• Published on Jun 14, 2019
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Comments • 808

  • Rusty SpyGoat
    Rusty SpyGoat Day ago

    Shane the type of guy to wash the dishes and his socks in the same sink

  • Kevin Efc
    Kevin Efc Day ago

    It was a joke of a fight Shane and your honesty is good

    ONLY WORDS 3 days ago +2

    “It is what it is”

  • joanna shearer
    joanna shearer 11 days ago

    all them furys have the gift of talking well. i could listen to them all day

  • randy palla
    randy palla 11 days ago +2

    My god that toilet must take some punishment, with those fatties ,

  • Michael Omara
    Michael Omara 14 days ago

    What a real top bloke

  • Emmett Oliver
    Emmett Oliver 18 days ago

    Why is that mug wearing sun glasses 🤣🤣😎

  • Frankie Brooks
    Frankie Brooks 20 days ago +2

    Grown men still need there old Dad's sometimes,..... Unless he's a wrong un.

      EDDIE BHOY 18 days ago

      Definitely, I stopped contact with my dad due to my addiction and after getting clean and my shit together we are back to what we where. I was his best man when he remarried, can't believe I lost 10yrs of his guidance

  • Joe BS
    Joe BS 20 days ago +2

    Tyson Fury is one hell of a fight and such a heart of a tiger, respect bruv

  • Adam Clarke
    Adam Clarke 22 days ago

    Come on Shane...deliver your brother to the hearn stable...

  • HDS mack
    HDS mack 23 days ago

    He looks like the kinda guy that would totally steal your last pet goose from the shelf In the garden I’d yaw know what aw mean baby

  • Kurt Lee
    Kurt Lee 25 days ago

    nobody can build you up and tear you down like your family, best people to have around you

  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones 25 days ago

    The fury's have such distinct voices. I like this guy, good talker just like the rest of them. On the other hand I don't like his wet hair, I thought the wet look died out a while back?

  • carl crompton
    carl crompton 25 days ago

    how great is our God,

  • carl crompton
    carl crompton 25 days ago

    hes of bibical proportions

  • We won it Six times
    We won it Six times 26 days ago +1

    Shane fury looks a heart attack waiting to happen

  • Gareth Peart
    Gareth Peart 26 days ago

    what a top lad

  • dunne00
    dunne00 26 days ago

    I used to work in a small shopping centre . Shane would to come in and buy the crisps in the wholesale boxes . He eats 20 to 30 boxes of crisps a day

    • Billy aitc
      Billy aitc 25 days ago

      @dunne00 I'm glad you Said he took the dog back, with a bag of dog treats and not a bag of crisp 😂😂

    • Billy aitc
      Billy aitc 25 days ago

      @dunne00 that makes it more believable. Can you see why I didn't believe your first statement haha

    • dunne00
      dunne00 25 days ago

      He kidnapped someome dog once but it ended up being a misunderstanding . He took the dog back with a bag of dog treats

    • dunne00
      dunne00 25 days ago +1

      @Billy aitc no I meant he eats 20 to 30 bags a day and he buys them in bulk in boxes

    • Billy aitc
      Billy aitc 25 days ago

      @dunne00 so he eats between 480-720 packets of crisps per day.......... Jesus

  • dunne00
    dunne00 26 days ago +2

    Shane should start his own TheXvid review channel on English fry ups .
    I doubt he would give a single bad review

  • big daz
    big daz 27 days ago

    lol they all sound the same 😂

  • David Ricketts
    David Ricketts 28 days ago

    Love the furys real men

  • GW GW
    GW GW 29 days ago +1

    Fair play to Shane speaks the truth.

  • Tru Brit.
    Tru Brit. 29 days ago

    Dya like dags

  • marc mitchell
    marc mitchell 29 days ago

    Top fella

  • niggel Dingerdong
    niggel Dingerdong Month ago

    He's probably pissed of with him cos of all the pork pies he's eating .go get a job stop sucking your brothers balls dry

  • Russell Dingle
    Russell Dingle Month ago

    love Shane an his dad

  • Simon Kennett
    Simon Kennett Month ago +1

    Total respect for the openness and honesty. Proper interview

  • Squipture
    Squipture Month ago

    SHANE NEEDS TO BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA!!...DO A PODCAST SHANE!! Very interesting interview....good work Cougan!

