The Exchange: Conor McGregor - UFC 229

  • Published on Oct 3, 2018
  • Before his UFC 229 return to the Octagon, two-division champion Conor McGregor talks to Megan Olivi about Khabib Nurmagomedov, the May Mac experience, becoming a father, and more.

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Comments • 6 596

  • mr caution
    mr caution 22 hours ago +1

    5:20 "i literary saw the blood run from his face , hes lips turned blue , it a weird response i saw " yeah it is a weird response because your dealing with a stone cold killer


    This man was born to tap

  • Movie clips HD
    Movie clips HD 3 days ago

    Fuck the hater's to Conor or khabib

    GTR LIFE 6 days ago

    This man got smashed and so did his boys

  • Niyazov Nazir
    Niyazov Nazir 7 days ago +1

    Don't ever mention Muhammad Ali you filthy clown!

  • Chiko Loco
    Chiko Loco 8 days ago

    To be honest. Khabib just made him look like an amateur.

  • Eli Dribben
    Eli Dribben 15 days ago

    I don't think tapping is that bad of a thing, tapping doesn't show weakness, it shows you don't want to black out...

  • Azhar Abas Shah
    Azhar Abas Shah 16 days ago +1

    Connor: I know what I'm gonna do.
    Megan: what are you gonna do?
    Connor: I'm gonna tap😂😂😂

  • Aditya Shrivastava
    Aditya Shrivastava 20 days ago

    1 round Ko 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, 4 round mauling instead.

  • Elyor Vafoev
    Elyor Vafoev 26 days ago


  • fahad molla
    fahad molla 27 days ago

    Tony ferguson will eat this McNuggets for breakfast

  • Lady fandom NF
    Lady fandom NF 28 days ago

    Conor seems like a nice guy. "Conor McGregor" is character he made and he played in front of the camera. That's is why sometimes he is confusing to read. Split personality. LOL

  • brix flex
    brix flex 28 days ago

    Smell a lot of Conor haters in the section. What makes me sad everyone's all bitter.

  • Tom Spires
    Tom Spires 28 days ago +1

    So many people giving McGregor shit saying mcchicken and mctapper, those people are too pussy to even get in a boxing ring or cage

    • brix flex
      brix flex 6 days ago

      +Rebaz98 I could smell a hater/loser a mile away and your one so.

    • Rebaz98
      Rebaz98 6 days ago

      99% of the people who hate Conor don't do that much shit talk like Conor does and for all that shit talk that he did before the fight and inside the octagon saying it's only business he not only deserved the hate he also deserved to be pissed on by his own fans! No disrespect to you

    • brix flex
      brix flex 28 days ago

      I'll get in there with anyone. But I'm not a Conor hater.

  • Medou Cheikh
    Medou Cheikh Month ago +1

    The only thing i like about Conor is that he respect Muhammad Ali , i root for khabib but i don’t hate Conor .

  • Haseeb Pavaratty
    Haseeb Pavaratty Month ago

    4:35 lol he got smashed by a fake champion

  • Abang Kacak
    Abang Kacak Month ago

    This man was born to tap

  • N0ONE
    N0ONE Month ago

    Conor Mc Gregor is awesome anyway...

  • Ικάρος
    Ικάρος Month ago

    Legend has it he's still tapping.

  • xavier.sf
    xavier.sf Month ago


  • Small Caps
    Small Caps Month ago

    I wanna bang Megan

  • jeremy steiner
    jeremy steiner Month ago +1


  • Red Hook MMA
    Red Hook MMA Month ago


  • brix flex
    brix flex Month ago

    If Conor wins re match then he'll be back.

  • Min Yoongenius
    Min Yoongenius Month ago

    The moment McTapper got mauled by Khabib The Eagle, he knows that's the beginning of his nightmare.
    Whenever or wherever it is people will keep mentioning on how he got choked by The Eagle..
    Plus, the word 'Chicken' would be a nightmare to him cuz it reflects himself.
    Well he deserves it.

  • Violet rose
    Violet rose Month ago

    Mountain guy taught you very well huh !!!!

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson Month ago

    Great interview

  • Dr.Sir Bruce Armstrong Mother Fucker The Third

    Why does the thumbnail look like a poster for one of those sappy romantic comedies?

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees Month ago

    Khabib is a lil bitch that's the only way he could win is his wrestling he can't fight hes a bitch I'll knock khabib the fuck out

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees Month ago

    McGregor came out of the womb with UFC gloves on LOL McGregor your the man

  • indian boy Abuzar ansari

    Only tap tap tap...nothing else

  • Factologist
    Factologist Month ago

    He tep like CHICKEN !! hahahahahahahah

  • Topper
    Topper Month ago

    Just me that wishes that Conor had been at his best during the fight like how he was when he fought Eddie. I think it would have been a way better event and Khabib might have respected Conor a bit after the fight and not lose his shit.

