Julius Malema and Dr Arikana Done a great work to unite Africa

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
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  • HardDie
    HardDie 5 months ago

    Where are the Websites!?

  • Antoinette Tyus
    Antoinette Tyus 5 months ago

    Can't here audio is bad.

  • Moses Selepe
    Moses Selepe 5 months ago +1

    I salute u cic.

  • Mimida Mee
    Mimida Mee 5 months ago

    this is how all black people should be thinking period Africa for the Africans

  • Abiye Worku
    Abiye Worku 5 months ago +2

    To rise our unity, yes we have manage ourselves. Unable to manage is weakness of weakness. That is why others are influencing and disrespecting us.
    Modern poletical system helps to manag economy, social, culrure, systems, etc. Financial power encourages us to help the bottom people together first. What is difficult we Black people to conribute $1 per our check every where.
    For fast growth unless growing equally, we don't have better choice. That is development means equal growth. That is liberalism.
    Unity has power. Power to AU!
    Black, disable, slave, and homeless US American man from Reno, Nevada

  • Mrpl3973
    Mrpl3973 5 months ago

    Pity the sound was bad, couldn't tell if the bullshit rhetoric was any different than usual, probably not.✌

  • Saima Iita
    Saima Iita 5 months ago

    Mum voice we are not hearing , Africa must be United, AU us youth we are the power to unified it

  • Anthony Jackson
    Anthony Jackson 5 months ago +3

    You who we been waiting for?

  • Neterket
    Neterket 5 months ago

    Can I repost this on my channels?

  • Crown Heights
    Crown Heights 5 months ago +2

    Yes they are the best and safest for the youth

  • jane dais
    jane dais 5 months ago +2

    Rise my people, rise

  • cujoe Mblakka
    cujoe Mblakka 5 months ago

    That woman want to tie your enemy? Only person I put my trust in is my God. Be careful of any of these clown will tie to your enemies.

    KING IDRIS 5 months ago +4

    Please unite and build nuks for any intruder we must protect Africa at all cost...

    • Mrpl3973
      Mrpl3973 5 months ago

      Did you means Nukes as in big boom or Nuks as in nothing.

  • Sayouba Yala
    Sayouba Yala 5 months ago +1

    My mother thank you very much one africa incha allah good Will help Africa

  • Sayouba Yala
    Sayouba Yala 5 months ago +1

    One Africa incha allah good

  • Bright Lima
    Bright Lima 5 months ago +4

    Remove ROTHSCHILD banking system from the continent of Africa before talking about unification of the motherland.

  • stpaul israel
    stpaul israel 5 months ago +5

    We are moving ahead.
    After the African continental free trade area the African passport is next as per yesterday's report.

  • Modisaotsile Godfrey Mampo

    Its about time!!!!!!!Afrika wil be lit☺✊

  • Tosh DI don
    Tosh DI don 5 months ago +3

    Big salute

  • Oldmaster Alexmcclellan

    sound problem

    • Vivian Gray
      Vivian Gray 5 months ago

      Listen to it on your PC. Its hard to hear on our phones for some reason.

  • Ragnar Andersson
    Ragnar Andersson 5 months ago +8

    Eff evrything is free.😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣👍

  • Piquinina Da Silva
    Piquinina Da Silva 5 months ago +3

    Count on me

  • Piquinina Da Silva
    Piquinina Da Silva 5 months ago +3

    You People’s I’m all ind and I want b.parte of it sorry not I want be i I’m and proud to be a African but you people forget my country Guinea-Bissau 🇬🇼 we have a lot problems on that country please take a look à bit that country of Amílcar cabral thanks 🙏 long live Africa

