• Published on Nov 11, 2019
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  • Rungeon
    Rungeon 7 days ago +1

    You only won coz logan sneezed when he woke up that morning.

    • Rungeon
      Rungeon 5 days ago

      @Joe Isungu It's a joke you dumb fuck!

    • Joe Isungu
      Joe Isungu 5 days ago

      Rungeon no. JJ won because Logan played dirty. U tellin me that’s supplying the muppet that hit JJ who was on the floor?

  • Dennon munro
    Dennon munro 8 days ago


  • naruto toma
    naruto toma 10 days ago

    Logan had good form and he trained hard he looked pro out there but he didn’t have it in him his is not a fighter fighting is not for everyone it’s only for the people that have heart being stuck in a square / octagon with some one who is trained to hurt u is not an easy thing and Logan demonstrated that

  • naruto toma
    naruto toma 10 days ago

    Viddal Riley ur a legend period.

  • Olivia Cochrane
    Olivia Cochrane 11 days ago

    Can everyone just sub to him and get him to 1 mil please so we can see the video he is dropping x

  • Apxllo GD ツ
    Apxllo GD ツ 11 days ago

    First song intro:cologne by RIL
    Second song :just look up Ksi and viddal song lol

  • Zach G
    Zach G 11 days ago

    The hug at the end of the fight was such a cool moment but I feel they would have hugged it out the same if he lost. The friendship is so strong and the respect goes so deep. Everyone should have a friend like this in life

  • CloWn
    CloWn 12 days ago

    that light and thats guys camera is bright asf holy shit

  • Harley Potter
    Harley Potter 16 days ago

    Vidal gonna get a mil subs soon

  • Daniel Mercer
    Daniel Mercer 16 days ago +1

    A week after the fight Viddal still only had 500k and now this man has 800k subs total respect to Viddal without him Ksi would be nowhere boxing wise

  • Joel Davies
    Joel Davies 17 days ago

    almost to a mil subs bro

  • Kylian x -
    Kylian x - 17 days ago

    The realest channel on yt

  • FLBoyCanScrap
    FLBoyCanScrap 18 days ago

    Jeez KSI is so stiff. No snap whatsoever.

  • guseul88
    guseul88 18 days ago

    Which Jordans are those that viddal's wearing

  • Adequate
    Adequate 18 days ago

    What the song playing in the back beginning of the video

  • O
    O 18 days ago +1

    I got mad respect for u and none for the champ shannon

  • Trasher
    Trasher 18 days ago

    song at the beggining?

  • Rayyan Karolia
    Rayyan Karolia 19 days ago

    Who else keeps looking at the sub count

  • Ldn Drillas
    Ldn Drillas 19 days ago

    omg ksi yesterday you had 580k subs.now 787k

  • Kenan McNaught
    Kenan McNaught 20 days ago

    He’s gotten like 250k subs in 2 days

  • Reyn J
    Reyn J 20 days ago +2

    *Viddal Riley (RIL) x KSI new song preview at* 1:20😵🔥

    BIGJAYYEET 20 days ago

    Keep kicking it w ksi after the fight lmfaoo content

  • Rustam Dranev
    Rustam Dranev 20 days ago

    Let’s get this man to 1million

  • Debré Evans
    Debré Evans 21 day ago +1

    if this was uploaded 6days ago why did I just get a notification...

  • SmackedBy Hussii
    SmackedBy Hussii 21 day ago

    I’m just saying jj vid came out 4 hours ago and Vidal was on 524k now he’s gone to 642k I think damnnnnnn

  • Beans
    Beans 21 day ago

    Btw u were on 540k subs about an hour ago go but now you have got 611 cos ksi good karma comes around my g and thanks for training jj he wouldn’t be here without you and the team

  • HAWKMAN 05
    HAWKMAN 05 21 day ago

    Who is here because of KSI?🤔

  • not clickbait
    not clickbait 21 day ago

    What is the name of the intro song ?

