30-Minute High-Intensity Workout That Fuses Cardio and Pilates Moves

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • Boost your endorphins with this high-intensity workout that fuses cardio with Pilates moves. Celebrity trainer Kit Rich has designed this full-body workout to challenge you, and her inspiring personality will keep you motivated throughout. Enjoy a cup of Yogi Green Tea Kombucha Tea to keep your good vibes all day long.

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Comments • 329

  • MissLexi920
    MissLexi920 6 months ago +64

    That was the most intense Kit Rich workout I've experienced here on Popsugar. I am sweating buckets and not feeling guilty that I didn't go on my Sunday run. I am grateful for many things and your workouts are on my list!

    • POPSUGAR Fitness
      POPSUGAR Fitness  6 months ago

      Thank you for this message! So happy you loved this workout!

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 22 hours ago

    Its safe to day that Kit Rich kicks my ass like anything! Love you bb

  • Kim Montes
    Kim Montes Day ago

    really good workout!! But a lot of the exercises were putting the weight on the wrists which i don't think i am strong at. So some exercises were uncomfortable. Any suggestions?

  • Melanie Pierluigi
    Melanie Pierluigi 2 days ago

    I think this is the hardest, cardio video on popsugar!

  • michra310
    michra310 7 days ago +1

    I am sweating so much. One of the best workouts I've ever done on this channel.

  • Angelina Shelepava
    Angelina Shelepava 7 days ago

    Amazing workout! Thank you very much!!! I love you!

  • Alina M
    Alina M 11 days ago

    This is NOT cardio, do it only if you are looking for a pilates workout.

  • Angely Andrade
    Angely Andrade 13 days ago

    I know that with Kit workout, I am going to sweat! and feel strong at the end. Absolutely love Kit!

  • Natasha Crooks
    Natasha Crooks 13 days ago +2

    Kit is by far my favourite of the guest trainers, she's FANTASTIC! And so funny! I miss Anna though! Where is she?

  • Sarah Hillary
    Sarah Hillary 14 days ago

    I real love kit Rich

  • Sarah Hillary
    Sarah Hillary 14 days ago

    I real love kit Rich

  • Jade D
    Jade D 18 days ago

    When she said if you sat down please stand back up. I felt that lol

  • Humaira Ahmed
    Humaira Ahmed 19 days ago

    There's no question that this is a great workout, I've done it 3 times now! I just wish she had better rhythm in her directions. For such compound moves with 3 to 4 individual moves within, better verbal direction would really help us uncoordinated people out!

  • Anurag Rao
    Anurag Rao 20 days ago

    So challenging!! loved it!!!


    Amazing short workout!!!!!

  • Kia Vang
    Kia Vang 22 days ago

    This 30 min vid went by fast! Usually im looking at the time amd i FEEL like its forever. But i really like this a lot!

    SLSLSL 27 days ago +1

    this is a tough one that deserves many tries. A plus - Kit is savagely funny here 😂😍

  • Nancy Saltos
    Nancy Saltos 28 days ago

    Excelente me gustó aunque no se lo que dice

  • assiram87
    assiram87 Month ago

    When she says "Have fun with it!", I'm like "WHAT DO YOU MEAN???". It's torture, but the good kind :)

  • Erica Lemon
    Erica Lemon Month ago

    Great workout and the thought came to mind multiple times when is this going to be over! LOL

  • Dewi Nareswari
    Dewi Nareswari Month ago +1

    those moves are definitely effective! thank you so much

  • ur local carl barât hoe

    wow, what a workout!! it was definitely challenging for me, and I had to slow down the pace at times, but I managed to do the advanced part for most of the workout, and for that I am proud of myself...thank you :)

  • Lucas Chagas
    Lucas Chagas Month ago


  • Theresa Bernardo
    Theresa Bernardo Month ago

    That was very challenging... 7th Popsugar workout in the last 8 days and I'm feeling de... I mean good! Lol still recovering! 😁

  • tom ford
    tom ford Month ago


  • Sang Meong Lee
    Sang Meong Lee Month ago

    Love Love Love Kit Rich! More of her PLEASE!!!!!

