Elders Read K-Pop Band BTS’ Hit Songs (React)

  • Published on Sep 21, 2018
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    Elders read BTS’ lyrics. Watch to see their reactions.
    Elders featured:
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    Lyric Breakdown #51 - Elders Read BTS’ Hit Songs (React)
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    REACT  10 months ago +1266

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      KNIGHT MASTER 9 months ago

      So these elders are part of the ARMY now right?

    • Erika ja
      Erika ja 9 months ago

      Please sun spanich🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Surya Togaru
      Surya Togaru 9 months ago

      Please React to James Arthur!!

    • Ion even know man
      Ion even know man 9 months ago

      React to the UN speech!!!

    • jun kim
      jun kim 9 months ago

      Band maid-the non-fiction days

  • Kim ShookJin
    Kim ShookJin 9 months ago +7

    Me and my sister both love bts even my brother is getting into them now

  • Lovisa Silfverlood
    Lovisa Silfverlood 9 months ago +11

    Please react to BTS UNICEF SPEECH!!!!!!

  • Queen Chungha
    Queen Chungha 9 months ago +8

    I don’t think the black lady delved deep enough into the lyrics and only really saw what was on the surface of the lyrics.

  • Jubail Jubail
    Jubail Jubail 9 months ago +8

    Bts UN speech pls!

  • Muhammad Fahim Rahman
    Muhammad Fahim Rahman 9 months ago +12

    Bts UN speech. We need it ASAP

  • Nicolas Upshaw
    Nicolas Upshaw 9 months ago +3

    Shout out to the sista she knows her stuff. RESPECT!

  • Be best In this life
    Be best In this life 9 months ago +7

    6:06 she is so cute !!

  • Emi H
    Emi H 9 months ago +2

    could you do mamamoo??

  • Kelsey Hebert
    Kelsey Hebert 9 months ago

    They should read The Killers, Green Day, or Fall Out Boy

  • Anna Trash
    Anna Trash 9 months ago +18

    Please react to BTS UNICEF SPEECH

  • Joungkookie
    Joungkookie 9 months ago +5


  • icturner23
    icturner23 9 months ago +4


    • icturner23
      icturner23 9 months ago

      Katie even did exactly as I finished writing the above.

  • JojoDigitalArtist
    JojoDigitalArtist 9 months ago +9

    As an african american man do we really love BTS! Like I know everyone pretty much loves BTS but for some reason we really really attach to them fast.

  • kylokis
    kylokis 9 months ago +11

    I haven’t even watched the entire thing but I’m really hoping war of hormone isn’t here 😂

    • ramj ramj
      ramj ramj 9 months ago +3

      kylokis me neither and I hope expensive girl isn't on Here 😂

  • Sporty Shorty
    Sporty Shorty 9 months ago +3

    Yass. Now I want to see a BTOB.

  • Alianna :D
    Alianna :D 9 months ago +2

    oh yea boii

  • ericka Fernandez
    ericka Fernandez 9 months ago

    they are wise !

  • Tumblr Introvert
    Tumblr Introvert 9 months ago +11

    9:50 every ARMY can relate

  • Sophie Vlq
    Sophie Vlq 9 months ago

    Elders Read Adele pls !!!!

  • Bon Bon
    Bon Bon 9 months ago +2

    They are so nice. Love you❤❤

  • Crums TheGoldenCake
    Crums TheGoldenCake 9 months ago +21


  • Party Cake
    Party Cake 9 months ago

    Yassssss you know I love it 😊😍

  • Chubsy Joonie
    Chubsy Joonie 9 months ago +10

    I can tell which songs are which from the translations without the title on top 😂😂

  • Carla Angela Cabote
    Carla Angela Cabote 9 months ago +8


    • Mr. Jigs
      Mr. Jigs 9 months ago

      I love that song 😍😍

  • Dark Fairy
    Dark Fairy 9 months ago +19

    please react to bts speech at UN

  • Jerell Hoh
    Jerell Hoh 9 months ago +6

    Here's a thought: Why not we have either the teens or the young adults break down Pink Floyd's "Dogs".
    They're gonna have one hell of a time

  • Zahraa Saheb
    Zahraa Saheb 9 months ago +30

    I’m glad even the elders like them

  • What He Likes
    What He Likes 9 months ago +5

    Please sub spanish

  • Sruthi Nambiar
    Sruthi Nambiar 9 months ago +3

    Amazing lyrics 😍

  • Mr. Jigs
    Mr. Jigs 9 months ago +17

    I saw bts so clicked fast lol🤣😂😂🤗

    • Mr. Jigs
      Mr. Jigs 9 months ago +1

      Hi bts fans 🖐🖐🤗

  • Spanish Bum
    Spanish Bum 9 months ago +17

    Do you remember, on the 21st night of September??

