Trump arrives at Blenheim Palace - BBC News

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • Theresa and Philip May stand alongside Donald and Melania Trump on the steps of the palace to listen to Liberty Fanfare, the National Emblem, and a special arrangement of Dear Lord and Father of Mankind with Amazing Grace, played by the guards.
    There are bagpipes mixed in to the arrangement, in a nod to Mr Trump's Scottish connections.
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  • Holy Moly
    Holy Moly Hour ago

    What kind of brainwashed idiots are feeling good about this arrival? Trump and his entourage were deliberately LATE, making everyone stand there like lemons waiting for them!! Are you American morons completely happy with that??

  • Marie Monerville
    Marie Monerville 18 hours ago


  • lucy bond
    lucy bond Day ago

    Had to look at this again because it is so unbelievable. Theresa May's sleeveless gown, huge slut up the back with her old unattractive arms, her poor posture. It is quite embarrassing. AND A HUGE BAND AID ON HER ARM. This truly is the tackiest thing I have ever seen for someone in her position.

  • charlie hovey
    charlie hovey Day ago

    trump for prison 2020

  • Gab Parv
    Gab Parv Day ago

    The craziest president coming to Bleinheim.

  • Johan Prince
    Johan Prince 2 days ago

    D.Trump Is the best

  • Eden Conahan
    Eden Conahan 2 days ago

    Love it mr President trump

  • SFbayKID
    SFbayKID 3 days ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • Connie AuClair
    Connie AuClair 3 days ago

    This pains me to say because I have some very good friends in England and Ireland, but the commentaries of the British media are so rude, I wish our American government would sue you and remove you from the air. How dare you criticize President Trump, how dare you!! You people can't even run your own country well. Just stop talking. You clearing do not have anything valuable to share, you're just talking like children to hear yourself talk.

  • anub100
    anub100 4 days ago

    5:18 what is she trying to prove lol. that vehicle is chosen for safety. what did she want? let trump turn up with a helicopter and blow dust and wind at everyones face? lmao. fk idiot

  • Zoni Oliver
    Zoni Oliver 4 days ago

    Blow the gas pipes I mean bag pipes ground from beneath their feet

  • P.J.Stein
    P.J.Stein 5 days ago +1

    "Look at that. The beast, roaring over the horizon." (And the car its coming in hehe)

  • Randy watts
    Randy watts 6 days ago +3

    MY GOD Look how Beautiful the the first lady is SEXY, FINE , WOW

  • Janice Duncan
    Janice Duncan 6 days ago +2

    What a wonderful welcome to a great President. If only our country would wake up and see his effort for the American People. Most of us have it's, the misguided one's I feel sorry for. The misinformed ones .

  • Bianca blast
    Bianca blast 6 days ago +2

    Beautiful first lady..Love our Potus

  • Albert Suriñach
    Albert Suriñach 7 days ago

    Omg may just...

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 7 days ago

    Entre 10 e 15 graus no Centro Oeste do Sul

  • brian stuart
    brian stuart 7 days ago

    Here we go again the circus clown is on his Trips again you're not getting nothing done

  • Pius X
    Pius X 7 days ago +1

    William Jefferson Clinton has been to Blenheim when he left office.

  • Liliana Jankovic
    Liliana Jankovic 8 days ago

    Teresa looks like horse

  • Liliana Jankovic
    Liliana Jankovic 8 days ago

    Look at Teresa dress she look stupid

  • Liliana Jankovic
    Liliana Jankovic 8 days ago

    Boris Johnson is joke mop head

  • buffalobillbuffalove

    That is the most awkward lead up I've ever seen. Why is the Prime Minister standing in the middle of a parking lot, like she was taken there on a romantic date gone horribly awkward.
    Correction: 5 minutes standing in the middle or nowhere...5 minutes. That's 4:30 minutes too long.

  • Lindsay Schilling
    Lindsay Schilling 10 days ago


  • Am bhat
    Am bhat 11 days ago

    Only. Our. World. Ist. & last. Queen. Very. Goods gifted precious. Diamond. For. World. Other wise all. Self bunifisher. Not a power. In. Defence only. Power. In to. Killing. Maximum. Muslims. I dont knows your back ground. Only. Criminals are. Country. Heads. Cum. Self. Property. Bunifisher. & facailtator. Present. Time. Download trump. Is. So. Like. Human being. & he interested to. Solve. Problems. As. Human being. Ist. China. Russia. Heads. Very. Rich mind. Cum. Human being. Persons. Now in coming period all. Criminals will. Be punishmented. In life & After qayamat. Huge. Be. Ready. For. Face what you do & Face

  • Am bhat
    Am bhat 11 days ago

    No. Islamic. Terrorism. To. See. Ist. What. Country. Inter fare other. Country. Personal. US A. EX. All. Presidents. Are. Involved. In terrorism & bombing. Illleaglely. Our. Muslims. Country & terrorism. Mean. Cause. Development. Was. USA. In cluded. UNO IHRO. & other. Country. Who support. USA. For. Bombing. Listen & remember. Terrorism are you & you will be. Responsible to. Killing. In. Millions. Muslims. You shot up your. Bad smile mouth. Imdately.

