• Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • We have propane gas, which you have to ignite for the stove to come on. Keep that in mind when you watch this video.

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  • GreenTac
    GreenTac  +126

    Tabor speaking with his dogs be the thing I absolutely love hearing every irl video. He speaking dog language

  • flipflop321

    The way Tabor speaks with his dogs is just a unique way of communicating😂😂😂(why so many likes, I didn't expect this

  • Felix Cowin

    She looks so guilty like she knows she’s in trouble haha 😂

  • MrDark
    MrDark  +50

    Tabor: what did your dog do

  • FlorexFN
    FlorexFN  +30

    I’m super happy to see safe. Hopefully that never happens again!

  • NinjaLavaBoy

    I love the way Tabor speaks with his dogs it's just so cute 😊

  • Bret Lewis

    I'm glad too see her safe and you all are safe as well

  • Seth_Andretti

    Glad you’re safe Tabor, God’s watching out, know that 💯

  • I_-AM_RYAN

    Happy to hear youre OK and safe!

  • Cody Rollins


  • streemd
    streemd  +5

    Love that dogs totally know when you’re mad. My cats don’t care.

  • ForceTz
    ForceTz  +3

    That’s terrifying, I’m glad you, your family and dogs are ok

  • Ian_The_Gamer

    I know this is a very serious situation, but it feels like a death trap from final destination, because of how it’s set up. But I’m very glad you, your family, and your belongings are safe.

  • YouTube Danger

    Regular TheXvidr- I hit a clip😈

  • Jay Mac
    Jay Mac  +5

    Actually based off my 3 years of vol fire experience the mixture of the fan and the stove enough to create a fire due to the oxygen source from the fan and the fire from stove

  • I_-AM_RYAN

    The way he talks to his dogs is so cute 😍

  • GodzillaPlayzYT

    This is exactly how I talk to my dogs 😂

  • Dante
    Dante  +19

    Omg that’s not what i thought tabors next video would be. I hope it’s all ok now. There still so cute

  • N8TIVEWW65

    Time to baby proof the stove! Glad that y'all are ok.

  • Mathew Watson

    Tabor thankfully your house didn't blow up and that everything and everyone is safe but now I feel bad for the hot dogs and burgers! 😅 But at least you and your family is safe so that's good! I think I actually lived out in the country one time when I was younger, I've had alot of dogs growing up as a kid, some of them were great while others were kinda troublemakers but still cared for them either way 😁