• Published on Jun 18, 2018
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom. I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog (#Daily_Steele) - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!

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Comments • 4 893

  • Lars Murdoch Kalsta
    Lars Murdoch Kalsta 12 hours ago

    Try doing copper and aluminum? I know there's an alloy of the two that made it a viable structural material so maybe if you forge them together something interesting happens

  • Joseph Littlepage

    Try to make an inconel knife

  • 77Avadon77
    77Avadon77 Day ago

    You need to bi metal insert to forge titanium to steel. In other words, you need a different kind of metal that will bind the two as they will not Forge weld just like you cannot weld steel to aluminum without a bi metal insert

  • Mud_dub
    Mud_dub Day ago

    How about you try heating them up separately in there most favorable temperatures then try to hammer fuse them

  • Shivaji Chougale
    Shivaji Chougale 2 days ago

    Forge Titanium+Meteorite

  • mattastic wild life
    mattastic wild life 2 days ago

    You should bring both metals to boiling point (seperately) then mix the 2 liquid metals together, heat, then let cool

    • Patrick
      Patrick Day ago

      Melt them together?

  • Branden Gittens
    Branden Gittens 2 days ago

    How can you patent Damascus titanium? The patent office went full retard. I might have to patent humans so I can say who can procreate

  • TheFujac
    TheFujac 2 days ago

    you definitely need to do that in an argon atmosphere to prevent the titanium oxidising......... just how you'd do that i have no clue.

    we laser weld titanium in our jewellery workshop sometimes and have argon flowing directly onto the piece to prevent oxidation

  • WEXOX 13
    WEXOX 13 3 days ago +3

    you should put a thin layer of vanadium between the titanium and steel to stick together

  • Brent Walter
    Brent Walter 3 days ago

    Did he say “irregardless”?

  • ghostman 3278
    ghostman 3278 3 days ago

    if and when you make make this tamascus try to make a push dagger with it

  • Clarence Flint
    Clarence Flint 4 days ago

    Hey Alec, Titanium doesn't react well with ferrous Metals like carbon steel, cast iron, and alloy steel. Non-ferrous metals such as Aluminum, Copper, Tin, and Nickel will work better if you decide to attempt it again. I would also recommend (If you can get your hands on it, I understand Titanium can be pricey) an Alpha-Beta Titanium alloy such as TC4 Titanium which will have some metals such as Aluminum in it, maybe allowing a non-ferrous metal such as Tin or even Aluminum to work better. Have a good one

  • jorge luis Perez
    jorge luis Perez 4 days ago

    Make orichalcum

  • scott singer
    scott singer 5 days ago +3

    What about combining all different types of damascus together

  • Skitches
    Skitches 6 days ago

    Forge weld a bunch of pennies and nickles together to make a blade

  • Steve Huffman
    Steve Huffman 8 days ago

    Try adding flux between the layers

    BIG BOY 8 days ago

    Why don’t u just melt and mix it!! Pls do a video Alec

  • Paul Derrick
    Paul Derrick 9 days ago

    what if you mirror polished both the steel and the ti surfaces before welding that way there would be less chance of an oxide layer being introduced between them

  • Eric Brakstad
    Eric Brakstad 9 days ago

    You could try to use different thicknesses of the material like thinner titanium with thicker steel. try to get a differential heat for each material?

  • Wolverine X
    Wolverine X 10 days ago

    Do Gold and Silver Damascus

  • Denis Denis
    Denis Denis 10 days ago +1

    Try this under all inert gass atmosphere !!
    And a electric heating system.
    So build a tent ...
    Don't forget your air suply!!

  • Israel Espitia
    Israel Espitia 11 days ago

    Copper and silver!!!!

  • Tuuli Senja
    Tuuli Senja 11 days ago

    What I'd really like to know is, can four spent toilet paper rolls support the weight of an adult human male?

  • Marco Colecchia
    Marco Colecchia 11 days ago

    Ma quann si stubbt 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Marcus Nogaj
    Marcus Nogaj 12 days ago

    Hey Alec, before you do your next metallurgy experiment, you should lookup the crystal structure of each material you're working with as different crystal structures wont easily form interfaces with each other. In this case Titanium is a hexagonal closed packed (HCP) crystal and the steel is a body centered cubic (BCC) crystal which is why the two metals won't easily alloy (stick to each other). In your copper and nickel damascus video both copper and nickel are a face-centered cubic (FCC) crystal which is why the metals were able to alloy (stick) to one another to form the billet.
    There are some really cool periodic tables that tell you the crystal structure of elements so you can more easily make all kinds of Damascus.
    Also, if you're working with alloys (steels) the crystal structure of the alloy will usually be that of whatever is the most abundant in the metal. For example, steel is carbon and iron, carbon has a Diamond Cubic(DC) crystal structure while iron has a Body Centered Cubic Structure, but since there is wayyyy more iron than carbon in steel, the steel has the same crystal structure of iron (BCC).
    it'd be really cool if you did some tri-damascus, with like copper, bronze and aluminum!!! Keep up the great videos!!

