I Followed My 100 Year Old Grandma's Favorite Makeup Tutorial

  • Published on Sep 5, 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome Back to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya? My grandmother turned 100 years old this year!! Can you believe that?? One word: Iconic!!! Grandma Star has been wearing bright red blush for 50 years and is a huge makeup lover! She sent me one of her favorite tutorials that she recently saw on Facebook and sent it to me! This video was her idea and she's the sweetest! I'm grateful to have her in my life and thankful for her support!
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  • Lorna Lou - Coma Survivor & Amputee Story

    Can we just appreciate the fact that Jeffree’s 100 year old grandma knows how to send links 😭💕

    • тыквенная королева
      тыквенная королева 9 months ago

      I was about to say!

    • Anna Schmidt
      Anna Schmidt 10 months ago

      Yes, like my grandmother if she was alive would have been like 97 this year and could never have used a computer much less send a link so that is so coo that his grandmother has learned how to do that further more can we appreciate that he so respectful towards his family members that do not wish to be on camera

    • Lizzi Marie
      Lizzi Marie 10 months ago


    • Girls Cable
      Girls Cable 11 months ago +1

      Omg yassssss

  • mindy
    mindy 2 years ago +1641

    My Nana just passed away last month. She was 101 years old. I loved talking to her. She had the BEST stories. Grandmas are the best ❤️

    • Jelly team
      Jelly team Month ago

      @Bunneh i hope you over come it and she gets nicer no one deserves to get treated like that

    • Stéphane Schmalen
      Stéphane Schmalen 2 months ago

      I am truly sorry for your loss and I hope you were able to recover from it. Unfortunately I cannot relate since my grandparents and me didn’t get along very well and I cut them out of my life bc of their homophobic behaviour. Keep the good memories of your Nana with you, they are your treasures that you can pull out whenever you‘re feeling bad❤️❤️

    • Jelly (eri) chan :)
      Jelly (eri) chan :) 9 months ago

      @Chelsea Foltz i lost my great grandma 5 years ago.. i feel u..

    • Jelly (eri) chan :)
      Jelly (eri) chan :) 9 months ago

      Yep grandmas are great! But my great grandma died..

    • Kimmy Fenn
      Kimmy Fenn 9 months ago


  • Sam
    Sam 2 years ago +2068

    “Disturbed skin”
    Me: can relate

  • linds
    linds 2 years ago +699

    dude that’s so sad. she outlived ALL of her children. :( bless her

    • thevictorianhistorian gege
      thevictorianhistorian gege Month ago

      @Leah Fitz BRUH NOT OLD HAG

    • Neona Rose
      Neona Rose 7 months ago

      I don't see what the big deal is , She was just saying what Jeffrey said in the video , he said sadly she outlive all of her three children including his father ,
      Jesus, what a dumb silly reason to even argue over something so simple as that , no manners at all for real

    • Ande Leon
      Ande Leon 8 months ago +1

      @Leah Fitz Gretchen stop trying to make that camera emoji happen
      Cringe af

    • Leah Fitz
      Leah Fitz 9 months ago

      @✨CHEESE✨ I don’t even know who u r 😬📸

    • Leah Fitz
      Leah Fitz 9 months ago +1

      @Kayla yep “kids Brian’s” 😐📸

  • Katy Calypso
    Katy Calypso Year ago +107

    I’ll never stop appreciating the fact that jeffree is the richest person I know yet he’s the most humble & acknowledges prices when they’re expensive.

  • Gabi_lbb
    Gabi_lbb 2 years ago +15537

    When Jeffree’s fingers blended better than the Kylie makeup brushes

  • Elysia_Sky
    Elysia_Sky 2 years ago +756

    "They had NOTHING else besides their fingers, can you imagine?"
    Me doing eye makeup on the bus without a brush: nope

    • Inez Sumner
      Inez Sumner Month ago

      I lowkey read this as he said it😂😂

    • Elle Cp
      Elle Cp 9 months ago +1

      I always use my clean fingers, I hate brushes and only use them for powder. And my skin looks so smooth.

    • Rhonda Houchins
      Rhonda Houchins Year ago +2

      I know he is 🐍
      Bur I love to watch him.

