HOW TO: EASY PONYTAILS 🌸 Long Hair Hairstyles

  • Published on Nov 26, 2018
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    I’m so excited to share today’s hair tutorial, easy ponytails. These are perfect for anyone who’s looking for long hair hairstyles. I thought it’d be fun to add accessories to dress up these ponytails. I hope these hairstyles help inspire you to try something new with your hair at your next special events​ such as prom, wedding, or a night out!
    Comment and let me know which hairstyle is your favourite.
    Also, hola from Mexico! Miss you guys. xo
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    Easy Hairstyles w/ Clips
    Easy Ponytails - Perfect for special occasions
    Easy Prom Hairstyles
    Easy Spring Hair (2019)
    Back to School Hairstyles

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Comments • 74

  • Io Cea
    Io Cea 3 months ago

    You are soooo gorgeous!!

  • ItsMelina Marie
    ItsMelina Marie 6 months ago

    All Three Hair Styles are My Favorites.

  • Yupanee Paupe
    Yupanee Paupe 9 months ago

    Very nice

  • Julie Jelaco-Villar
    Julie Jelaco-Villar 10 months ago

    The first hair style is really cute, but if your only going down the hair on the one side how do you match up the ribbon. One side would low the other side would be up by the rubber band.

  • Maria Thelin
    Maria Thelin 10 months ago

    knowing myself I would cut my neck with the wire lmao

  • Марина Шевченко

    Дякую за чудовий урок, як за 5 хвилин зробити 3 зачиски

  • Visual Music
    Visual Music 11 months ago

    4:39 that epic moment and I gift u this music : , u deserve the most beautiful flowers, love you by full of my heart ! ❤️

  • Diana Tosado
    Diana Tosado Year ago

    Also Hola is spelled with an “H” in Spanish most of the H are silent 😘

    • Diana Tosado
      Diana Tosado Year ago

      My pleasure 💕

    • Alex Gaboury
      Alex Gaboury  Year ago +1

      I’ve been sending text messages saying “Ola” for years and no one has ever corrected me. 🙈 THANK YOU! Haha. 💕

  • Charu Shekhar
    Charu Shekhar Year ago +3

    Love this so much!

  • Da'Dude
    Da'Dude Year ago +3

    Cool videos! I love what you do with your hair, it looks really awesome! Keep it up!

  • Andreia Ferreira
    Andreia Ferreira Year ago +1


  • miranda panda
    miranda panda Year ago +6

    I would be so grateful if you could do a tutorial for a smart business interview updo! I’m going through all your videos, but one specifically designed for a very corporate job interview would be fantastic!

  • Elizabeth Anne Hill

    Wonderful. My hair is about shoulder length. I wish there was more videos on slightly shorter hair. I guess that would be hard for you, lol.

  • Kristi Gibson-Cormier

    Alex!!! I am so excited about these hairstyles.. Love the uniqueness of the accessories.. The ribbon one I absolutely love.. Have a wonderful vacation... Be safe..I can't wait to try these hairstyles out.. Xoxoxoxo

  • Kathleen Cisneros

    I love all of your scarf included hairstyles! Such a pretty way to make any hairstyle pop

  • Tas
    Tas Year ago +2

    Maybe I missed them, but I don’t see the links you mentioned. The one for where you learned to tie the perfect bow and tucking the hair with a bobby-pin. Could you share those please? :)
    Also, my favorite hairstyle was the first one with the ribbon. And my favorite animal is an owl. ;)

    • Tas
      Tas Year ago

      Thank you! :)

    • Alex Gaboury
      Alex Gaboury  Year ago

      UPDATED! :)

    • Alex Gaboury
      Alex Gaboury  Year ago

      Oops! Haha thank you for letting me know I'll input the links asap!
      Also owls are absolutely adorable, now I have to go google some pictures haha.

  • Riverdale lover
    Riverdale lover Year ago

    Can you make some glamorous hairstyle, rich loops, style in the 50s?♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🖤🖤🖤🖤💜💜💜💜💝💝💝💝Love youuuu😍😍😍

  • Simone Silva
    Simone Silva Year ago


  • manel manel
    manel manel Year ago

    You look like a doll

  • Karen Yip
    Karen Yip Year ago

    haircare routine please!!!