  • Geek C. Kyro
    Geek C. Kyro 9 months ago +3

    Rock is doing great haha

  • Ale26Fav A
    Ale26Fav A 9 months ago +1

    Alguien sub español

    • Erika ja
      Erika ja 9 months ago

      Quieroo en españolll no entiendo nadaa😭😭

    • Mr. Jigs
      Mr. Jigs 9 months ago


  • Khin ma ma Han
    Khin ma ma Han 9 months ago +11

    Love that you all are honest and open minded ☺️

  • Squishy ReVeluv
    Squishy ReVeluv 9 months ago +26

    I love how they’re so open minded about it. There’s absolutely no way I could show my grandma kpop lmao

  • Chris Seres
    Chris Seres 9 months ago +4

    They should react to AJR

  • Pink jin
    Pink jin 9 months ago +22

    You should do a kpop version try not to cry challenge

  • askar angga
    askar angga 9 months ago +19

    " love it. I would buy that see dee"

  • Tartar Sauce
    Tartar Sauce 9 months ago +39

    please let them react to RM's UN speech!!

  • Leia Odom
    Leia Odom 9 months ago +43

    "these guys, their just hot."
    I know right

  • Leia Odom
    Leia Odom 9 months ago +8

    "that's fantastic!" same

  • Tania Ochoa
    Tania Ochoa 9 months ago +100

    8:26 *Tae‘s part*
    Woman: That’s beautiful
    Me: SAME💜💜💜

  • Oolong Tae
    Oolong Tae 9 months ago +24

    Please react to BTS UNICEF SPEECH!!!

  • Sofia Trujillo
    Sofia Trujillo 9 months ago +12

    Now that I’m into them I can’t help but imagine that all those lyrics are dedicated to A.R.M.Y 😂😪💜

  • Ruma Begum
    Ruma Begum 9 months ago +8

    YAASSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! BTS!!!!!!!! KPOP FAN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

  • Tifany Hoang-Pham
    Tifany Hoang-Pham 9 months ago +4

    Could you guys react to gnash's lyrics please ? He's such a poet, I would love to hear the thoughts of other peeps ❤

  • Jaime Mullin
    Jaime Mullin 9 months ago +11

    when im older im going to be lisning to bts

  • Nerilyn A. Caguicla
    Nerilyn A. Caguicla 9 months ago +20

    please react to BTS' UN speech!

  • Sirena
    Sirena 9 months ago +21

    PLEASE!! React to the UNICEF speech

  • Bianca Borges
    Bianca Borges 9 months ago +21

    *hears Taehyung voice* “ah that’s beautiful” yeah cause it’s tae

  • ;
    ; 9 months ago +24

    Elders react to Namjoons speach for UN

  • courtney wu
    courtney wu 9 months ago +32

    Please do an Elder's react to BTS United Nations Speech?

  • Micheal Badtke
    Micheal Badtke 9 months ago +1

    Can we get Elder's react to Baby Metal?

  • Stefania Stefanescu
    Stefania Stefanescu 9 months ago +11

    React to (G)I-DLE- Latata

  • Stefania Stefanescu
    Stefania Stefanescu 9 months ago +9

    React to Hyuna-Red

  • GotBangTeez
    GotBangTeez 9 months ago +39

    please please please let them react to the UNICEF speech so that they get to know more than just their music ♥

  • Asim Hamid
    Asim Hamid 9 months ago +33


  • Alex Vianelle
    Alex Vianelle 9 months ago +13

    YEET! Our Bangtan Boys are taking over

  • KawaiiPinkCheeks
    KawaiiPinkCheeks 9 months ago +33


  • Wassuh Obscurious
    Wassuh Obscurious 9 months ago +3

    Please react to So Hyang!~~^^

  • Michelle Nguyen
    Michelle Nguyen 9 months ago +5

    i want to be on this

    • christinaq98
      christinaq98 9 months ago +3

      Michelle Nguyen that would be a cool episode though! Viewers react to ...

  • Eka Ayu
    Eka Ayu 9 months ago +22

    BTS UN SPEECH!!!! Do it!

  • Grethel Villarreal
    Grethel Villarreal 9 months ago +29

    React to BTS UN speech pls!