  • игорь бондарь


  • Jen Hardman
    Jen Hardman 13 days ago

    Mr May is in 'investments'..
    Is he part of those 260 000 shell companies operating from Finchley Road?
    Like Amber Rudd and Tony Blair?

  • Jen Hardman
    Jen Hardman 13 days ago +2

    Theresa May has feet the size of a gorilla's.
    What was that that the British press kept pumping out about THE PRESIDENT'S hands!
    Poor mister may

  • Eli Abdolie
    Eli Abdolie 14 days ago

    I dont like melania she seems a cold woman ,trump should married with a blond american.

  • George aye
    George aye 14 days ago

    bbc can fuck off, long live nationalism

  • global.001
    global.001 14 days ago

    The worst of world leaders, both of them.... thank goodness for the palace. Good choice on the bagpipes... 'Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me'...

  • Philip Paul
    Philip Paul 14 days ago

    Disliked this video because it cut off the bagpiper lol

  • Philip Paul
    Philip Paul 14 days ago

    What's the beast? I keep hearing them say it. Are they talking about the car?

    • Lindsay Schilling
      Lindsay Schilling 10 days ago

      Yes, it is the black limousine President Trump & the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump arrived in at the Palace.

  • Dung Doan
    Dung Doan 16 days ago

    The dress looks so good on her, absolutely! And I noticed that people looked at her with admiration ! 👌👍 We are so proud of our First Lady of the United States of America !

  • Gregg Hanson
    Gregg Hanson 17 days ago

    Mr Fat Ass looks like a child; distracted, embarrassed and clueless. He has no business meeting these people. He's a fool

  • قوقوقت قزقزبزبن

    ولاسف كل هذا اظن الاجهاد والتعب في وصف العوامة الباخرة المتنغلة والانسان طاغي الي هذو الكلمتين هذا صنع الله لا اله إلا الله محمد رسول الله )

  • قوقوقت قزقزبزبن

    وانا حجاوب بدالكم واكيد مش فئة ثالثة لانهم تبرعو مني لانهم لسه مااخذو القرن ولا البصمة ذاتيه للعقلنة متخلفة والفئه ثالثة اقصد بها البثه القطط وعلي شاكلتها( هذا صنع الله الواحد الأحد الجبار الملك القدوس الفرد الصمد ..

  • قوقوقت قزقزبزبن

    ماهذا يالشيطان أو يا انسان اتروكو الفئة ثالثة الجواب لفئه واحدة

  • قوقوقت قزقزبزبن

    فين المردود يا ترمب دنالد فرنسوار

  • قوقوقت قزقزبزبن

    ابليس انت بلسه تديه بك بو ص

  • قوقوقت قزقزبزبن

    فين الحيوان

  • قوقوقت قزقزبزبن

    يلا يااحمار

  • Sevlija Blazevic
    Sevlija Blazevic 19 days ago

    Is this a joke?!

  • Theresa Lawson
    Theresa Lawson 19 days ago +14

    And they say we in America don’t have “ royalty “ ! Eat your heart out, jealous in the land. She is drop dead gorgeous !

    • Holy Moly
      Holy Moly Hour ago

      +A gay Bacon slice and turn up on time?

    • Kathy GARBEŔ
      Kathy GARBEŔ 3 days ago

      We don't need royalty......we have The King of kings as our ruler in America.....we don't say , " God bless the queen ", here ...We say ," Our LORD IS KING " ! And God bless the USA ! !

    • A gay Bacon slice
      A gay Bacon slice 4 days ago

      Theresa Lawson I don’t think Andy body cares is their head of state is gorgeous just as long as they’re good, and oh don’t have a royal family.

  • William Antonio
    William Antonio 22 days ago

    Donald trump always keeps people waiting. Disrespectful

  • Yeo Wool
    Yeo Wool 22 days ago +1

    May why did u wear that RED dress 🙈

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 27 days ago +2

    Best President ever! We love you Mr Trump!

