The Truth In Theresa May’s Tears | Russell Brand

  • Published on May 25, 2019
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Comments • 6 471

  • Russell Brand
    Russell Brand  4 months ago +636

    Did you see her speech? What do you think about it all?

    • Darrin Tiya
      Darrin Tiya Month ago

      That moment broke my heart
      Oh so emotional

    • morna simpson
      morna simpson 2 months ago

      @Jesus Christ Couldn't you have helped her out a bit Jesus? I mean that is a bit nihilistic of you mate.

    • sqwidink1
      sqwidink1 3 months ago

      She's a Jewish cunt. And should have been Gassed.

    • GreenerHill
      GreenerHill 3 months ago

      @Fizz: David Steel said something similar about Margaret Thatcher, but the fact remains that these people have committed evil deeds.

    • Paul von Hindenburg
      Paul von Hindenburg 3 months ago

      Caligula was not killed because he was a madman or wicked. He was a reformer who spoke plainly and acted in acccordance with his utterances and stated belief. So this goes way back, rhis pressure to conform to artificial archetypes.

  • Unnecessary Human
    Unnecessary Human 8 days ago

    Oh I’m sorry do you want to be the person that’s hated by their entire party and country? She’s probably one of the most strongest people to have ever walked this year earth. Do not criticise someone that can’t criticise you.

  • Uncomfortable Truth
    Uncomfortable Truth 9 days ago

    +Russell Brand, I disagree in a way. While we may be encouraged to be more robotic in a way, we're strongly programmed now to be emotionally reactive, even to the point of demanding we sacrifice our own agency and individual liberties! The core of thought BETWEEN the two is what's being eaten away.

  • skyloungers
    skyloungers 10 days ago

    Yes,I'm afraid Teresa May is to politics what Russell Brand is to comedy...

  • Jack Lucas
    Jack Lucas 11 days ago

    I hate

  • ivan kerr
    ivan kerr 14 days ago

    Russell brand go boil your head in oil. Your looking more like Osama Bin Laden as the years go by.

  • Nathaniel Hill
    Nathaniel Hill 14 days ago

    The reason why politicians have to put on a fake persona is that if they all said what they wanted you would have what the left is doing to Donald Trump all around the world.

  • scott simmons
    scott simmons 22 days ago

    Theresa May crying at her resignation is very telling. She was in over her head and should NOT have been there in the first place. Weak weak weak.

  • SuperKing604
    SuperKing604 24 days ago

    This is so true i wish more people running for office were more blunt and real. People like Bernie sanders and Trump because regardless of what they say we believe they are saying what’s actually on there mind.

  • Michael Croisant
    Michael Croisant 28 days ago

    Precisely why establishment in USA is so enraged at Donald Trump. He says what he wants,unbound by his fear of the system

  • Sabine Haumann
    Sabine Haumann 29 days ago

    Very true!!!

  • Jade Stewart
    Jade Stewart Month ago

    Systems are broken as they are full of broken people

  • kay ray
    kay ray Month ago


  • Alva Palin
    Alva Palin Month ago

    Beautifully said.

  • Catherine David
    Catherine David Month ago

    She was crying because she had her control and gravy train taken away from her. Crocodile tears.

  • ruben howe
    ruben howe Month ago


  • Jimmy Sonato
    Jimmy Sonato Month ago +3

    "Drawn by Quentin Blake" ....I'm dying :) Brilliant stuff Russell, you're as close to enlightenment as a human should be.

  • The Language Hub
    The Language Hub Month ago

    You know Russell, this is the appeal of the far-right and people like Nigel Farage. They ARE talking like normal people and saying things normal people relate to. The REAL left, not globalist liberal fake-left needs to act on this and do exactly what you say to make the country better.

  • Jake Kumra
    Jake Kumra Month ago

    Russell, the things you speak of completely resonate with me, however I fall into the ignorance that you describe in how we view people like Theresa. How can I learn to have a more open-minded opinion about such people and systems?

  • paul chambers
    paul chambers Month ago

    Absolutely fucking nailed it in under ten minutes here mate.

  • Adetv1616
    Adetv1616 Month ago

    She should have resigned when she failed to gain a majority in the last general a nut shell, she isn’t credible....

  • Darrell Powell
    Darrell Powell Month ago

    Egotistical Russell.

  • Darrell Powell
    Darrell Powell Month ago

    Russell Brand the man who says and preaches BUT has NO ANSWERS. Preaching does not equate to having knowledge.

  • gungadin900
    gungadin900 Month ago

    Thresa May; just a person, but power was attractive to her, as it is to Boris. Part of the attraction of powerful jobs is the promise of control. Its the need to control that we must relinquish in order to regain our humanity.

  • wonderer2
    wonderer2 Month ago

    I didn't see any tears, I didn't hear truth when she said "the country I love". True her voice quivered but that happens with any strong emotion. What I heard was anger and resentment topped off by her actions "the real tell" of slapping her notebook shut then stomping away in a display of narcissistic injury that you didn't show. Words can be deceiving but the body language is hard to hide.

