"Delightful News for Someone Who Cares!" | Best of Richard Ayoade | 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
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    It's the very best of Richard Ayoade on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown!
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  5 months ago +331

    Is Richard Ayoade a low-key fashion icon?!
    Watch FULL EPISODES: bit.ly/2FROYtr

    • heidilynn s
      heidilynn s Month ago +1

      Justuraveragewhovian ❤️

    • Justuraveragewhovian
      Justuraveragewhovian Month ago +1

      @heidilynn s agreed

    • Justuraveragewhovian
      Justuraveragewhovian Month ago +2

      Yep, he can pull of any look🙂

    • smudger671
      smudger671 3 months ago

      I like the way he dresses. Could do with a good haircut though.@TeaAtTwo

    • heidilynn s
      heidilynn s 4 months ago

      Channel 4 Speaking of fashion, is there any way you can find out where Rachel’s light green dress is from?

  • Dominique McQueen
    Dominique McQueen 4 days ago +3

    He's so beautiful, I can't even.

  • osse
    osse 4 days ago

    get a job in a fucking jelly factory, mate.

  • TheLongDark
    TheLongDark 12 days ago

    * Video about Richard Ayoade.
    * Funniest part is Rachel's impression of Aisling.

  • Paul Latimer
    Paul Latimer 15 days ago

    Why do people think this man is funny? He's so anal he makes Jon Richardson look normal.

  • putsome basilonit
    putsome basilonit 21 day ago

    If you like White Chicks, you'll love Juwanna Mann

  • Rob Vespa
    Rob Vespa 25 days ago +4

    Ayoade is one of the funniest people alive. The world needs more Ayoade.

  • TRiG (Ireland)
    TRiG (Ireland) 26 days ago +3

    Rachel imitating Aisling is a thing of beauty.

  • Adam Dickinson
    Adam Dickinson 29 days ago

    Genuinely did he just play a more extreme version of himself as Moss?

    • Stephen Barringer
      Stephen Barringer 4 days ago

      Pretty much; Graham Linehan essentially wrote the character specifically for Richard, and explicitly told him, "This is basically the nerdiest character ever, so, you know, just be yourself. No, just use your own voice."

  • MarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NI

    1:23 ...AND Stodgy and transparent
    dense and stringy
    heavy and gaunt
    hard and narrow
    unintelligent and lean.
    Aren't I hilarious?!!!

  • Lord Jock
    Lord Jock Month ago

    Hard to believe he's married and has 3 kids

  • Ellen Clemons
    Ellen Clemons Month ago +1

    I’m your captain!!!

  • Nikhil Autar
    Nikhil Autar Month ago +1

    We think he's being funny. But this could just be Richard being Richard.

  • Nikhil Autar
    Nikhil Autar Month ago +1

    Holy crap Rachel in that yellow dress!

  • TheMovieSequelDude49
    TheMovieSequelDude49 Month ago +8

    I could literally watch Richard Ayoade talk about White Chicks all day.

  • Thomas Bell
    Thomas Bell Month ago


  • Harry Todhunter
    Harry Todhunter Month ago +10

    Rachels “erm yes jimmy I got it” was wonderful

  • emielaen
    emielaen 2 months ago

    This Rachel creature is fucking bad. Sheesh.

  • kännissäontääkintehty
    kännissäontääkintehty 2 months ago +1

    Rob Beckett just has the best laugh

  • Josh Novack - NovackDesign

    Good morning, that’s a nice Tnetennba

  • Mila Redpath-Cole
    Mila Redpath-Cole 2 months ago

    I got submarine as soon as it came up, wtf. I’m a twat 😂

  • L2
    L2 2 months ago

    get a job in a fucking jelly factory mate

  • King of the Mods
    King of the Mods 2 months ago +3

    Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

  • mrmoran0077
    mrmoran0077 2 months ago

    Is Sean wearing a cravat at 5:49 or has Tommy Cockles sneaked in?