    • Innerview
      Innerview Year ago +3

      Fingers are giving me very natural look.

    • E G
      E G Year ago +5

      Same LOL
      Me: Right? Crazy...
      *goes back to wiping foundation off of my fingers so I can apply concealer*

  • Molly_pines
    Molly_pines Year ago +311

    “Never let the blush go close to your nose”
    E-girls: :|

    • Molly_pines
      Molly_pines 3 months ago +2

      @Sapphire egirls put blush on their nose…

    • Sapphire
      Sapphire 4 months ago

      Just because they don’t put blush close/on the nose doesn’t mean there an e girl, but it’s your opinion.

  • Katrina Jaedin Herrera
    Katrina Jaedin Herrera 2 years ago +649

    When you're THAT rich you call cotton pads "cotton circle"

  • Gene the Virgin
    Gene the Virgin 2 years ago +106

    Can we talk about how precious jeffree's reaction everytime she reacts to the videos deep terminologies🤣

      SKRRSKRR Month ago +1

      @Willow i know this was a year ago but i believe in one video of jeffree and Shane, jeffree stated “I’m fine with any pronouns” :)

    • dani
      dani 10 months ago +5

      @Willow jeffree is he/him/she/alien

    • Landon Johnson
      Landon Johnson 10 months ago +1

      He him

    • Willow
      Willow Year ago +4

      jeffree is he/him i’m pretty sure

  • G
    G 2 years ago +4216

    "no amount of makeup will help if your eyes are lackluster, get a good measure of sleep" she REALLY roasted us all alive 50 years ago

  • Crowley and Lumi
    Crowley and Lumi 2 years ago +160

    "The worlds oldest makeup tutorial"
    me, who dresses vintage daily, and follows a 1940's tutorial: "really Jeffree?"

    • Editor Barb
      Editor Barb Year ago +2

      @Jill Pajzer the vegan teacher finna dox you chile

    • Jill Pajzer
      Jill Pajzer Year ago +1

      I’ve watched history shows on the Renaissance period and times before it and they spoke about the types of make up they had and how they used it sooo lol some woman used pigs blood as blush 😆

    • Rae
      Rae Year ago +2

      What tutorial do you watch queen??

    • Rosa Park
      Rosa Park Year ago +5

      Mr. Japperlingo yah he was obviously exaggerating

    • PeppyMeppy
      PeppyMeppy Year ago +8

      He doesn’t really mean it tho

  • Vridhi Modi
    Vridhi Modi Year ago +24

    So, basically, I’m doing my makeup like it’s the 1960s and I’m 22 Y/O.
    Never been happier ♥️

  • Julia B
    Julia B 2 years ago +22

    She's blessed to have you in har life! Too few young people care about their elders enough to keep in touch, you're so wonderful Jeffrey!

  • Minimalist Vlogger
    Minimalist Vlogger Year ago +59

    his grandma turned 100 in 2019 and is turning 103 in 2020, aging legend😍

    • Blink4ever
      Blink4ever Year ago +2

      Maybe it was his other grandma? Like doesn’t he have one on two sides of the family? One could be 101, the one talked about in this video and the other 103, the one talked about in his other video

    • Suheyla Kucukosman
      Suheyla Kucukosman Year ago +6

      @Eshana Shah this video was posted in 2019 and he says that his grandma is 100 years old. In 2020 if you've been living under a rock, jeffree posted this video where he said that he was staying with his 103 year old grandma and that's why he stayed off of social media. I shouldn't have to explain this asdfghjkl;'

  • Seeker Finder
    Seeker Finder 2 years ago +1544

    Next palette should be in honor of your adorable grandma.

    • El
      El 2 years ago

      @big sex big sex shook shook laiahas coner its shook

      iMMACU-LATTÉ 2 years ago +1

      Something vintage ya know

    • Ash Craven
      Ash Craven 2 years ago +3

      Yes vintage inspired JS palette! I would deffinetly buy that

    • Seeker Finder
      Seeker Finder 2 years ago +1

      @Jewell Danai love it!!!!

