Can This Chef Make SPAM Fancy? • Tasty

  • Published on Jul 13, 2019
  • "It's gonna be a tough day at work."
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    Cans of Spam meat made by the Hormel Foo
    JEWEL SAMAD/Getty Images
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Comments • 6 988

  • Samson Kinch
    Samson Kinch 13 minutes ago

    I love it when rie says make it fancy

  • theirhugs
    theirhugs 54 minutes ago

    fake arancini

  • Amen Thegreat
    Amen Thegreat Hour ago +1

    vine vine


  • Jackolin Lee
    Jackolin Lee 7 hours ago

    Alix’s and Rie’s friendship is so wholesome

  • Emilie Bailey
    Emilie Bailey 11 hours ago

    I wish I could be friends with Rie. She seems so nice and cute and fun. She could teach me to make something fancy out of something ordinary. Like my life.

  • Mousa Amir
    Mousa Amir 13 hours ago

    Alix is literally just Amethyst from Steven Universe xddddd

  • shahar fy
    shahar fy 13 hours ago

    The girl made a whole rap about how she loves the food and the guys are just like "yeah it's pretty good" I'm deceased

  • Abby
    Abby 15 hours ago

    Hahaha now whenever I hear someone say "make it fancy" I just remember the dance xD

  • Boldgirlful
    Boldgirlful 16 hours ago

    I just love Rie and Alex's friendship❤😄

  • Smritimuku Iyer
    Smritimuku Iyer 17 hours ago

    Adam: *Looks*
    Adam*keeps stareing*

  • A cup of tae
    A cup of tae Day ago

    Spam? Thats too easy for rie!


    How much alcohol do yo-
    Rie: *Y-E-S*

  • HoshixWoozi Maruu

    Rie : want fancy Foods?

    Me : just give me Mozarella


  • Kevin Delos Reyes

    Finally a food she does know.

  • Shay Gallagher
    Shay Gallagher Day ago

    Exam you like make a recipe for this tho it looks so good

  • ThatCrazyDragon Kid

    *throws spam* RUNNNN

  • Hùng Trần
    Hùng Trần Day ago

    It looks good but she use white wine to like make it soooooooooo ima stick with NOT eating it

  • Adam Brady
    Adam Brady Day ago

    I love rie so much

  • Cooking recipe심플요리

    맛난음식 잘마드세요 잘보고가요🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷💋❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    TIGER NINJA Day ago

    Make it spamcy

  • Arshad Ansari
    Arshad Ansari Day ago +1

    Behind rie there is alix filming a video i think its the one of the giant one

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez Day ago

    *Dumps marinara*
    Rie: hehe

  • Lyndon Alcontin
    Lyndon Alcontin Day ago


    Literally nobody:

    Me: *FANCY* *YUUUU~*

  • RaniaTheStar Playz
    RaniaTheStar Playz 2 days ago

    I love how good a chef rie is that I dont even mind her kinda bad english accent (not to be offensive)

  • Ilyasa Almumtaz
    Ilyasa Almumtaz 2 days ago +1

    The SPAM itself is fancy for me

  • Mz_Rainbow _Dash
    Mz_Rainbow _Dash 2 days ago +1

    I've watch 3 make it fancy so far and rie used alcohol in all 🤣🤣🤣 okay rie I see you #MakeItFancy ❤
    Alix!!!!!! My fav 😍

  • e m i l y h u s s e y

    I think you should make tortilla chips fancy

  • Yucari Brewley
    Yucari Brewley 2 days ago


    Alix: Make it Spamcyy 😄

  • Yucari Brewley
    Yucari Brewley 2 days ago

    I love Alix 🥰😻😂

  • Davuncie Potato
    Davuncie Potato 2 days ago

    Aw I’ll dance with u
    Make it fancy

  • Levi Ramey
    Levi Ramey 2 days ago

    Do sardines

  • famillie Fornitz
    famillie Fornitz 2 days ago +1

    Do you gays lick alves have lick alkohol and or wine in your pantry

  • Riana Zaremba
    Riana Zaremba 2 days ago +14


    Alix: "mAkE iT SpaMCy"

  • Riana Zaremba
    Riana Zaremba 2 days ago +1

    I love Rie's and Alix's friendship

  • Yaneeeh 0
    Yaneeeh 0 3 days ago

    Adam is a mood.