  • Foxman
    Foxman Month ago

    As a German I have to listen twice. He is a master of the English language.

  • Mania das leituras e não só, de Jo Pereira

    Hallo, Russell, i really adore you and mostly your ideas and your opinions, if you come to Lisbon just let me know :)

  • David Jarvis
    David Jarvis Month ago

    Totally agree about politicians and others in positions of power and authority increasingly shackling their humanity in order to meet internal and external expectation as they work their way to the top.
    I’d argue it’s not a systemic problem though, it’s fundamentally a human one. Humans create the systems, and I think this is what you mean when you say that the change has to come from within us.
    How to unite or stimulate that change though, when it is such a personal process? and such a scary leap of faith. It feels as though if enough people realised that change we might reach a tipping point, but even then would it be a process of going with the majority rather than deep inner change?
    I wonder if this change could be stimulated by an idea or a truth that becomes un-ignorable.
    For me, that idea is that we have no free will. When we consider that we and all of our expressions and actions might be the combination of the amazing, unique individuals we are, coming into contact with all of our internal and external experiences, past and present (and by extension those of everyone around us) in an infinitely complex equation, I believe we have no choice (no pun intended) but to try to understand each other’s actions rather than judge. I think this is healing.
    Build a new system based on the need to understand each other and our own nature. Stop trying to add value to our own lives at the expense of others by saying “I’m better because I made this choice and you didn’t.”
    You no more made that choice than you chose your own eye colour.
    We are the incredible receptacles (for want of a better word) and vehicles of human experience/consciousness. My consciousness is not yours, it is uniquely and unfathomably my own, but we have to try to understand each other. Find common themes.
    Now, how to live this myself rather than just comment about it?!

  • Sue Luckham
    Sue Luckham Month ago

    Russell Brand...egomaniac who thinks his word carries weight and hates with a passion, so that alone makes him dangerous, and I think all that heroin in the past has addled his brain. I remember the Andrew Sachs humiliation by Brand and Jonathon Ross. Nasty foul mouthed psychopath!

  • Run to the hills
    Run to the hills Month ago

    By god you can waffle!

  • Billybob Joe
    Billybob Joe Month ago

    I couldn't agree more!

  • Jérémy POTTIER
    Jérémy POTTIER Month ago

    Vous avez l'air d'avoir de bonnes idées, présentez-vous, gagnez les élections et changez le monde ! Je vous donne 6 mois avant de commencer à faire des concessions et changer à votre tour...
    si vous arrivez à faire gagner votre parti (et oui il faudra déjà faire des concessions dans votre propre parti) jusqu'en Europe, je voterai pour vous !

  • Jérémy POTTIER
    Jérémy POTTIER Month ago

    je me retrouve ici car j'ai juste eu de la peine pour cette dame... Malgré son travail et son engagement, alors qu"elle en a visiblement souffert, on ne lui pardonne pas ces erreurs...

  • David Demilade Omololu

    I agree resull

  • esrA eloH
    esrA eloH 2 months ago +1

    I don't think she loves this country, windrush, universal credit and it's abuses on the most vulnerable people using that system, grenfell....
    She loves the elite, not the rest of us.
    It just struck me as completely hollow

  • Alexander Balson
    Alexander Balson 2 months ago

    Russell run for the labour party. You clearly a smart and visionary man. I hope you support the concept of universal basic income. Also you would be a great spokesperson for the drugs policy reform (transform).

  • morna simpson
    morna simpson 2 months ago

    Hey Russell - you do know that the unicorn in the British coat of arms represents Scotland. Interesting you should call it the "divine feminine" and the "creative". It is chained because a free unicorn is a "dangerous beast".

  • Alla Pieczara
    Alla Pieczara 2 months ago

    Well said Russel. I completely agree with you. We need to be allowed to be human, and get rid of all these systems which create fear and separation.

  • Fineus Fin
    Fineus Fin 2 months ago

    You silly, silly boy Russell; Get away from the Nutmeg.
    Right on Q you rally against "the Wishes of the Powerful"...You're talking about
    YOURSELF Rusty!!
    Mr &Mrs " Top 2-3% "
    The "Powerful"
    Hate Brexit
    Someone will finally have the guts to pull out the Mutton Gun and put to Brexit to sleep.
    In five yrs there won't be a better place in Europe to be than Britain, with fk all to thank Britain's top 2-3% for.
    That is, of course, if you're a semi skilled person with aspiration.
    The carnage of technology and it's Tyrant Kings has been carefully concealed through choreography.
    It's coming violation of the former Working Class will surpass all of European history in it's Barbarism.
    Have great day🙄

  • Madzguy007
    Madzguy007 2 months ago

    Only Trump could beat the system and be himself. He always speaks his mind. Love Trump!

    • Madzguy007
      Madzguy007 2 months ago

      @I N True. But we all know that the USA is not only run by the President. The Deep State is very real and even the President is helpless in certain cases.

