• Published on Jun 18, 2018
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom. I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

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  • 32353235e
    32353235e Day ago

    Use flux, work in vacuum, try explosive bonding

  • Braeden Young
    Braeden Young Day ago

    I know this sounds stupidly dangerous - because it is - but you're going to need to remove the oxygen from the room (leaving only nitrogen) and get the metal white hot to forge it.

  • bruticusmagnus
    bruticusmagnus Day ago

    This maybe a dumb idea, since I have no experience, what about electro plating the titanium with nickel before trying to forge weld? Nickel bonds to stainless it might bond to the titanium. The nickel coating might isolate the titanium from the O2 while heating in the forge and while trying to hammer weld. Just a thought that has know basis in experience.

  • Elk Darkshire
    Elk Darkshire Day ago

    cuddle with me!

  • Bobby Chudoba
    Bobby Chudoba 2 days ago

    If you know metallic properties you should know that they don't forge weld at all on a stack. It's a no brainer. Either way it all comes down you the molecules in both metals. They don't line up.

  • James Charbonneau
    James Charbonneau 2 days ago

    Are you serious there is a patent on making metal alloy? That's stupid. I wouldn't abide by it.

  • Sailor376also
    Sailor376also 3 days ago

    You seem to be trying to duplicate a pattern,, vs duplicate the steel or process. The patterns can certainly be duplicated, mimicked. The trick is duplicating the steel,, the knives. The same type of steel is seen withing samurai. It is repeatedly folded carbon steel,,,,, carbon steel that gained its carbon by repeated folding in a charcoal fire. Charcoal is the heat source,, with air injection,,, liely with a flux,, some powdered bone? or Lime? or Limestone? But the key, it would seem, is the folding and heating within a carbon environment.
    That you can take eggs and yolks and fold and cook them in a swirl is not going to necessarily give you a steel,, or a blade, or superior toughness, flexibility, sharpness, or hardness,,, or,, the perfect blend of them all. Cook your steel in charcoal. And fold it.

  • Mr Spec
    Mr Spec 3 days ago

    just found you, insta sub.

  • braedenR
    braedenR 3 days ago

    416 stainless, and 6al titanium.
    They machine similar, maybe they can be forge welded.

  • braedenR
    braedenR 3 days ago

    4:57 there goes your inserts...

  • DEATH111183
    DEATH111183 3 days ago

    you can make a titanium/steel Damascus combo.... it's been done for decades.... called "Titanium-steel alloy" use to be used for safes and drill bits in the late 80's but since processing it to it's better qualities is more troublesome than processing titanium on it's own..... meaning you lose half the product or more trying to make it, so it's not cost effective to make it in it's best quality

  • Oshan
    Oshan 3 days ago

    1 hour 8 minutes ad?? @TheXvid really??

  • Zekaniah
    Zekaniah 3 days ago

    Hey Alec, not sure if someone suggested this or not or EVEN if u tried. Sorta new to ur channel, BUT have u ever had that feeling of taking all those metal scraps that go flying all over the place and attempting to forge em all together? Never seen anyone try because well... its scrap metal and thought it was something you'd be willing to attempt? Would be interesting to see someone attempt it xD

  • dandre moy
    dandre moy 3 days ago

    "Where they nake the titanium hip replacements... Oooooooo."

  • thebigoneisbig
    thebigoneisbig 3 days ago

    This guy is so annoying. A good idea is doing a course on communication, this over the top stuff was torture, and you clearly didn't know much. Pointless

  • ChangelingDJ
    ChangelingDJ 3 days ago

    Bicycle chain Damascus

  • Mr. Mango
    Mr. Mango 4 days ago +2


  • the boi
    the boi 4 days ago

    its a very nice danish flag you have

  • Shelby Gaming
    Shelby Gaming 4 days ago

    Magnesium and Titanium

  • Connor Stinnett
    Connor Stinnett 5 days ago

    If you could find a workable metal to bond to titanium, would the metal be stronger

  • CR3W1SH03S
    CR3W1SH03S 5 days ago

    When milling Ti, use a low surface speed of around 80-120 surface feet per minute and a feed that gives you an .008-.012" per tooth chip load. And use coolant. Heat is your enemy.

  • ganimed1976
    ganimed1976 5 days ago +2

    I know titanium from cycling and I know that you cannot weld titanium under normal air conditions. Titanium needs inert gas welding because of oxidation.

  • buck wingston
    buck wingston 5 days ago

    Alec, I got a weird or maybe interesting question. Are you able to make Damascus with 3 different alloys such as aluminium, copper and steel or steel titanium and aluminium?

