Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia Sixers - Full Game Highlights | March 20, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
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    Philadelphia Sixers 76ers vs Boston Celtics - Full Game Highlights | March 20, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season
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  • Ximo Pierto
    Ximo Pierto  2 months ago +37

    Like & Subscribe for more NBA Highlights all season long!

  • Leonardo Cadena
    Leonardo Cadena 18 days ago

    Ñoc MookUBH

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI 20 days ago

    My CAT Decided What I ATE for 24 HOURS (And This Is What Happended...)

  • something good
    something good 2 months ago

    Forgot you were allowed to jump before tip off 🤨🤨

  • Semari Ford
    Semari Ford 2 months ago

    Lets go Sixers my favorite team !!!!!

  • Jay Gibbs
    Jay Gibbs 2 months ago

    Celtics are still gonna win the East

  • Jalen the Jesus
    Jalen the Jesus 2 months ago

    These longer highlights are better

  • Heir Fang
    Heir Fang 2 months ago

    12:35 that sound eh?

  • Brycen C
    Brycen C 2 months ago

    0:56 what’s the song name ?

    KARLO GAMING 2 months ago

    Jakol pa horford

  • Gen 370
    Gen 370 2 months ago

    Marcus smart is a childish player, being gangsta in the NBA doesn't get you rings or a good player.

  • Matthew Jordan
    Matthew Jordan 2 months ago

    The shoe is on the other foot.

  • lastsonofktn
    lastsonofktn 2 months ago

    Don't believe the hype. Celtics are tanking for position

  • the esh wanadon
    the esh wanadon 2 months ago

    Marcus Smart's temper is going to cost the Celtics big time sooner or later

  • jake jackson
    jake jackson 2 months ago

    Celtics suck ass they ain’t making it out of the east

  • All Anime Discussion
    All Anime Discussion 2 months ago

    nice game

  • mixingrecords
    mixingrecords 2 months ago

    Jimmy killed it. Tired of people saying he the worst of the five..

  • Kamite Power Empire
    Kamite Power Empire 2 months ago

    Joel Embiid

  • K Martinez
    K Martinez 2 months ago

    Damn Embiid was all on the floor like your drunk Auntie at a birthday party.

  • John Irving
    John Irving 2 months ago

    Where’s the Joel embiid 37point highlights???

  • Allen scott One Horn
    Allen scott One Horn 2 months ago

    😂why he flop and act like he got thrown

  • tynnetta muhammad
    tynnetta muhammad 2 months ago

    Kylie gave the game away man too much iso ball not enough team work

  • Samantha Llewellyn
    Samantha Llewellyn 2 months ago

    Philly didn't play too badly. A win is a win whether it be by 30 or 3. 76ers need to tie up a few loose ends in the playoffs, at least I hope they will...

  • TheRadFactor
    TheRadFactor 2 months ago

    13:32 That's how you win a game.

  • Rachel Stauffer
    Rachel Stauffer 2 months ago

    76ers rule

  • rhurtadorh32
    rhurtadorh32 2 months ago

    561k subscribers but 3 million views

  • That is a DISGUSTING act by Randy Moss

    Ximo really doing horford dirty by posting that air ball at 3:20

  • zzXzTYLERzXzz
    zzXzTYLERzXzz 2 months ago

    Marcus "not so" smart

  • KillaCsonAttack
    KillaCsonAttack 2 months ago

    Baynes and smart go out with Hayward already missing the game and the Sixers squeak by at home. How hype all of em got too. You know ths celtics knockin their ass out if they face each other

  • chris crazy
    chris crazy 2 months ago

    celtics head coach need to keep rozier in the game took him out when he was hot brought him back in got hot again then took him out again. fuck you doin coach

  • Epic Leo
    Epic Leo 2 months ago

    Bleacher report comments are different than Ximos comments.

  • Epic Leo
    Epic Leo 2 months ago

    Celshits still own the sixers. 42 free throws cmon bruh.