    • Jewell Danai
      Jewell Danai 2 years ago +11


  • Sand Moirben
    Sand Moirben 2 years ago +22

    "she sent me a link" omg i cant stop laughing, my mom can barely figure out the simplest landline home phone, she always holds it upside down & away from her face and nobody can hear her! J. I love your stories

    • strawberry cow
      strawberry cow Year ago

      My mom doesn’t even know how to put a disc in the DVD player

  • emma_the_angel
    emma_the_angel Year ago +7

    Can we talk about how cute the finished look is. Like oml❤️

  • Merryl Cole
    Merryl Cole 2 months ago +22

    13:55 Hermosa elección TOPGIRLS.Uno _de los mejores conciertos_
    13:23 Senada: ''Hermoso''
    13:23 Megan: ''Hotter''
    13:23 Hopi: ''Sweeter''
    13:23 Joonie: ''Cooler''
    13:23 Yoongi: ''Butter''
    13:23 Amor: ''Momentos''
    13:23 Alfiora: ''Preety''
    13:23 Alana: ''Awesome''
    21:55 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente.

  • Farrah Bacchus
    Farrah Bacchus 7 months ago +2

    loved this i was laughing the entire time Jeffree you're to die for

  • Mariam Akbar
    Mariam Akbar 2 years ago +2349

    he's literally the only human that looks stunning without eyebrows

  • Keeper of the Dead *

    Love the reactions! Do more vintage tutorials, Jeffree!

  • Kiara Kiara
    Kiara Kiara 2 years ago +49

    No one:
    Literally nobody:
    Jeffree : *"THE DOG AGAIN!!"*

  • joo bernardini
    joo bernardini 6 months ago +3

    I think Jeffree is really funny: I love his reactions, he makes me laugh a lot, thanks you dear 🥳👍🤣👏! Merci et bisou de France 🇫🇷

  • Gadzooks Hardy
    Gadzooks Hardy 2 years ago +1

    The fact that your grandma can send u this is amazing in itself love you guys amazing

  • Alexis Hatzilias
    Alexis Hatzilias 2 years ago +1187

    If Jeffree’s grandma isn’t proof enough that he is also a vampire I don’t know what is. 😂😂

    • Vixx
      Vixx 2 years ago +2

      I'd want to be a vampire. They are so cool.

    • Sterling
      Sterling 2 years ago +6


    • Jaime Yule
      Jaime Yule 2 years ago +35

      The Star Family Vampires sounds like it would be a 80’s sitcom & I’d 100% watch it 😂😂😂

  • Jamie K
    Jamie K 11 months ago +3

    Still one of my favorite videos, laughing so hard even now 😂♥️

    • Jamie K
      Jamie K 11 months ago +1

      Lol that moment you realize you commented on this video a year ago.. #highlife

  • a3c
    a3c Year ago +26

    Jefrees grandma: sends link to a yt vid an calls him everyday. My mum: how do u turn the camera around on face time

  • Nay Fit
    Nay Fit Year ago +198

    The judgement in her tone ! ☺️🤣🤣 she better work that “procedure” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Marika Marks
    Marika Marks Year ago +1

    Shout out to ur grandma for this idea! It was so entertaining! The end result was seriously beautiful in such simple way!

  • Summer
    Summer 2 years ago +29882

    “My 100 year old grandma sent me a link..” wow that’s an actual sentence

    • Joshua Deupree
      Joshua Deupree 2 years ago


    • Minhcraft
      Minhcraft 2 years ago

      Summer Williams my grandma sends me links all the time

    • Bella Tedesco
      Bella Tedesco 2 years ago +1

      Summer Williams my mum doesn’t even know what a link is smh

    • janiah
      janiah 2 years ago

      Facts I’m like...wait play that back 😂😂😂

  • Sophia A Raghunanan
    Sophia A Raghunanan Year ago +2

    This really does how much make up improve throughout the 20th Century to the 21st Century. I honestly have to admit, this was a surprise to me, in a good way of course as I have found this video quite educational to how women in the 1960s had to used their fingers to apply their makeup to their faces. Hands down to the ladies of the 20th Century, they paved the way for us ladies of the 21st Century and we need to remember them for everything that they have done in their lives. PS. Jeffree, you still looked amazing with the simple make-up look for this video, love it.

