmotorsport
    coelmotorsport Month ago

    So... In two weeks you have changed the exhaust, installed LB body kit, installed a handbrake and some more lock. That's amazing! You rock! xD

  • Jonathan Stoos
    Jonathan Stoos Month ago

    Had no idea Mike was so involved in his builds, mad respect.

  • Lit Nex
    Lit Nex Month ago

    There's one thing Me and Mike have, It's OCDS.

  • Chad Miller
    Chad Miller Month ago +1

    9:05 when you ain’t gotta clutch

  • Michael Douglas
    Michael Douglas Month ago

    Just a bunch of overhyped talking.

  • Hayden McCoy
    Hayden McCoy Month ago +2

    How did he slam into a wall at 200k's but some brakes catching on fire made his heart race faster than anything else?

  • DCAPImages
    DCAPImages Month ago

    So Goodwood was nearly 2 weeks ago where is the footage of this going up the hill?

  • Krishi Sham
    Krishi Sham Month ago +1

    How much will it cost to make a car like that???

  • Ae Lang Malakas
    Ae Lang Malakas Month ago

    New fan here,
    fusion with the
    Lamborghini(bull logo)
    Red Bull (bull logo)
    Mad Mike's
    = LamboRedMadMike's hyper drift
    Ferrari, Bugatti where you @

  • Arnold Hernandez
    Arnold Hernandez Month ago

    What are the rim specs on the rear

    MALIK TAFO Month ago

    Fan from pakistan mad mike sir salute

  • Brandon Hayward
    Brandon Hayward Month ago

    Would love to go for a ride in it👌

    CARS AND SEBI Month ago


  • Sev Jr
    Sev Jr Month ago +1

    You should do a collab with dailydrivenexotic they got a twin turbo 1000hp huracan

  • anggian ridho
    anggian ridho Month ago

    Try ken block to drive it

  • Raj Kargutkar
    Raj Kargutkar Month ago

    How to become a drift racer

  • Edwin Torres
    Edwin Torres Month ago +2

    You guys should try to drift against Damon Fryer from DDE channel, they did all this uffff years ago.... a video together will be interesting for all audience, nice car and super sweet drifting man👍 RedBull rocks as

  • The Carguy 831
    The Carguy 831 Month ago

    If I can ever meet someone famous it would be mad mike

  • Dante Escobar
    Dante Escobar Month ago +2

    Is the 2020 C8 Vette next!? I don’t know much about cars or drifting but that would definitely be an entertaining project!!!

  • Mika Schmitz
    Mika Schmitz Month ago

    How did you came out of the car? The Container looked Very small.

  • rChance
    rChance Month ago

    100 Degrees brake confirmed?

  • Alec Brown
    Alec Brown Month ago


  • Marc Barrios
    Marc Barrios Month ago +12

    Mad Mike w Drift Lamborghini Huracan vs Ken Block and His Hoonicorn
    This has to happen

    • F.B .I
      F.B .I Month ago

      I agree when mad Mike drift his rx7 4rotor

    • Matt Hendricks
      Matt Hendricks Month ago

      Redbull vs monster

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo Month ago

    Do why know dde ???

  • A1i
    A1i Month ago

    oh i watch this everyday on DDE

  • Jimskateuk
    Jimskateuk Month ago

    Fire? I dont think ive ever seen a video where a lambo sets on fire...

  • Dmirty Shevchenko
    Dmirty Shevchenko Month ago

    Absolute drift weapon, is a russian Flanker-F. Lamborghini is’t the best choose for drift vehicle, because of the mid-engine layout. Experience of Japanese drifter Daigo Saito can confirm that, his Lambo using only like show car.

  • sivagangai karan
    sivagangai karan Month ago

    I wanna be like u😎.. Im a lamborghini🚗 lover❤️. My ambition: to buy a lambo aventador and drive it in a track..

  • MrKenantheboss
    MrKenantheboss Month ago

    this man crashed so hard he started urinating blood?

  • GT14 Kra14
    GT14 Kra14 Month ago


  • David Martinez Baeza

    Fire fire 😂😂 like a Forrest Gump

  • Hashem Mehyar
    Hashem Mehyar Month ago

    Very curious on how the transmission handles the e brake pulling, how can it be wired to press the clutch when pulled?

    • Mattis Z
      Mattis Z Month ago

      I think it works like the e brake Ken block developed with Ford performance for the focus rs. When pulled, an electric signal is send to the transmission which simply declutch. Maybe

  • antony .R
    antony .R 2 months ago

    So you like ou yess

  • Michael Cooper
    Michael Cooper 2 months ago

    Amazing design

  • warakik KP
    warakik KP 2 months ago

    What a music ?