Fredo - Netflix & Chill (Official Video)

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
  • Fredo - Netflix & Chill (Official Video)
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    YSHADZ 11 hours ago +1

    1:22 rare footage of fredo laughing

    • Lil Kai
      Lil Kai 11 hours ago +1

      Allie hadz😂😂😂

  • Mitchell wotton
    Mitchell wotton 11 hours ago

    Millionaire welcome 💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💳

  • jonas antonovas
    jonas antonovas 11 hours ago

    fredo ha the best jewlery out off all the uk.rappers

  • Sarah Xx
    Sarah Xx 11 hours ago


  • Sarah Xx
    Sarah Xx 11 hours ago

    That 1.5k are just haters

    ASTRO WORLD 12 hours ago

    Fredo doing up a different flow? Mad

    CRIMESTAR GENERAL 12 hours ago

  • Jack Green
    Jack Green 12 hours ago

    Dam 🔥🔥🔥🥶

  • Bigz NG8 2019
    Bigz NG8 2019 12 hours ago 😋🔥😎💥🤓🔥👀💥🚀🔥🤪💥🤯🔥💯

  • Klaudyncia F.
    Klaudyncia F. 13 hours ago

    Love his voice 😍

  • The Loyals
    The Loyals 13 hours ago


  • Emil Zaman
    Emil Zaman 13 hours ago

    Frodo Singing.... MADNESs! Drake shit. Jheeeee

  • fez aunn
    fez aunn 13 hours ago

    Fred levelling uppppppop

  • nahfuckya
    nahfuckya 13 hours ago

    Young boy style suits fredo more like this 💯

  • You got Fingered
    You got Fingered 13 hours ago

    Everyone listen to adiddydon jack and Jill you will see yourself 😤 mans going round TheXvid looking for bars to use in his videos 😂😂😂

  • Equinox 95
    Equinox 95 14 hours ago


  • Ninja YT
    Ninja YT 14 hours ago


  • 1 Up
    1 Up 14 hours ago

    Mad ting

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex 14 hours ago

    I used to see fredo all da time he is certified

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex 14 hours ago

    From da bando to da billboards...salute to fredo..

  • Mitchel Mglinchey
    Mitchel Mglinchey 15 hours ago

    Yo he rahh changed

    • 32
      32 14 hours ago

      @Mitchel Mglinchey why you putting "rah" in a random place

    • Mitchel Mglinchey
      Mitchel Mglinchey 15 hours ago

      Only some man will get it

  • Young Boss
    Young Boss 15 hours ago

    Favourite tune rn 🧢🚫

  • Silent
    Silent 15 hours ago

    Who’s here before 10 million? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • SZDL
    SZDL 16 hours ago


  • Original B
    Original B 16 hours ago

    Was not expecting this big up Fredo this is cold

  • myles joshua melia
    myles joshua melia 16 hours ago

    That American flow 🔥

    MATTHEW CHILDS 16 hours ago

    Still pulling out the hardest tunes 🔥

  • Toni T
    Toni T 17 hours ago

    Love seeing him smiling a lot in this video 😍 must be the food!

  • zertob
    zertob 17 hours ago +1

    2M in 4 days mad

  • Living Meme
    Living Meme 19 hours ago +1


  • Lawes Productions
    Lawes Productions 20 hours ago +1


  • KayWalkZ
    KayWalkZ 21 hour ago

    "Girl I'm as real as your hair!" Nahhh Fredo how you gonna do them like that!😂😂

  • dylon jackson
    dylon jackson 22 hours ago

    'she' i thought u was batty fredo?

    MR PROFFIT Day ago +1

    Making me hungry

  • Jordan Gibson
    Jordan Gibson Day ago

    Please man agree with me😂 man don't say bill it's build 😂

  • Don L
    Don L Day ago +1

    Naa this is hard still respect frm Manny don

  • J w
    J w Day ago +1

    His best track

  • Trippleflavours
    Trippleflavours Day ago +2

    This shit is fire nigga

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss 23 hours ago

      Last week I lost 2 of my women for days

  • Skrudez
    Skrudez Day ago

    Shitty cringey kiddie teen music.

  • sulman khan
    sulman khan Day ago +1

    1:42 this kid is a beg

  • Zippeh
    Zippeh Day ago +1

    This bangs too much my heart beats can't keep up anymore.

  • Ty1 HollaQ
    Ty1 HollaQ Day ago

    Best Mixtape 2019

  • Alain Jouith
    Alain Jouith Day ago

    Signed the papers and now I'm a millionaire, a millionaire!

  • J_ xoxoxoxo
    J_ xoxoxoxo Day ago +1

    fredoXyoungadz 🤩💕

  • J_ xoxoxoxo
    J_ xoxoxoxo Day ago +1

    I got dave an young adz vibes from him dk why ?!

  • Tee Racks
    Tee Racks Day ago

    Im so high my head the hills

  • Ram
    Ram Day ago +1

    Listening too much fredo got me colder than him🥶

  • Tue Howard
    Tue Howard Day ago

    I Love You And Your Music , My Favorite In The UK !! If I Had To Bet On Any Rapper Out There I Would Bet On You!!❤️But To Keep It Honest I Don't Like This One! But I Like The Fact You're Trying To Switch It Up &' This Your First Time Which Shows You Want To Learn A Different Sound And Can Do It All. This Is Not To Discourage You Or Anything. I Just Feel People Lying Saying They Like It .No Matter What Keep Pushing, Working Hard and Being Creative. PLUS I KNOW FOR A FACT ONCE YOU GET THE HANG OF IT IT IS OVER FOR EVERYONE ELSE !!! 💕😜🎉‼️🌟😍💯😘😎

  • M & M
    M & M Day ago


  • Theecigmaster 446
    Theecigmaster 446 Day ago +1

    Fredo: king of the streets I’m still in the chair
    Me:king off the suit I’m still in your chair

  • Adelfio Olubodun

    the way he switched it up is crazy, want more like this fr

  • Leidys Esther
    Leidys Esther Day ago

    Last week I lost 2 of my women for days

  • The One
    The One Day ago

    Fredo looks likes a lightskin Tommy Shelby

  • Crystalsiasella
    Crystalsiasella Day ago

    sooo wavey! 🌊

  • mk rl
    mk rl Day ago

    Fredo sick wit it

  • Harambe
    Harambe Day ago

    whats the name of the trainers he's wearing 1:34

  • Jack Bailey
    Jack Bailey Day ago

    Fred always changin it up

  • MyraidSZN
    MyraidSZN Day ago

    He had my sis in his car in Greece

  • sir alan
    sir alan Day ago

    Dead tune good food tho

  • Mo Malik
    Mo Malik Day ago

    Bring back the old fredo