  • Jason Rice
    Jason Rice Month ago

    BIG SHANE FURY rocks

  • Pax Britannica
    Pax Britannica Month ago

    All the adverts are getting ridiculous

  • J Mc
    J Mc Month ago

    Listen....it is what it is, THE FURY'S.

  • Stacey McGrath
    Stacey McGrath Month ago

    Shane 'Listen' Fury

  • rory macpherson
    rory macpherson Month ago

    Hugie looking like Shane’s bodyguard. Eyeing up koogan ready to pounce.

  • Plymouth Rock
    Plymouth Rock Month ago +1

    For a bloke who can't read or Wright he very articulate and I find his points of view very interesting

    • N!Mm0
      N!Mm0 29 days ago

      Plymouth Rock haha we can all lie!

    • Plymouth Rock
      Plymouth Rock Month ago

      @N!Mm0 it was meant to be ironic

    • N!Mm0
      N!Mm0 Month ago


  • David Bidder
    David Bidder Month ago +1

    Shane is the type of guy to talk Europe in to a brexit deal

  • Paul Denson
    Paul Denson Month ago

    Looks like Tony Saprano lol!

  • Robin Paydon
    Robin Paydon Month ago

    If James Gandolfini and Seth Rogan had a lovechild it would look like Shane

  • west ham boy
    west ham boy Month ago

    crazy how the brothers and father sound exactly the same the personality the way they talk the things they say how relaxed they are is crazy like 1 person

  • Dominic Collins
    Dominic Collins Month ago

    Huwigh doesn't half go on

  • Dominic Collins
    Dominic Collins Month ago

    Whos here for the ads

  • nate blackwell
    nate blackwell Month ago

    great video!

  • Mark Paddy
    Mark Paddy Month ago

    Gee up boys Tyson fury no 1

  • Ray M12
    Ray M12 Month ago +1

    Shane the type of man that drives into the back of you, And you lose your no claims bonus

  • Owain Carey
    Owain Carey Month ago +4

    Likeable guy is Shane , talks sense and doesn't try to pull the wool over your eyes, good man.

  • Paul Cook
    Paul Cook Month ago

    All the fury’s are so alike

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago

    After all these years the audio is still quiet

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown Month ago


  • Snax Pendragon
    Snax Pendragon Month ago

    Ruiz has let himself go

  • Erraticlee Me
    Erraticlee Me Month ago

    Seems like another good bloke👍

  • Oliver Galmond
    Oliver Galmond Month ago

    18:20 Thats what you wanted to hear if you went for the title

  • Redroseofsummer
    Redroseofsummer Month ago +2

    Great interview with proper men , they remind me of my brothers ☘🥊

  • Daniel Griffiths
    Daniel Griffiths Month ago +2

    Fantastic honesty from Shane fury I'll look forward to more interviews of this man

  • Daniel Griffiths
    Daniel Griffiths Month ago

    Fk these adverts cougan

  • Ricky Downing
    Ricky Downing Month ago

    So Tyson is a world champion, Tommy looks promising, and Shane lays The tarmac?

  • 200 MPH
    200 MPH Month ago +1

    Shane’s the type of guy who would pitch his trailer up in the MGM car park and tell the security to jog-on

  • Ste Brown
    Ste Brown Month ago +1

    your intro's are too long =]

  • Dan Fruean
    Dan Fruean Month ago

    These lads need to vlog haha

  • MrDubg15
    MrDubg15 Month ago

    What a guy....says it how it is. Go on Shane!

  • Sir-Kao-Pad Power
    Sir-Kao-Pad Power Month ago

    24 and 27 year olds Lol

  • Ollie grigg
    Ollie grigg Month ago

    Thought it was tommy on the left

  • Vaughn Williams
    Vaughn Williams Month ago

    Kugan... share that footage of Shane clambering through the rows when Wilder dropped him please

  • Sam Sule
    Sam Sule Month ago

    more fury camp
    tyson fury and his family would have fit in the times of the HW greats with Ali etc

  • blackopman1
    blackopman1 Month ago

    He's like his brother isn't he? Good insights , ta

  • Adam Marshall
    Adam Marshall Month ago

    Ya big dosser

  • Town _Biznessman
    Town _Biznessman Month ago

    Next stay try Green Valley Ranch. Not on the Strip, but a 10 min. trip on the Freeway. Once you step out the doors that exit toward Green Valley Ranch PKWY. you’ll think of me, and glad you took my advice.