  • Saiyed Umar
    Saiyed Umar Month ago

    There is no dam doubt that Conor is a good fighter buttttt

  • der King
    der King Month ago

    this was actually the first time without cocaine since 2016

  • Sixty7Technology
    Sixty7Technology Month ago

    look at that taping face

  • Hector Moreno
    Hector Moreno Month ago

    Mc tapout 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • ayo dolanan02
    ayo dolanan02 Month ago

    his dirty words are back to him badly.

  • Mapogo's Brothers
    Mapogo's Brothers Month ago

    27-0 all amateurs and never be same after get smesh.

  • john wick
    john wick Month ago


  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez Month ago

    Bruce voice ( The notorious tapper!) 27-0, Conor you are full of shit!

  • Maribor Forest
    Maribor Forest Month ago

    I was born to porn

  • Dr. Zaheer Ahmed
    Dr. Zaheer Ahmed Month ago

    Tapped like a true champ

  • LettuceWin
    LettuceWin Month ago

    Megan looks like a snack

  • jeet singh
    jeet singh Month ago

    megan whore-livi

  • Torres9 Nothing
    Torres9 Nothing Month ago

    I fart in this man's face, while Khabib holds him down

  • greg citizen
    greg citizen Month ago

    written by George BREWER.....@greg citizen 3 of the 4 fights were in an amateur division. Yeah he tapped to nate at 170 which was a weight he wasnt ready or use to fighting at. But wait, he went back and beat nate. Every other UFC fight he has won. Starched aldo in 13 seconds, knocked out alvarez, knocked out mendes, and beat the fuck out of everyone else. He tapped once in UFC and now he is MCtapper? Manny trained in boxing his whole life and only landed 90 something shots. Conor was an amatuer boxer and landed more shots than manny. Facts are facts chump just face it. You are a sour khabib fan. I got 100 bucks saying khabib will lose. Use this comment to make my bet with you legal and binding. I hereby give you my word if khabib wins I will give you 100 bucks. If he loses you owe me 100. Do you accept the bet?

    what a fucking loser! McTapper!!! 27-0!!!!!!...much better that $100.00!!! I would have given $1000.00 to see McTAPPER lose!!!

  • dolanam1
    dolanam1 Month ago

    Hahahahahahahahahaha hahahaha haha Mac chicken said he hopes d fight will not end quick so he can show his grappling skills.......hahahahahahahahahaha someone pls kill me.....lolololololololol.....holly fuck........someone kill lil Irish ☘️ 🐥 nugget. RIP 🇷🇺

  • Adhimas Yamadwitya
    Adhimas Yamadwitya Month ago

    I'd like how he talk and act humble when its not around his opponent, too bad for the last match he's quite break the boundary on sensitive issue about someone religion..he's still a good fighter but much better if he can 'grow up' and think more about how he put his attitude and action in the future..just my opinion, respect :)

  • Bud Dastud
    Bud Dastud Month ago

    Born to Tap that ass. He might tap on the canvas for 100 mil , he might tap 100 women a month , tell me who’s taps are worth more his or yours ?

  • El Okim
    El Okim Month ago +1

    In World Sambo championship there are 265 + participants from all of the countries. in UFC these overrated chicken fights once in 2 yrs :)
    Fake ass overrated "champions" UFC= WWE $$$ rules sportsmanship and skill dont they over promote some and under promote others

  • Yasser Abdullah
    Yasser Abdullah Month ago

    Tappity Tap don’t come back take out the paper and the trash or you don’t get no stinking cash

  • Eddy H
    Eddy H Month ago

    i wonder people of which country keep posting sexual stuff on youtube. "bang" "panties" etc. so

  • MAK AK
    MAK AK Month ago

    2:40: "I know Flloyd has been very disrespectful towards Muhammad Ali. I was actually quite shocked."
    Pot. Kettle. Black.

  • sourav patnaik
    sourav patnaik Month ago +1

    When a wrestler stands and exchanges with someone renowned as an elite striker for an entire round shows your striking is just not a threat. He just ain't on Khabib's level. And no years of training can bridge it as Khabib's gonna get better as well.

  • Uni Hamzah
    Uni Hamzah Month ago

    Finally You believe Khabib is the Best .👍👍👍the world witnessed your lips n face blue and red full of blood ....

  • Uni Hamzah
    Uni Hamzah Month ago

    His not a star his embarrassed all the good and beautiful Irish people..His Big mouth ...

  • Khan Shah
    Khan Shah Month ago

    conor proved he's nothin but smelly rat lol

  • Jyoan Moyo
    Jyoan Moyo Month ago

    I respect this man because he respects Muhammad Ali ... he is the biggest star in the sport nowaday but he still respects Muhammad Ali.

