Norwich Humiliate Newcastle: True Geordie Reacts

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
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    True Geordie reacts as Norwich hammer Newcastle thanks to a Teemu Pukki hat-trick - are Steve Bruce’s side doomed to be relegated?
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  • Del
    Del 19 days ago

    I feel newcastles pain..I'm a Rangers fan and fat-cat Ashley is a money grabbing monster..he's a disgrace of a man and an even bigger disgrace as a guy in control of a football club..that bastard sucked my club dry..all he did was take take take..he's still got his manky hands in the till but he's not in control of my club anymore..but he's still in the background like a horrible smell that just won't go too all NUFC supporters I wish you all the very best for the season

  • CarrotCruncher1984
    CarrotCruncher1984 26 days ago +3

    No reaction to the victory over Spurs, didn't think so

  • Jace Elliott
    Jace Elliott 28 days ago

    Well you beat Tottenham today!!!!!

  • morgan076 1
    morgan076 1 28 days ago +2

    Back now newcastle beat spurs 1-0

  • lewisYates 1021
    lewisYates 1021 28 days ago

    Newcastle beat Spurs today. I don’t support them (I support mnc) but they gave a good fight against spurs.

  • iemand of niemand
    iemand of niemand 28 days ago

    Joelinton scored the winner against spurs 😂😂😂

  • TheChildishOne
    TheChildishOne 28 days ago

    no kickoff newcastle vs spurs :O

  • MCFC FanView
    MCFC FanView 28 days ago

    Take the piss out our oil money but we’re ran perfect ! Love our owners.

  • Ajinkya Maldikar
    Ajinkya Maldikar 28 days ago +1

    Where is the Liverpool vs Arsenal kickoff episode?

  • PickleMan
    PickleMan 29 days ago +2

    This’ll be the last video after *those* DMs lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • marcus mclean
    marcus mclean 29 days ago +4

    Guess its safe to assume no kick off this weekend

    • James Evans
      James Evans 24 days ago +1

      J no they didn’t, you chat shit. There’s literally no articles about that anywhere

    • you're a quim
      you're a quim 28 days ago

      @Jaisan are u serious what did he do wrong

    • Jaisan
      Jaisan 29 days ago +1

      Iffybanterben Google it mate. Happened yst :((((

    • Iffybanterben
      Iffybanterben 29 days ago

      @Jaisan Have they? when did this happen?

    • Jaisan
      Jaisan 29 days ago

      marcus mclean Ladbrokes has terminated the contract with True Geordie

  • radicalindependent
    radicalindependent 29 days ago

    I mean Sir Bobby got fired because they couldn't get above 5th place!?!? Today wouldn't that be an accomplishment and well received? For crying out loud Ashley retire and go enjoy some coastal cottage far away from football!

  • Newshound
    Newshound 29 days ago +1

    Yea but you were playing Pukki. Can't beat Garfields teddy bear whose been reincarnated as a Finnish man

  • Rakesh Singh
    Rakesh Singh 29 days ago


  • Martin Armstrong
    Martin Armstrong 29 days ago

    We did it with a lot of help from Valeri Belokon. In court our protests and abstaining from attending determined the court judgement. If you did it for one game it would be MASSIVE. Organise it properly and see what happens. From a Blackpool fan

  • Faz M
    Faz M 29 days ago +1

    Where the shit and dildos at?????

  • Santa Claus
    Santa Claus 29 days ago

    Pukki such a god newcastle no chance

  • Title still in progress

    This just seems like Brian's social life

  • David Morris
    David Morris 29 days ago

    Bruce Managed swfc you are having a laugh turned up for a few months and fucked off if you think it was him that turned the club around you are wrong it was lee bullen the man is leading us now if he’d actually managed for a season then fair enough then I would say he managed us.

  • Micky Blues Tarantulas and Inverts

    I feel bad for Newcastle but not for Bruce. On the other hand Sheff Wed seem to be doing fine without him.

  • Andrew Gwilt
    Andrew Gwilt Month ago

    All because of Teemu Pukki scored a hat trick and Newcastle got absolutely smashed. Newcastle are going down. OTBC

  • David Rimerez
    David Rimerez Month ago +1

    When is TG back on???

  • Throbbing Member
    Throbbing Member Month ago +1

    Purely Pukkied.

  • Spennaa
    Spennaa Month ago +2

    Hopefully them messages haven’t effected him

  • Lee Foster
    Lee Foster Month ago +1

    Give Steve a chance from a Sunderland lad

  • Wilko 3017
    Wilko 3017 Month ago +1

    I really hope there is a kick off this weekend, great game coming up tomorrow at anfield!

  • David Carroll
    David Carroll Month ago +3

    Newcastle dont deserve this shit !!! Newcastle are a great club and been a liverpool fan I always had a soft spot for Newcastle . Hope u get rid of that joke of a owner.

  • Hal Wright
    Hal Wright Month ago +1

    Brian loves saying shitshow

  • MrBounce66
    MrBounce66 Month ago +1

    why the fuck do you have that fucking melt buvey on the show ?.

  • Michael Farrow
    Michael Farrow Month ago

    Realistically, Newcastle and West Ham are how football clubs should be run. Owner doesn't pump money into the club, transfers etc are self sustaining. Maybe they take a bit of interest on loans but nothing serious. In the grand scheme of things though, that looks like bad ownership, in part because it's not competent ownership. They make boneheaded decisions and then won't spend money fixing them.
    The problem is the extremes the other ways, where Chelsea and Man City have pumped ridiculous, uncommercial sums into the club or where the Glazers have spent high 9 figures servicing debt that enables them to own the club in the first place. Bury's owner is prepared to let the club die because he wants the stadium to sell for development. That's bad ownership but the football authorities and the government need to make changes that they're not prepared to do. Look at Blackpool for that.

