Christina Cato and the Drive to Create | Our Star Wars Stories

  • Published on Oct 16, 2018
  • Jordan Hembrough heads to Beaverton, Oregon, to meet Christina Cato, a Star Wars fan who taught herself the art and science of droid building. Challenging herself, Christina worked months to build her own functioning astromech from scratch; in the process, she discovered that she's capable of more than even she herself previously believed.
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Comments • 189

  • Geej1138
    Geej1138 6 days ago

    That's great! I was smiling there with you.

  • xunit62
    xunit62 22 days ago

    Great Story! Especially for the young ladies of Star Wars or life in general! YES YOU CAN!

  • Rhysio Eren
    Rhysio Eren 23 days ago +1

    As Anakin said to Master Mundi in Clone Wars: You have my everlasting respect, Mrs Cato.

  • Flodux
    Flodux 27 days ago +1

    This series is awesome. And she is awesome. And that that droid is awesome!

  • - Sargent dave
    - Sargent dave 27 days ago +1

    Wait c2 but it's a r2 unit. Or is it a c2 unit droid body with a r2 unit head.

  • Beezus
    Beezus 28 days ago

    it's so nice seeing a positive side of the fandom rather than the toxicity and hate of so many fans online

  • Erupt Blackman
    Erupt Blackman 28 days ago

    that us so freaking awesome, thank you for the video veryvery cool , young lady
    your another inspiration to my fandom, have a great night and may the force be with you always!!!!!!

  • Chad Giacomozzi
    Chad Giacomozzi Month ago +1

    Christina you are awesome! So inspirational!

  • CC-01 /425
    CC-01 /425 Month ago

    These are some of the best videos SW channel has released in a long time. That being said I wonder if we will see anything from the fans that have taken issue with the current interpretation of SW and have distanced themselves from it after a lifetime of being a fan. I'm not taking about the trolls or the politically motivated groups but the average person fans with families raised in the universe. Not only would that show some integrity on DLFs part but would be interesting to see and educational for those that don't understand why this is still a issue.

  • stephensylvester2006

    Please keep this series going!!!

  • Wayward Jedi
    Wayward Jedi Month ago +1

    Such a great series :)

  • MrXPeaceLP
    MrXPeaceLP Month ago

    I just can't...
    After knowing that she's a fan of the Empire, I couldn't keep watching. ._.

  • Christine Click
    Christine Click Month ago +2

    I love watching Star Wars Stories. Christina is an amazing maker! Wow! I am impressed by her projected work.

  • BritishCPA
    BritishCPA Month ago +1

    That is hugely impressive!!!! Well done Christina!! Fabulous. And this series is just wonderful :)

  • racquesc
    racquesc Month ago +2

    I wanna build one!! You are awesome Christina! 👍🏼💜

  • Firelily517
    Firelily517 Month ago +1

    It is so great seeing your passion!!

  • Bontong Lee
    Bontong Lee Month ago +1

    Ahhhhhh i want one droids too man!!!!!!!

  • Brian Dodds
    Brian Dodds Month ago

    Great Story! 👍

  • Robert Erniso
    Robert Erniso Month ago +2

    Very inspiring!!

  • Daldi
    Daldi Month ago +3

    Every time I watch this series, I feel even more love for the franchise I worship

  • LifeOfTheParty
    LifeOfTheParty Month ago +3

    c2-b5 is such a beautiful astromech. she has great taste

  • Brian Kitchens
    Brian Kitchens Month ago

    I love this.

  • TeamTEOR
    TeamTEOR Month ago +3

    This is a fantastic video of a friend! I'm so glad that they chose her to interview. Christina, you are super capable and I can't wait to see what you do next!

  • Neecas Gaming
    Neecas Gaming Month ago +1

    Her dreams come true!!!!

  • Supreme Sith
    Supreme Sith Month ago +1

    It is great. This person seems like some one who will absolutely love the new trilogys. Woman power!

  • Mukund Balasubramanian

    Disgusted,but not surprised by some shameful comments in here. Guys and girls, this isn't about Rian Johnson or Kathleen Kennedy. It's about the people who build our fandom from ground-up. The ones who used their love for Star Wars to do big things and even give back to the fandom. Please show some support and stop trolling here.

