The Truth In Theresa May’s Tears | Russell Brand

  • Published on May 25, 2019
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Comments • 6 511

  • Russell Brand
    Russell Brand  Month ago +635

    Did you see her speech? What do you think about it all?

    • sqwidink1
      sqwidink1 13 days ago

      She's a Jewish cunt. And should have been Gassed.

    • GreenerHill
      GreenerHill 17 days ago

      @Fizz: David Steel said something similar about Margaret Thatcher, but the fact remains that these people have committed evil deeds.

    • Paul von Hindenburg
      Paul von Hindenburg 27 days ago

      Caligula was not killed because he was a madman or wicked. He was a reformer who spoke plainly and acted in acccordance with his utterances and stated belief. So this goes way back, rhis pressure to conform to artificial archetypes.

    • J
      J 29 days ago

      Do you think that Nigel Farage is rightbthen when he says that there needs to be a serious political revolution to change Westminster for good?

    • Maggie Razzi
      Maggie Razzi Month ago

      I just got your book in the mail yesterday and I can't wait to devour it and pass it on too much son Shane

  • Guapo Desperado
    Guapo Desperado 2 hours ago

    Not buying it for a second. Those tears were fake and she only loves wealth and power just like her oligarchic masters. She is and always has been a tool for the elites. She didn't just suddenly become enlightened and empathetic to the masses right as she is leaving office. Give me a break.
    Russell I like you a lot and I do think you are spreading predominantly good messages that are on point most of the time. But come on, stop being so naive about these greedy corrupt politicians and their greedy oligarch masters. If these people did have souls once, they sold those souls long ago and there is no rehabilitating them.

  • Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison Day ago

    Keep counting your millions Russell.

  • CelticOracle ETSY
    CelticOracle ETSY 2 days ago

    Then the only choice is to ditch the two party system. The LibLabCon are the face of the same globalists rubbish.

  • Michele Kett
    Michele Kett 2 days ago

    British people voted for something they did not understand and now you blame the person who had to put up with being abused in Parliament and then hounded out. I thought the English were smarter than that. I was wrong and as a Kiwi with English, Scottish roots it’s sad.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 days ago

    trump got another one, she commited act of war against the usa, and she paid the price

  • Jack Plesko
    Jack Plesko 2 days ago


  • BaileyDog44
    BaileyDog44 3 days ago

    Agreed 🎯

  • Jen Wren
    Jen Wren 3 days ago

    Loving these new videos Rusty Rockets it's great seeing you back on "Tube" 👍🏼☺️ Why society feels the need to put each other into boxes?? It's as bad as political correctness. We are all animals first and humans second. And nothing wrong with Teressa May showing a bit of emotion,she's not a robot. Why are folks so judgmental hasn't anyone got any compassion anymore?? Namaste 🕉✨💗🌈

  • Rich H
    Rich H 4 days ago

    She wanted to be famous.
    She wanted to be adored and revered.
    She wanted to be Prime Minister.
    So much that she was prepared to pick up the ridiculous job of delivering the equivalent of the mad Uncle's "Hey kids, shall we go and live at the funfair? It's ridiculous, it'll make us unpopular, it might not work, .... but if that's what you'd like,,,, hey, we'll do it. I'm sure your mum will sort it out."

  • Rich Ackers
    Rich Ackers 4 days ago

    BRILLIANT.......Nuff Said....Applause......

  • William Ford
    William Ford 4 days ago

    Couldn't stop laughing.

  • goldsberrywayne
    goldsberrywayne 5 days ago

    The symbol on the jacket??

    • Rich H
      Rich H 4 days ago

      Helio Gracie \ Gracie Jiu-jitsu ...

  • Doc
    Doc 5 days ago

    Babble Babble Babble.

  • Paula Lustemberg
    Paula Lustemberg 5 days ago

    Bring humanity to the system. Beautifully said.

  • Random ID 10 T
    Random ID 10 T 6 days ago

    U describe Trump

  • E Dar
    E Dar 6 days ago +1

    You are a bloody hero. Bloody hero I say.

  • E Dar
    E Dar 6 days ago +1

    Did you know shes Zionist Jew supports Israel. So is Boris Johnson. And many more are they really putting britain first or Israel?