    • Alex Gaboury
      Alex Gaboury  Year ago

      I promise in the new year! I'm just testing out some new products right now. :)

  • Ast Mst
    Ast Mst Year ago

    The third one is so beautiful. I like the dress, it looks amazing on you.🌹

  • Mrs Morrison
    Mrs Morrison Year ago

    Stunning - all amazing but love the last one x

  • JemmyWaffles
    JemmyWaffles Year ago

    I want to try that wire wrapped style. It looks amazing!

  • Alcyone Orithiya
    Alcyone Orithiya Year ago

    Have fun in Mexico! 😄 Lovely vid as always. My fav is the scarf one too.

  • Aria Benzir
    Aria Benzir Year ago

    I LOVE the second one most...OMG I love you so much! 🌹💖

  • vallensia chang
    vallensia chang Year ago +2

    This is what i need
    This is much easy for me and you already do the best with do this tutorial in easy ways i gonna try this hairstyles after i watch this

  • Gretch G
    Gretch G Year ago

    I sure did have a wonderful Thanksgiving 😊 Hope you did also!
    What part of Mexico are you going to? 😀

    • Gretch G
      Gretch G Year ago

      @Alex Gaboury uuu nice I was just there Last year. My grandma lives two hours away. I stayed at Tulum. Its beautiful out there.

    • Alex Gaboury
      Alex Gaboury  Year ago +2

      You're so kind! I visited the Maya Riviera, wow it was beautiful!

    • Gretch G
      Gretch G Year ago

      Wow I would've never thought of putting floral wire into my hair! Pretty unique 🤩

  • Becky Moe
    Becky Moe Year ago

    My fav animal is prob cats!💕

  • timid elle
    timid elle Year ago

    can you do a tutorial on some Christmas hairstyles? 😍🎄

  • Andy StPierre
    Andy StPierre Year ago +3

    😱😱😱 the wire one is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!! I’m gonna try it for sure!!!!! Thanks Alex you are very talented and I love how much creative you are :)

  • Trish Pipkins
    Trish Pipkins Year ago

    I love all of them. Have fun in Mexico! Don't forget your sunscreen. The sun is super strong down this way. 😎

    • Alex Gaboury
      Alex Gaboury  Year ago +1

      Trish Pipkins Haha! Thank you! Lots of sunscreen and I picked up a rash guard for extra protection. 💕

  • Creative Cheers of Fashion Laura Flohr

    This wire wrap is something I havent seen before! Love it! Finally something different I havent seen before!! Looks like everything that is possible to do on your self is all done. Gonna do this tomorrow. Thanks!

    • Alex Gaboury
      Alex Gaboury  Year ago +1

      Creative Cheers of Fashion Laura Flohr Aww! Thank you! I try to practice lots and make sure it’s easy enough for everyone. 💕

  • Marena Motwadea
    Marena Motwadea Year ago +2

    💓💓💓Very beautiful

  • Karla Carrillo
    Karla Carrillo Year ago +4

    OMG! I'm from Mexico. Have a nice trip! 😃

    • Alex Gaboury
      Alex Gaboury  Year ago +1

      Karla Carrillo omg no way! I love it here. Such a beautiful country full of beautiful people. 💕

  • K R
    K R Year ago

    Yay love it thank you!

  • Ashley Emma, Author Mom

    If you haven't already please do a video all about your bangs, like the cut and how you style them! I LOVE them

    • Ashley Emma, Author Mom
      Ashley Emma, Author Mom Year ago

      @Alex Gaboury YAYYYYY! I've lost a bunch of hair with my third baby and now it's growing back so I need to hide all the baby hairs with bangs lol

    • Alex Gaboury
      Alex Gaboury  Year ago +2

      Ashley Emma, author mom Id love to! Okay let me see what I can do. ❤️

  • Niso
    Niso Year ago

    Very nice
    Thank you

  • lynda harrison
    lynda harrison Year ago +3

    Love it!!!! Enjoy Mexico!!!!

  • Alex Gaboury
    Alex Gaboury  Year ago +20

    Also to my American subscribers I hope you had a lovely thanks giving weekend! 😘

  • Gigi Sirus
    Gigi Sirus Year ago


  • Tayana Zook
    Tayana Zook Year ago +7

    yessss I needed this lol 😂

    BTW I'm a small TheXvidr!

    • Tayana Zook
      Tayana Zook Year ago +1

      @Alex Gaboury Ahhhh thanks for replying!!

    • Alex Gaboury
      Alex Gaboury  Year ago +1

      Tayana Zook You go girl! 😘

  • Teresa Curnick
    Teresa Curnick Year ago +2

    First viewer 😜