  • The2 Eyes Vlogs
    The2 Eyes Vlogs 13 days ago +4

    Put a block of sodium under the power hammer. It’s a great idea

    BUSH MEDICINE AUSTRALIA 16 days ago +1

    Why do all youtubers talk like they are going through a manic episode?

  • Edward Strinden
    Edward Strinden 16 days ago +2

    You can start with laminations of spring steel and titanium leaf and forge them together with explosion welding.

  • KARL Josef Müller
    KARL Josef Müller 17 days ago

    Can you Make titanium chromium

  • Adrienne Fraschetta
    Adrienne Fraschetta 17 days ago

    Would you ever go back on forged in fire? Would love to see you make an apocalyptic ax/knife.

  • Larry Fry
    Larry Fry 17 days ago

    I've made titanium/carbon fiber 'damascus', utilizing the hot isostatic pressure technique. I think I still have a sample of the experiment around here somewhere....

  • Austin4721
    Austin4721 19 days ago +1

    Where do you get your titanium

  • Bacchanalia
    Bacchanalia 19 days ago

    He is a cutie, too bad he is straight.

  • DrRandomest
    DrRandomest 19 days ago +6

    Hey its the kid from meet the Robinsons haha jk

  • Ben Santos
    Ben Santos 19 days ago

    How about melt all the strongest metals in the world together? Is it possible?

  • Kevin Ireland
    Kevin Ireland 19 days ago

    Melt it down and mix it

  • Robert Ryan
    Robert Ryan 20 days ago

    Have you ever try to use borax to help melding different types of metal together?

  • Unstoppable Duck
    Unstoppable Duck 20 days ago +1


  • basel Abbarah
    basel Abbarah 21 day ago

    ترجمة للعربية اذا سمحتم

  • Rodoljb cicko
    Rodoljb cicko 21 day ago

    Try to blend tungsten carbid and titanium?

  • md. sahil Rahaman
    md. sahil Rahaman 23 days ago

    Let's mix titanium and gold alloy like ( iron Man)

  • Vince Rangel
    Vince Rangel 23 days ago +2

    Hay that's the other half of my hip

  • Eric Bice
    Eric Bice 24 days ago +1

    Less than a minute in and the accent is unbearable. Nice topic but Im out..

    • Eric Bice
      Eric Bice 23 days ago

      Its like an American trying to do an over the top impression of a UK game show host; facial expressions and all. I know, because I’m an American with no acting talent and that’s exactly how i would do it.😆😆

    • uR Wack
      uR Wack 23 days ago +1

      I can't watch this channel because of it I turn volume down and skip the talking

  • jordan secrist
    jordan secrist 24 days ago

    Why on earth would you not make something because of a patent? As long as you aren’t selling it there shouldn’t be a problem right?

  • aaron faucett
    aaron faucett 25 days ago

    Try painting a thin layer of flux on the sheets, maybe will prevent O2 from the weld

  • Archmagos Azrael Grimm
    Archmagos Azrael Grimm 25 days ago +1

    Try praying to the Machine God for it to work, that normally helps but also have more incense and holy oils. Machine God blesses his followers.

  • 83RBurke
    83RBurke 25 days ago +4

    How about a crumpled ball of steel and titanium foil as a starting point

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 25 days ago


  • Lydia Sello
    Lydia Sello 25 days ago

    Can you make some vibraniam

  • nad sid
    nad sid 25 days ago

    abuses of resources..

  • john smith
    john smith 25 days ago

    it sounds like the argon thing is about keeping oxygen away, so why not submerge it in something oxygen can't pass through, aka molten lead (not a blacksmith) or aluminum, e.g. weld ti and fe togeather then dunk them in molten metal, and bring it up to temprature, fish out ti biscut thing and magic

  • illturralli
    illturralli 26 days ago

    don't you need borax when trying to stick plates like that?

  • Zak Green
    Zak Green 26 days ago +1

    Gold and platinum Damascus knife

    • Zak Green
      Zak Green 20 days ago

      @Lewis_ Adams10 for sale, sure. But just as a one off, it would be cool

    • Lewis_ Adams10
      Lewis_ Adams10 20 days ago

      good Idea but it is too expensive to do

  • Brian
    Brian 26 days ago

    The trick with titanium is SLOW. Cutting or drilling titanium too fast dumps too much heat into the cutting device. Titanium holds heat well and dissipates it very slowly. That heat all dumps into your cutter softens it and dulls it. Try 800 rpms or less.