  • SuperDiver57
    SuperDiver57 7 days ago

    Theresa MAY or she MAY not... ...and, as expected, she didn't. An easily predictable, deceitful, shameless and spineless old witch. Good riddance. When will people wake up to the reality that politics are a sophisticated form of organized crime?! Can any politician be trusted? You know them by their works and not the eloquently and articulately expressed B.S. spewing from their mouths. "You can fool some of the people all of the time, ..."

  • KidMillions
    KidMillions 8 days ago

    Animals only cry when they are under attack, when they need help from the group. Crying is not simply "human" but showing weakness. People don't like that in a leader. When Edmund Muskie cried he was finished.

  • Andy Baker
    Andy Baker 9 days ago

    10 people in a room all different thoughts its all bull shit

  • Joe Mctaminey-Webster

    Nigel farage talks like a person who is free from restraints. The "system" then brands him a racist, sexist, nazi bigot.
    I think you're right we need a revolution.

  • King Robert
    King Robert 9 days ago

    A system that allows politicians to be what they really are...a bunch of scumbags.

  • Morgan King
    Morgan King 10 days ago

    The 'emotion' shown in that speech was, unfortunately, feigned. I have seen a lot of mediocre monologues at auditions and it's obvious when you see bad acting. Down to the choice of words for the perceived breakdown - "the country I love" - it's blatantly obvious May was disingenuously attempting to salvage her legacy through a perception of patriotic commitment and dedication.
    None of this is to say that I haven't felt sorry for May at certain points. There is a strong argument that she was the worst (least effective) Prime Minister the UK has ever had, but the divisive circumstances in which she entered the job made it next to impossible. Nevertheless, none of this excuses the way in which she almost single-handedly perpetuated the Brexit process, ignoring the more urgent needs of thousands of working class people suffering within the Universal Credit system, thousands of immigrants persecuted under the hostile environment, the countless homeless people that die on the street each year and the increasingly visible LGBT-phobia that fester in our society. Make no mistake, this suffering is of Conservative design - dividing the working classes and thereby the opposition to the inhumane austerity programme.
    It is clear that the out of touch political system at large is responsible for the disconnect between politicians and their constituents. But people like Theresa May don't deserve our sympathy. They deserve to be dealt justice for the suffering they have caused others. When they act in a way to deliberately deceive others, they should be called out on it. Even a more just and democratic system of government run according to the needs of the majority rather than the 1% would need to be accountable. It would be ironic if this is the legacy of May, though, as being a bad liar does not necessarily make her worse than former PMs such as Cameron, Thatcher or Blair, who have each been responsible for atrocious domestic or foreign policy and got away with it for longer through a combination of lies and half-truths.

  • silent one
    silent one 10 days ago

    ewe Specifically

  • Sean Temple
    Sean Temple 10 days ago

    I used to hate this guy years ago while watching him in passing on some celebrity awards show. Now, I love him. WORD!

  • Danky Skull
    Danky Skull 10 days ago

    We also need to learn how to band together to take out corrupt traitors that commit crimes against humanity & treason.

  • Alexander Slocombe
    Alexander Slocombe 10 days ago Thanks to you and JBP I had a much less depressing day today AND yesterday and so I decided to start talking and processing thoughts in that way again, the more we do this (what were doing) then I believe the more we give permission for the light to become released more in the hearts of other people. You are doing great work with these deep questions you want answering and I follow your videos even though it is a bit hard for me somehow with the whole Milliband fiasco as I remember it ... but anyway , point is I AM learning... from you and from many incredible people. Im much less nihilistic more realistic. This IS a political world and if you really believe in making it better then you do have to see little Death Star May as just yet another VICTIM of this MESS., It IS , it ABSOLUTELY IS our responsibility to bring the conversation in this world. Because make no mistake, iTs crunch time, and I must not believe that its too late to stop the foul and truly horrific and terrifying MARCH of the global elite. The power is with the people. Its up to US now how we decide to use it. Thank you, Russel, for your great example and honest urgency in your ongoing quest for ENLIGHTENMENT for ALL !?? lol

  • Tegan
    Tegan 10 days ago

    Theresa gay

  • john clarke
    john clarke 11 days ago +1

    She is a wonderful Women who tried her best for Her Nation,I am very proud of Her efforts,Truly the odds and cards were stacked against Her,too attempt bargaining with ignorance and greedy,Individuals is impossible,Male or Female were guaranteed to fail.

