Good Morning Sunshine, Cold process soap making.

  • Published on Aug 2, 2016
  • This one I made for a soap club challenge, Orange, Red, and a Silver Pearl mica were used, Neroli Essential Oil supplied by
    customers can now buy my soap, If you would like to purchase please email
    Australian residents only.
    soaps are $5.00 each or 3 for $12.00. or you may like to purchase the recipe I use for $35.00
    please email me for paypal invoice.
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  • Gretchen Arnot
    Gretchen Arnot 4 months ago


  • Ayyam
    Ayyam Year ago

    Its so beautiful its great idea thank you for sharing this

  • meadowyck
    meadowyck Year ago

    I was just wondering why you line a silicone mold?

    • white milk soap and candles
      white milk soap and candles  Year ago

      meadowyck its plastic, but some of my.other videos I use silicone and line it because the mold has cracks,

  • dali2314
    dali2314 Year ago

    All that time and work for six bars? No thanks.

  • Brenda Alfery
    Brenda Alfery Year ago

    very nice, Where did you get your mold and what did you use for your liner

    • white milk soap and candles
      white milk soap and candles  Year ago

      I got the mold from nizzy soap molds, if you googled that I am sure youll find him, and just the waxed cooking paper, Greece proof paper.

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  • Mohamed Shera
    Mohamed Shera Year ago

    Thank gou 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Amaal Alshaikh
    Amaal Alshaikh 2 years ago

    So beautiful thank you for Sharing this video

  • Pinkandeadxoxo
    Pinkandeadxoxo 2 years ago +1

    How come you don't use a stick blender?

  • BassetStudios Etsy
    BassetStudios Etsy 2 years ago +3

    Does anyone else see adipose tissue? [*sUbLiMiNaL gYm Ad*] lol

  • Emelia Kay
    Emelia Kay 2 years ago

    Beautiful soap but it hurt my heart because of how much was wasted (not able to be sold). A precise cutting tool would be a great investment and benefit your profits in the long run. Just some friendly advice :)

  • AgainBorn Vesna Stefani

    Please tell us how is recept ?

  • Serginho Filho
    Serginho Filho 2 years ago +1

    Ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise :)

  • almsuG1
    almsuG1 2 years ago

    Your work is beautiful and that is why we are all watching your video, and the music is nice too! Thank you for sharing with us!

  • Soapy_ish
    Soapy_ish 2 years ago

    Man, I love the names for these

  • RedRed Robin
    RedRed Robin 2 years ago +4

    CAN the damned music. I thought another tab was playing a commercial. It's loud and annoying. I bailed. Thumbs down.

    • Claire Boyle
      Claire Boyle 2 years ago +5

      It is possible to turn it down or mute it :)

    • RedRed Robin
      RedRed Robin 2 years ago

      Just to show YOU, I WILL come back... (not bad videos, but the loud music did make me think another tab was playing something). I did like your direct reply, though. Thanks for replying, & I'll be watching your videos, fully warned. T/C! ;- )

    • white milk soap and candles
      white milk soap and candles  2 years ago +11

      good don't come back....

  • Amy McAndrews
    Amy McAndrews 2 years ago +2

    I love this design. Thanks so much for sharing it!

  • Weaver's Soap Company
    Weaver's Soap Company 2 years ago

    love it

  • LibellulaGlass
    LibellulaGlass 2 years ago

    Wonderful, thanks for sharing. How did your mix stay sup,e so long?

  • Steven Lopez
    Steven Lopez 3 years ago +1

    Your work is beautiful! May I ask what songs did you use in the videos?

  • Jordan Smithson
    Jordan Smithson 3 years ago +8

    What an awesome technique. However, the color choice reminds me of an inflamed zit/cyst.

    • Vic Toria
      Vic Toria 2 years ago

      Jordan Smithson
      Hahahahaa 😁 How bad can you be? You are baaad 😁

  • Kimmy Anne
    Kimmy Anne 3 years ago +1

    this makes me realize what a super beginner I am lol

  • rahaf mohammed
    rahaf mohammed 3 years ago

    hi i want to ask how much do i need powder for my soap recipe example if i will do 55 oz for my soap recipe oil and lye water how much do i need powder how can i calculat powder in my soap recipe

    • white milk soap and candles
      white milk soap and candles  3 years ago

      just start with a small amount, if you like a strong colour add more but around 4 to 5 grams is a good start

  • Shelly Bane
    Shelly Bane 3 years ago

    Hi. Can you guys tell me if you think it would work if I mix the lye with water first, then let it have its reaction, get really hot then cool down and after boiling it down, add this to my milk to avoid having it change to a darker color?
    I get that everything has to be the exact measurements. So let's say I need so many ounces of lye and let's say 2 cups of milk and 4 ounces of water. So my idea is to gradually add my lye to a cup of water to get the lye/liquid reaction out of the way and then boil that down to 4 ounces. Then I could add the lye water to the milk and it wouldn't get hot.
    Would that work?