  • bach baroque
    bach baroque 28 days ago +1

    Button your Jacket, Donnie! SMH!!

  • Al Tay
    Al Tay Month ago +1

    What is this corny woman reporter talking about there's better ways of projecting power then showing up in the most sophisticated armored presidential limousine in the world what drive up in a British piece of shit🤣

  • Edgar Cardenas
    Edgar Cardenas Month ago

    $##$#$seceret service er white house $##$#$ nasa

  • Marijana Alorvor
    Marijana Alorvor Month ago

    Hello Guinevere i.e. my Melania. You look so much like her here. So who is your Lancelot?

  • Drackkor
    Drackkor Month ago

    May is an idiot she makes liberals look smart.

  • Melanie Richards
    Melanie Richards Month ago

    Theresa May looks like a bloody scruff.. who needs a good scrub.. 🤦 way out graced by Melania

  • Anne Gallant
    Anne Gallant Month ago

    The car has nothing to do with power but the fear trump could be harmed on English land

  • Valentina Royanova
    Valentina Royanova Month ago


  • Marie Trini77
    Marie Trini77 Month ago

    So sad to see the Trump and Melania so DISCONNECTED.

  • Barb McCafferty
    Barb McCafferty Month ago

    Women of a certain age should not go sleeveless. It's just creepy.

  • Sophie Tand
    Sophie Tand Month ago

    Nither high position, nor wealth, less arrogance make you gentelmen . Ni la posición alta, ni riqueza, menos arrogancia te hacen caballero!

  • Alex Monkman
    Alex Monkman Month ago +2

    I wonder how much His Grace the Duke of Marlborough was paid to host the President and the Prime Minister at his home

  • John lee j
    John lee j Month ago

    The mother country ~

  • John lee j
    John lee j Month ago

    Rich president ~

    • Lisa Capri
      Lisa Capri Month ago +1

      He's not not all that rich, only on paper. The banks own him. Plus the fact he's just as much a jerk as the rest. You Brits don't know anything about america and it's corruption and how most Americans live in poverty and can't even afford anything you Europeans can. Come live it, breath it, then your views will dramatically change forever.

  • Yi Wei
    Yi Wei Month ago

    Noob Trump,just a piece of shitt

  • PP PP
    PP PP Month ago +1

    American couple compared to British looks way better 👸👨

  • Manik Chowdhury
    Manik Chowdhury Month ago

    Hello BBC
    You have very good background. Why you joined BD Independent TV. This TV sports illegal government without vote winning.

  • Francine Jean
    Francine Jean Month ago +1

    Melania soooo niceee!Class the first lady

  • Lector Kreuzritter Kleinbittersdorf

    This idiot is mere a North Korean spy, who fell in love with the Satan Kim Jong Un.

  • Alfred De Souza
    Alfred De Souza Month ago

    #🌏💡🇺🇸🇬🇧👑!#DonaldTrump’sArrivalAtReveredBleinheimPalace!#DonaldTrumpWelcomeBackTo🇬🇧👑UK!#DON’sMother’sScottishMigrantToUSAAsPivotalDomesticServantInAmericasLandsOfPlenty!#IsRealDonaldTrumpATrueBritish👑Stalwart?#TrumpPutinKimJong-unBrothersInLivingGrips?#DonaldAlwaysBringPeaceToOurCountry!#IRemainBritishAtAfricanAmericanAncestors!#MayHolySpiritsCascadesBlessingsOnYourGlobalAchingShoulders!#Amen!#DonaldTrumpEnjoyFinesseOf🇬🇧👑💕🎉💃Hospitality!#DepartInPeaceAndRefreshingWisdom!#GODBlessGreatBritain!#GODBlessAmerica!#GODBlessWORLD!#Eucharist;#InHolyContemplation...HisHealingsOnWingsOfHisPatronSaintsCallings;#JesusOnTheCrossForUs!💕👶🙅‍♂️🙏ThanksMa’am! Respects🌹💃🎉👏👍(.

  • Trance_World_Artists 2014

    See what May is wearing?
    It was really hot that summer, 2018, it was 25c to 35 c for 2 months!

  • Kohl#1881
    Kohl#1881 Month ago


  • Kohl#1881
    Kohl#1881 Month ago

    5:44 'not perfectly finished car - President's Car'

  • LongliveEDL
    LongliveEDL Month ago +1

    Melania is a beautiful vision in that gown!! Prime Minister May looks dowdy....