  • Lucky Lee
    Lucky Lee 11 days ago

    Dear Russell may I suggest YOU ALIGN WITH YOUR DIVINE MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE OF YOUR HIGHEST EVOLUTION before uploading videos like this that express your views without DISCERNMENT or wisdom. Get into a quiet place, imagine/feel you are sitting in a column of bright light, say out loud: Mighty I Am Presence take command. Say 3 times, (power of 3). You will know when you are consciously connected to your God self which is Your Mighty I Am Presence. Once fully aligned on the TRUTH line, DISCERNING highest truth - then do your videos. Please know there are karmic consequences for every word we utter, particularly on a public platform because it effects many people. When aligned with highest truth you benefit yourself and everyone willing to vibrationally accept this, when not aligned but thinking you are spiritual and right but really it is ego it benefits no one except non light energies. DISCERNMENT IS THE KEY.

  • Sandy Stevenson
    Sandy Stevenson 11 days ago +1

    I am finding hard to believe Russel that you too have been fooled - making comments like Treason May was 'restricted within her political position'! Can you really be taken in by the hype and apparent 'human side'. She had one instruction and goal (from controllers!) that she was personally also 100% is committed to - make sure Britain stays under control. Yes, completely indoctrinated its true but none the less she believes with every fibre of her corrupted soul this is the best possible scenario for Britain. She could not care less about having to stand down as PM. Even expected, once a little bit of sanity prevailed and her proposed scheme was rejected several times (after even a couple of staunch Brexiters caved and accepted it!!!!) Her goal was to throw as much chaos as possible into the mix and do her very best to keep the UK completely bound up forever. She did her job very well. She is satisfied. Could have been better but still she stuffed it all up quite well. Led every step of the way, with what to say and what to do next - she followed orders to a T (Treason!). If anyone thinks for one minute Brexit was difficult to achieve, they've bought into the garbage strewn amongst the sheep to gullibly buy into. God help us all with that level of discernment prevailing in society!

  • Jane
    Jane 12 days ago

    Hi Russell, Its very noble and hugely optimistic of you to think we as people can have a society like the one you are describing and I admire that about you as it would be an improvement on what we have now I totally agree with you, although it would be even better to not even need the prisons and that. But sadly Russell, all human society is corrupt, any government that is a part of it will inevitably be corrupt. If that is the case, then a government free of corruption has to come from outside human society doesn't. The Bible describes just such a government-God’s Kingdom, the government for which Jesus taught his followers to pray. Mathew 6: 9-10.
    Humans can not rule over other humans it just doesn't work the world has tried every type of government possible throughout history with the same results, a failed government full of corruption. I really dont see this ever changing until Gods kingdom comes and according to the prophesies in Revelation (Revelation being the only bible prophecy that hasn't been fulfilled yet, not like the fall of the Roman and Greek empires have been), it's not that far away. ✌

  • pisswobble
    pisswobble 12 days ago +4

    May was a feckless PM who didn't deliver Brexit and actively sought to remain she had to go.. Nothing but an EU shill

  • Tina Patton
    Tina Patton 12 days ago +1

    Neo-Victorian anti social Rightard/wrong-un Grantham Hag Mag left in tears too!!
    Bwah! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. LMFAO.

  • Clinton Evans
    Clinton Evans 12 days ago

    Here here !

  • Mitchell Bast
    Mitchell Bast 12 days ago


  • Dai Jones
    Dai Jones 12 days ago

    Hows this going to happen Russell? What would China do?

  • Peter Brooke
    Peter Brooke 12 days ago

    i feel like quite a few people missed the point of this video in the comments

  • Tom Dooley
    Tom Dooley 13 days ago

    Humanity did appear once among the public and some politicians . It showed in a referendum 3 years ago....what happened ? .

  • Starbuck 777
    Starbuck 777 13 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 I suggest you listen back to your piece. You finish monologuing in your typical style, and then say "we need people who an talk normally like that" ... your genuine lack of self awareness jn that moment was so funny I almost pee'd myself 🤣🤣🤣

  • kunga lofo
    kunga lofo 14 days ago


  • daveyork0
    daveyork0 14 days ago

    Hard Brexit, NO deal. Stand against the little Hitlers of the EU with half the courage our grandparents took to war against the real Hitler of their own time

  • ColinW
    ColinW 14 days ago

    This is one twaddle of a stupid git.