    • Shelly Bane
      Shelly Bane 3 years ago

      +white milk soap and candles I think this would work really well. Thanks.

    • white milk soap and candles
      white milk soap and candles  3 years ago +1

      umm. no just add your milk to the soap when its at a thick trace

  • Arundhati Sonawane
    Arundhati Sonawane 3 years ago

    Leonarda loved this!

  • oneyaker
    oneyaker 3 years ago

    looks like zero hard fats in this mix . can't understand the long working time.
    this is perfect!

    • white milk soap and candles
      white milk soap and candles  3 years ago +2

      no there are hard fats, and soft, but the secret is not to stick blend, only stir, gives you much more working time. but youll have to make the soap hot after to Gel

  • OM-Biance Candles
    OM-Biance Candles 3 years ago

    Love your technique!!!

    • Lisa Law
      Lisa Law 2 years ago

      OM-Biance Candles on

  • SoapsblySly O
    SoapsblySly O 3 years ago

    Nicely done! I like the 2 colored edges.
    Thanks for making a video on it!

  • Karen Conine
    Karen Conine 3 years ago

    Too interesting to fast forward. Another lovely work of art by you.

  • HomelyAnimal - Soap Channel

    I'm also part is this challange. your soap is beautiful :) I'm pretty sure you are only allowed one outline color or it will be disqualified. you can do multiple colors but they each have to be inside the same cell color you can't double up. :/

    • white milk soap and candles
      white milk soap and candles  3 years ago +2

      yep, your right, I was disqualified, I didn't read the instructions correctly, but I have made another and will cut and load the video and soap tonight, good luck to you...and thanks

  • Sharon Kay Cloud
    Sharon Kay Cloud 3 years ago

    What is the name of this design?

  • Claudia Sanhueza
    Claudia Sanhueza 3 years ago

    Amazing! So much work! So much patience! beautiful...

  • Cass J
    Cass J 3 years ago +1

    Super cute! I love the color combination. I love that you use the wide soap molds. Many of the TheXvidrs use the tall or the tall and skinny molds. The design is readily apparent when you cut a bar. But it is truly spectacular when you see someone pull off a gorgeous design in a mold that showcases the design only on the top and sides.

  • Brenda Hawk
    Brenda Hawk 3 years ago

    that turned out beautiful, love the colors.

  • Eve Hsv
    Eve Hsv 3 years ago

    I take my hat off to your patience Hun. You really are clever.

  • Amy Sanders
    Amy Sanders 3 years ago


  • Paradise City
    Paradise City 3 years ago

    wow! labor of love, is beautiful and relaxing to watch you do it, good job!

  • Patricia Shaffer
    Patricia Shaffer 3 years ago

    absolutely gorgeous!

  • cactuslily
    cactuslily 3 years ago +2

    lovely! how your soap stayed so workable for so long is enviable! thanks for sharing. happy soaping!

  • Elizabeth Adams
    Elizabeth Adams 3 years ago +1

    Turned out beautiful! Wow.

  • Ann Kinney
    Ann Kinney 3 years ago


  • Omneyas WISH
    Omneyas WISH 3 years ago

    Gorgeous!!!!!! This is a patience tester for sure. Did you use her recipe?

  • Deborah Torain-Williams

    Your artistry is beautiful

  • me flagg
    me flagg 3 years ago

    That turned out beautiful !!

  • Lisa List
    Lisa List 3 years ago

    Very cool! Thank you so much! I wonder if when starting the dots start lighter to darker then where the middle of soap will change it up from darker to lighter then both sides would be the same. It all looks very interesting and I'll definitely try what I mentioned when I do it.

  • Lisa Jennings
    Lisa Jennings 3 years ago

    Indeed patience prevails here and wow what a stunning result. So pretty thank you for sharing. :)

  • Sara Gronholm
    Sara Gronholm 3 years ago +2

    Wow you got some great patients I'd have gone crazy and rushed it. Looks great !

  • Bratpack Soaps
    Bratpack Soaps 3 years ago

    Beautiful, your soaps are amazing.