  • Pinky Njapha
    Pinky Njapha 5 months ago +6

    The AU ambassador needs to invite the Diaspora to PAP, and have full black representation completed through such invitation, that will complete the circle of all black people convention throughout the world, and PAP should drive the black Agenda worldwide PAP= Pan Africanist Parliament. The time for speeches is over and the time now be limited to the invitation of the Diaspora to become part and parcel through representation, in PAP, as all African countries have already joined PAP, and now are seating in PAP sessions, discussing the state of the continent, the big question is, why delaying the Diaspora to play a role in PAP instead of acting, as the year of return is now here in 2019, this giant step should have already been taken, what we are seeing is her asking the diaspora to contribute into bodies, which are/ is not sending invitation to the Diaspora to contribute to the continent except rhetorics of yesterday, without meaning full repatriation which will results in full circle integration, She has already said in her previous statement that a land has been identified for the Diaspora, the question is, when is that land going to be visited, inspected so that we fast track Integration now and then other activities late. The AU through its Chairperson, should know those people in Diaspora, are like people who are left in a war zone given the toxic attitude environment of authorities towards black people whether in the US, Europe, or in the Carribean, as the overseeing body to it's continental affairs, we/ I expect the AU to give an immediate instruction to invite the Diaspora to seat in the PAP sessions, structures and discussions, without applying all these complicated processes. To say who should represent the Diaspora in PAP, should be the matter entirely left to the Diaspora caucus. The AU, PAP and regional bodies, should follow the decision taken by the Diaspora community when it comes to representation.We have to start somewhere, managing this process must not cause the divisions,Whilst the process of settling and returning our brothers is parallel to representation, I am saying this as an African.The rotational process in my view would be fair, even for the Africans as well. This would eliminate dominance and monopolizing the seating and representation within PAP, which may result in unintended consequences. Fair and equity should be what the continent is built on. Innovation and improvements should follow on what has been built, the ambassador, is doing a good job but she need to action her talk now, she would be judge by what she has done, I can see, she loves black folks, and she pours her heart when talking about Africa, the only thing that is left is taking one big step, this shouldn't become just another dream, she must act and the time ripe for her to act, as the land has been earmarked according to one of her statements, show the people where the land is, and settle few thousands, and the process will unfold itself, but mix US, Europe, and Caribbeans in that land, build and develop the land, and see how thankful black people would be to you mam, Keep Up the good work.

    • Pinky Njapha
      Pinky Njapha 5 months ago

      @BaNathShal Ahayah Awesome,I see the Diaspora coming home, included in every session and topic, we shouldn't wait for the right moment, this is the time for the family to come home. Conditions will never be perfect on the ground, but timing is everything.

    • Pinky Njapha
      Pinky Njapha 5 months ago

      I think some infiltrates edit whatever, we write here, and that is so unjust, as it may at times distort messages.

  • Br Etiennooo
    Br Etiennooo 5 months ago +13

    Africa must be united

    • Michael Cavs
      Michael Cavs 5 months ago

      Africa unite we moving out of Babylon

  • LifeSaver Eli-Yah
    LifeSaver Eli-Yah 5 months ago +13

    Does africa own a bank separated from the Rothschild's IMF ??
    If yes, i will open an account and put that little that i own tomorrow in it. If we all do so .... imagine that power!

    • Pinky Njapha
      Pinky Njapha 5 months ago +1

      @Cave Crusher Check IThala bank.

    • Pinky Njapha
      Pinky Njapha 5 months ago +1

      It is a Zulu bank. And its been there even during apartheid.

    • Cave Crusher
      Cave Crusher 5 months ago

      @Pinky Njapha Great, I will check out that bank! 😊

    • Pinky Njapha
      Pinky Njapha 5 months ago +1

      @Cave Crusher There are independent black bankers in Africa, in South Africa, I know Thala bank is black state owned.

    • Cave Crusher
      Cave Crusher 5 months ago +3

      Not yet. It will soon under the gold standard!

  • LifeSaver Eli-Yah
    LifeSaver Eli-Yah 5 months ago +5

    Lets come together

  • O'Bembe`
    O'Bembe` 5 months ago +15


  • Florence Masule
    Florence Masule 5 months ago +10

    PA system.. sound we cannot hear well media help.

    • 1 iiSweetSunday
      1 iiSweetSunday 5 months ago +1

      Please repost with clear sounds. We only heard malemba

    • 1 iiSweetSunday
      1 iiSweetSunday 5 months ago

      Florence Masule we couldn’t hear the lady speak. Couldn’t hear a word

  • Paul Irving
    Paul Irving 5 months ago

    “Can there be anything such as 'black leadership' UNDER a GLOBAL Operating SYSTEM of White-Supremacy? WHO is the 'black leaders' Leader? And WHOSE 'law' and 'rules & regulations' do the so-called 'black leaders' OBEY?”

  • Dennis Pritchett
    Dennis Pritchett 5 months ago +1

    Can't hear

  • Kri Ku
    Kri Ku 5 months ago +1

    We need more changes in africa.viva arikana viva malema