I Followed My 100 Year Old Grandma's Favorite Makeup Tutorial

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome Back to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya? My grandmother turned 100 years old this year!! Can you believe that?? One word: Iconic!!! Grandma Star has been wearing bright red blush for 50 years and is a huge makeup lover! She sent me one of her favorite tutorials that she recently saw on Facebook and sent it to me! This video was her idea and she's the sweetest! I'm grateful to have her in my life and thankful for her support!
    Watch the original video by Glamour Daze here ▷ thexvid.com/video/094Y63BmXZ4/video.html (Narrated by makeup consultant Marla Craig. Model is Rena Alden)
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  • bloosome
    bloosome 8 hours ago

    This is so hilarious haha

  • Steph T
    Steph T 8 hours ago

    Can we say hello go go dancer 60s glam you look good omg don’t hate baby!

  • Amber Lo
    Amber Lo 8 hours ago

    This look is Soo 90s Michelle phifer!!🖤💙

  • Weasleys Weezer
    Weasleys Weezer 8 hours ago

    Apparently I'm still stuck in the 60's because I just throw on some foundation and eyeliner. That's it. lol

  • brookelyn Estrada
    brookelyn Estrada 8 hours ago

    I think you look really beautiful

  • Brandon Brooks
    Brandon Brooks 8 hours ago

    13:36. What is he saying? “Selling paralysis?!”

  • yanna secura
    yanna secura 8 hours ago

    "The acceptable age for girls t ok begin wearing lipstick is about 14 years." Uh, nah b*tch, some of my best friends wear a crazy amount at age 11! Dude, times have seriously changed tho!!

  • Carmen Pacheco
    Carmen Pacheco 9 hours ago

    “Jawbreaker is going to beat her ass” 🗣🤣

  • Katie Garrison
    Katie Garrison 9 hours ago

    We used our fingers in the 80s and 90s. Just make sure they're clean.

  • Pr3tty Ricci
    Pr3tty Ricci 9 hours ago

    @ 16:55 The jaw breaker palette is going to beat her ass 🤣 I laughed right the fuck outloud 🤣

  • Raechel Hardeman
    Raechel Hardeman 9 hours ago

    you look stunning

  • Amberlee poole
    Amberlee poole 9 hours ago

    What on earth are u wearing?? I can't believe sometimes what these fashion labels make, ask ridiculous $$$ for, and people buy and wear it!!

  • Aniya Marshall
    Aniya Marshall 9 hours ago

    this makeup looks great on you

  • Stephanie Baker
    Stephanie Baker 9 hours ago

    Literally DYING right now, this was so funny!!! 😂

  • AngeLa Marie
    AngeLa Marie 9 hours ago

    The guy with the green hair is a cutie! 💞

  • lacey rose
    lacey rose 9 hours ago

    Real it in miss thang ugh jeffree looks beautiful no matter how he does his makeup 💜🖤

  • Lydia Benton
    Lydia Benton 9 hours ago +1

    Honestly that dog could do better makeup than me

  • Katarina Hudson
    Katarina Hudson 9 hours ago

    The fricken dog 😂

  • MC Berry
    MC Berry 10 hours ago

    My fingers are my beauty blender, and I'm not ashamed of it 💁🏾‍♀️

  • every thing
    every thing 10 hours ago

    Make up can't conceal anything ~ Jeffree Star

  • Amber Davis
    Amber Davis 10 hours ago

    I think it’s cool when you started watching a person for a long time and see them transform and mature thought out their videos and how far they’ve gotten. Sometimes I wonder what Jeffree’s last video will be about.

  • AngeLa Marie
    AngeLa Marie 10 hours ago

    My mouth dropped exactly the same time as it's did when u read the co$t'$ of life in the 1960's. 😮

  • Naxima Mariyam
    Naxima Mariyam 10 hours ago

    Found u by accident, bt nw can't stop seeing ur vedios! U r so natural n funny. Lov seeing u everytime. U bring a smle to my lips every time i watch u. Lov u n keep loading!

  • Jonti Ellis
    Jonti Ellis 10 hours ago

    Who does your nails

  • sportluver98
    sportluver98 10 hours ago

    Lmao I’ve seen this video there are a ton like that on TheXvid

  • Grace Mae
    Grace Mae 10 hours ago

    2:16 is my moms average makings per year and she has 3 kids

  • Melissa Brooks
    Melissa Brooks 10 hours ago

    This is my favorite Jeffree video yet 😂😂

  • Debbie Johnson
    Debbie Johnson 10 hours ago

    New subscriber! I absolutely love what I have seen so far! Awesome about your grandma! So cool! Best part was how impressed you were with the end result! I look forward to watching more of you! Hi to Nate my fellow Michigander!