  • leith Ridley Combe
    leith Ridley Combe Month ago

    brava for this one;

  • Hristina Andonoska
    Hristina Andonoska Month ago

    awesome workout ❤️

  • Antonée Lua
    Antonée Lua 2 months ago

    That was so much fun! I sweated and laughed throughout the whole workout and I feel great! Thanks!

  • Callie Blount
    Callie Blount 2 months ago

    Y'all that was INTENSE but incredible! Thank you Kit too for that moment of gratitude at the end of the workout! Loved this one!

  • Lujain
    Lujain 2 months ago

    It’s so hard to do

  • Miss Tindle
    Miss Tindle 2 months ago

    Great pace. And didnt repeat movements too much. 👌

  • Abdy Meoño
    Abdy Meoño 2 months ago

    Wow! I'm addicted to pop sugar videos. I'm doing them 5 to 6 times a week, and I'm in my 4th week. Greetings from Guatemala

  • Chani Heyman
    Chani Heyman 2 months ago +1

    wow kit that was amazing!!! thank you kit and pop sugar!!

    SUSAN FERNANDO 2 months ago

    Love Kit Rich Workouts! So awesome, challenging and motivational as well! Thank you Kit and Popsugar:) Happy Sunday all!

  • Andrea Gallardo
    Andrea Gallardo 2 months ago

    Do any of y’all viewers do these workouts at the gym ? I’d feel a lil embarrassed but I don’t Have the room to do this at home :(

  • Me P
    Me P 2 months ago

    This was fantastic. Thank you, Kit.

  • Shaleeni Jayamani
    Shaleeni Jayamani 2 months ago

    Very challenging workout if you're not used to pilates moves. Got a bit frustrated with myself trying to coordinate my limbs while trying to catch my breath. Will take a few practices to get better and stronger with this one! :)

  • Caterina Toffoli
    Caterina Toffoli 2 months ago

    Love Kit!!!!

  • MysTri
    MysTri 2 months ago +1

    Saving this one to my favorites. Kit rocks! I love this workout, halfway through I was already feeling the endorphin rush and confidence boost. If you are having a rough day, do yourself a favor and do this workout!

  • Caribou Lodge Alaska
    Caribou Lodge Alaska 2 months ago

    I really liked this workout... it was full of new (to me) moves, so I had to replay the demo's a lot before I was able to get them down. Also, it's not exactly a small-space workout, so just be aware. I don't have a huge space to work out in but I was able to make it work, but it would be better if you have more space.

  • Becca Nolan
    Becca Nolan 2 months ago

    Wow, just wow that was intense but amazing!

  • China Dupaya
    China Dupaya 2 months ago

    Really grateful for this workout. My mental health hasn't been the best because of school and work, this cleared my brain right up :) Thanks popsugar!!!

  • Sandy vdh
    Sandy vdh 2 months ago

    Too hard to keep/find good posture in these challenging moves... but interesting moves though....

  • ytwatcher 01
    ytwatcher 01 2 months ago

    i really enjoyed this workout! it feels so good now!

  • Rebecca Peng
    Rebecca Peng 3 months ago

    Kit is amazing!

  • S Davis
    S Davis 3 months ago

    Tough workout and appreciate the inspirational cool down. Thanks to Kit as always!

  • Emily Anne Faulstich
    Emily Anne Faulstich 3 months ago

    Oh my gosh that was amazing!!!!! Thank you!!!

  • Vaishali Joshi
    Vaishali Joshi 3 months ago

    Done! Hard !!! But I enjoyed 😊

  • Liv Walters
    Liv Walters 3 months ago +1

    wow I'm down to the 15minute mark and am dying haha. Gonna substitute the last 15 and do an ab workout thats on the floor. Next time I'll come back and finish this thing :)

  • Ana Évora
    Ana Évora 3 months ago +3

    Can I just say Kit Rich is such an amazing trainer! She says the perfect things in the perfect moments! I smiled all the way through!! Thank you PopSugar!