  • Frosticles the Benificent

    You should try making the new guy hammer hot iron and aluminium powder....
    I'm sure it's safe.

  • Christopher Warkentin

    Both steel and titanium alloys have different melting points. Steel is more malleable than titanium. Rather than taking a layering approach with plate metal, why not use titanium wires to form a reinforcing mesh and use, say, 303 stainless steel as a matrix?

  • Barbed Two
    Barbed Two 5 days ago

    It seems like the biggest problem is the oxide layer forming relatively easy, I'd guess this is because your immediately removing the surface weld when you hit it under the hammer, hence why you get that smoke from the material as it's likely from chemistry of forming the titanium oxide layer so I'd guess if you can figure out a way to do this in either a completely vacuum sealed room to avoid the possibility of it oxidising or if you where to use a different material or a thicker layer for the surface weld so that it doesn't immediately expose the titanium to air it could work, to avoid the issue with the steel forming around the titanium as you hit it you could try using a different alloy makeup to avoid its high ductility(I know it's at high temperatures and that increases its malleability exponentially however it could still play a factor), as I'm sure you know steel is used because it's good in tension so if you use an alloy better designed for the hammer, high temperature environments and compressive forces it might not be very easy still but it would likely be easiER, this is coming from a Scottish high schooler with a higher A in engineering not metallurgy and metalworking but it's probably something to consider

  • Avar Nyx
    Avar Nyx 6 days ago

    Cobalt and titanium...

  • LinkInThePink SMMS
    LinkInThePink SMMS 6 days ago

    Purge it with nitrogen or another inert gas

    DANGER DYLAN78 6 days ago

    Do you have any coworkers or employees or anything, do you own this work shop? You should do a q&a, i have a lot if questions

  • Lachlan Chadwen
    Lachlan Chadwen 6 days ago

    C'est épuisant ce monologue incessant et surtout quand on ne maîtrise pas la langue . Passe les explications ton travail suffit pour comprendre 😵

  • Darth ßanê
    Darth ßanê 6 days ago

    You missed a great opportunity to show the different colored sparks between the two materials by adding the filter during editing. Titanium sparks are such a brilliant white color.

  • michael kramer
    michael kramer 6 days ago

    I would suggest that you smelt down titanium and steel. When they are both molten metal you should mix them into a mold of something you are wanting to make.

  • Janet Pitman
    Janet Pitman 6 days ago

    I know that this is a very late comment but can you mix Cobalt and tungsten together

  • Cyberpunk Zombie
    Cyberpunk Zombie 6 days ago

    To hip to be square? (am i too old for the internets?)

  • Kurt Anderson
    Kurt Anderson 6 days ago

    Steve Smith!!!

  • Jerkimer James
    Jerkimer James 6 days ago

    Titanium will only micro-alloy in certain steels use for tooling and high refractive corrosion. The chemical isotopes must be combined with other special alloys to achieve high-quality attributes. This also must be done in a vacuum induction furnace. Which is how titanium is processed for final processing into stock sizes. This is why it's very expensive. It is not very suitable for blacksmithing as you realized. Get metallurgy from the manufacturers and Society trades. It's money well spent to build knowledge and wisdom from great traditions to save you money and time or keep doing as you feel and learn through your own trials by fire. Great fun.

  • Glen Blanton
    Glen Blanton 7 days ago

    How about murging tungsten carbide with Domascus.

  • AR-Gaming
    AR-Gaming 7 days ago

    make the steel look like swiss chese so the titanium pushes though and welds to its self

  • Sam Trezitorul
    Sam Trezitorul 7 days ago

    This won't work, its not the TiO2 thats the problem so much as the alloy that Ti and Iron form. The formed alloy Fe2Ti is very brittle. (Also why welding Ti to Steel is generally impossible without fillers). However, if you add a Nickel interlayer it will bond or forge just fine.

  • felicianoabe
    felicianoabe 7 days ago

    Why are you so hyper? Dude calm the f--k down.your work is amazing but sometimes your annoying as F... to watch

  • norman sands
    norman sands 7 days ago

    try canester

  • Anatoliy Batishchev
    Anatoliy Batishchev 8 days ago


  • acisdc007
    acisdc007 8 days ago

    can bronze and iron be stuck together? combine the two ages and make something from around the time that the two ages first started to merge?