  • unknown
    unknown Month ago +2

    I got to meet her last SWC in 2017 and she is an amazing person!

  • MCLegoboy
    MCLegoboy Month ago +2

    This series makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. It's just nice to see other people get so excited about Star Wars.

  • Jayneflakes
    Jayneflakes Month ago +1

    These shows are fabulous and the star of this one is awesome. Just from listening to her passion as she talked, I wanted to build a droid!

  • R A
    R A Month ago +2

    Christina's story is so inspiring.

  • Anonymous MD
    Anonymous MD Month ago +1

    I have my own ideas for SW... but I don't know who would support me

  • Dallas Kinard
    Dallas Kinard Month ago +2

    Ugh, the identity politics disgust me.

  • Doyok Gonzalez
    Doyok Gonzalez Month ago +9

    This is really inspiring, especially when she said that ANYONE can build their own droid, even though we are not engineers...Thank you for this series, Star Wars!

  • ricky todd Botelho
    ricky todd Botelho Month ago +1

    Jordan look out you'll shoot your eye out!

  • Robert Reijers
    Robert Reijers Month ago

    Yes, you are a rolmodel. 👍

  • Kevin De Bondt
    Kevin De Bondt Month ago +1

    Feminist discriminate men

  • Alex Buirch
    Alex Buirch Month ago +1

    Very cool. I know Christina, and I've trooped with her a few times. :)
    I've been wanting to build my own droid for years. Maybe one day I'll get the chance when money isn't such an issue...

  • Thomas Lardinois
    Thomas Lardinois Month ago +2

    "That would be so amazing! I should try it!"
    *opens empty wallet*
    *remembers complete lack of skill*
    *checks blacked out schedule*
    "I guess not everybody can have a droid..."

  • opwave79
    opwave79 Month ago +3

    Lovin' this series! Now I wanna make a protocol droid.

  • BigMan
    BigMan Month ago +1

    The final product looks amazing, good job.

    BLACKCURRANT Studios Month ago +8

    I’m an Australian Sikh, I’m a Star Wars fan and I have been my whole life. I’ve become attached to the series from a young age and have cried watching the movies because it means so much to me. Imagine being made fun of because you wear a turban and am brown. Imagine following the religion of Sikhism but people calling you a Hindu or muslim. Imagine being born in Australia but having everyone call you Indian. Imagine if people never recognise you for who you are. As an Australian Sikh, that’s what it’s like for me. Star Wars was and still is my escape. I can imagine myself in that world even though there isn’t anyone who physically represents me there. There aren’t many if any decent Sikh role models in major films. However, the vastness of the Star Wars universe and the treatment the unique characters received was touching to me. I wish that one day I can help make that happen for the future generations of Sikhs. I hope children like the one I was, grow up loving Star Wars but not because it’s an escape. They’ll simply enjoy the stories being told. I love Star Wars and I doubt my story will be shared like the ones on this Star Wars series but I hope you take the time to read this. Thank you.
    A fellow Star Wars fan

    • Angela Sealana
      Angela Sealana Month ago +1

      Thank you for sharing! I'm glad that you are a fellow fan.

  • አቡነ ማር ዘአገዘቶ ጽዮን በርኅራኀኃ


  • Jeremy Gentry
    Jeremy Gentry Month ago +6

    LOVE this series. This is what the Star Wars fandom SHOULD be about. Enjoying Star Wars and sharing that joy with other fans. It's time that we show that we ARE the best fandom again. The good thing about the new movies (besides the fact that they are awesome), is that they DID divide the true fans from those entitled brats who pitch a fit when everything doesn't go just like they want it to. Good riddance to fake fans and long live the true fandom! :)

    • King Kwon
      King Kwon Month ago

      Jeremy Gentry This is an awesome video with an awesome woman who loves Star Wars, not even the “toxic, racist, misogynistic men” you NPC’s like to reee about are attacking her. The fandom has the potential to be united but certain people in Lucasfilms are far too left leaning to let that happen.

    • the cartoonist
      the cartoonist Month ago +2


  • A salt with a leathal weapon

    Yuck, she's bringing feminism into this 😒

    • 244889i
      244889i Month ago

      Go read wikipedia about feminism or something smarter than u. U're pathetic.