  • Kasi
    Kasi 10 hours ago

    bro jeffree looks so pretty......

  • Calitme Dion
    Calitme Dion 10 hours ago

    You look so delicate with that make up so cute

  • Bootang Queen
    Bootang Queen 10 hours ago


  • Lisa Bertrand
    Lisa Bertrand 10 hours ago

    Might start using my hands to apply foundation and concealer 🤔

  • felicia garcia
    felicia garcia 10 hours ago

    Loved this video

  • Alexandra Richardson
    Alexandra Richardson 10 hours ago

    When Jeffree’s basic 60s look is my everyday look when I’ve actually put effort in... 👀🌼

  • JustThatLauren
    JustThatLauren 10 hours ago +1

    In 2019: still prefers doing my face makeup with my hands 💀 then again I'm in a lesbian relationship so ya girl ain't got long nails.

  • JustThatLauren
    JustThatLauren 10 hours ago +1

    My 80 year old grandma always says she went to school to be beautician. Not a cosmetologist or anything 🤔 idk if there's actually a difference or just a change in terminology.

  • Alexis Arreola
    Alexis Arreola 11 hours ago

    So weird she put baby oil on her eyebrows! My grandma use to tell me to put vaseline on my eyebrows before I plucked them lol so weird it definitely didn’t help 😰

  • Lacey Nicole
    Lacey Nicole 11 hours ago

    “That girl squirted more than that girl me and Nathan had a 3 some with” omg wtf 😂😂😂😂

  • felicia garcia
    felicia garcia 11 hours ago

    Before I continue the video I just want to say God bless your grandmother for making it to a hundred that is amazing

  • K. Reneé
    K. Reneé 11 hours ago

    Honestly the eyes look great with the thin amount of liner.

  • bella rose
    bella rose 11 hours ago

    right when you said it’s from the 60s, i KNEW what video it was! love me a vintage queen :)

  • Emily Durbin
    Emily Durbin 11 hours ago

    I enjoyed this way too much

  • Nicole Wood
    Nicole Wood 11 hours ago

    Wish you would have done eyebrows!! The whole nine yards ya know?! Love you always!! ❤❤💚💚💙💙

  • Leah Robinson
    Leah Robinson 11 hours ago

    This is literally the funniest video I’ve seen in a GRIP

  • kayla4702
    kayla4702 11 hours ago

    I shaved my brows in high school and my grandma flipped out too haha

  • Jade owo
    Jade owo 11 hours ago

    Video:”A good diet can often prevent pimples”
    Me eating chips while watching this: *crickets*

  • Paige Cederlund
    Paige Cederlund 11 hours ago

    Jeffree thinks that dog is huge because of his little tiny bite-sized Pomeranians hahaha

  • Maddie Wilcox
    Maddie Wilcox 11 hours ago

    Review Milly Bobby Brown’s new skin and make up line!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caroline Photic
    Caroline Photic 11 hours ago

    Bro! That green hair though?! Ahh! I love it! :D
    Oh, and the video was nice too! I love the eye animations as well, and totally feel like I’m learning way more in this then anything else! Well, besides the whole “don’t wear anything dark if you have light hair”, but that’s coming from someone who personally likes a more gothic style. 😂

  • Cristi Leibold
    Cristi Leibold 11 hours ago

    LOL Squirted more than the girl we had threesome with Love it

  • Sparkle Vandenberg
    Sparkle Vandenberg 11 hours ago

    I just love whenever Nathan just *pops* in and his input is very funny

  • Hasiger Hase
    Hasiger Hase 12 hours ago +2

    this is the best make up look he ever wore

  • Jermaine Nelson
    Jermaine Nelson 12 hours ago

    To top off the ending of your video, you should’ve put “That’s all!” 😂😂

  • Daisy Coe
    Daisy Coe 12 hours ago

    ‘Use code Marie’ 😂😂 imagine. That part had me 🤣

  • hale
    hale 12 hours ago

    it really is a beautiful natural look though 😍

  • Mae Dittner
    Mae Dittner 12 hours ago

    Anyone else dying at 11:41-11:48? WHAT??NOO

  • Cyndi Kwilas
    Cyndi Kwilas 12 hours ago

    Every time she says OMG - DRINK

  • clementine Shmementine
    clementine Shmementine 12 hours ago

    I remember when I first started doing makeup I would apply with no hands, but then I became a Bare mineral girl and applied with a brush. I actually miss that kind of makeup because I use to look good.

  • Yuki_Lyds Entertainment

    Wait if she was born in 1962 she would be 57

  • Dee Aquino
    Dee Aquino 12 hours ago

    Actually turned out beautiful