Trump arrives at Blenheim Palace - BBC News

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • Theresa and Philip May stand alongside Donald and Melania Trump on the steps of the palace to listen to Liberty Fanfare, the National Emblem, and a special arrangement of Dear Lord and Father of Mankind with Amazing Grace, played by the guards.
    There are bagpipes mixed in to the arrangement, in a nod to Mr Trump's Scottish connections.
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  • Myles McSwiney
    Myles McSwiney 5 hours ago

    DT kept them waiting, how humiliating

  • Global Healing
    Global Healing Day ago

    Beast in the beast .....Melania is dressed as illuminati pristess.... she changed in her looks and personality i question that ....something cold and authoritive i dont belong to this humanity....I am from same part of Balkans as her I know what this represents....

  • Silverio jr Sereno
    Silverio jr Sereno 3 days ago

    That is the place of where Winston Churchill was born

  • Mack Man
    Mack Man 5 days ago

    I remember visiting Blenheim Palace several times as a kid with my family back in the 70's before moving to Canada. It was cool to see Winston Churchill's childhood home and being allowed to see certain parts including his toy soldier collection made of pewter in one of the rooms. Nice to see state events being held there with so much history.

  • Third stone from the sun

    He doesn’t look six foot three. I think he’s a liar......

  • Patricia Crowell
    Patricia Crowell 6 days ago

    No one does great ceremony like the Brits.

  • Patricia Crowell
    Patricia Crowell 6 days ago

    Look at the pathetic sour grapes with thumbs down. So proud of my President and First Lady.

  • Marsha Freiburg
    Marsha Freiburg 6 days ago

    Donald trump is tough. At least he can complete an English sentence without talking through the national Anthem and embarrassing himself and the Queen and guests. Fortunately we have Artilio Acosta to do that

  • K P
    K P 7 days ago

    Blenheim palace is so rich with history and beautiful.

  • George Sunday
    George Sunday 7 days ago

    America president is the best in the world and I’m so proud of him

  • MrPeterpc2
    MrPeterpc2 7 days ago

    trump did you get your sult on welfare credit

  • truc muche
    truc muche 7 days ago

    as the big coin piss over their together ?

  • Frankie boleros Rosado

    The First Lady looks gorgeous.

  • James Lindley
    James Lindley 7 days ago

    Those Mays Demean the Venue So Terribly

  • Eniotnar Leroimorvaj

    BRAVO !

  • Theresa Marie
    Theresa Marie 8 days ago +3

    BBC - Fake News!!
    Why didn't you show the larger group welcoming out President?!
    I had to watch that on another channel!

    • Ritchie Vuiti
      Ritchie Vuiti 7 days ago

  • Mr. Fair
    Mr. Fair 8 days ago

    Look at all those clowns. Whites Always wanting to feel important.

  • soilofk
    soilofk 8 days ago +1

    Great Britain, you know how to put an amazing welcome!! so elegant, rich in traditions and classy.

  • Kevin Poole
    Kevin Poole 8 days ago

    Melania Gorgeous

  • Lelynn Miller
    Lelynn Miller 8 days ago

    9:29 mins in 😆 what do u suppose this lil discussion is about...?... watch CLOSELY... 👀 watch Melania's face... she sorta does a triple take, (like she's gotta stop & think about it for a sec) &then she gets it, but her face is saying she's like "WTF" 😳 what the hell did he say? i gotta know... 😲

  • melvin reed
    melvin reed 9 days ago +1

    Trump looks so happy his eyes are smiling and the lady's look stunning 😍

  • Bieassia Law
    Bieassia Law 9 days ago

    tRump *S U C K* ass.....

  • milomilo
    milomilo 9 days ago +1

    1ST LADY!💓💕

  • Boosted Billy
    Boosted Billy 9 days ago

    Listen to the news reporters bash the beast and bashing Trump they sound like their American reporters from CNN so go fuck yourself BBC

  • lm m
    lm m 9 days ago

    First Lady is very elegant but you can clearly tell she is unhappy in that fake marriage. i think he is a bully and she has the bullying campaign but she should have started with him first. and Amazing Grace is the best hymn ever.