  • ollie rocker
    ollie rocker Month ago +1

    Awesome. I can't even put a 100 peace puzzle together.

  • Wade Slide
    Wade Slide Month ago +1

    Any droid building clubs near Pittsburgh? Would love to know.

  • Marc Mosiman
    Marc Mosiman Month ago +1

    This is awesome!

  • darrknight1971
    darrknight1971 Month ago

    Awesome! Aweaome!

  • imokureok
    imokureok Month ago

    You go, girl!

  • ErbiggieSmallz
    ErbiggieSmallz Month ago +1

    Lol are men allowed in this Stardust club?

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath Month ago +1

    Star Wars fandom is great, except for the prequel fans

  • Andrew Malkin
    Andrew Malkin Month ago +1

    Great, now I want to build a droid. I don't need any more hobbies!

  • Fran Souza
    Fran Souza Month ago +6

    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! shes so amazing, i wanna build a droid too

  • Marstuber
    Marstuber Month ago +1

    Wow she is uglier than jabba the hutt

    • the cartoonist
      the cartoonist Month ago +3

      you see a video about a determined, creative person who makes something amazing and that's what decide to comment?

  • Blue Animul
    Blue Animul Month ago

    She could hold the controls in her pockets. ?

  • Gabor Csekey
    Gabor Csekey Month ago +2

    A very cool droid with an even cooler builder.

  • Jake Fine
    Jake Fine Month ago

    This is me going to be me in a few years, and I’m looking forward to it!

  • Kyle Hill
    Kyle Hill Month ago +4

    I wanna build a droid now!!!

  • John Punsalan
    John Punsalan Month ago

    Love love

  • Laurie Q
    Laurie Q Month ago +2

    Happy Cry--thank you for sharing your story, Christina! And yes, you ARE a role model!

    • Jay DiNitto
      Jay DiNitto Month ago

      You actually cried at this? Yeesh....

  • Milton Mumfrey
    Milton Mumfrey Month ago +2

    I feel like Disney is just making these to troll the fandom.

    • MeanMrMustard1
      MeanMrMustard1 28 days ago

      +Milton Mumfrey Then you're just a hater.

    • Milton Mumfrey
      Milton Mumfrey 28 days ago

      If I was an 8 year old boy I would hate Resistance too.

    • MeanMrMustard1
      MeanMrMustard1 Month ago

      +Milton Mumfrey Tell that to the haters of Resistance.

    • Milton Mumfrey
      Milton Mumfrey Month ago

      I'm sure this chick is a fan. What is objectionable is the thinly-veiled identity politics underlying the video. Star Wars should always be made solely and exclusively for 8 year old boys. Stick to that formula and it'll work. George knew that. Hollow out the core at your peril, Disney.

    • MeanMrMustard1
      MeanMrMustard1 Month ago

      If you're triggered by these videos then you are the troll.

  • Lawrence McCue
    Lawrence McCue Month ago +2

    So even a “black woman” can relate to Luke Skywalker.
    That totally destroys the idea of what KK was saying. Cray Cray KK needs to go. 3 years can’t go by fast enough.

    • the cartoonist
      the cartoonist Month ago +1

      yeah, except Kathleen Kennedy never actually said that.

  • Jared W
    Jared W Month ago

    very nice fan story, thanks Star Wars!

  • Jacob
    Jacob Month ago

    Please. The Prequels

  • TheRIP 375
    TheRIP 375 Month ago


  • InventorZahran 327
    InventorZahran 327 Month ago +1

    Droid-Builders Anonymous: A non-profit organization founded by the Galactic Empire, for the purpose of locating and recruiting droid-builders. Those chosen by DBA would then be given all the tools and resources of an Imperial-funded makerspace, where they were free to design and prototype almost any droid. Their designs would be reviewed by Imperial technicians, and the best ones would go on to be mass-produced as a new class of Imperial droid...
    Edit: This concept sounds like it could actually work in-universe... (But not under the Tarkin Doctrine!)

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +4

    This was really fun. Would love to see a vid or even a series on building your own droids.

  • CountNadir
    CountNadir Month ago

    Where are all those Star Trek fanboys? They're nowhere to be seen on Star Wars science videos.

