Diet vs. Regular Taste Test

  • Published on Jun 14, 2017
  • Is it possible to figure out if a food is diet based on taste? GMM #1150!
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Comments • 8 944

  • Miamifinn
    Miamifinn 5 hours ago

    5:35 Rhett goes completely in on that hot pocket

  • vince slark
    vince slark 9 hours ago

    spam is delicious man.

  • Ryan Green
    Ryan Green 16 hours ago

    how you gonna drink dew and not vape...

  • Trash2Treasure 2000
    Trash2Treasure 2000 2 days ago

    Who hasn't had a hot

  • Trash2Treasure 2000
    Trash2Treasure 2000 2 days ago

    Diet Dr pepper and diet Sunkist and coke zero all good

  • Ramsey Schaefer
    Ramsey Schaefer 3 days ago

    You got a cook the spam

  • Papa Xan
    Papa Xan 3 days ago

    I'm allergic to wheat I cant do anything about the bread sniff.

  • Sean-Patrick Malvar
    Sean-Patrick Malvar 4 days ago

    Spam is so much better fried up. Eating it cold like that is gross af! Lol

  • TastefulBleach
    TastefulBleach 5 days ago

    Why does link look like Ian Hiekoks

  • Execute
    Execute 5 days ago

    they sniffed more bread than they ate bread

  • Austin Arnold
    Austin Arnold 5 days ago

    diet root beer ain't bad

  • V6 clan official
    V6 clan official 6 days ago

    Hi i communicate

  • Jordon Lu
    Jordon Lu 6 days ago

    I probably like it because I am Asian

  • Jordon Lu
    Jordon Lu 6 days ago

    Cook spam with rice and soy sauce is good

  • Jacob Allen
    Jacob Allen 7 days ago


  • MineGamer Md
    MineGamer Md 8 days ago

    Am I the only one that loves spam 😂

  • paige sappington
    paige sappington 8 days ago

    Diet or deny it?

  • HuskyDJ2015
    HuskyDJ2015 9 days ago +3

    Spam's not bad, you have to fry it though.

  • beat alpha
    beat alpha 9 days ago

    Link you and matthias look like brothers

  • minecraft of mikebrian

    If you cook it maybe is good ?

  • Panda Coolcute
    Panda Coolcute 12 days ago

    Rhett & link: I dont like spam
    Me: then you need to eat a musubi. You missing out.

  • Lucas Hutchison
    Lucas Hutchison 13 days ago

    Full fat coke tastes like shit and Diet Coke is ok

  • lionslicer 3
    lionslicer 3 13 days ago

    Only thing good about hot pockets are the jokes people tell about them.

  • 22glocks
    22glocks 13 days ago

    Rhett and link gettin high off bread

  • Emmanuel Hernandez
    Emmanuel Hernandez 15 days ago

    Bro spam is bomb asf

  • Sakura Yamane
    Sakura Yamane 16 days ago

    you have to cook the spam though

  • TouYube1987
    TouYube1987 18 days ago

    Have some soda with that ice

  • Austintagious
    Austintagious 18 days ago +1

    Bread is drugs CONFIRMED

  • Caleb Eastland
    Caleb Eastland 20 days ago

    Diet MTN DEW has 10 calories, not 0

  • undertow9x
    undertow9x 22 days ago

    Spam kicks ass

  • Lee Sym
    Lee Sym 22 days ago +1

    11:37 try and say that 5x fast 😂😂😂

  • Luis Nunez
    Luis Nunez 23 days ago

    dumbass v idiot

  • Hannah Gray
    Hannah Gray 24 days ago

    The breathing through the bread is what we do in our country to prevent bus sick 😂

  • TDD SpiFire
    TDD SpiFire 24 days ago

    What about diet or deny it

  • Victuuri Screech
    Victuuri Screech 24 days ago

    I just watched two grown men gently enhale bread-

  • mohammed92
    mohammed92 24 days ago

    diet mt dew is the only diet soda ive ever like. everything else tastes like butt

  • Timmy Holt
    Timmy Holt 25 days ago

    You forgot CBD

  • Sub 2 UNV Drew
    Sub 2 UNV Drew 25 days ago +1

    D I E T D R K E L P

  • Austin Franklin
    Austin Franklin 25 days ago

    Spam looks gross and i have not had spam in my life

  • Rifleman2423
    Rifleman2423 25 days ago

    Does *

  • Bigman Dennis
    Bigman Dennis 25 days ago

    I dont know if they've made a show like this before, but a good show is comparing food to its healthier alternative like hamburger and soy burger or May to the brand Just Mayo which is eggless and made with plant products, or Just Ranch, or bread to potato bread. I'm pretty sure they've done a show, off brand vs. Name brand

  • Bigman Dennis
    Bigman Dennis 25 days ago

    Diet Chicken noodle soup tends to have less salt and probably thinned out like link said

  • Faith Aberasturi
    Faith Aberasturi 25 days ago

    3:23 tho 😂

  • Molli Winchel
    Molli Winchel 25 days ago

    Like if they should eat a bunch of different tomatoes

  • TDMfan7
    TDMfan7 25 days ago

    I tried smelling the bread and it got in my eye 🍞👀 😨

  • ŤhĔ ĹëĢĞêŅĐ
    ŤhĔ ĹëĢĞêŅĐ 25 days ago

    nyet suk blyat

  • potawatadingdong
    potawatadingdong 25 days ago

    Leanpockets are so much better than Hotpockets.

  • Cucumber Mustard
    Cucumber Mustard 26 days ago

    Rhett: It could be made out of people
    Me: Diet People?