  • insertgenericusernamehere

    Humanity needs to be present in all politics. If you find yourself unable to relate, identify or just say you know what that person looks like a good person. You're less likely to partake in voting and change our future for the better.
    We don't want political puppets..
    We need political people.

  • Cassia Chloe
    Cassia Chloe 14 days ago

    russell your analysis makes no sense. you brutally attack and fine pick her words and wonder why she isn't 'human'. I do not believe politicians or anyone for that matter need to be entirely transparent about themselves and their personal emotions and experiences. Politicians should be good politicians. I am not arguing she is a good politician or whether I know how to define a 'good' politician.. but I feel your analysis missed the point some how

  • Jesse Warner
    Jesse Warner 14 days ago

    The system is made by individual decisions.

  • Truth Will set you free.

    Fek that ,she a traitor ,end off .no more smoke and mirrors ,we know who the globalists are .and the Kabul .stop the bs .

  • Moisaro1
    Moisaro1 15 days ago

    Russell, can't take you seriously with that granny bun.

    GARY GRAY 16 days ago

    Russell, as ever, "spot on"!!

  • Jose Madera
    Jose Madera 16 days ago +1

    Great inside view of the outside facade. Love for you from Bolivia.

  • Kam Gamble
    Kam Gamble 16 days ago

    WTF!! I thought they got bin Laden


    That is why trump is quality

  • norman Eustice
    norman Eustice 16 days ago

    Nothing more than bullshit word salad from an ex heroin junkie fu#k off jack up & rot you prick

  • Auttie B
    Auttie B 16 days ago

    Two words: Nigel Farage. Blah blah, leave leading to leaders, not artists, not career politicians either

  • Jason Allen
    Jason Allen 17 days ago +2

    Mother of god, what are you warbling about now?

  • Nina K
    Nina K 17 days ago

    Damn Russell I LOVE YOUR CONTENT SO MUCH! I've been thinking about this topic (how dangerous it is that celebrities or politicians seem to never be allowed to make mistakes and if the do they don't get the chance to be like "hey I'm sorry I f*cked up, I've learned from my mistakes, let's move on!")so many times and brought it up in many conversations, but wasn't quite able to draw connections like you do while speaking.

  • Sarah VanSickle
    Sarah VanSickle 17 days ago

    I couldn't agree more! Very well said!

  • jim63047
    jim63047 17 days ago

    Mr. Brand is full of himself.

  • raphael ward
    raphael ward 17 days ago +8

    theresa may was always a plant, brexit lies beyond belief, crocodile tears of a traitor

  • GreenerHill
    GreenerHill 17 days ago

    I think we dislike her more for publicly crying. It may have shown a more "human" facet to this characterless person, but how did she not cry at/over Grenfell? That was the test fate threw at her, and she failed abysmally.

  • Saint Marys-Saint
    Saint Marys-Saint 17 days ago +1

    Theresa May was never ever in touch with ordinary people that struggle, she and her ilk have no understanding of their plight and therefore she and her ilk should never be in power over everyone else.

  • Tony T
    Tony T 17 days ago

    I'm sorry mate we have not created such systems. The powerful and the rich have.

  • ATH Breas
    ATH Breas 17 days ago +5

    Russel I respect you and love your honest and love of the working class people

  • ATH Breas
    ATH Breas 17 days ago

    All she is is a traitor...a puppet of the EU and Soros who plan to destroy the nation state by mass migration. The people voted by a majority to leave. I will never vote again in Ireland they rejected our vote till they get the right answer, and last year the retarded fluoride feed plebs voted to murder their own children, how can any person have a right to vote to kill another person. Next they will kill the sick and old and all will be done legally. Jesus is God and the truth.

  • Melissa Norman
    Melissa Norman 18 days ago

    To change the world could happen in a day if the whole world stood together and said enough. The problem is not enough people believe in a themselves to make a change or are uncomfortable with change and fear the unknown.

  • andy vdw
    andy vdw 18 days ago

    russel brand for president!