  • lala L
    lala L 3 days ago

    Yo Alex is rap is the best

  • Tae_be_ Rollin
    Tae_be_ Rollin 3 days ago

    Rie: do you wanna do a dance?
    Adam: no
    Adam: *slowly walks away

  • bigtonka82
    bigtonka82 3 days ago

    Rie is an amazing woman and chef.

  • Moonchi
    Moonchi 3 days ago

    All the people behind her are pretending to be productive,waiting to eat them after wards

  • Maysa Brown
    Maysa Brown 3 days ago

    I want to be Adam when I grow up

  • Maressa Fay
    Maressa Fay 3 days ago


  • Expensive Gurl
    Expensive Gurl 3 days ago

    You should have played fancy by twice when you said “ make it fancy”

  • Gforce656
    Gforce656 3 days ago

    Adam and Rie would make the best couple. Complete polar opposites.

  • beluga heheh
    beluga heheh 3 days ago +8

    “The sharper the knife, the less likely you’re gonna cry.” - Rie, tasty producer, 2019

  • Player Parnami
    Player Parnami 3 days ago

    Sperm is very salty????

  • Player Parnami
    Player Parnami 3 days ago

    I listened sperm

  • MBeast HD
    MBeast HD 3 days ago

    Rie saying mozalella is the cutest thing ever

  • kevwinshin
    kevwinshin 3 days ago

    Adam's vocab: its good

  • Alex
    Alex 3 days ago +8

    Rie: I like to use alcohol, yes.

    me: *remembers that one family reunion where everyone was high and spoked english only*

  • Liv Estelle
    Liv Estelle 3 days ago

    I love seeing other people making videos in the background

  • ghost killer69 the red death

    Your not supposed to cook with jewlery on btw

  • Rye
    Rye 4 days ago

    Is it weird that i like to drink the liquid form the edges of the can

  • aaarrrnnneeelll Beaa

    Rie is so cuteeeeee 😍

  • Angelo Kolanski
    Angelo Kolanski 4 days ago

    Adam Looks like Bjergsen

  • Akosua Akuoko
    Akosua Akuoko 4 days ago

    Damn Alix got barzzz

  • Victor Cissna
    Victor Cissna 4 days ago

    Does no one find this funny? 9:07

  • lilachann12
    lilachann12 4 days ago

    I love Andrew jkkkkkk

  • Chris Ehab
    Chris Ehab 4 days ago

    That soo fancy I’m not even worth eating it

  • Chris Ehab
    Chris Ehab 4 days ago

    Umm where is the timer

  • Chris Ehab
    Chris Ehab 4 days ago

    I was crying when I saw the onions

  • Chris Ehab
    Chris Ehab 4 days ago


  • Will Stratmeyer
    Will Stratmeyer 4 days ago

    Make hot Cheetos fancy!

  • Tameem
    Tameem 4 days ago +2

    I love tasty,but I was looking for a song

    And this popped up...

  • Sophie Richard
    Sophie Richard 4 days ago +1

    What actually is spam

  • Satara Jeon
    Satara Jeon 4 days ago

    I want to marry rie 😥🥺

  • Isaac Muñoz
    Isaac Muñoz 4 days ago

    i honestly believe Rie and her dance could defeat Thanos

  • imntafckingsaint
    imntafckingsaint 4 days ago

    there's only like 5% of spam left in each bite..

  • thiên phú chung
    thiên phú chung 4 days ago

    Rie do u have a recipe without using alcohol ?

  • Krystylle Nicole
    Krystylle Nicole 5 days ago +4

    Here in the Philippines we don't use chicken broth we just use MAGIC SARAP!

  • shout_out_to_ Hero_FT
    shout_out_to_ Hero_FT 5 days ago +1

    Me as an asian and sees how Rie cooks the rice: That is not how I cook my rice. 😧

  • msveeip
    msveeip 5 days ago

    It's a spam boudain ball!

  • boii boii boii boii
    boii boii boii boii 5 days ago

    Damn he Yeet the SPAM..

  • Jacob
    Jacob 5 days ago

    This asian cooks rice differently from the rest of us asians😂 well like they said there are so many ways on how to kill a chicken😂

  • Theo shiba
    Theo shiba 5 days ago +27

    Psychiatrist : don't worry Adam is in another country, He will never hurt you
    Adam : 9:08

  • Matt Halls
    Matt Halls 6 days ago +1

    3 things science can't explain to this day :
    1. Bermuda triangle
    2. UFOs
    3. TheXvid recommendation.