Diet vs. Regular Taste Test

  • Published on Jun 14, 2017
  • Is it possible to figure out if a food is diet based on taste? GMM #1150!
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Comments • 8 771

  • durr burger
    durr burger Day ago

    Its a little flat um mountain dew in ice goes flat

  • Darryl Rodgers
    Darryl Rodgers 2 days ago

    Lean pockets are better than hot pockets don’t @ me

  • a real
    a real 2 days ago

    I think i have mountain dew joke! Or dew i

  • Parkdum
    Parkdum 2 days ago

    Why were they so fascinated with bread

  • terrarian
    terrarian 3 days ago

    Rhett eats and looks like my friend Brian who downed two full sized pancakes and three strips of bacon in less then a minute

  • åťhəñæ nloxy
    åťhəñæ nloxy 3 days ago +1

    3:23 *"Lick me daddy"*
    How'd the crew not notice that

  • Chris Eyring
    Chris Eyring 3 days ago

    Just do diet or deni it

  • fatedfelix
    fatedfelix 4 days ago

    dude you could have done diet or deny-it

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez 4 days ago

    “dotder pepper” - rhett

  • devin mcnulty
    devin mcnulty 5 days ago

    My mom would slap the shit outta me if I ruined a loaf of bread because of “anxiety” lmaoo

  • zach espinosa
    zach espinosa 6 days ago

    The first "brian" episode. 😂

  • Ishaan Jordan
    Ishaan Jordan 8 days ago

    diet or deny it?

  • Zak Unknown
    Zak Unknown 9 days ago

    Downvote for slurping

  • maya capps
    maya capps 11 days ago +1

    I hate the chewing sounds

  • Faze ReapXaw
    Faze ReapXaw 12 days ago

    here we have diet mountain dew
    or dew we?
    we dew :D

  • Maria Carpenter
    Maria Carpenter 13 days ago

    I'm like Bane, but it's bread

  • Just A Noodle
    Just A Noodle 13 days ago

    you gotta bake the spam if you want it to taste better

  • Aaron Walker
    Aaron Walker 15 days ago

    Spam is better fried like bacon

  • SkudaLaRoo
    SkudaLaRoo 15 days ago

    Anyone else think Rhett looks like Ricky from Trailer park boys?

  • Mika BAR-EL
    Mika BAR-EL 15 days ago

    Why not “ Diet Myat”

  • YogiBear
    YogiBear 15 days ago

    Link knew it was light bread and then didnt answer that...

  • Levi Maynard
    Levi Maynard 16 days ago

    Very surprising that Link didnt know the word "viscosity" lol

  • Amardip Singh
    Amardip Singh 16 days ago


  • Samuel Brown
    Samuel Brown 17 days ago

    Mellow yellow gettin some recognition!!

  • Krystelle Short
    Krystelle Short 18 days ago

    This went a weird direction SO fast

  • Hazardous_Empire
    Hazardous_Empire 19 days ago

    Spam is kinda like a brick version of bologna.

  • Katie LaaLaa
    Katie LaaLaa 19 days ago

    It’s PEOPLE! LOL

  • Hayley A Douglas
    Hayley A Douglas 21 day ago

    Here for 9:53 again

  • Cristina Geeze
    Cristina Geeze 21 day ago

    7:14 for a good wholesome "look at me and laugh like me" moment

  • Derek Smit
    Derek Smit 21 day ago

    For some reason the chewing on this episode made me want to throw my phone across the room.

  • Kimi Smith
    Kimi Smith 21 day ago

    I love spam!!! 💗

  • Alex Vasquez
    Alex Vasquez 22 days ago

    A bit late, but I feel it should have been Diet or Deny it

  • Madilyn Gowens
    Madilyn Gowens 22 days ago

    It really confuses me that people don’t like spam.

  • Yoyoyo Yo
    Yoyoyo Yo 23 days ago

    I like watching them in the night

  • eschi
    eschi 23 days ago

    im just gonna say it. uncooked spam is delicious.