  • vkook yoonmin
    vkook yoonmin 9 months ago +5

    omg i love bts

  • Did you see my bag?
    Did you see my bag? 9 months ago +16

    This is why i love old people. So innocent

  • Did you see my bag?
    Did you see my bag? 9 months ago +24

    Do BTS UN speech next

  • Skullkitty
    Skullkitty 9 months ago +22

    TheXvidrs react to the BTS UN speech

  • lunavlogs
    lunavlogs 9 months ago +21

    BTS UN Speech!!!

  • Paola Felix
    Paola Felix 9 months ago +6


  • Terry Park
    Terry Park 9 months ago +17

    I'm getting tired of seeing reaction to bts. We've already seen plenty of reaction over and over again. There are other artists I believe that deserves some spotlight on this channel

  • Nav Nev
    Nav Nev 9 months ago +62

    can you have teens react to bts's UNICEF speech? i feel like the topic rm talks about would hit hard with them yk

  • UwU
    UwU 9 months ago +6


  • Morgan Baker
    Morgan Baker 9 months ago +7


  • niksons xjason
    niksons xjason 9 months ago +11

    bts omg

    HOESEOK 9 months ago +231

    I’m just tryna get y’all to react to RM’s UN speech pls & ty

    • Nav Nev
      Nav Nev 9 months ago +1


    • JungkooksEyes
      JungkooksEyes 9 months ago +1


  • Panicing Pilots at the chemical phan A.R.M.Y


  • 태라
    태라 9 months ago +7


  • cypher
    cypher 9 months ago +32

    BTS UN Speech

  • Kidro
    Kidro 9 months ago +22

    they should react to epiphany

  • Yameka Meriweathers
    Yameka Meriweathers 9 months ago +29

    You guys could have found better translations for this lol

  • yagirlchaka
    yagirlchaka 9 months ago +2

    Do one direction next and show off their beautiful lyrics! OR 5SOS! Truly poetic :)

  • Emily Hoyle
    Emily Hoyle 9 months ago +32

    React to BTS UN speech please

  • Mochii모치이
    Mochii모치이 9 months ago +75

    Lady: Is this a boy group of the 8 guys?
    Me: Cough- it’s 7 -cough

  • moonlight siren
    moonlight siren 9 months ago +43

    Please react to BTS UN speech 💜

  • Santa _Claus
    Santa _Claus 9 months ago +31

    International Armys be like at 9:06
    All armys be like 9:50
    Alright at 10:28 armys be like "OWHMAHGAWDYASSSLAYQUEENYOURIGHT"
    At one point these elderly ppl be like "idk nan molla"

  • Anna Vs
    Anna Vs 9 months ago +14

    🎧All these lyrics/songs must be heard by the whole world🌏
    ✨This is A R T✨

  • Gabriella Salazar
    Gabriella Salazar 9 months ago +9


  • minty min
    minty min 9 months ago +14


  • Min boiled Dumpling
    Min boiled Dumpling 9 months ago +9

    Yay namjoon

  • ッhailey
    ッhailey 9 months ago +16

    Happy national Kpop day!! 💜💜 for this special event, other kpopers are wearing something purple and if possible a purple bracelet so we can notice each other and make some kpop friends irl! Please spread the word :) xoxo I hope your day goes well

    • Levi Ackerman
      Levi Ackerman 9 months ago +1


  • Mari 2410
    Mari 2410 9 months ago +21

    8:02 O MY GOD I LOVE HER😂😂

  • lovingchris 97
    lovingchris 97 9 months ago +15

    That they all have so postitive opinions on Bts makes me so happy! The need to react to more Kpop!

  • retrokoyaa
    retrokoyaa 9 months ago +25

    *me screaming while they read the lyrics knowing what it is*

  • kathryn bailey
    kathryn bailey 9 months ago +81

    if only they reacted to Epiphany, Awake, or Truth Untold

  • jess
    jess 9 months ago +1

    React to produce series

  • Angela Jaro *ahem yu*
    Angela Jaro *ahem yu* 9 months ago +17


    • FoxilyHanaGG
      FoxilyHanaGG 9 months ago +2

      Me too i also love the black lady they are amazing 😂

  • Paul Ross Abay
    Paul Ross Abay 9 months ago +4


  • Rawan AD
    Rawan AD 9 months ago +8

    Not all of them were love songs thought..

  • Rawan AD
    Rawan AD 9 months ago +12

    The 8 guys < Yes the 8th one is me 👀