  • Majora12 _
    Majora12 _ 27 days ago +2

    I'd love to see a High Vanadium-Chromium steel and titanium Damascus. It would also be insanely strong if you do it right

    • Larry Fry
      Larry Fry 17 days ago

      No stronger than the V/Ch steel. Titanium is no stronger than many steels.

  • Keenan G
    Keenan G 27 days ago +1

    I would say just flip the metals, 2stl per 1 tit.

  • Xinly Alias
    Xinly Alias 27 days ago

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  • Denny Fisher
    Denny Fisher 27 days ago

    your videos are great man, can tell you love what u do

  • Thyago Mendes
    Thyago Mendes 27 days ago

    mokumegane of stell & titanium!!

  • stanfordwl
    stanfordwl 27 days ago

    Instead of argon did you think of helium

  • richard Turk
    richard Turk 27 days ago

    Why you have to act like an idiot screaming all the time?

  • Quasar Sword
    Quasar Sword 27 days ago

    Only if you can forage in a vacuum. Some kind of flameless oven?

  • dyfed jones
    dyfed jones 27 days ago

    Try tungsten and titanium damascus

  • TrollinCrazyRussian
    TrollinCrazyRussian 28 days ago

    Instead of counting on bonding try to have it mechanically locked together dovetail or vice versa dimpled. Mechanical bounded first then any bonding is just after thought, that's how I would do it.

  • GamingLeMone
    GamingLeMone 28 days ago

    6:00 thats what she said

  • mark phillips
    mark phillips 28 days ago

    How about folding Damascus and chromium together

  • mark phillips
    mark phillips 28 days ago

    How about folding Damascus and chromium together

  • Notus Notus
    Notus Notus 29 days ago

    Would love for "timascus" to be available from more than one extremely expensive source.

  • tnriverbanks
    tnriverbanks 29 days ago

    Master Damascus maker Chad Nichols with Nichols Damascus is one of the few people in the world that actually forges and sells these types of billets.He is located in the USA.That being said Alec is a master smith beyond beleif.

  • William R. Land
    William R. Land 29 days ago

    Try a flux pocket

  • Perkin Warbeck
    Perkin Warbeck 29 days ago

    Put thin sheets of gold in between steel. Make two billets. Use these two billets as the outer sections of a gold-less steel inner core (so that the edge doesn't have gold) Scandinavian grind to retain surface area of the gold billets. It's pretty.

  • RJ G
    RJ G 29 days ago

    Try to do roll pattern it will work

  • Jo Pras
    Jo Pras Month ago

    Dude don't talking too much, you sounds like kardashians. Know what content you made for

  • Slavec van der Marel
    Slavec van der Marel Month ago +1

    Either make an alloy by melting two or more metals or dynamite/explosion welding.... you can't cheat physics ;)

  • robert dean
    robert dean Month ago

    Nickle and titanium??

  • Offend aman
    Offend aman Month ago

    The problem could be a oxide layer as many other have commented. Maybe if you tin the titanium with solder, led or another metal that bonds with titanium... Then an oxide layer won't form on the surface and maybe you could forge weld it. Comments on that?

  • Piotr Handke
    Piotr Handke Month ago

    Did you try with 3rd thin layer of more reactive metal?

  • TheShorterboy
    TheShorterboy Month ago

    stir weld it

  • Jordan Ivey
    Jordan Ivey Month ago +2

    Could you melt the material together ?

    • Jordan Ivey
      Jordan Ivey 29 days ago

      @Maxim Bellemare Savage oh I see yeah I never thought about that

    • Maxim Bellemare Savage
      Maxim Bellemare Savage 29 days ago +1

      I believe that's possible, he'd get a steel-titanium alloy, but he wouldn't get the pretty damascus pattern.

  • KeyChain Tv
    KeyChain Tv Month ago

    Make Damascus Silver and gold then make a ring. I think that would be pretty cool!

    • BTW
      BTW Month ago


  • mt00
    mt00 Month ago

    Try steel/copper or aluminium/copper

  • Sleepy Not so Sleepy
    Sleepy Not so Sleepy Month ago +1

    Why is this ASMR to me? 😂

  • Matthew Lin
    Matthew Lin Month ago

    Have you ever made Damascus out of the shaving you have?