  • roberta gannon
    roberta gannon 2 years ago +3

    Your make-up looks absolutely beautiful! I usually use my fingers to apply my foundation. No sponge, sometimes a brush, but I still have to use my fingers to smooth it out. No setting spray, either. Just powder.

  • Taylor Fagundes
    Taylor Fagundes 9 months ago +1

    Jeffery honey I’ve never seen your makeup look so good. This look seriously compliments your features💛

  • Micah Santiago
    Micah Santiago Year ago +2

    Tbh I'm in awe with that look on him. It suits him and it looks so fresh 😊

  • im a potato 234
    im a potato 234 2 years ago +3311

    60's makeup artist: *does something Jeffree is not used to*

    • Sov Vso
      Sov Vso 2 years ago

      Your profile pick is blessed and cursed at the same time.

    • Mayumi Garcia
      Mayumi Garcia 2 years ago +5

      im a potato 234 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • EmmiRey
    EmmiRey Year ago +2

    Love how Jeffrey learns there is more than one way to do things....

  • Adalyn Phillips
    Adalyn Phillips 2 years ago +17


  • floody
    floody Year ago

    omg! i feel so proud for the 100 y/o grandma. she deserves kindness and her respect. she is such a beauty!

  • Nicola Pearce
    Nicola Pearce Year ago +2

    Jeffree you and your reactions were my favorite part, luv ya

  • Brittney Anthony
    Brittney Anthony 2 years ago +5241

    I’m dying to see Jeffree wear his hair in a bun... not sure why.

    • Tabitha Hampton
      Tabitha Hampton 2 years ago

      Brittney Anthony why was I thinking that

    • Jen Rich
      Jen Rich 2 years ago

      A french twist

    • FacebookQueen
      FacebookQueen 2 years ago

      I bet it would look so nice 😊

    • 🎗self care is important kids🎗
      🎗self care is important kids🎗 2 years ago

      @Gabi Maza but one time he did braids ! Like the ones close to the scalp, idk how to name it, english isn't my first language 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Keenan Geeanpersadh
    Keenan Geeanpersadh Year ago +2

    The jawbreaker pallette is gonna beat her ass! 🤣🤣🤣
    I love Jeffree with all my heart 😭❤😆

  • Silent Observer
    Silent Observer 6 months ago

    This is hilarious!
    It's impressive how the makeup techniques are followed to date.

  • AvatarPrimus
    AvatarPrimus Year ago +1

    Jeffree, revisiting your old makeup vids is what I needed today, or what I needed this "harmless as a puppy" year, sigh, LOL, you are so entertaining and positive about things no matter what is happening wth you, stay that way please and please, please don´t let haeters and liers get you. Greetings from Northwest Mexico.

  • Nina Copsy
    Nina Copsy 2 years ago

    Awhhh Wow. Jeffree Im impressed. You looked very JUST naturally beautiful. You looked like a beautiful Grace Kelley, or Audrey Hepburn..Marilyn Monroe. This was too awesome to watch you do. Loved it. Made me miss my Mom and both my Grandmas...thanks for sharing and doing this for all of us. Much love

  • J M
    J M 2 years ago +1916

    Jeffree should start doing different make-up styles from across history

    • Pebble
      Pebble 2 years ago

      Omfg maybe an Ancient Greece inspired palate

    • Candice Hathaway
      Candice Hathaway 2 years ago

      Yes or something along those lines, like makeup looks from different cultures! Absolutely brilliant and ONLY jeffree can pull this off! If I see another youtuber do it before him, Im suing for copyrights!!!!

    • MariskaKat
      MariskaKat 2 years ago +1

      I want to see 80's Jeffree!

    • Xmv 1
      Xmv 1 2 years ago +2

      Then he'll get dragged for "cultural and historical appropriation" 😂

    • Zoe Moore
      Zoe Moore 2 years ago +1

      I would LIVE for this

  • Saige
    Saige Year ago

    I just started watching Jeffree today and I love him he and such a great personality

  • Jenn On The Trail
    Jenn On The Trail 5 months ago +1

    It would be fun to see you do an 80's makeup look.