  • MrPandaChannel
    MrPandaChannel 2 months ago +1

    Oh my Embiid blockshot

  • MeLiS
    MeLiS 2 months ago

    Look at that 13:54

  • nablo leo
    nablo leo 2 months ago


  • sing singu
    sing singu 2 months ago

    Of all the compilation of smart flopping noone that is foul get their revenge on him but then this happen 7:34 and he got angry
    I dont really gave him respect from the start but now iam disgusted

  • Chimichanggas
    Chimichanggas 2 months ago

    10:20 that move from kyrie is dope as fck.

  • デラ クルーズアーウィーン

    You forgot the kyrie shammgod

  • MrBysiorek
    MrBysiorek 2 months ago

    12:12 WTF EMbid ? :D

  • Chioto TV
    Chioto TV 2 months ago

    nba defense is so bad

    MAGACOP 2 months ago

    Ximo thanks. 14 husky minutes.

  • M_Sonata
    M_Sonata 2 months ago +1

    Tatum travel at 13:08?

  • Vana Papanikolaou
    Vana Papanikolaou 2 months ago

    Boston celtics you lost but for me you are still my favourite

  • hugues françois eloundou essengue

    Du coourage Embiid, le vert rouge jaune est derrière toi tara

  • The IronBully
    The IronBully 2 months ago

    I wanna see been Simmons be a lock down defender. His has too much size for his position. He should be shutting guys down

  • Dr Lecter
    Dr Lecter 2 months ago

    If Boston will not be able to slow down or stop Joel Embid in a possible 2nd round series. Celtics will lose in 6.

  • BzzztLife Tattoo
    BzzztLife Tattoo 2 months ago

    nice game!

  • Arman Malabag
    Arman Malabag 2 months ago

    3:20 best highlight ever👌

  • Giovanni lynch
    Giovanni lynch 2 months ago

    I still have Celtics coming out the east I don’t trust sixers nor raptors tbh.

  • PlayerEssence
    PlayerEssence 2 months ago


  • chad dista
    chad dista 2 months ago +1

    Harris is like Carmelo Anthony before

  • William Upchurch
    William Upchurch 2 months ago +1

    Whats the name of that instrumental beat

  • monster john streetball legend.

    He say it i tell you why his brain is like alien. He so talented in weird way that's why he say flat yup. That's what i think he is weird and it's his greatness

  • book pro wrestlers com
    book pro wrestlers com 2 months ago

    looking for some retired NBA basketball players for a couple projects from

  • monster john streetball legend.

    Erving: everything is flat.. Celtic fan: ohh shut up! Xd

  • monster john streetball legend.

    קיירי איי מצחיק

  • monster john streetball legend.

    Kirie erving: haha the moon is flat 2... גם ירח ישר

  • monster john streetball legend.

    Celtic fan: no no smart! Makus smart! With all the money we got and you do fouls! Xd

  • monster john streetball legend.

    And scoring and is tuff

  • monster john streetball legend.

    Plus if you dislike marcus smart you'll be surprised to know how great they made him in nba2k19 he is on all star level annoying as hell and very tuff to beat.

  • monster john streetball legend.

    Hey denny really? I think marcus smart is huge player for the celtics he should stay must stay on the team xd he is important he can score points so he did bad foul so it's nothing really.

  • Denny Roman
    Denny Roman 2 months ago


  • monster john streetball legend.

    I play. With sixers in playoffs semi finalls vs boston

  • asdf
    asdf 2 months ago

    I live in Boston, but I wanted the 76ers to win just because Ben Simmons gave props to the New Zealand kid who egged that rightwing douchebag.

  • monster john streetball legend.

    Soon on my channel i play celtics on nba2k19 all star level i lead 2 1 hopefully now it will work smooth wothout lag at all. Ill record some clips

  • monster john streetball legend.

    Joel embiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid...

  • Edmundas K
    Edmundas K 2 months ago

    ever since Kyrie Irving debuted NBA I kept watching him playing hes really very good. He is my number 1 player in NBA.