  • Efc Scouser ofcourse

    Top lad shane

  • MediTruth
    MediTruth Month ago

    Shane spot on "Boxing is a very corrupt sport"

  • MediTruth
    MediTruth Month ago +1

    Really enjoyed the interview and hearing the perspective from the brothers.

    IMINETI Month ago

    Jesus is the way, the truth and the life! God bless!

  • beach life
    beach life Month ago

    Shane cuts through all the hype and bs and says it as it is. Great interview.

  • Toni Blackstone
    Toni Blackstone Month ago

    Is the sunglass guy his boyfriend?

  • Kane LFC
    Kane LFC Month ago

    "Hes a limited fighter schwarts, I reckon I would have a good tussel with him " - big shane

  • El sam West
    El sam West Month ago

    Who woud win in a fight,like for big baby DW brother or comment for Shane..

  • Liam Moore
    Liam Moore Month ago

    I dont believe tommy is cut from the same cloth of shane and tyson

  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey Month ago +1

    As Shane would say - LISTEN

  • Shane Martin
    Shane Martin Month ago

    Shane It Is What It Is Fury

  • seanr521
    seanr521 Month ago

    Nearly 100k views after only few days pal. Ur on the up 😂 👍 interesting interview. Look 4ward to hearing more from u!

  • Bionic Ironic
    Bionic Ironic Month ago +14

    Shane , the perfect example of a genuine down to earth northern Englishman. Reminds me of home

  • gary hurdiss
    gary hurdiss Month ago

    You cant but like shane top lad and speaks alot of sense and has good boxing knowledge

  • TonySopranoBig
    TonySopranoBig Month ago

    Wynn/Encore is the best in Vegas

  • Me Myself
    Me Myself Month ago

    Brilliant interview more of Shane please kugan 👍

  • lee jordan
    lee jordan Month ago

    we need more interviews wih shane,hes honest as the day is long

  • muzzer88
    muzzer88 Month ago

    who that with big shane hughie fury is it tysons cuz

  • T Morales
    T Morales Month ago +1

    No doubt Shane is the one Fury that has his father's character, he's definitely a younger version of big John

  • A 87
    A 87 Month ago +2

    11 minutes past 6 hour or so after the fight watching this interview after some others from this week it hit me. What a masterclass by ESPN and Tyson to not take the rematch straight away and have a Vegas blow out first. The wilder rematch is now the biggest fight in boxing. Luck was on there side with AJ losing yes but the thinking behind the Schwarz fight was genuine genius. Well played.

  • True DON
    True DON Month ago +1

    I clicked on here expecting him to be talk nothing but shit but great interview, good honest talk

  • Eithnaan Khan
    Eithnaan Khan Month ago

    Fuck me this guy would make a great salesman lol

  • riccikinny2k10
    riccikinny2k10 Month ago

    Spot on 👌

  • Grant Geraghty
    Grant Geraghty Month ago +6

    Could listen to Shane fury all day brilliant interview 👊🏻👍🏻

  • G&K Williams
    G&K Williams Month ago

    Shane has not been on the keto diet 🙄

  • Umar Mahmood
    Umar Mahmood Month ago

    Mr Soprano

  • Nathan Barraclough
    Nathan Barraclough Month ago +4

    Shane's a class act. Like how he said he likes AJ and Eddie. Straight talking. Has his own thoughts. Straight talking guy.

  • Matt
    Matt Month ago +1

    wait, that isn't hughie fury?

  • smiler7
    smiler7 Month ago +1

    Great interview. Love the Fury clan, i hope to see Tommy Fury on next 😍

  • James Rocco
    James Rocco Month ago +1

    They both look like Tommy Fury 😂 they got good genes huge men 💪😂

  • randy palla
    randy palla Month ago +1

    Yeah over who cake is left,

  • Callum Mcivor
    Callum Mcivor Month ago

    Back on the fury train after these recent interviews been talking a lot of shit lately but the furys are the closest to real men in the sport !!

  • Myrrhe Nazare
    Myrrhe Nazare Month ago

    People who wear shades indoors are complete idiots.

  • Ro Fall
    Ro Fall Month ago

    This is why Tyson is a champion, he has family with big integrity.
    I like how is brother grounds tyson and straightens him picks him up when he gets negative. U need brothers like Shane Fury

  • Bryan Johnstone
    Bryan Johnstone Month ago

    Do youse fight over who's getting the last pie???