  • Jade West
    Jade West Year ago +2

    I have always done my foundation with my hands hopefully jeffree does this again is really relaxing

  • thegamerlinkon
    thegamerlinkon Year ago +1

    Okay, but how freaking good does that vest look on Jeffree?? I cant take my eyes off it! 🔥🔥

  • Roxy Medrala
    Roxy Medrala 2 years ago +3977

    Jeffree: “she is glowing”
    Nate: *dramatically whispers “glowing”

    • Harold Hughesdon
      Harold Hughesdon 2 years ago +1

      Roxy M b b King birthday

    • bowlr
      bowlr 2 years ago +4

      “And then, when you completely mess up, just completely remove”

    • Mighty Toot
      Mighty Toot 2 years ago +1

      @M_Vant oml I love you so much!!!!

    • M_Vant
      M_Vant 2 years ago +15


    • Retro Mila /née Regishel
      Retro Mila /née Regishel 2 years ago +2

      He is whispering so you can't hear it, you can only see it.

  • Madeline Smith
    Madeline Smith Year ago

    even though this shows how far we've come, as someone with a grandmother who was the one person who supported and encouraged me this feels like an oaggé (no i cant spell) to the woman who literally saved my life and made me, thank you Jeanna (even if you never see this now its out there forever and you n=more than deserve it).

  • Bigfoot Hunter
    Bigfoot Hunter Year ago

    You are so lucky to be able to chat with granny!! Jeffrey I miss my granny every single day so hug her as much as you can and tell you love her often . Thank you for sharing your Granny's makeup tips with us xoxo

  • Gwendoline Banks
    Gwendoline Banks 2 months ago

    23:23 Hermosa elección 😘 Topgirls.Uno de los mejores conciertos ❤
    23:23 Senada: ''Hermoso''
    23:23 Megan: ''Hotter''
    23:23 Hopi: ''Sweeter''
    23:23 Joonie: ''Cooler''
    23:23 Yoongi: ''Butter''
    23:23 Amor: ''Momentos''
    23:23 Alfiora: ''Preety''
    23:23 Alana: ''Awesome''
    23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente 🖤.

  • Dameon Welch
    Dameon Welch 8 months ago +2

    Omfg this looks amazing on you!! It’s a nice Day time beat I like it 💯💯💕💕

  • Damn Loretta
    Damn Loretta 2 years ago +2143

    pretty much the whole makeup tutorial is just throwing shade in such a sophisticated way.

    • Dancin_Angel
      Dancin_Angel 2 years ago +1

      its like a john maclean film humor-wise XD

    • Jule
      Jule 2 years ago +9

      For realll!!! They were coming for the throat. But in the most polite ladylike way

    • Krislyn Hinson
      Krislyn Hinson 2 years ago +1


    • Poison EyeVee
      Poison EyeVee 2 years ago +2

      Candy Too that😂😂

    • Dani G
      Dani G 2 years ago +19

      Rich people sh** lol 😂😭

  • John ************
    John ************ Year ago +1

    This is my favorite episode of Jeffree star. Thanks grandma for sending this video to him. He is hilarious

    • Shawna Spadafore
      Shawna Spadafore 8 months ago

      I know right, this might be my favourite video from him, I’m back to watch it a year later

  • Terri Oulch
    Terri Oulch Year ago

    Gorgeous with or without. This looks amazing on you tho🥰

  • Emily Robbins
    Emily Robbins Year ago +2

    Fun fact! There have been makeup tutorials (at least video ones) since the thirties - including one of Mr Max Factor himself. I'd love to see you try and follow one of those!

  • Sophia M S
    Sophia M S 10 months ago

    Jeffree this is still my favorite look of yours you look like an angel 😇💗

  • CheesecakeLasagna
    CheesecakeLasagna 2 years ago +1617

    This is probably the most human Jeffree has ever looked.
    It actually fits him well, he can carry a classic look.

  • EricaYE6
    EricaYE6 2 months ago +1

    This makeup look is actually really pretty. It's light, nice Summer makeup.