  • JumbleJammyJokes
    JumbleJammyJokes 2 months ago +4

    Forget Countdown, I just want to listen to him recite the entire synopsis to White Chicks!

  • Hey! I'm Noura
    Hey! I'm Noura 2 months ago

    There is an episode of Richard in a team with Catherine Ryan that you’ve missed to include in this combination /:

  • crucci
    crucci 3 months ago +2

    I love Jon's reaction to "light entertainment" at 6:00

  • Cassandra Chavez
    Cassandra Chavez 3 months ago +1


  • Libby Pugh
    Libby Pugh 3 months ago +1

    I might just be overly obsessed with Thomas Sanders but Richard is how I view Logan Sanders if he was a real person, like looks wise and now that I’m watching videos of him I’m realizing personality wise also lmao

  • VeryBlueberrry
    VeryBlueberrry 3 months ago +1

    I've never actually understood how this show worked. I never watched it much anyway, and when I did I wasn't paying any attention to the letter and number games. Anyway, why does one of the word jumbles spell out A Bum Rinse ???!? Was that intentional or am I severely missing something...
    EDIT while I paused this video to write this comment my mum woke up from her nap on the couch, looked at the tv and read out loud, in an extremely confused voice "a bum rinse?????????????". We asked dad to swivel round on his computer chair and look at the tv for us, and immediately he said "Submarine." I unpaused the video, and viola!! Clearly, one smart parent plus one dumb/average parent (err...sorry, mum) will not equal a smart child.

    • VeryBlueberrry
      VeryBlueberrry 3 months ago

      @Flying Swordfish I see, so it's a spoof of a similar gameshow? With the number parts, how seriously do the comedians usually take it? I'm dumb as shit when it comes to math so if I was ever a contestant on this show I'd just immediately give up. Anyway, I don't think it's gonna make it's way into my fav comedy/game shows because I usually prefer it when the activity the comedians are doing is more carefree/casual ....IDK. However, the quality of the comedians/comedy is usually good, it's just I don't love the format.
      ...Also, what's up with the title of it? Why 8 of 10, and why cats? Also why worded into a really weird phrase, grammatically speaking (over-analyzing everything, don't mind me...)

    • Flying Swordfish
      Flying Swordfish 3 months ago

      This is a spoof of an actual Countdown show. All the same games, scoring, same Rachel Riley and Susie Dent, just with comedians as participants.

  • Sarah France
    Sarah France 3 months ago +406

    "This video contains strong language"
    Richard: It's a h*ck of a movie

    • KankSchlap
      KankSchlap Month ago

      @DrPengin "That has to be... one of the weakest combacks here in Countdown"

    • DrPengin
      DrPengin Month ago +1

      Get a job in a fucking jelly factory mate!

  • smileyy777
    smileyy777 3 months ago +8

    The older he gets the cuter the gets

  • thistle boy
    thistle boy 3 months ago

    what the hell is happening in this show

  • Alexander Kelly
    Alexander Kelly 3 months ago

    White chicks is my movie, I concur

  • L P
    L P 3 months ago

    Kevin bridges and frankie Boyle are the only comedians funnier than Richard only cause they’re Scottish so Richard is funniest English comedian

  • Paul Forte
    Paul Forte 4 months ago +2

    If this was street countdown he would wipe the floor with all of them.

  • J C
    J C 4 months ago +5

    Missed oportunity to follow up "My lucky calculator" with "because I can always count on it". Love Richard Ayoada!

    J OLIVER 4 months ago +1

    Is it just me or is Rachel Riley with glasses one of the sexiest things I’ve seen

    • KillahMate
      KillahMate 4 months ago

      J OLIVER no it's objectively true, it's not just you.

  • K Lee
    K Lee 4 months ago +2

    He is so delightful, and attractive 😻

  • Moderately Amused
    Moderately Amused 4 months ago +209

    I'm still appalled that Richard didn't get points for solving the numbers when it couldn't be done within the rules.