    • I N
      I N 2 months ago

      Madzguy007 He may speak differently, but he has done nothing different than what any other Republican President would’ve done. He’s instilled the same policies. He’s brought back swamp neocos like Bolton, Pompeo, & Abrams. Different actor, same results.

  • Bill Green
    Bill Green 2 months ago

    Russell you are making some assumptions as to why she was crying or even if those tears were genuine. Frustration, anger, hate, fear, sadness, loss can all generate tears. Which of these was she showing and what was she feeling as she did so? As has been written "The rich do not think like you and me" and I doubt that people who rise to the top of political power think like 'normal' people either.

  • Sharon R
    Sharon R 2 months ago

    I just want to pull the hoodie string and even it out. I love listening to Russell.

  • sherline Desmangles
    sherline Desmangles 2 months ago

    Great job💯👏👏

  • Mari Ppp
    Mari Ppp 2 months ago

    You should look into G.H. Meads role theory. Very interesting concept of humans beeing only valuable to certain organizations as they fulfill a certain role.

  • Adi Adindas
    Adi Adindas 2 months ago

    Glad to see her go no sympathy, she should have gone earlier. Bye Bye go away. She will be the written in the British history as the worst prime minister who turn the country to be a laughing stock, to be humiliated begging nation. She shamefully refer herself like Margareth Thatcher as the second female British Prime minister. Well no where near, remember she has been voted as the worst prime minister.

  • Curious punk
    Curious punk 2 months ago

    i disagree
    systems are made like that, because at that level, you cant afford to make mistakes.
    fight a war and say, ooopsie. humans are not perfect, but the system has to be, because a lot of lives depend on it.

    for the time we have humans to lead, this will happen.
    we have created this system to best serve us.

  • J. Na
    J. Na 2 months ago

    So true

  • Remember The Slap Films

    Trump is human.

  • Carl Leroy
    Carl Leroy 2 months ago +2

    No truer words said my friend !!
    If we want to change the world we need to change the Systems in which we organise power....boom!!

  • William Burdon
    William Burdon 2 months ago

    I have always explained this this as the "Possum in the chair " effect.
    It doesn't matter who is replaced, or what is done , the beat "WILL" go on, and on and on.
    Different face ,new chatter , but same old results.
    That is the way it works.
    I do believe that some people at the beginning of their careers in politics and big corporations have grand ideas of what they will contribute to society, and the adoration of the public . This seems to quickly be replaced by reality and the mentality of "Hey, where's my piece of the pie.
    I doubt this woman is as saddened, by not being able to serve the average 9 to 5er , as she is , at losing her place at the banquet table.

  • Lpv Lpb
    Lpv Lpb 2 months ago

    Drawn by Quentin Blake X)

  • B.E. Henriksen
    B.E. Henriksen 2 months ago

    Let's take the basic fact that she's married to Philip May whose Capital Group has the largest share in BAE systems.
    It's more than likely that she's profited from the (planned, threatened and often fatal) use of weapons on humans. Many who didn't get to explore their humanity for even a second. That alone should exclude her from being able to exert the power she has. Especially over foreign policy. Maybe it's been hard for her and all, but having those most prone to failure leading on the sole virtue of their ability to admit failure, is unaccceptable. When they don't even have the power of that virtue, it's clearly by design. A system feature not failure.

  • Anthony Triff
    Anthony Triff 2 months ago

    She grabbed the mic should know that.

  • Sherry Telles
    Sherry Telles 2 months ago

    Theresa May, did not love her country. Why dont you ask her the real reason why she resigned. Just another POS corrupted politician.

  • Pat Johnson
    Pat Johnson 2 months ago

    Forget all that shit. What about the people May was supposed to serve nothing about that. But she makes a big point on to serve my country Boo Hoo . She could not serve Beans on Toast without fucking it up .

  • fred sting
    fred sting 2 months ago

    Get black pilled bro

  • Guapo Desperado
    Guapo Desperado 2 months ago

    Not buying it for a second. Those tears were fake and she only loves wealth and power just like her oligarchic masters. She is and always has been a tool for the elites. She didn't just suddenly become enlightened and empathetic to the masses right as she is leaving office. Give me a break.
    Russell I like you a lot and I do think you are spreading predominantly good messages that are on point most of the time. But come on, stop being so naive about these greedy corrupt politicians and their greedy oligarch masters. If these people did have souls once, they sold those souls long ago and there is no rehabilitating them.

  • Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison 2 months ago

    Keep counting your millions Russell.

  • CelticOracle ETSY
    CelticOracle ETSY 3 months ago

    Then the only choice is to ditch the two party system. The LibLabCon are the face of the same globalists rubbish.

  • Michele Kett
    Michele Kett 3 months ago

    British people voted for something they did not understand and now you blame the person who had to put up with being abused in Parliament and then hounded out. I thought the English were smarter than that. I was wrong and as a Kiwi with English, Scottish roots it’s sad.