  • Mila H
    Mila H 3 months ago +1

    I love Kit's energy & great sense of humor! This was a challenging workout & these ladies kick butt & make it look easy. Keep up the empowering environment & awesome variety of workouts & trainers, Popsugar. 👏😍🤩💪

  • Jenny Harris
    Jenny Harris 3 months ago +2

    That workout was no joke!! “ If you’re struggling, you’re doing it right!” I needed to hear that at that moment! Definitely keeping this one on my regular workout rotation, and looking for more Kit workouts!!! Thanks!!!!!! ❤️

  • jyothi ca
    jyothi ca 3 months ago

    Love this workout kit. Thank you

  • Estela crawford
    Estela crawford 3 months ago

    I love cardio so much.😅☺️

  • Valerie
    Valerie 3 months ago

    Anything with Kit. I’m in!

  • Yustin Zhu
    Yustin Zhu 3 months ago +1

    With 30 minutes Kit... HOT guarantee. Burn so much for sure. When you do the 45 with Kit. You’ll be eating cookie with no guilt! 😂

  • Kelley Hall
    Kelley Hall 3 months ago

    LOVE Kit! Thank you PopSugar for featuring her again. She kicked my butt!

  • maria Bariloche
    maria Bariloche 3 months ago

    Yours workout are in my list thanks you a lot for high energy!!

  • Rosalind Kwast
    Rosalind Kwast 4 months ago

    Kit is the best hands down. Only she can make me work this hard in half an hour!

  • Zaki Sahnoune
    Zaki Sahnoune 4 months ago

    Nice job I will try it 😍

  • Dani Furness
    Dani Furness 4 months ago

    This workout was amazing. Felt challenged but enjoyed the moves and it wasn't repetitive. Feel fab afterwards. Thanks 🖤

  • Iveta Klimkova
    Iveta Klimkova 4 months ago

    I am dying :D in good way I hope

  • Nan Landero
    Nan Landero 4 months ago

    Kit Rich is one of my favs! amazing workout!

  • Maria Santos
    Maria Santos 4 months ago

    My Fav trainers Kit Rich and Lisa Corsello!!

  • Buttercream722
    Buttercream722 4 months ago

    I have worked out with a variety of people on YT, but Kit Rich, just has something special about her. No one makes me sweat and angry like she does. She just knows what she's doing.

  • Katarina Tomic
    Katarina Tomic 4 months ago

    well this is hard

  • s.champa Mohan
    s.champa Mohan 4 months ago

    Excellent work out.. loved it

  • Tj Zraick
    Tj Zraick 4 months ago

    Thanks Kit!!! I needed that!!!

  • Desiré MacLeod
    Desiré MacLeod 4 months ago

    Yelled at you partway through.
    Felt really great at the end.
    This was awesome. Thank you!

  • Organik G
    Organik G 4 months ago

    Finished the workout !!! Winning !!✊🏻

  • Christelle
    Christelle 4 months ago

    Am I the only one who hates when the instructor stops? I'm like NO U KEEP GOING WITH ME. hahah

  • jena witmor
    jena witmor 4 months ago

    I did it again thank u Kit so much i love u

  • Nannette Nichols
    Nannette Nichols 4 months ago

    This workout was challenging, effective and fun! My only issue was my wrist really hurt by the end!!

  • Noelle M
    Noelle M 4 months ago

    This workout is amazing!! And Kits energy is so beautiful! Every time I end this workout I feel at peace 😊

  • Samantha Shaffer
    Samantha Shaffer 5 months ago +1

    I’m a person who is moderately active, working out 5 days a week and I have to pause 3 times during this workout. I am so proud of every person who did this workout!! 💪💪

  • Kassie Frogley
    Kassie Frogley 5 months ago

    I personally didn't like this workout. I think its great for strengthening stabilizing muscles, but I feel like it wasn't the greatest cardio workout popsugar has to offer.