  • Shiv HD
    Shiv HD 21 day ago

    Vidal has potential to be a great cruiserweight or heavyweight

  • Jack Whyte
    Jack Whyte 21 day ago

    That sound cut was shit

  • zappo00
    zappo00 21 day ago


    ELITE FIVE 21 day ago

    Ksi’s trainers he will win cuz he is a dog and has more experience
    Logan Paul’s 2x boxing champ trainer Logan’s white

  • Williham YT
    Williham YT 22 days ago

    Half of the video is JJ jumping around the room like a maniac

  • Dm Gaming
    Dm Gaming 22 days ago

    Music? 0:00

  • I use Adblocker
    I use Adblocker 22 days ago

    Ksi needs to learn how to not swing wild haymakers with no form or technique when he’s in training he has form an shit but then when he does the fights he’s fucking shite

  • GMG News
    GMG News 22 days ago

    Nice little advert for your music I see you bro

  • Cody
    Cody 22 days ago

    This is why he win logan just sat down and chilled lol

  • Buster Adams
    Buster Adams 22 days ago

    KSI fighting TheXvidrs better than him

  • Lennon C23
    Lennon C23 22 days ago

    The fight was sick but is anybody not going to say anything abt the song that has Vidal and ksi on

  • Cameron Lovelady
    Cameron Lovelady 22 days ago +1

    Use this as a button to make a viddall v Shannon

  • Abreham gamer 2019
    Abreham gamer 2019 22 days ago

    Fuck shut the fuck up I hate u

  • Y YeeroTheAngelDragon Y

    Respect viddal

  • Kaykes Boet!! _
    Kaykes Boet!! _ 22 days ago

    come check my channel...

  • Alex Ruiz
    Alex Ruiz 22 days ago

    What song is the intro, its fire. EDIT: Its called cologne

  • Johns Shaji
    Johns Shaji 22 days ago +1

    He is the Best Coach/boxer

  • 10 subs with 3 vids
    10 subs with 3 vids 23 days ago

    logan:loses also logan: greg farted on my face when i was 12

    TRANTER 23 days ago

    Honestly a LEGEND! making a vid soon thanking you, because you are a LEGEND! you deserve everything you’ll get! 🤙

  • Hook Ballooning
    Hook Ballooning 23 days ago

    What song is that in the intro

  • 冊口廾乇
    冊口廾乇 23 days ago

    song ? when jj training

  • Leon Hod
    Leon Hod 23 days ago +1

    Vidal vs Tommy fury please

  • Kieron Pledge
    Kieron Pledge 23 days ago

    Did I just hear viddal x KSI

  • Lucjan Ulanowski
    Lucjan Ulanowski 23 days ago

    Why did JJ wear his black shoes not the red ones designed for the fight?

  • Suas Cb
    Suas Cb 23 days ago

    Viddal is really a cool guy 😎

  • Murat Bati
    Murat Bati 23 days ago

    Whats the Song called

  • Moy Mo
    Moy Mo 23 days ago

    At what age did you start boxing?

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix 23 days ago +1

    Viddal is going be world champ very soon he just needs to have more fights.

  • RubenIphoneYT
    RubenIphoneYT 23 days ago

    Funny how they took two points of life they didn’t logan would’ve won by 1 point ahead pretty dumb why they took off two points jj Cant even take the hit after he got knocked down 😂😂👀lOGAN WON

  • Mr. Wong
    Mr. Wong 23 days ago +1

    KSI’s unorthodox boxing style and aggressiveness made Logan uncomfortable and caught him off guard. KSI built off this throughout the rounds and kept pushing forward. KSI played it smart but at times would get too excited, he still deserved the win, whether those two points were taken off or not.

  • AUG03BL
    AUG03BL 23 days ago

    wuts the intro song called?

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy 23 days ago

    I love how Logan acts like anyone could tell he was sick