  • Margui622
    Margui622 9 days ago

    The queen did a nod to president's country with the election of dress and jewels who has the red, white and blue. Her dress and jewels are stunning. Nothing wrong with that.

  • TheCaptainKim
    TheCaptainKim 9 days ago

    Poor Mrs. May, having to go through that in the middle of the brexit problems. She deserved better than waiting for an idiot.

  • magu 60
    magu 60 9 days ago

    Wish i would be there.

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    Health MED LAB 9 days ago

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  • Susanne Wuthrich
    Susanne Wuthrich 9 days ago

    The Ladies wear yellow and red? on! :-)

  • Angela G
    Angela G 9 days ago

    England stop kissing as a to his fatazz you don't need
    to lol

  • Orkhan Ahmadov
    Orkhan Ahmadov 9 days ago

    Game of Thrones 7th season last episode :)))

  • Peter of The Awakened

    Thank you to the BBC for showing the world how great the British are in their Pomp. No one on earth can put on a show of sheer brilliance than the British Military. Everything about them is immaculate and precise ⚔️ 👑 ⚔️
    *Keep your comments positive folks, or you'll find them deleted!

  • Monica Solar
    Monica Solar 9 days ago +6

    My dad loved band music. This song although up beat was 1 of his favorites just brought tears to my eyes. Loads of memories just came flashing in my mind. I miss you pops.

  • Monica Solar
    Monica Solar 9 days ago +1

    Did anyone catch that slick remark the female announcer said about the Beast there was a long pause before the others spoke?
    BBC is biased as cnn.

  • tgone23
    tgone23 9 days ago

    Awww. He doesn't have his 4 foot tie thinking it makes him look skinny.

  • Keith McMeekin
    Keith McMeekin 10 days ago

    Blenheim palace is actually not a royal residence but as we see there are royal guards maybe because technically the queen still the "chief executive" although the prime minister only exercise these powers..

  • Зб Зб
    Зб Зб 10 days ago +4

    Are the Queen's jewelry👑 private or stolen 😎from weak countries?😧

    • Зб Зб
      Зб Зб 8 days ago +1

      @Tina Kilburn both

    • Tina Kilburn
      Tina Kilburn 8 days ago

      What a alful thing to say please show some repect

  • Liviu Po
    Liviu Po 10 days ago

    Who wrote this melody? I heard it at air force american academy graduation ceremony in every year...

  • Madhu Shekar
    Madhu Shekar 10 days ago

    Amazing grace was played very well at the end!

  • Edmon Dantes
    Edmon Dantes 10 days ago

    It looks fantastic. Amazing. Really big meeting. Let say the biggest world meeting of the world worst fascists. With Bibi Netanyahu and the Saudi royal garbage could be perfect. Collection of world most disgusting idiotic mass murdering stealing garbage nation leaders.

  • Mimi Leggett
    Mimi Leggett 10 days ago

    President Trump and First Lady Melania are wonderful representatives of the U.S.A.!
    Presidential, elegant and beautiful! ALL Americans should be proud of them!

  • Mona Greaves gibson
    Mona Greaves gibson 10 days ago

    Trump has to hold hands as he can't do steps.

  • 1990cwa81625
    1990cwa81625 10 days ago +4

    The President's limo is not called the beast. That is a media invention.

    • 1990cwa81625
      1990cwa81625 7 days ago

      @Joellen Wortham I have it on pretty good authority that literally NO ONE in the White House calls it that except for the media. Someone who worked on the President's security team, a Secret Service agent, has told me. Don't embarrass yourself any further by commenting on something you know little about.

    • Joellen Wortham
      Joellen Wortham 7 days ago

      Your wrong ok it is called the beast.It has all the bells and whisles our Great President has the top of the line vechical.And with trantrum throwing criminal. Left he deserves every bit of protection from the evil elite,justice depts that are beyond corrupt,all other evils ughhhh.

