• Published on Oct 20, 2019

    ***COMPETITION: Screenshot the hidden adidas Supercourt, tweet the screenshot with #FOOTASYLUM for your chance to win a pair.***
    Chunkz and Filly go head to head with special guests as they reveal unusual facts and tell embarrassing stories... but which ones are true?
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  • Jamima_Jams
    Jamima_Jams 28 days ago +10

    Thazt last statement... deffo true! hahaha

    • Jamima_Jams
      Jamima_Jams 7 days ago

      @Footasylum whooopppp!!!

    • Footasylum
      Footasylum  21 day ago +1

      You're right it was true! Congratulations, you've won if you reply to this comment with your email then we'll get in touch with you. Thanks.

  • vague mongoose
    vague mongoose 2 days ago

    there all wearing addidas

  • Dylaan
    Dylaan 8 days ago

    josh Warrington alaw❤️

  • Rujena Darlinx
    Rujena Darlinx 13 days ago

    Would I lie to you

  • Kelly Mariee
    Kelly Mariee 14 days ago

    I just think pregnancy should be off limits when it comes to jokes etc.

  • Mobstxr Xx
    Mobstxr Xx 20 days ago

    Love these videos ❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯

  • Thomas Clarkson
    Thomas Clarkson 21 day ago

    last statement:
    hmm cut your thump? that must have been some hefty dump.
    yeah trueee

  • Boogniche
    Boogniche 21 day ago

    Is this day time t.v wtf are those laugh tracks. Yikes

  • aminawashere
    aminawashere 21 day ago

    Ghetto ‘Would I lie to you’

  • Wayne Barrett
    Wayne Barrett 22 days ago

    Idc that it's even like why would I lie to you. Its TheXvid they put a nice modern spin with forfeits, plus its filly and chunkz on the sub host so why not?

  • mullatto.x
    mullatto.x 23 days ago

    its true

  • King Haris
    King Haris 23 days ago

    Shes full of shit get NUSH on, the video would have at leats gotten 500k+

  • Beeme 21
    Beeme 21 23 days ago

    The statement is true

  • Hassan Grey
    Hassan Grey 23 days ago

    Womans mad anoyying all she says is "full of shit"

  • Ingrid A
    Ingrid A 24 days ago

    would I lie to you, but funny

  • Mohammed B
    Mohammed B 24 days ago

    Why is everyone wearing ADIDAS

  • Aziz R
    Aziz R 24 days ago


  • Dominic Frost
    Dominic Frost 24 days ago


  • Zakariya
    Zakariya 24 days ago

    The two people on Chunkz team don't deserve air time.

  • AL Melag
    AL Melag 25 days ago

    Will’s statement at the end is true.

  • Mazim Rahman
    Mazim Rahman 25 days ago

    Ohhh, so Massari became a dentist, I wondered where he went

  • Lilgeebull
    Lilgeebull 25 days ago


  • Jake Thompson
    Jake Thompson 25 days ago +6

    Is everyone gonna ignore how the boxer was actually jokes, I expected him to be dry af

  • Abid Uddin
    Abid Uddin 25 days ago


  • Heezio 11
    Heezio 11 25 days ago


  • Ayaan Ayub
    Ayaan Ayub 25 days ago

    Do does the shoe fit again

  • Moe Hashim
    Moe Hashim 25 days ago

    600th comment

  • Antohiaa a
    Antohiaa a 25 days ago

    Chunkz can propper lie 😂 I would of believed him

  • Hanz
    Hanz 25 days ago


  • callofduty7lfc
    callofduty7lfc 25 days ago

    BBC boutta sue yo asses for stealing would I lie to you

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu 26 days ago

    Will's statement is definitely true lol he's the type of guy to somehow manage to do that ;)

  • Kevin Bennit
    Kevin Bennit 26 days ago

    The statements true

  • haroon mohammed
    haroon mohammed 26 days ago

    He’s lying

  • Mohamed Hassan
    Mohamed Hassan 26 days ago +4

    This deserves more views idc😂😂it’s acc so annoying

  • Nathan Daly
    Nathan Daly 26 days ago +3

    This is just “would I lie to you” but with guests you would never get on there 😂

  • Leo Lardi
    Leo Lardi 26 days ago

    will statement is false

  • zaynab juma
    zaynab juma 26 days ago

    false to his cutting thumb

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui 26 days ago

      Yes it was true about the toilet 👍

  • Elizabeth M
    Elizabeth M 26 days ago


  • Lotus haleem
    Lotus haleem 26 days ago

    Does the girl on yellow have a name

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui 26 days ago

      ive confused myself im gonna let you lot take it from here

  • Ayman Darbouche
    Ayman Darbouche 26 days ago

  • Sukh121
    Sukh121 26 days ago


  • IcyAgent
    IcyAgent 26 days ago +1

    We need more does the shoe fit

  • Shawn Mawoza
    Shawn Mawoza 26 days ago +3

    Noone :
    Not a single earthly soul:

  • Ryan Davies
    Ryan Davies 26 days ago


  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin 26 days ago

    Love the video ??

  • Checking Out
    Checking Out 27 days ago

    Yoza fa ficken yoza,, suuwuu

  • Icey Anex
    Icey Anex 27 days ago

    Filly’s energy always on point 😂😂🔥

    • Boi
      Boi 24 days ago

      He seemed tired today

  • M Love
    M Love 27 days ago

    What happened to Lv
    And filly together ? :(

  • Shaqeel Khan
    Shaqeel Khan 27 days ago

    Whered you get that snake cane from tho 👀

  • Khalil
    Khalil 27 days ago

    The girl looks like russ

  • Bizzle
    Bizzle 27 days ago

    ive confused myself
    im gonna let you lot take it from here

  • Libyan Mos
    Libyan Mos 27 days ago

    Yes it was true about the toilet 👍

  • samairey 2003
    samairey 2003 27 days ago

    Statement at the end is true

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan 27 days ago

    Will’s statement is true. I don’t know how he managed to do it but he did😄

  • Erik Gh
    Erik Gh 27 days ago

    Pls i beg you dont get that gyal on the videos. Shes ugly and like very manly. Girls should not be like that.

  • Honcho Bandz
    Honcho Bandz 27 days ago

    True statement!!

  • mrmyusernamewastaken
    mrmyusernamewastaken 27 days ago +1

    That girl actually got a dildo hairstyle going on

  • Henry Jolliffe
    Henry Jolliffe 27 days ago

    It's just would I lie to you 😂

  • Nadir Mohammed
    Nadir Mohammed 27 days ago

    Filly was awfully quiet today and that was dead.

  • Nadir Mohammed
    Nadir Mohammed 27 days ago

    I haven't watched footasylums videos in time and it made me laugh so much.