  • Anthony Fish
    Anthony Fish 8 days ago

    Have you tried asking for permission from the company that Patented the way of making the Titanium for your experiment on fusing the metals together giving them the credit on there method on their way of fusing the material together

  • Xenronnify
    Xenronnify 8 days ago

    When you asked about other metals you could weld, the phrase "Titanium Bronze" popped into my head. Dunno if that's a thing, but hey!
    Also I'm super gritty. Like, a 15.

  • TheHarbingerOfDeath
    TheHarbingerOfDeath 9 days ago

    We used nitrogen flowing over pcb's in the reflow process to control oxides in electronics production. Even the typically dull lead free alloy was reflective as lead.

  • emoman7777
    emoman7777 9 days ago

    Maybe some flux to prevent an oxide layer from forming? I have seen people use borax as a a way to prevent Damascus from oxidizing during the forging process.

  • Lunatic Legend
    Lunatic Legend 9 days ago

    His mannerisms are exactly like Muselk

  • prdprdprdprdprdel
    prdprdprdprdprdel 9 days ago

    Plutonium-Plutonium damascus.. Good thing is, that if you hit it hard enough you won't even need to heat it...

  • Craig Burwell
    Craig Burwell 9 days ago

    It might be my grandpa's leg and I'm taking apart he gave me it

  • Aaron Kameric
    Aaron Kameric 9 days ago

    Why can’t can’t melt them both to a molten state and mix them as a liquid and then heat treat the final result?

  • zai513
    zai513 9 days ago

    Regarding the titainm and steel. I've seen other blacksmithing youtubers only weld the short end, as to allow them to ad powdered 'smithing flux, too i believe your billut did not get hot enough. I.e. the cold metal in the center.

  • TheTopTechnology
    TheTopTechnology 10 days ago

    Inconel 718 and 625

  • Bethis GG
    Bethis GG 10 days ago

    Make a hammer out of it

  • laughing man
    laughing man 10 days ago

    tom i think you should step back ya know tom

  • M Jones
    M Jones 10 days ago

    Make a Damascus out of US coins.

  • Petey _Now
    Petey _Now 10 days ago

    Try forging Steel Hub with Titanium Shaft

  • Gene Jeffries
    Gene Jeffries 10 days ago

    I'm guessing your not going to be able to do this outside of an inert gas atmosphere. Just a guess but ti is an odd duck like that.

  • Kattarina Marie
    Kattarina Marie 10 days ago

    What about copper and white gold? Is white gold too soft?

  • Sebastian Miranda
    Sebastian Miranda 11 days ago

    Do lead and aluminium

  • Diggitheins
    Diggitheins 11 days ago

    Where is he from?

  • Paul Wehner
    Paul Wehner 11 days ago

    try making currency

  • Keanu S
    Keanu S 11 days ago

    Can you make damascus two types of damascus (with 4 types of metal)

  • Boyone Fun
    Boyone Fun 11 days ago

    Titanium and cobalt

  • David Spray
    David Spray 11 days ago

    not nearly hot enough for titanium to melt

  • Erik Joosten
    Erik Joosten 11 days ago

    how is it possible that they can get a patent on a simple idea as forging it in a oxygen free environment? Something every bloody idiot can come up with?

  • Gearstrax - Gaming & Twitch

    Cant use Argon? Use neon! Its plentiful, and a bit more expensive, but is lighter? So I guess that could help with... something. Idk.

    • Gearstrax - Gaming & Twitch
      Gearstrax - Gaming & Twitch 3 days ago

      +Lukas Bendiksen He doesn't mention Neon. Sorry dude, you're wrong. Also, his comment seems to be an entire process, and mine is focusing on the fact that argon is a large part of the patented process, and neon is an anti-oxidizer, just like argon, but isn't a part of the patented process at all.

    • Lukas Bendiksen
      Lukas Bendiksen 3 days ago +1

      bruh you just copied a part of jasouthouse94's comment

  • Keith Rosenberg
    Keith Rosenberg 12 days ago

    Titanium can burn in nitrogen. And it creates nitrides. Get a titanium metalurgist for tips.

  • Raphael Sklinitzis
    Raphael Sklinitzis 12 days ago

    That post date is messing up my brain

  • MarvelX42
    MarvelX42 12 days ago

    In a vacuum metal will weld to itself without any heat, maybe try putting it in a vacuum chamber?

  • Johnnie Cash
    Johnnie Cash 12 days ago

    I've always wanted to learn how to do this

  • Johnnie Cash
    Johnnie Cash 12 days ago

    Thank you so much I really love your videos

  • Tiny Giraffe
    Tiny Giraffe 12 days ago

    If you heat up the 02 enough couldn't you get it to spit back to O which of course oxygen doesn't like so it could try to bond to something else.. like Carbon to make CO2? what if you built an inner forge area of carbon?