  • Shailender Ahuja
    Shailender Ahuja 5 months ago

    High intensity 🙄🧐🤔

  • Marquita Pagnotta
    Marquita Pagnotta 5 months ago


  • Mvwkout
    Mvwkout 5 months ago

    Yay!! Thanks for bringing Kit back! She is awesome

  • bindunice
    bindunice 5 months ago

    Really intense workout ,love it,more videos like this plz

  • Heidi Slack
    Heidi Slack 5 months ago

    Kit rich you inspire, motivate, entertain, and push me harder than any other workout! Thank you for showing and constantly reminding me how strong and healthy and capable I am!

  • sharl1027
    sharl1027 5 months ago

    PSA: you guys are all invited to my funeral b/c i am lying on my mat now in a pool of my sweat and i may drown if i dont get up in 30 seconds

  • Charlotte Pine
    Charlotte Pine 5 months ago

    I love the way Kit speaks to her audience when she trains because it's all about feeling powerful in, and grateful for, the body. So many workout videos are filled with talk about how your body "should" or "could" look, but Kit's focus on the wonderful feeling of moving is so refreshing. I always sweat bullets doing this workout AND I finish it feeling exhilarated and grateful! Thank you!

  • Ksenija Todorović
    Ksenija Todorović 5 months ago

    Amazing! She is incredible. I'm so glad this exists :D

  • Öwni Hanvi
    Öwni Hanvi 5 months ago

    Wow!! i do feel great after this !!! THANK YOU !!

  • DaytripDaisy
    DaytripDaisy 5 months ago

    I love you Kit your work outs are amazing and I love that very centering part at the end to instil gratefulness in my day. You are changing my life and changing my body. Arohanui xxx

  • ThePurplerose6
    ThePurplerose6 5 months ago

    Love these work out videos...would love to see a booty-building workout because I am tired of being made fun of when I go to the gym for booty building or general strength training.

  • elva136
    elva136 5 months ago

    Thank you so much Pop sugar fitness, I had back pain due to my job and after doing your workouts albeit it was a struggle at first but now my back has strengthened and guess what, I don't get back pains as bad as before 😊😊 thank you so much, doing this workout religiously now.

  • 20 Watts
    20 Watts 5 months ago

    Totally loved it

  • payoja sahoo
    payoja sahoo 5 months ago

    Looking for more workout like this

  • payoja sahoo
    payoja sahoo 5 months ago

    It's only 12 min n m sweating like pig plus I got cramps in my abdomen bt its❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kevan Zainali
    Kevan Zainali 5 months ago

    Iv'e been doing popsugar workouts for about 1.5 years and this is one of my new faves! Kit's workouts are intense but fun, and she is incredibly encouraging.

  • Lauren
    Lauren 5 months ago

    PopSugar, thank you for another Kit Rich video!!! She is THE BEST!! Thank you ☺️

  • Екатерина Сок

    Thank you! 👍🏻💪🏻

  • Jaz d'Cruz
    Jaz d'Cruz 5 months ago +1

    I died at least 73 times during this workout

  • Alexandra Sakka
    Alexandra Sakka 5 months ago +2

    Just love it ! Thank you !

  • Cherelle :D
    Cherelle :D 5 months ago

    Thank you so much for this workout! I feel great and sweaty :)
    Bali was lovely - I'm going again next week!

  • 亞洲魂北美
    亞洲魂北美 5 months ago +1

    Am I the only one who cannot finish this workout?

    • elva136
      elva136 5 months ago

      Initially it will be hard. Even I was panting like a dog in the first 10 minutes and gave up. But it will get easier. In my 6th attempt in this workout I was 20 minutes in. Don't follow Kit, follow the girl in the left and you should be fine. She does a modified version which is recommended for beginners.

  • Paige Frances
    Paige Frances 5 months ago

    I love this! The moves are so original!