Found New GoPro 7, and Two Working iPhones Underwater in Tubing River (Returned)

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • Found New GoPro 7, and Two Working iPhones Underwater in Tubing River (Returned) - While scuba diving and underwater metal detecting in this Texas river, I found some of my best river treasure ever! I found my first GoPro 7, my first iPhone XR, and an iPhone X. Niether of the iPhones had a waterproof case, but they both WORK!! I loved meeting the owners of the GoPro and the iPhone, they were super grateful to see their "lost forever" items!
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  • Man + River
    Man + River  6 months ago +2089

    Thanks for watching the video, it was an adventure! Make sure to hit the like button above if you enjoyed, and let's do this again this weekend :)

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    Please say me the powder name you use

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    Sinceramente non sono tanto sicuro della veritá di questo video

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    Tim Boyd Day ago

    Hey Dallas do you by chance have some sd Cards for sale I really could use a few? will buy and pay for ship.

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    I have lost my phone that is iPhone 11pro plzz find it

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    Omg this is the first time watching you I used to live in Texas and I loooove you’re Buckeys shirt

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  • Maja Amore
    Maja Amore 2 days ago

    I really like you being so honest. There are few such people today. Most after finding the iPhone X will go away and you will give it back to the owner !!! you are amazing!

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    Five days

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    Eu não entendi nada do que você falou, mas adorei a dica do iPhone. Seria legal se fosse fácil de restaurar como Android é.

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    Great work bro...

  • Curt Warkentin
    Curt Warkentin 5 days ago

    With all your diving I'm amazed you wouldn't have invested in a mesh bag already for collecting all your finds. :) AWESOME videos though I LOVE it!!!!! Makes me miss diving soooo much.

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    Makauley Hopper 5 days ago

    Hi this is makauley we met at the restaurant love your vids

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    Mom : then go find it
    Me: the stores closed

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    Hey, Dallas I just love all of your videos.reason for that, they are short, entertaining, informative and interesting...

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    your so cool

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    3 days ago

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    Love how he keeps the river clean picking up cans . He’s one in a million

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  • Ingrid Fabico
    Ingrid Fabico 14 days ago

    Awesome dude. Iphone xr still working after 43 days under the water. But the most awesome was you dude kept it up man..

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    Awesome video sir, I really enjoy this. I’m 75 years old, and watching you do your thing and make others day look brighter.👍👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  • Bryan Santianes
    Bryan Santianes 14 days ago

    Those plants are so expensive in here 😢

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    This is like the most epic rescue I have seen yet

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    LightninCat YT 15 days ago

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    Me: Mom! I am going to a river!!!

    Google: You cannot make it to land if you go down in the brahmaputra river.

    Also me : uhmm.. Ok 😅 MISSION ABORTED!

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    My favourite parts are when he returns the stuff back !

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    I love watching your videos! You are an amazing person for returning other people's items. None of it is mine but I thank you and appreciate you for what you do. Keep the videos coming!