  • Gelson Business
    Gelson Business Month ago

    I have a Star Wars story and it all started with Anakin Skywalker and I was in the hospital the doctors were trying to find a cure for my legs then they set me free when I went home I everyday l watched Star Wars then I found a game then my dream came true of being a Jedi then people saw me as a super hero and now I’m here doing what I do best and I like giving hope to people thank you for listening to my story bye

  • Andrew Lim
    Andrew Lim Month ago +5

    May the Force be with you, Christina. It takes a lot of dedication and determination to build astromech droids. They are beautiful as well.

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte Month ago +1

    Love this series!!!

  • cinemar
    cinemar Month ago

    Is that a droid of colour?

  • AR-15
    AR-15 Month ago +1

    I was thinking she was a new character related to Jabba de hut

  • Ani Solo
    Ani Solo Month ago +4

    This is a great series! Love love love!!!

  • Enough Said
    Enough Said Month ago +6

    I loved this. Go Christiana!

  • Luke Starkiller
    Luke Starkiller Month ago +5

    This is like my dream hobby. I really want to build a droid someday just for fun.

  • Aunt Vesuvi
    Aunt Vesuvi Month ago +6

    Thanks, Jordan! Thanks, Christina! 😊

  • Count Sapphire
    Count Sapphire Month ago +6

    Living my life ain't gonna stress no more!

  • 7rrrman
    7rrrman Month ago +4

    This series is fantastic stuff

  • THECRB15
    THECRB15 Month ago +1

    ngl, i kinda wanna do this with my mom and dad when i get back from college this year.

  • sam wolf
    sam wolf Month ago +1

    CAn we see some arabs work at lucasfilm ?

  • Ryan Bullick
    Ryan Bullick Month ago +8

    This is awesome i love hearing stories like this

  • Sealion Studios
    Sealion Studios Month ago +7

    Glad she loved C2 B5. Shame he was nowhere to be seen in the film 😅
    I say that with nothing but love for this ladies great story.

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker Month ago +1

    The force is male

  • MinionFan1024
    MinionFan1024 Month ago +1


  • Sriracha Enchilada
    Sriracha Enchilada Month ago +4

    I don't have materials or money to make a droid, but I always have ideas

  • Little Townie
    Little Townie Month ago +8

    An impressive and inspiring effort. Well done.

  • Monkeyboy1138
    Monkeyboy1138 Month ago +77

    I love this series, I love how Star Wars has inspired fandom, I love how much joy Star Wars brings and how much joy these fans spread. Thank you 😊

    ASHMEy YT Month ago +1

    Our Star Wars stories **soviet union national anthem intensifies**

  • Lol Topkek
    Lol Topkek Month ago

    Just stop trying to sell us on that sjw shitbox from SOYLO

  • Matrooper
    Matrooper Month ago

    Droids are obviously Animals in Star Wars form..faked most of all from dogs

  • wyzemann
    wyzemann Month ago +9

    I never knew it was possible to build a droid-like mechanism from scratch let alone an organization solely dedicated to it. This is utterly extraordinary!

  • Apolosa Cakau
    Apolosa Cakau Month ago +4

    The force is strong with this one!

  • Jedi Talez
    Jedi Talez Month ago +11

    I can turn my love for Star Wars into a career....or at least a hobby

  • Alejandro Engdal
    Alejandro Engdal Month ago +7

    Yeeeeah.... you don't see a lot of "nerdy tech-girls" out and about.... so I guess I won't dislike since it's not casual sexism, but actually true...

    • Angela Sealana
      Angela Sealana Month ago +1

      I think a lot of us just don't present ourselves as such in most social situations - let alone specialized nerd clubs - because it's uncomfortable to be the "odd woman". But the more women like Cristina do stuff like this, the less we'll have to experience that.

  • The Bossk
    The Bossk Month ago +2

    Good job Christina from the org up north

  • the cartoonist
    the cartoonist Month ago +8

    droid builders are so cool.

  • Zack Haik
    Zack Haik Month ago +30

    Her Last Name is very Star Warsy; Cato Neimoidia, Cato Parasittia.

  • Fred Gamboa
    Fred Gamboa Month ago +12

    You're my hero Christina! I'd love to build a droid. Great story :)