  • Rocio Gomez
    Rocio Gomez Year ago

    Omg I can’t believe how much makeup style over the years back then it was simple looking but the now is like the pop and wow and well I am okay with this but man did I love this video and learned so much! Can’t wait to watch more much luv

  • StarLight Of Vos9230

    My mom is 65 and she knows all about makeup and I actually learned how to do my makeup from watching her in my childhood she knows every brand that I love shout out to beloved mom's and grandma's out there #momsrule

  • Lucho Portuano
    Lucho Portuano Year ago

    Can I be honest? This style, makes you look so natural and gorgeous, like... for real....

  • Gem
    Gem 2 years ago +2005

    The fact she sent u a link at 100 years old is goals lol !!! GO GRAMMY

    • Steph
      Steph 2 years ago

      She puts on a wig everyday so....😜

    • Shreksbiitch _
      Shreksbiitch _ 2 years ago +2

      I was thinking the same thing! My grandma is like 74 or something and just learned how to open another tab 😂

    • Brittany Brown
      Brittany Brown 2 years ago

      @Ana AA I call my Grammy....Grammy

    • Andreea Gabriela
      Andreea Gabriela 2 years ago

      @Ana Aa granny

    • All Things Beauty
      All Things Beauty 2 years ago +5

      Same thing i said... I'm like am I the only one who caught that lol

  • Sasi coco
    Sasi coco Year ago

    I actually love this look 😍💕

  • Austin M
    Austin M 6 months ago +1

    Aww that’s so sad, a mother should never have to bury their child let alone 3 of them. 💔 She sure is a fighter! 100 is amazing. Bless her heart.

  • Jennifer Allen
    Jennifer Allen Year ago +1

    I love Jeffrees eyes. There’s so much in them i love it

  • Persephonae1331
    Persephonae1331 6 months ago +2

    I mean, come on, that's basically how we all did our make-up in early 2010s. In junior high nobody even knew words like contouring, concealer, beauty blender, not mentioning USING both base and a powder, or anything (except mascara maybe) on eyebrows. Maybe it's just a Polish thing, but all we went for as teens 15 years ago was fluid, then black eyeliner/shadow, mascara... and that was basically it? Lipstick on special occasions only. At some point a lot of colourful palettes appeared and everybody went crazy with eyeshadows. But most importantly - there were NO TUTORIALS, everybody just did whatever they thought looked good on them. Most of the times it didn't but well...

  • Robert Thickee
    Robert Thickee 2 years ago +952

    The fact that his grandma even knows how to send a link is pretty iconic right off the bat

    • Robert Thickee
      Robert Thickee 2 years ago +2

      wtf bruh shes 100... most even 80 year olds dont know how to send a link. So yes, its iconic

    • k
      k 2 years ago +3

      mine can't even use the remote control

    • lil kitten
      lil kitten 2 years ago +2

      Bruh my granma domt know how to seend a photo

    • Selene xoxo
      Selene xoxo 2 years ago +2

      @Nik omg I'm dying 😂💀

    • Nik
      Nik 2 years ago +4

      I mean my parents are in their 60s and just recently realized you can delete apps off your phone.

  • Vicky Stinson
    Vicky Stinson 2 years ago

    I actually use nitryl gloves to apply concealer and makeup, then go in with a blender for the little spot coverage. Works great and no wasted product.

  • DizzyGemz
    DizzyGemz 2 years ago

    Natural look on jeffree he looked so girly and pretty! Love his normal look too obviously :)

  • ha mmy
    ha mmy Year ago +22

    Omg after 10months she turned 103 year old! 😍 what a miracle

  • Lexi Shelton
    Lexi Shelton Year ago +1

    Jeffree: literally does everything with his hands and still looks FLAWLESS
    Me with my millions of brushes and sponges: HOW ???

  • Gary Spurden
    Gary Spurden 2 years ago +2850

    Think Jeffree should find a 70's and 80's tutorial and do that too. Would be cool to see him in them styles too.

  • April Rams
    April Rams 2 years ago +7

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    • Corvus The Kool Kid
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      Kiki Rose 2 years ago

      A lot of top MUAs still use hands. At least to start. They wsrm foundation in the hands apply it and blend with fingers then use a brush and then a sponge to finish it off. Maybe any hatd to blend areas and use the sponge to smooth any lines or creades. They had sponges or cotton pads and balls they did the same with back in this time also.

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