  • Donald Mac
    Donald Mac 18 days ago +1

    We don't need angels or aliens for technological advice...nice story but I don't believe it.

  • Paul Wood
    Paul Wood 18 days ago

    May is about to have the book thrown at her by America. She commited Treason and she knows she is in it up to her neck. Her tears were not for a Brexit failure they were for the fact she has probably exposed the British spy network and Britains involvement in most of the worlds troubles she has exposed The Privvy Council and their influence on the CIA and much much more. She won't know what hit her.

  • chinowop
    chinowop 18 days ago

    Almost explains how Trump was elected.

  • joe v
    joe v 18 days ago +2

    I'M STARTING A GO-FUND-ME FOR RUSSELL BRAND, MICHAEL ERIC DYSON AND THE GREAT OSWALD BATES TO PONTIFICATE IN THE FIRST EVER DETROIT TO LONDON, "FREE-STYLE-WORD-SALAD-SPEECH-CONTEST". Get tickets while they last! Yes folks 20 years ago who would-ever-of-dreamed young Russell a small-time liar and Bull-Shit-Artist from across the pond would someday stand toe-toe slingin-shit with these 2 Titans of Mumbo-Jumbo. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a night of nonsensical speech to remember!
    Philosophizer's of Freedom Presents" A night of Physicsatory-nonsensical-congruencey! Followed by, gradicasional-contentment-Promises filled with oral and auditory pain and enjoyment! Caped off by hours of big-no-meaning-words-on-tap!
    Russell invites everyone out for a great night! "Full-of-Shit" goes-without-saying! Russell promises to really-be-talking-out-of-his-ass for this performance! Good Times!

  • Dars Hughs
    Dars Hughs 18 days ago


  • m. eksound
    m. eksound 19 days ago

    the Name is Wolfgang Schäuble

  • heighwaysonthewing
    heighwaysonthewing 19 days ago

    Maria Silver
    feel's deeply for her ? why her and her husband will never know a day of poverty , I feel sorry for the disabled she robbed and bullied with her polices or the unemployed she robbed and tormented and the sick the poor and the homeless she made, her crocodile tears are for herself and hubby because she can't stitch it up to make more cash for them, stubborn horrible bitch f**k off, the tears are bollocks Russ. you don't believe this bullshit do you Russ? , and getting rid of the Tories and Brexit will make a big difference, fuck sake Russ where have you gone mate recently? you have not been in the UK , May is human , maybe but this tears shit is a joke wake up have a word with yourself.

  • KiwiBanana
    KiwiBanana 19 days ago

    Couldn't have put it better myself.

  • phuckerby
    phuckerby 19 days ago

    And what does this self-righteous stick insect know about anything!

  • Aaron
    Aaron 19 days ago

    The 'real' person-in-power you're describing is Donald Trump... a man who disregards long-standing systems and does whatever he 'feels.' Remember, truthiness is whatever feels true to you!

  • Charlotte Saiet
    Charlotte Saiet 19 days ago +1

    He gives a honest opinion on stuff without always trying to get a laugh
    Like some other comedians feel forced to do

  • Fiona Gregg
    Fiona Gregg 19 days ago +9

    "The country I love" very telling, why not "the PEOPLE I love"!!

    • Fiona Gregg
      Fiona Gregg 8 days ago +1

      Not necessarily. You can love a country´s climate, culture, landscape,etc... without specifically referring to its people

    • Ser Brienne of Tarth
      Ser Brienne of Tarth 12 days ago

      The country would include the People, wouldn't it

  • HawkGodMan & Lucy Lastic
    HawkGodMan & Lucy Lastic 19 days ago +7

    I don't usually do politics but would just add that the system "machine type" as you say is an uncompromising machine that serves the few.

  • Paul Ordair.
    Paul Ordair. 20 days ago

    Brand trying to make money on you tube thinks he is Jordan Peterson .twat

  • Alvin Koh
    Alvin Koh 20 days ago

    Crocodile’s tears!

  • Gigi Devoe
    Gigi Devoe 20 days ago

    once a jerk always a jerk.

  • Hayden Philbert
    Hayden Philbert 20 days ago

    She had to go,I don't feel bad for her because she's part of the problem🙄

  • Hayden Philbert
    Hayden Philbert 20 days ago

    Russell, you must be heartless to be a politician.