  • TheVistaWarriors
    TheVistaWarriors 24 days ago

    was the bread drugs

  • VIDKID428
    VIDKID428 24 days ago

    "Turn It Over, Change The Diaper" That killed me xD

  • Zack Pierce
    Zack Pierce 26 days ago

    Link’s mug says “Boiled for safety” 😂😂😂😂

  • Montenegro Gaming
    Montenegro Gaming 27 days ago

    “Hard down there.” Link Neal, 2017

  • Xartim
    Xartim 28 days ago

    Love thar rhett just gobbles it up in a second

  • Calley Taylor
    Calley Taylor 28 days ago

    I swear when Rhett laughs it sounds like the Eddie uncle guy off of Christmas vacation 😂😂

  • I might have a micro penis, but

    Companies can slap "diet" on anything, take away 20 calories, and people would believe it will make them lose weight.
    Newsflash for all of those that are ignorant to why this is a problem, 1 lbs is 3500 calories.

  • Hayley A Douglas
    Hayley A Douglas 29 days ago

    Back again, third times a charm. 9:53

  • Hayley A Douglas
    Hayley A Douglas Month ago

    Returning to this video for 9:53 only. Back in a few days.

  • Alex B
    Alex B Month ago

    Wish I loved something like they loved smelling that bread

  • Roxanne Lehtonen
    Roxanne Lehtonen Month ago

    My Name!!!!😍😍😍😍 Hate the song, but liked how you did it Rhett❤❤❤

  • Tippi B
    Tippi B Month ago

    Rhett says he has a small mouth but he can take some big bites

  • Kevin Sherrard
    Kevin Sherrard Month ago

    You have to fry it man you can’t just eat it cold out of the can

  • Hayley A Douglas
    Hayley A Douglas Month ago

    9:53 "HE'S A LOAFER"... I just snorted

  • MollyWalton
    MollyWalton Month ago

    ‘Chips don’t have sugar’ they do but it’s from the carbohydrates, they turn into sugar once you eat them

  • Sean Brennan
    Sean Brennan Month ago

    Is anyone else not able to access the regular good mythical morning? I've tried my phone and tablet.

  • Min Khaing
    Min Khaing Month ago

    Who eats spam like that

  • APotatoGuy LikesDogs

    Too much hate on spam. I personally love that s**t

  • madestmadhatter
    madestmadhatter Month ago

    Diet Dr. Pepper's sell point wasn't that it tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper, because it tastes almost nothing like Dr. Pepper, instead they turned hard into the difference and sold it as a dessert in a can because I swear it tastes like straight vanilla frosting.

  • Cristian Balderas
    Cristian Balderas Month ago

    Rhett: or it could be diet mountain dew

  • Samuli Karjalainen
    Samuli Karjalainen Month ago

    Sooo... Spam is Soylent green? More you know...

  • Dyll Dozer
    Dyll Dozer Month ago

    Why are people okay with eating hot dogs or Vienna sausage but not spam? Spam is literally spare and ham. Two great cuts. Not just all the discarded pieces like hot dogs.

  • Antonio DeFrancesco/Spongememes

    Isn’t nyet pronounces “nee-yet”?

  • Luki TheBro
    Luki TheBro Month ago

    I dare anyone to microwave the bread then inhale it

  • william crofton
    william crofton Month ago

    Why spam??!!!

  • Roxanne Foster
    Roxanne Foster Month ago

    Dat me!! 🤘🏽

  • Famousdork
    Famousdork Month ago


  • Jacob Marez
    Jacob Marez Month ago


  • Landry Kopacz
    Landry Kopacz Month ago

    Anyone in 2019?

  • Games and Nonsense
    Games and Nonsense Month ago

    Only terrible part of GMM videos when they are eating is the disgusting eating sounds they make due to their microphones not filtering them out or at muted down a bit.

  • k xena
    k xena Month ago

    HEY. cook the spam. it’s not supposed to be r a w. fry it. boil it. bake it. grill it. FIX IT.

  • Daniel Allen
    Daniel Allen Month ago

    Could've gone with "diet or deny it"

  • Andromeda Lps
    Andromeda Lps Month ago

    Dat chip ASMR tho XD

  • Tyler bobyler
    Tyler bobyler Month ago

    Hello 2019

  • jdudeoes
    jdudeoes Month ago

    It's pretty easy to tell with hot pockets. Lean pockets have like 3 pepperoni in them. It's also pretty easy to tell with soup. Diet soup broth taste like water.

