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Geri's Game Pixar

  • Published on Oct 14, 2012
  • Geri's Game is an animated short film made by Pixar in 1997, written and directed by Jan Pinkava. It was the first Pixar short created after the 1989 Knick Knack. The film won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1998.

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    JOSIAH FREEMAN 6 hours ago


  • Layla Filipek
    Layla Filipek 22 hours ago


  • Dank
    Dank 2 days ago

    What's a yeet?

  • Nugget's Kingdom
    Nugget's Kingdom 2 days ago

    1:28 HA

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 3 days ago

    Sharkboy and lava girl exe.

  • Wilson the Kitty
    Wilson the Kitty 6 days ago +1

    The mouth sounds make me uncomfortable....

  • A Psicologia de tudo - Nachara Zen

    se vc é brasileiro vai saber que esse senhor é Ariano Suassuna...
    for me, this cute boy is Ariano Suassuna, a brazilian writer, I Love him...

  • Tomas Olmedo
    Tomas Olmedo 14 days ago

    2019 ?

  • banzaiperson
    banzaiperson 15 days ago

    You not only cheated the game, you cheated yourself.

  • Kevin Zhang
    Kevin Zhang 17 days ago

    Mentally ill, alone, and cheater...God help any one of us if we grow old into that and are proud of it.

  • hshan
    hshan 18 days ago

    schizophrenia intensifies

  • w a v y
    w a v y 20 days ago +2

    I like the part where he treyflips down the five-stair

  • w a v y
    w a v y 20 days ago +2

    So I guess you can say...

    He *beat* himself

  • baniaeK
    baniaeK 22 days ago +1

    Wait... how is 2:26 possible ? :o

  • imaCrAzY10
    imaCrAzY10 24 days ago

    Something seems different here

  • Joshua Castillo
    Joshua Castillo 25 days ago +1

    This old guy literally walked back and forth around 40 times for one game of chess. Now that’s dedication!!

  • Paul Goggin
    Paul Goggin 27 days ago


  • Meh Its Michael
    Meh Its Michael 27 days ago

    It’s not weird that I’m crying of nostalgia

  • Tayyab Sabir
    Tayyab Sabir 27 days ago

    It’s been years......

  • trash chan
    trash chan 27 days ago

    Bruh he playing by himself cuz we kids dont go out much lmao

  • Cida Souza
    Cida Souza 27 days ago

    A música é falsa

  • Paul Hartino
    Paul Hartino Month ago

    Geri ur dumb

  • KRASH-BrawlStars
    KRASH-BrawlStars Month ago +1

    *6 years old me playing fireboy and watergirl*

  • Mundo da Juju e Paçoca

    Que triste o velhinho joga sozinho porque não tem amigos🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭

  • Michael H
    Michael H Month ago

    So essentially this short is about an old man who plays with himself alone in the park ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

  • Devin Brown
    Devin Brown Month ago

    HaHa! I've seen a few guys that look like this guy on the bus..

  • Clook Floc
    Clook Floc Month ago

    He fixed Woody in Toy Story 2.

  • bartnf
    bartnf Month ago

    Boa boa bla

  • Bob Thelob
    Bob Thelob Month ago

    Would be better if he had a personality disorder

  • Larissa
    Larissa Month ago

    Que triste ....

  • shafiq shahari
    shafiq shahari Month ago

    Yo man you know you shouldn't upload footage of Marvel's IP on youtube, they will take it down. Also, why is Sam and Bucky letting Old Cap all alone in the park?

  • Adrian Sarkisov
    Adrian Sarkisov Month ago +1

    Isn't that the same guy that fixes Woody in Toy story 2?

  • J J
    J J Month ago

    it has been so long since i have seen this. ever since i wanted to eat the chess pieces and the sound effects are so satisfying! abc if you agree.
    :3 😹😆😋😻😸❤️💗💓💕💖💞💘❤️💚💜💙💛
    i treasure this short film like a shiny golden gem 💎💍

  • Isaiah wise
    Isaiah wise Month ago

    Geri is probably dead now

  • nikkygtv
    nikkygtv Month ago

    I was always a bit confused by this as a kid

  • Santiago Lopez
    Santiago Lopez Month ago

    Estuvo mal la animación lo que se callo no aparece en el pisó

  • Abhisheik Patangey
    Abhisheik Patangey Month ago

    2:24 it's two people

  • meena knock
    meena knock Month ago

    What a philosophy and phycology.

  • Jason is so proud of you

    This guy coo coo

  • G O R D E L o
    G O R D E L o 2 months ago

    There's a mistake at 2:25
    Can you find it ?

  • creepy creeper
    creepy creeper 2 months ago

    Are you from toys story who fixed woody

  • Leo Izod
    Leo Izod 2 months ago


  • Jord Mania
    Jord Mania 2 months ago +1

    Y O U C A N`T R U S H A R T
    -- Geri --

  • Im just here for memes. BOI

    Why does this short make me sad...?

  • ecoRfan
    ecoRfan 2 months ago

    One issue I notice is you can see two Geri's at 2:25, unless that hand belongs to someone else.

  • Aymen B.
    Aymen B. 2 months ago

    They forgot the chess box that fell from the table

  • Eighthnickel 151
    Eighthnickel 151 2 months ago

    A vintage toy fixer and a crazy chess player

  • Grace Minahan
    Grace Minahan 2 months ago

    welp who's gonna tell him he lost...

  • Brandon Blair
    Brandon Blair 2 months ago

    I bought that same patio set from Ikea a few years back

  • Paxton Saurette
    Paxton Saurette 2 months ago +1

    4:22 when you make a funny joke but no one is around to hear it

  • Bassem B.
    Bassem B. 2 months ago

    Why is the audio recreated? And very badly?

  • Gloria Valladares
    Gloria Valladares 2 months ago

    3:49 that face

  • Vic Inc.
    Vic Inc. 2 months ago +2

    Doppio/Diavolo be like

    • hi k
      hi k Month ago

      *A jojo reference? in my comment section?*

  • Anthony Estrada Rodriguez
    Anthony Estrada Rodriguez 2 months ago +1

    Isnt this guy from Toy Story

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez 2 months ago

    Did he partially astral projected himself or something? I know he was going back and forth but I'm just saying

  • chronoslayercs
    chronoslayercs 2 months ago

    Well I'll be damned...
    Never thought I'd enjoy seeing an old man play with himself. 😐

  • Martin the Warrior
    Martin the Warrior 2 months ago

    Idk why but I hate this. It's really u settling for some reason. All most feels as if it's about to turn really dark and twisted somehow but doesnt

  • who am I
    who am I 2 months ago

    Was this the guy who fixed woody??

  • BoardWhareHowse
    BoardWhareHowse 2 months ago

    How old were you when you realize he was playing himself?

  • Z.5
    Z.5 2 months ago

    *smacks lips intensely*