  • foxsux123
    foxsux123 Month ago +1


    • foxsux123
      foxsux123 Month ago

      +Melvin Bonzarelli what's going on Retarzarelli? Are you eating Trump's dirty ass? Enjoy.

    • foxsux123
      foxsux123 Month ago

      +Melvin Bonzarelli if Trump grabbed your bleeding pussy he would stick it in your mouth so you can lick it clean.

    • Melvin Bonzarelli
      Melvin Bonzarelli Month ago

      If Anthony Weiner texts you photos of his pecker, you probably would spend a full weekend in the bathroom whacking off to them.

  • Maya A
    Maya A Month ago +1

    Omg the Star Wars curtain yellow dress she looks like got out of a spaceship get real

  • Vassely Camara
    Vassely Camara Month ago +2

    What a stupid President 😂😂😂

  • Joseph Chan
    Joseph Chan 2 months ago

    Old barbie in her scarlet dress ...a reminder of the harlot riding on the wild beast..her united nations

  • hawkeye0248
    hawkeye0248 2 months ago

    I hope I would never see Melania standing next to Angela Merkel. Gosh what a sight would that be!!!!! lolololololol

  • Irma Marquez
    Irma Marquez 2 months ago

    Melania should have worn an orange dress to match with Trump

  • Irma Marquez
    Irma Marquez 2 months ago


  • Nemesis
    Nemesis 2 months ago +1

    Melania : don't forget to return the curtains of your room afetr the party !

  • fozzerbluenose
    fozzerbluenose 2 months ago

    When did we start saluting the Prime Minister? 😂

  • Olivia Parker
    Olivia Parker 2 months ago


  • Gulpana Berdibaeva
    Gulpana Berdibaeva 2 months ago

    Melanie absolutely Gorgeous

  • Angela Lowe
    Angela Lowe 2 months ago

    Stunning dress she looks lovely, Trump as always looks like he is frowning

  • David
    David 2 months ago +1

    How could a goddess like Melania marry a dickhead like Trump? Oh Yes $$$$$

  • Matthew Emery
    Matthew Emery 2 months ago

    didnt meet lbj he was a murderer

  • Michael Cortese
    Michael Cortese 2 months ago +2

    she looks like she's wearing a yellow curtain.

  • Bożena Regina Zamora
    Bożena Regina Zamora 2 months ago


  • Vincent Williams
    Vincent Williams 2 months ago

    No matter what one may think about President Donald Trump, he has always worked very hard.

    • Stealthy Street Rat
      Stealthy Street Rat Month ago

      You mean with squeezing craps in the toilet? The man has never worked a manual job.

  • Tommy Ellenbrook
    Tommy Ellenbrook 2 months ago

    How they the people going to feel when they find out I'm thier true king bloodline of Jesus Christ

  • Gordon Smith
    Gordon Smith 2 months ago

    He may be being treated like a king, but punctuality is the courtesy of kings - he has failed twice.

  • JJ SS
    JJ SS 2 months ago

    Whoever designed the protocol should be sacked. It is humiliating for the PM. She and her husband were made to walk a long distnace and wait dor a very long time the arrival of Trump as if they were the vassals begging to be pardoned by their supreme governor. Outrageous!
    If Trump had any sense himself, he would have asked his driver to stop before the gates and then walk to the PM to compensate and minimise their humiliation, instead of driving rit up to them.

    • JJ SS
      JJ SS 2 months ago

      ... right up to them.

  • Marley Bernberg
    Marley Bernberg 2 months ago +1

    Our First Lady looks dazzling in her butter cup yellow chiffon gown. So utterly elegant Melania!!

  • tupijm
    tupijm 2 months ago

    Bravo for Melania (GUAAAPA) and Donald TRUMP.

  • Alexandru Radu
    Alexandru Radu 2 months ago

    im in love with shes dress

  • Mr Redhand
    Mr Redhand 2 months ago

    Hi My Love Trump. Who love Him Like Me??? Please Reply😍

  • dennis kurama
    dennis kurama 2 months ago

    Melania is at it again... She looks like a true blooded queen, reminds me of Queen ,Cleopatra in the olden times... A modern Cleo she is indeed!... I really love your style, our queen!

  • stormy weather
    stormy weather 2 months ago

    I just had to add, Melania is the epitome of feminine, and Mr. Trump is a man, true gentleman. LGBLT can bite me, my sons know they are boys and my daughter knows she is a girl.

  • stormy weather
    stormy weather 2 months ago

    MR. and MRS. May do not look stunning. Wow, President Trump and his gorgeous wife look stunning., sorry