  • larock2type
    larock2type 10 days ago

    Bought a lump to my throat when those solitary bagpipes started playing with Amazing Grace. Shame on you for cutting it off like that!

  • Bobby Paluga
    Bobby Paluga 10 days ago

    Only the Brits can turn a mundane event into such a spectacular occasion utilizing all the senses, love the band, the setting. Incredible music

  • redskinjim
    redskinjim 10 days ago

    the donald

  • rosa salmeron
    rosa salmeron 10 days ago

    La quiero en español la traducción

  • Nikola A. Lachen
    Nikola A. Lachen 10 days ago

    PUTIN for Worldpresident

  • nora sea
    nora sea 10 days ago

    She is old.. be sincere in caring She

  • Mari
    Mari 10 days ago

    So proud to be an American and proud of our President and First Lady .❤

  • nora sea
    nora sea 10 days ago

    why scot come here?

  • Christiane van der Vis

    Ill mannered Trump being late again in the same way he was at his last visit to GB!

  • David Smith
    David Smith 10 days ago

    Nice to reassure us that the Queen is used to handling "difficult" visitors" Who do they have in mind? Just listening to this BBC anti Trump drivel is no surprise to anyone who knows what a left wing organisation it is.

  • Mark DiCicco
    Mark DiCicco 10 days ago +3

    The most elegant first Lady in history. I must say Jackie Onassis is now in second place!

  • Bill Jenkins
    Bill Jenkins 10 days ago

    A little bit fed up? No, that doesn't sound partisan at all. FAKE NEWS BBC.

  • Shauna Kaye Brown
    Shauna Kaye Brown 10 days ago +4

    Melania looks stunning!

  • Margaret Esposito
    Margaret Esposito 10 days ago +2

    I am so proud with our President and Mrs.Trump visit England to build stronger friendship . Clear the difference.

  • johnnyborealis
    johnnyborealis 10 days ago

    6:29 (for Melania fans)

  • Lori
    Lori 10 days ago

    Trump lives for the fanfare. Dont like the yellow dress looks like something a superhero would wear with the long cape. she always looks gorgeous but just too much yellow!!!

  • dwi kris 34510
    dwi kris 34510 10 days ago

    datang ke indonesia kapan,,

  • Sharida Dookhan
    Sharida Dookhan 10 days ago +2

    The first lady looked absolutely stunning.

  • Brigid Craig
    Brigid Craig 10 days ago

    Very very formative. Top notch. I really admire Teresa May, But - NOT DONALD TRUMP.

  • Eva Wilhelm
    Eva Wilhelm 10 days ago

    he made them wait this long???

  • Marian Tudor
    Marian Tudor 10 days ago


  • Jadewest1000
    Jadewest1000 10 days ago

    Well his fat ass is definitely not walking.

  • Hadassah DeWhitt
    Hadassah DeWhitt 10 days ago

    Wow!! Now that is a true model of FLOTUS!

  • Cathrin Gustafsson
    Cathrin Gustafsson 10 days ago

    TARTARIAN Awesome architecture. Taken for Free by Masons.

  • Cathrin Gustafsson
    Cathrin Gustafsson 10 days ago


  • Mehdi Bouraoui
    Mehdi Bouraoui 10 days ago

    Teresatan withe réd dress (écarlate women) from hell and yelow dress (carbon 6 neutron 6 proton. 6 électron) 666. We are infitred by REPTELIENS arond the world kill this stupide LÉZARD IM NOT JOK

  • eartherkitt
    eartherkitt 10 days ago

    of course they will arrive late. M'lord is milking every moment into his weave

  • Georgia
    Georgia 10 days ago +1

    Absolutely stunning.
    Of course, one cannot but help notice the bias of the narrators. One only has to hear them imply the President was intentionally late and that he is difficult. It is the choice of words which form an incorrect opinion.
    Fortunately, we in American are wise to the this approach by the media.

  • annie an
    annie an 10 days ago

    The nudist melania !