  • PaulSpaceFDot
    PaulSpaceFDot 13 days ago

    I doubt it will work without near laboratory conditions. If I were approaching it, I’d build a new forge without any other residues offgassing in it. I’d use a flux like boric acid to try and keep the oxygen away from the titanium (since Ti is RABID about forming oxides!), AND, I’d inject argon through the center of your forge burner and adjust your burner to a reducing atmosphere. If that doesn’t work, then using the same conditions, I’d put an interim material between the steel and Ti that both metals will bond with. Perhaps Nickel? Oh, yeah, and as you discovered, machining Titanium takes higher feeds or it work hardens and strips the teeth off your tools. You know, it would help a lot to know what alloy of Titanium you have, and look it up in a welding manual. GOOD LUCK! It’s a cool project.... even if I think it’s impossible.

  • Joseph Kane
    Joseph Kane 13 days ago

    Just shut up, givre ud the fscrs without screaming, and without the MUZAK!!

  • Fabian Lissner
    Fabian Lissner 13 days ago

    Heat it up as much as you feel safe and press them in a hydraulic press. Would assume there will be less spark's at least. Or anything completely explodes

  • oso sexy
    oso sexy 13 days ago


  • DerpLemon UnderTale Art

    I just noticed u look like the meet the Robinsons kid

  • True Sighted
    True Sighted 13 days ago

    I know they often join dissimilar metals threw exsplosion welding.. But with titanium Idk. Other that using something between the bond that will vaporize at heat and create a vapor shield durring the bonding process, to prevent oxidation from ever forming.. Idk.

  • fainter break
    fainter break 14 days ago

    Why didnt you use a canister Damascus?

  • Mad4Kills1
    Mad4Kills1 15 days ago

    Two alloys rose gold and steel

  • Larz The Raccoon
    Larz The Raccoon 15 days ago

    1.9k dislikes are band saw blades.

  • Maria Richardson
    Maria Richardson 15 days ago

    titanium also burns in nitrogen !!!! stay safe

  • anonymous mystery
    anonymous mystery 16 days ago

    Keeps hitting it with hammer again and again with a pick oh It broke *insert surprised pikachu meme*

  • FbodyX2 GbodyX1
    FbodyX2 GbodyX1 16 days ago

    Gold and platinum? Idk if its already been done. I'm new to this.

  • ITzSmores
    ITzSmores 16 days ago

    Try masking cobalt osmium Damascus

  • Steve Hammel
    Steve Hammel 16 days ago

    Is it possible to forge dissimilar metals in a vacuum?

  • Holy Ecoly
    Holy Ecoly 16 days ago

    wonder if a twist pattern would be possible?

  • A & A
    A & A 16 days ago

    Empty. No meaning. No mentioning that titanium is produced in Russia. Useless ad in the beginning of an empty video clip. No idea what titanium and steel mixed is. Result: 2000 dislikes.

  • A & A
    A & A 16 days ago

    Empty. No meaning. No mentioning that titanium is produced in Russia. Useless ad in the beginning of an empty video clip. No idea what titanium and steel mixed is. Result: 2000 dislikes.

  • Irl Trice
    Irl Trice 17 days ago

    How about a damascus with adamantium and vibranium? Probably not the first to say it but couldn't resist. Just recently came across your channel and really enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work.

  • puttesla intxtbks
    puttesla intxtbks 17 days ago

    I think in the US, as long as you don't sell it, you should have no problems with Patent.

  • The Hinkinator
    The Hinkinator 17 days ago

    Try and do gold, silver and bronze? Please

  • Nick Gaming
    Nick Gaming 17 days ago

    Try to make a Damascus with tungsten!

  • Trevor Van Zuydam
    Trevor Van Zuydam 17 days ago

    Try with flouride salt based flux

  • DimOk's Woodworking
    DimOk's Woodworking 18 days ago


  • sean latham
    sean latham 18 days ago

    Can you see if you can’t make a lead Damascus and after your done melt the lead away and leave the other metal there

    LIITEMIES 18 days ago

    how about strips 1 steel 1 titanium 1 steel 2 plates of steel? trapping the the titanium basicly. would that work pounded to hell and paunded to hell again?

  • uzma parveen
    uzma parveen 18 days ago

    Melt titanium and steel and then mix it ,make an alkoy

  • Throk Vaughan
    Throk Vaughan 19 days ago

    Put some steel and titanium in a crucible and melt the metals together.