  • Alex Valdespino
    Alex Valdespino Month ago

    Will it lunchable

  • Rocketmangamer101 w

    Chips have sugar

  • MrBiscuits
    MrBiscuits Month ago

    Why are you huffing the bread?

  • Team Tali
    Team Tali Month ago


  • Tamara Wagner
    Tamara Wagner Month ago

    Too many diet chips give you the shits. Especially if it has illustra in it

  • Master of Disguise
    Master of Disguise Month ago

    Dew you want a soda?
    If you had a soda, what would you Dew with it?
    Dew you want to to drink it?
    Dew you want to throw it?
    Dew you want to pour it on Diet Spam?
    Dew you want a soda?
    Dew you?

  • Crys Stoll
    Crys Stoll Month ago

    Soylent spam ah ha

  • Maddy E
    Maddy E Month ago

    I totally forgot about Hot Pockets. The pepperoni one's sucked, the ham and cheese is where it's at!!!!

  • John Findorff
    John Findorff Month ago

    My parents got lean pockets one time, and I personally did not like them as they didn't have the same taste as the hot pocket

  • pawprints1986
    pawprints1986 Month ago

    When youre overtired, "This could have people in it and we'd never know" is absolutely hilarious!! 😂

  • Sofia Ramirez
    Sofia Ramirez Month ago

    Yay!! Finally people on this show from New Mexico!!

  • Jay Jello
    Jay Jello Month ago

    You're supposed to cook spam..... But ok

  • FBILogan Moore
    FBILogan Moore Month ago

    Spam is better cooked

  • Jacob Dupre
    Jacob Dupre Month ago

    Spam and eggs here

  • ducklamp
    ducklamp Month ago

    if spam is made of people, I'd gladly become a cannibal

  • Gummy Bear
    Gummy Bear Month ago

    Oh my gosh at one angle Link and Lando look so much alike!

  • TheErsu
    TheErsu Month ago

    Diet A&W root beer tastes almost identical to regular A&W root beer. Low fat ranch dressing doesn't taste good at all.

  • Jennifer Solveig
    Jennifer Solveig Month ago +1

    Chips do have sugar 😭 they are like 99.percent carbohydrates which are sugars ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • taylors repp
    taylors repp Month ago

    comment arcade:
    who are you based on the last digit of your like?
    0,3,5,7,9 - Rhett
    1,2,4,6,8, - Link
    2+5x5 ?
    a) 35
    b) 27
    “Dr.” + the last thing you ate is the doctor that birthed you!
    solve: (2+5) 12x2

  • Steve Corcoran
    Steve Corcoran Month ago

    I didn't know rhett got stoned before gmm

  • Jeremazing
    Jeremazing Month ago

    I wish Saagar was still a part of the mythical crew he was a cool guy

  • ehs713
    ehs713 Month ago

    Spam gets a bad rep for being processed when a lotta other things are too. It is high in sodium but its just pork shoulder.

  • Hi
    Hi Month ago +1

    They should come out with their own kind of chips and call them ridges!🤣

  • Waves
    Waves Month ago

    Diet mtn dew nasty asf

  • WishAtElevenEleven
    WishAtElevenEleven 2 months ago

    Open it up, it’s like a brand new library book. I almost cried 😂

  • David Reyes
    David Reyes 2 months ago

    "Tastes kinda flat" because its loadeddddd with ice

  • Allison Prince
    Allison Prince 2 months ago

    *Anyone else love blind taste tests/tastes in general?*

  • Teras_Kasi
    Teras_Kasi 2 months ago

    Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam!
    Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam!
    Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam!

  • baronvg
    baronvg 2 months ago

    They usually will check themselves from eating too much during these food tasting challenges. That’s why I literally laughed when I looked and Rhett was more than halfway done with that Hot Pocket after like only two bites. And then he just finishes it. I mean, why not, at that point, right?

  • Ashley Arble
    Ashley Arble 2 months ago

    When you are diabetic you can definitely tell the difference between diet and regular lol at least for the drinks. I can always tell when fast-food restaurants give me regular by accident!