  • Jeremy Plimpton
    Jeremy Plimpton Month ago

    Read a wonderful article from an industrial foundry that says to coat it in glass before the heating process, to heat the metal for quite a while- ( slowly raising the temp through the heating process) but using a specific gas to heat the metal with so as to eliminate as much oxygen as possible

  • Benjamin Burns
    Benjamin Burns Month ago

    Regarding timascus being patented, I'm a software developer and patents come up fairly regularly for us. I'm however not a lawyer and this isn't legal advice - just sharing my understanding of how it works. I believe that it's a false equivalence that simply making something that's patented will get you into legal hot water. To find yourself in legal trouble you need to cause damages for the patent holder by making and distributing the thing that is patented. There are lots and lots of cases in software where content which educates people about a patented invention, even to the point of demonstrating how to build the thing that is patented, is totally fine. As an example, numerous popular open source projects have released source code for patented algorithms. As long as they distribute the source code and not the binary they aren't in voilation of the patent. Projects like this literally have unabashed tutorials on how to build the source locally for those who want to get around the man. The ffmpeg project is one such example. People following these instructions may be in violation of the patent if they use whatever it is for commercial purposes, but the open source project isn't at fault.
    Tl;Dr: I hope to see a video on timascus soon!

  • Travis Roberts
    Travis Roberts Month ago

    You keep making these fire warnings about flying sparks yet you have all these flags hanging in your shop

  • john endriss
    john endriss Month ago

    What about spot welding it all together b4 working it out on the hammer

  • Lord Mavramon
    Lord Mavramon Month ago

    Hey Alec, another idea which I don’t know if it works but might, is to stack the different materials (titanium and steel) into an envelope of steel, mean you could try to make a box of steel stack your titanium and steel plates in there and seal it at the top with a steel plate. This leads to less reactive oxygen being available inside the steel box and you are able to process it more easily when going under the power hammer, you can also bring it to higher temps because the steel is not as reactive as the titanium. Now to the things that may not work as planned, I honestly don’t know how big the difference is between the expansion caused by the heat of these two materials, it might happen that the steel box cracks because the interior expands so much that the steel on the outside can’t keep up. My second worry is that when expanding you might get a leakage in the enveloping steel and oxygen might come in and oxidise everything again. That’s that so far hope you can get some inspiration from my idea. Keep making cool vids ;)

  • ZioskamiYT
    ZioskamiYT Month ago

    7:59 rhythm matches with the grinding

  • Oliver C
    Oliver C Month ago +5

    imagine what a gold and silver damascus would look like.

    • Oliver C
      Oliver C 26 days ago

      Juanpablo Montalvo :(

    • Juanpablo Montalvo
      Juanpablo Montalvo 26 days ago

      Oliver C
      Gold and silver do make an alloy
      Its called electrum i think

  • Guyver
    Guyver Month ago

    Bru are you even an ARTISIN (ambagsman!!)

    • Guyver
      Guyver Month ago

      the metal with iron and titianum with the melting temp ?!

  • Sam McGee
    Sam McGee Month ago

    Did you ever try heating & folding the piece numerous times - mixing the metals together, so to speak, as though an epoxy?

  • 0x353783301 F90RADA4FH33CIC

    He should go on forged in fire

  • Sir.Tony Blair jr
    Sir.Tony Blair jr Month ago

    Hey, why don't you put the pieces of titanium and steel into a box and carbon dust and weld the side tight so there won't be any oxygen inside of it? I saw that on Big Dog Forge youtude videos. And others too.

  • FellaBoi
    FellaBoi Month ago

    Are you Bear Grylls

  • wtfbbqpwnzercopter
    wtfbbqpwnzercopter Month ago

    Bud I dont know UK law. But here in the states as long as you dont sell the result of the process, you should be ok.

  • patman0250
    patman0250 Month ago

    Maybe it didn't work because as soon as you see sparks you get scared and just run away instead of just keeping it going! You hesitate on the first hit then you just run away like come on dude grow some balls!

  • Troy DeRoin jr
    Troy DeRoin jr Month ago

    Should try using a layer of high carbon steel and the titanium layer should be like a third of the thickness shouldn't the fuse if you titanium layer is thinner than the high carbon steel

  • Firdaus 2707
    Firdaus 2707 Month ago

    this guy is full of spirit...

  • BatMoto
    BatMoto Month ago

    I am no black smith but I do enjoy watching bladed weapons be made. I literally just watched a show on how traditional katanas are made which gave me an idea for this. They literally encase iron inside of the steel. This way the blade has a flexible core while also being strong and able to hold an edge. Now I am not sure how well this idea might work but what about encasing the steel in titanium then twisting it?