  • Chill
    Chill 20 days ago

    Nonsense Russell... We haven't created these systems, globalists have.

    The same globalists who are doing their utmost to make sure that Brexit does not happen. The same globalists that are in control of the media, the same media that has brainwashed leftists into believing that open borders is about shiny happy people holding hands - instead of about money and the ethnic replacement of Europeans in their homelands.

    Don't ya think, mate?

  • Frans Nilsson
    Frans Nilsson 20 days ago

    You r apart of benefit..why does her tears justify your gain ?

    • Frans Nilsson
      Frans Nilsson 20 days ago

      The Truth will set us all free..and its just around the corner..and a lot of parasites will run...just in the song Pink Floyd made..they will get nowhere

    • Frans Nilsson
      Frans Nilsson 20 days ago

      Ohh..that old makes the world go round

    • Frans Nilsson
      Frans Nilsson 20 days ago

      U have a can you have a chanel in this Orwellian society ?

    • Frans Nilsson
      Frans Nilsson 20 days ago

      Someones tears are from someones misdead

  • Heather McLaughlin
    Heather McLaughlin 20 days ago +4

    Wtf do we actually do to incite change? Xx

    • Heather McLaughlin
      Heather McLaughlin 9 days ago

      Thanks Morgan it really does help xx

    • Morgan King
      Morgan King 10 days ago +1

      Get involved with a local activism group. Lots of them have national and international networks and are often very efficient as pressure groups or protest organisers. Sometimes you just have to settle for the one that most accurately aligns with your beliefs as there's obviously a lot of choice but many subscribe to specific ideologies or single issues. The most important thing is that they're willing to stand up and fight for change. None of us can incite change alone but for an example the Extinction Rebellion protests in London earlier in the year have already changed parliamentary discourse on climate change and have opened more people's eyes to the failures of the capitalist system. Other than that, setting up residents' unions in your local area is very helpful for fighting issues such as housing safety or homelessness and can increase the feeling of solidarity in the community which is often half the battle! Hope that helps

  • Vera Renella
    Vera Renella 20 days ago +1

    beautifully described Russel..inclusion of essence to come...Loving humanity...The unicorn to be released...from within--I love you Theresa May----yes

  • TITUS 3V5
    TITUS 3V5 20 days ago

    Please believe the Gospel GOD loves u so much and wants all to be saved please believe Watch more Of Gospel vids for more info
    God bless

  • Gpolice
    Gpolice 20 days ago


  • Paul Provost
    Paul Provost 20 days ago

    You’re much better when you stay out of politics. That’s your ego coming back

  • Top Cat
    Top Cat 21 day ago +1

    It was Crocodile tears - there I saved you 8:59 minutes of your time.....


    yea mate fill parliament with people full of feeling and soy boys ??? like the British Army , i get your point but the last thing we need is more feeling in there we need serious people LIKE TRUMP TO GET SHIT DONE

  • Susanna S
    Susanna S 21 day ago

    Politicians cannot be their real self because they sold that self for the highest bider long ago in their careers. They have to be able to lie all the time so there has to be a fake forward facing persona.

  • Tony Papantoniou
    Tony Papantoniou 21 day ago

    If our leaders were not restrained we would have been sold out much earlier.

  • laugh out loud
    laugh out loud 21 day ago

    Your right Russell and that's why Trump and Boris are popular they say what they think , right or wrong they appear warts and all , more human.

  • Diana Mincher
    Diana Mincher 21 day ago

    Change her nappy, with respect!

  • I am Geo
    I am Geo 21 day ago

    You are so goid with what you do. Please keep doing this!

  • rajeh alrajeh
    rajeh alrajeh 21 day ago

    I love it! By the way, your description of the British political system is also applicable to the political systems in the middle east! I do not know if you agree? Indeed, politics create false people who are behaving in a false robotic way. In my country, Syria, it is not just the politicians who are forced to conceal their true selves. It is forced upon each and every individual to act as a robot. We were forced to cut our thumbs and stamp a bloody Yes to elect the president, because it is not enough or not patriotic enough to just stamp the Yes with regular ink. I recall how we used to be forced to go into false rallies before 2011 to show support to our so-called president.