  • Alexander Eden
    Alexander Eden Month ago +1

    Sorry but Norwich are way better than you’re giving credit and I ain’t even a Canaries fan . They didn’t play badly against the scousers and should have pulled another goal back and they play fast attacking football which you couldn’t handle. I really think Newcastle are fodder this year along with Southampton.clearly made no real attempts to arrest their slides last year over the summer.

  • Wobbly Wibble
    Wobbly Wibble Month ago +3

    Norwich absolutely shat on Newcastle. Proper fucked up the arse.
    Maybe Brian enjoyed it though 😉

  • Jarl Larsen Froysa
    Jarl Larsen Froysa Month ago

    Should not judge Joelinton after 2 games. But yeah, to hell with Ashley

  • Kathy McBride
    Kathy McBride Month ago +1

    newcastle wont go down till the end of the season

  • Jamie Forrester
    Jamie Forrester Month ago +1

    Just a little tip' stop thinking your a real big club and accept that your just a every day run of the mill club' yeah ok!! WOLVES ay we 😁

  • Kathryn Bell
    Kathryn Bell Month ago

    Dude, as a Sunderland supporter, I feel your collective pain. Soz lads (and lasses), cos you's deserve bette than this shit!
    ps Love your channel ❤️

  • Mark Crawfy
    Mark Crawfy Month ago

    newcastle are gonna go down..

  • Mike Craig
    Mike Craig Month ago +1

    Ashley's not the best owner that's for sure - but he's not the worst either. Forget Bury and Bolton - look at fucking Sunderland. There's your reality check.

  • Trickster 2059
    Trickster 2059 Month ago

    Everytime I see Newcastle lose it warms my cold dark heart😎

  • aidan jon sullivan
    aidan jon sullivan Month ago

    Sorry Newcastle but this might be a very long/hard season for you guys. From a Everton fan.

  • Chris Johns
    Chris Johns Month ago

    12:59 He has been relegated with Newcastle and he still didn't lose the club!

  • Chris Johns
    Chris Johns Month ago +1

    10:50 Liverpool forced Hicks and Gillette out with the help of Martin Broughton

  • Vakoun Issouf Bayo
    Vakoun Issouf Bayo Month ago +1

    When are we addressing Geordies.. messages..?

    • Sharon H
      Sharon H Month ago +1

      We're not. Its nobody's business. Have you got any private business you want the world to address?

    • Gilfoyle Shanks
      Gilfoyle Shanks Month ago +1

      What is there to address though?

  • jamiebev1989
    jamiebev1989 Month ago

    Can't stand Hugh

  • Colin Robinson
    Colin Robinson Month ago

    Your doing a great job Uncle Mike, long may it continue, a club who thinks they’re better than what they are, had a couple of ‘glory’ years in the 90’s and managed to blow a 12 point lead .Never won anything, whoa, hang on a minute I forgot the coveted Texaco Cup from the 1800’s or something, now a Championship club and always will be 💩

  • Chris Johns
    Chris Johns Month ago

    I remember Liverpool getting twatted in a game years ago, and about an hour and half later Carroll was going into a takeaway to order his chicken wings and chips, and I thought to myself, well that's how dedicated he is. He just didn't seem arsed at all. I might be wrong, but looking at his mannerisms he didn't look like he gave a fuck.

    • Chris Johns
      Chris Johns Month ago

      ps I was actually excited when we signed him. One of my mates is a Geordie and we had been watching him the season before tear the Championship to pieces, He was a fucking beast.

  • Alf Martin
    Alf Martin Month ago

    I hate the update of the kick-off i like how bare it was

  • Craig MacFarlane
    Craig MacFarlane Month ago +3

    Anyone else here for Shit Gate...

  • Sir Tyke
    Sir Tyke Month ago

    Feel sorry for you guys it’s a disgrace that such a famous club with fantastic fans are in such desperate trouble. Appointing a crap manager like Bruce and bringing back a donkey like Carroll only points to one thing and that’s relegation

  • aljanat5
    aljanat5 Month ago

    Pukki is acclimatised to English tempo and his teams style of play. Joelinton is not and with the instant gratification mob taking over fan base mentality he may not get the kind of love Shearer and Asprilla once knew. Despite one player having a handle on his team and his role, comparisons will abound. PS Norwich will fade in late season due to a shallow naïve squad.

  • FaZe_Wanks
    FaZe_Wanks Month ago +3

    True Geordie is a cuck

  • Ben _
    Ben _ Month ago +2

    Good stuff about Newcastle, but want to hear something about Bury, Bolton etc. and the situations they’re in.

  • K. C.
    K. C. Month ago

    Saint Maximin didn't start because Bruce favours his formation. Bruce has no plan B

  • Alex Robson
    Alex Robson Month ago +1

    New it the day rafa left going to be a long season

  • The Turbo
    The Turbo Month ago

    Funny how shef wed are top now Bruce has gone

  • Maverik S
    Maverik S Month ago

    I guess you have to give him some time and then pull the rug in time if it's heading to relegation zone.

  • chris bobobo
    chris bobobo Month ago +1

    your going down
    and i can't wait
    fucking shit club
    fucking shit hole city


    I think Norwich humiliating Newcastle is the least of your worries you fat bastard wait until God’s team Liverpool smash you back to back home and away . Ps youll need a new arsehole cos of mo salah , mo salah running down the wing salaaaaaah the Egyptian king

  • Tribal Jackson
    Tribal Jackson Month ago +12

    Looks like Newcastle wasn't the only one humiliated.

  • Michael Cooke
    Michael Cooke Month ago

    Ashley is in love with every £20 note in the country.