  • Stacy Caruso
    Stacy Caruso 10 days ago

    Melania and Donald look absolutely fabulous. They look far more regal than anyone in the UK!! Theresa May shouldn't be sleeveless. Looks awful as does her hair. I felt like laughing at the guard except for Amazing Grace on the bagpipe. Blenheim castle looks filthy and dismal. Later, I take offense that Elizabeth does not call Melania by her proper title, FIRST LADY, but calls her Mrs. Trump. That is disgustingly disrespectful to our First Lady! How ironic that a person stuck on titles does not give proper respect to Melania. That made me livid. Honestly, we love our President and First Lady!! God bless America! Hope the UK can find God somehow. I do think this should have taken place at Buckingham palace. This place is hideous especially on the inside.

  • AURA - Band of Light
    AURA - Band of Light 10 days ago +6

    Thank you Great Britain for this magnificent reception for my President and First Lady.

  • Jay St. Clair
    Jay St. Clair 10 days ago +2

    Jeez could have waited until the bagpipe was finished playing before you cut him off?? Rude?

  • Never Forget
    Never Forget 10 days ago +3

    Most beautiful first lady ever.

  • TeeKoooo
    TeeKoooo 10 days ago

    That yellow dress is a bit too flamboyat for the event, actually,it was way WAY too over the top, very inappropriate, of course she would'nt know what style and fashion is all about, can't make a hoe a housewife.

  • Christine Still
    Christine Still 10 days ago

    Of course Trump is late. Melanie should learn how to dress at these events. Trump may want her to stick out but this is not a fashion show. Respectable but not the first one in a crowd Trump brought the Secret Service car. Oh yes, has to SAY stupid stuff. I've heard that band play in person & they are superlative! Damn fine horn line too. Many have degrees in music prior to military.

  • elimonjal
    elimonjal 10 days ago

    Military bases and Palaces is the only place where Trump wont be lynched. he is very unpopular anywhere he goes, even in the US. but these parasites will welcome him.

  • Anne58266
    Anne58266 10 days ago +1

    The most beautiful First Lady EVER!!!

  • Wallace McDonut
    Wallace McDonut 10 days ago

    @6:10 "...this car can only be opened from the outside...". Don't you mean the inside? Wtf would you want a car carrying the president only to be openable from the outside?

  • Sarah Kittrell
    Sarah Kittrell 10 days ago +1

    Trump 2020. Woohoo

  • tiredofwinning ivejuststarted

    Look how beautiful Mrs TRUMP looks compared to big Mike Obama, what a display of grace & beauty Compared to a Chicago hood rat.

  • Ann Marie Rose
    Ann Marie Rose 10 days ago

    There is no country better at pagentry than Great Britain - it is fascinating to Americans.

  • Riva Lynn O'Rourke
    Riva Lynn O'Rourke 11 days ago

    Meanwhile, back home, this American says #IMPEACH NOW!

  • Kathy Bialas
    Kathy Bialas 11 days ago +3

    First lady, Melania looks outstanding! Such a lovely, poised woman, she is.

  • Eric Northman
    Eric Northman 11 days ago +4

    Oh my goodness , Melanie looked stunning in that yellow gown!

  • Working Man
    Working Man 11 days ago +2


  • Working Man
    Working Man 11 days ago +1


  • Working Man
    Working Man 11 days ago +1


  • Working Man
    Working Man 11 days ago +2


  • Michele McGlone
    Michele McGlone 11 days ago

    Dear BBC, it's President Trump , dont be so rude

  • Tony V.
    Tony V. 11 days ago

    Smokin first lady!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • L *
    L * 11 days ago

    What in the Game of Thrones is she wearing?

  • LuC1800
    LuC1800 11 days ago

    Simply Awesome❤️🙏

  • LuC1800
    LuC1800 11 days ago

    Proud of our President and our First Lady❤️🙏

  • Noe Berengena
    Noe Berengena 11 days ago

    The beast in the Beast? How embarrassing that Trump requires every level of protection to ensure his safety. Even among the closest American ally.

  • AS Hanson
    AS Hanson 11 days ago +1

    Americans laugh at the BRITs calling the president’s car “the beast”. No one in the US calls it that. Just an FYI.