    • NeoGee
      NeoGee Month ago +1

      And this makes you unhappy, but Richard didn't care and he is therefore happy
      ...well maybe not happy, but he isn't unhappy.

  • Jacques Le Famski
    Jacques Le Famski 4 months ago +7

    "Time has passed"
    Absolute gold

  • KachZz
    KachZz 4 months ago +4

    Good news, everyone. "White chicks 2" is coming.

  • joshuataylorbrowntown
    joshuataylorbrowntown 4 months ago +1

    Richard Ayoade needs to do ASMR.

  • TheAwesomestAmber
    TheAwesomestAmber 4 months ago

    I love Richard Ayoade

  • Cosmic Dancer
    Cosmic Dancer 4 months ago +1

    he has the cutest little button nose. melts my heart lol

  • Blues Master
    Blues Master 4 months ago +1

    I like his demeanour .

  • Lady Insertnamehere
    Lady Insertnamehere 4 months ago +241

    “No one told me there would be social interaction or else I would NOT have come” is a mood

  • thomas brattan
    thomas brattan 4 months ago

    Dick by name, dick by nature. Just another smug millennial no mark.

  • less kiss
    less kiss 4 months ago

    Always overdoes it and isn’t that entertaining. Stuck to scripts mate

  • Connor George
    Connor George 4 months ago

    Aisling bea is awful

  • Moongem
    Moongem 4 months ago +55

    Ok but can we take a second and talk about how buck WILD a movie White Chicks is?

    • Tom Isaac
      Tom Isaac 19 days ago

      Moongem are you pretending to be Justin McElroy?

  • Diego Amorocho
    Diego Amorocho 4 months ago +517

    "I am relaxed. Don't touch me." I'm putting that on my tombstone.

  • Devil’s Angel
    Devil’s Angel 4 months ago +3

    Or if you were being really over the top.
    5 cubed is 125
    125 x 2 is 250
    250 x (3+1) is 1000
    10 squared is 100
    100/2 is 50
    1000-50 is 950
    I thought about that for way too long

  • Blurry Muffin
    Blurry Muffin 4 months ago +1

    The thumbnail looks like the Richard on the right side has just come out to his parents, middle and left Richard.

  • David of Yorkshire
    David of Yorkshire 4 months ago

    He makes such a big deal of them becoming "white" socialite women, and jokes it's irrelevant to say white. But he makes every effort to not say the two make FBI agents are black. Strange that isn't it? Instead he plays on gender which at the time of making the film it was as much about race as gender.

  • Mhm Sure
    Mhm Sure 4 months ago +3

    Richard and Jon for next countdown team please, thanks.

  • ddemaine
    ddemaine 4 months ago

    Richard Ayoade doesn't part the waves, the waves part for Richard Ayoade.

  • Elsa Labouret
    Elsa Labouret 4 months ago +75

    Absurd and deadpan humour are my favorites, so I'm on the floor with this bloke. Truly the embodiment of britishness

    • Rocketassistedgoat
      Rocketassistedgoat 4 months ago +1

      I'd add irreverent in there; and I'd agree with you 100%.

  • heidilynn s
    heidilynn s 4 months ago +45

    When Aisling called him Little Dickie I had unfortunately just taken a sip of my drink and it went spraying everywhere 😂

  • robert davis
    robert davis 4 months ago +165

    Is it just me or would Aubrey Plaza and Richard make the worlds most powerful powercouple?

    • robert davis
      robert davis 2 months ago

      Sorry mate, that actually wasn't me, it was my cat walking across my keyboard, a total coincidence that words came out

    • Luke S.
      Luke S. 2 months ago +1

      Bobby you've replied to yourself four times, it's time to stop

    • robert davis
      robert davis 4 months ago +1

      No Patreon, Im sure this will sound stupid isn't that like paypal?

    • joshuataylorbrowntown
      joshuataylorbrowntown 4 months ago +1

      @robert davis Do you have a Patreon?