  • •
     26 days ago +2

    Funny story:
    So I was eating a Hot Pocket and it was delicious until the bottom of the Hot Pocket broke and all of the cheese and ham (I had a cheese and ham one obviously) fell on my ankle and burn me VERY bad. I still have a scar there year later.

    • Vaz X
      Vaz X 24 days ago

      R.I.P Ankle

  • Nicx Drums
    Nicx Drums 26 days ago

    This video is approved by Bill Nyet

  • Booty Central
    Booty Central 26 days ago

    But.. nyet is (knee-yet)

  • GalaxyPhoenix Addicted

    The hotpockets, just
    *A S M R*

  • Jeffrey Anderson
    Jeffrey Anderson 26 days ago

    For some odd reason I like diet Mtn Dew

  • Dwight Method
    Dwight Method 26 days ago

    Here in Philippines we fry SPAM for better taste I guess and crispy texture

  • jonathan portillo
    jonathan portillo 27 days ago

    I thought when Rhett Said "Or Do We" it was Intended as a Pun, but then I figured my Mind Deceived me. -.-

    HI0 TAYLIN 27 days ago

    In Hawaii spam is the bomb
    Also to like it you need to um cook it 🙂

  • King of Boi
    King of Boi 27 days ago


  • Ayy Ayy
    Ayy Ayy 27 days ago

    Cook the damn spam

  • Techytech
    Techytech 27 days ago

    They need to go back and watch this video. This is what GMM is about.

  • Hunter Spalenka
    Hunter Spalenka 27 days ago

    Could've been "diet" or "deny it"

  • Rab Coutts
    Rab Coutts 28 days ago

    damn man, those people from albuquerque been on that blue stuff...

  • Ariel Hochsprung
    Ariel Hochsprung 28 days ago

    The hot pocket was the most asmr when they were eating it

  • Young Jellybean
    Young Jellybean 28 days ago

    Please do which toothpaste cleans teeth better

  • HS Shadow King
    HS Shadow King 28 days ago

    2:22 bro it’s crisps not potato chips

  • Jake Elliott
    Jake Elliott 29 days ago

    It should have been diet and deny it

  • The Gravy Train
    The Gravy Train 29 days ago +1

    Chips contain sugar...

  • Pursuit Mane
    Pursuit Mane 29 days ago

    Diet or Нет

  • emo blob
    emo blob 29 days ago

    diet mountain dew reminds me of Lana del Rey

  • samhouston1979
    samhouston1979 Month ago

    How has Link NEVER had a Hot Pocket? Especially a pepperoni one?!

  • Gogeta _Blue
    Gogeta _Blue Month ago

    Diet mountain dew tried but it has a weird after taste

  • No Akomplice
    No Akomplice Month ago +1

    To the people at the end, You’re not from Albuquerque New Mexico, you’re from the Philippines. You live in Albuquerque New Mexico.

    • Kori Kelli
      Kori Kelli Month ago

      How could you possibly know that? Anyone of any descent could be born anywhere.

  • Sleepy Yoongi
    Sleepy Yoongi Month ago

    9:27 we could've used that bread, Rhett

  • Wallabee Beetles
    Wallabee Beetles Month ago

    This is way to late.. but why not Diet Wyatt?

  • Micah Philson
    Micah Philson Month ago +11

    "How many calories do you get from, uh... suckin' it?"
    -Link, 2017

  • Daren Despot
    Daren Despot Month ago +2

    Should have been "Diet or Deny It"

  • Unknown Soul
    Unknown Soul Month ago

    When I hear "25% less fat" all I hear is 25% more food

  • Trolluranium
    Trolluranium Month ago

    Fried spam is delicious, "raw" spam is gross

  • SpongErsin
    SpongErsin Month ago

    Diet or deny it?

  • RC
    RC Month ago

    best prepared frozen lasagna

  • Scoon73
    Scoon73 Month ago

    The brothers of Oprah

  • Ethan J
    Ethan J Month ago

    I love hot pockets and I can tell the difference between lean and regular hot pockets

  • Cory Caron
    Cory Caron Month ago

    What a waste of bread. I hope they didnt throw the whole loaf out after 😂😂

  • DJAppyD
    DJAppyD Month ago

    I personally love spam, fried and put on toast/bread

  • Ace_L3G1TZz 272
    Ace_L3G1TZz 272 Month ago +1

    “Lick her daddy” - Link @ 3:23😂😂

  • Ryan Ross
    Ryan Ross Month ago

    You guys are the best but you wast a lot of food lol

  • Emani Gonzales
    Emani Gonzales Month ago +1

    I just love it when they smell the bread

  • GDI
    GDI Month ago

    Adding ice ruins the experiment

  • Rose Russo
    Rose Russo Month ago

    Welcome to The evaluation man and his vacuum!

  • NuEqualsLambdaEf
    NuEqualsLambdaEf Month ago

    "Not it?"

  • mark milk
    mark milk Month ago +1

    You're supposed to fry spam...

  • Samantha Coomer
    Samantha Coomer Month ago

    QUESTION: Why would you spell nyet with a Y when diet is spelled with an I. To make them more similar you would think you would spell them with the same letter seeing as it also has the same pronunciation

  • Hayden Harper
    Hayden Harper Month ago

    Yo those lean pockets are just hot pockets with lean in them

  • Boatright474
    Boatright474 Month ago +1

    “This could be made of people” - Rhett
    “Pink people” - Link

  • yehwonn
    yehwonn Month ago

    cooked spam- OR MUSUBI

  • Chris9636
    Chris9636 Month ago

    You shouldve had diet and not it

  • William Brassette
    William Brassette Month ago +1

    Is it weird I knew it was diet mountain dew from its color?