  • Doug Collins
    Doug Collins 2 months ago

    13:53 me at the club

  • The Man Who Laugh
    The Man Who Laugh 2 months ago

    Jimmyyyy booooooooooocccccckkkkketssss!

  • VaqueiroAruanda
    VaqueiroAruanda 2 months ago

    After Smart shoved Embiid, somewhere out there Jaylen Rose was shouting "HOOOOOOLLLLD MEEEEEE BAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!"

  • Phown1337
    Phown1337 2 months ago

    That block by Simmons was MEAN.

  • Saeed Bawazir
    Saeed Bawazir 2 months ago


  • Kyle Leliefeld
    Kyle Leliefeld 2 months ago

    12:15 Embiid 😂😂😂

  • خالد الدوسري

    Smart chang the game his not smart in this one 👎

  • SpyderSZN
    SpyderSZN 2 months ago

    Jimmy Butler was clutch 🔥

  • John-boy
    John-boy 2 months ago

    Great game for Uncle Drew, Jimmy Butler and Embiid clutch at the end

  • Troy Domville
    Troy Domville 2 months ago

    Celtics are bad-lucked

  • OTF vJeezy
    OTF vJeezy 2 months ago

    Jimmy Butler Cold asf! 💪🏾👍🏾💎

  • Mikee 4
    Mikee 4 2 months ago

    it was a great game

  • Gqjshrh Wavsej
    Gqjshrh Wavsej 2 months ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Kyrie made that

  • KatimaGaming
    KatimaGaming 2 months ago

    what a game! one more quarter please!!! LOL. I think Boston could have won if Marcus Smart was not ejected. That scruffle got Philly fired up. Bad team mate.

  • Sloke1001 X6
    Sloke1001 X6 2 months ago

    why does al horford get away with fouling embiid so much,

  • Publio Antonio Ortega Lanata

    Playoffs game.

  • tapiwa gumbie
    tapiwa gumbie 2 months ago

    Best highlights please keep this up, I used to watch rapid highlights, till he got shut down then out of no choices I started watching you, initially your 9 minute highlights were either missing some plays, or stretches of one team scoring. Eversince you started these quality highlights its as though I was at the game.

  • puiu antonie
    puiu antonie 2 months ago

    Fuck celtics

  • Kaptain Joker
    Kaptain Joker 2 months ago +2

    That game was sketchy af...why only give Marcus Smart a technical foul when Embid started the ish

  • T. Hawk.
    T. Hawk. 2 months ago +1

    Good win for philly, but it still seems like they don't match up well against boston

  • D'e Khan
    D'e Khan 2 months ago

    😂🤣🤣 Shelltics

  • Moose OhDeuce
    Moose OhDeuce 2 months ago

    Terry Rozier could run this offense without Kyrie

  • Chuck Palumbo
    Chuck Palumbo 2 months ago

    Kyrie at 10:23 👀

  • Glen Beebe
    Glen Beebe 2 months ago +1

    I would take Marcus smart and terry rozier over any other guard combo in a fight....

  • ponypower8
    ponypower8 2 months ago

    Wow what a game!

  • Nelsonsoto24
    Nelsonsoto24 2 months ago

    Jimmy butler more clutch then kyrie I think agree?

  • Stefan Bachvarov
    Stefan Bachvarov 2 months ago

    Jimmy Buckets

  • RealG4L El jefe
    RealG4L El jefe 2 months ago

    Philadelphia on 🔥 Ya better watch out 😂

  • Killean Kristoffer
    Killean Kristoffer 2 months ago

    Jimmy G Buckets back at it again

  • StreetviewFilmsHD
    StreetviewFilmsHD 2 months ago

    Kyrie is one special placer.

  • Don 1 Don
    Don 1 Don 2 months ago

    jimmy g buckets. the g stands for “gets”

  • Philip Rapiñan
    Philip Rapiñan 2 months ago

    We are witnessing the possible semi-finals or East Con finals

  • Johnald Kuck
    Johnald Kuck 2 months ago

    That ejection though.. Fucking hell, refs should calm their tits