  • Baptiste Lleshi
    Baptiste Lleshi Month ago

    Conor lost to a better man that man but respect him he s a legend of the sport everyone wins and everyone losses it’s how it goes so stop telling shit he ll be back

  • Addy Kumaro
    Addy Kumaro Month ago

    Ha ha lol 😂 😂 😂 😂. I had to look for these videos that mccnugget mctapper fans dwell on. They all thought there man would beat khabib lol. Yeah he was gonna wrestle khabib yeah right. Go retire mctapper you got lots monies your mma career is over

  • khan khan
    khan khan Month ago +1

    now sale that chicken to burger king

  • MrMerajjio
    MrMerajjio Month ago

    mmm Mcchicken

  • abbasi fahad
    abbasi fahad Month ago +1

    Connor is an A hole with no respect Muhammad ali comparison is load of crap. Ali never talked shit about religion and families...a cheap person always lands in the dirt it happened not bcoz conor was a less of a fighter but less of human

  • abbasi fahad
    abbasi fahad Month ago

    "He is not a champ" said a chicken before being deep fried

  • Saf R
    Saf R Month ago

    Im a warrior I was born to TAP. My fans are dumb asses I clean them out very easily over and over. ITS GOOD TO BE BACK!!

  • cahaya kemilau
    cahaya kemilau Month ago

    talk less do more sir ......

  • Faizol Azha
    Faizol Azha Month ago

    Well,amateur champion smash the king...

  • Mixed Man
    Mixed Man Month ago

    Meagen is soooo fine.

  • Aws Ghanem
    Aws Ghanem Month ago

    Its enjoyable to watch this after he got mauled by the undefeated Khabib, he smacked you Conor, you will never forget the fact you cheated during the fight and tapped at the end.

  • Mustafa Khayre
    Mustafa Khayre Month ago

    Chicken tap out loser

  • d
    d Month ago

    Timid 😂😂😂😂 he gave you a good smashing 😂😂😂😂
    Arogant chicken
    Skills 😂😂😂 and disrespectful 😂😂😂😂 you McChicken don't know the definition of disrespectful ...

  • Sami Haque
    Sami Haque Month ago +1

    U certainly arent close to ali in any respect lol what an insult to ali

  • Ifti Hussain
    Ifti Hussain Month ago

    This is number 1 bu!!$#It :)

  • Pak Happy
    Pak Happy Month ago

    Khabib fucked his ugly wine made assssss

  • Faruk Miah
    Faruk Miah Month ago

    Coner wos born to show the world how easy it is to TAP-OUT 🤣

  • 365videoman
    365videoman Month ago

    Haaa...haaaaa....!RIP Conor! Loser!

  • Wiljay Eisma
    Wiljay Eisma Month ago

    conor is a humble fighter when he lost he accept it very well.. it's just a business he's right very well 😁 he is the best for me no matter what 😊

    • PlayerMick -
      PlayerMick - Month ago

      sucker punching Khabib's brother after he McTapped.. very humble.

  • Jason Jan Carloto
    Jason Jan Carloto Month ago

    Conor is a millioner and a 2 division champion let just watch the rematch mate.....

  • Sonny's Gaming
    Sonny's Gaming Month ago

    He ate every word..he got Foooked Up Mate

  • Karimrashid Khaaan
    Karimrashid Khaaan 2 months ago

    Want to win people sympathy ... Chicken
    We love you khabib

  • Jose Dixon
    Jose Dixon 2 months ago

    Ooops 4:58 😂😂😂😝

  • Jose Dixon
    Jose Dixon 2 months ago

    Lying 1:15

  • Jose Dixon
    Jose Dixon 2 months ago

    This man is just a trash.

  • rajat
    rajat 2 months ago +1

    Tap tap tap

  • Hafiz Hazrain
    Hafiz Hazrain 2 months ago funny Mr.tapper

  • Dan A
    Dan A 2 months ago

    who's here after the chicken got SMESHED

  • Hamd Metoyou
    Hamd Metoyou 2 months ago

    Barking Dogs Tap during fight......

  • Hamd Metoyou
    Hamd Metoyou 2 months ago


  • Hamd Metoyou
    Hamd Metoyou 2 months ago

    Fuck u now pussy bitch Conor mcLips...

  • Jan Lamprecht
    Jan Lamprecht 2 months ago

    Who looks like a complete idiot now?

    PERSONA 2 months ago

    This was a week ago?! Defuq

  • Yousef Ahmed
    Yousef Ahmed 2 months ago

    I hate when people try to believe something just to satisfy their selfs, cz there is those people who will keep supporting conor even if he lost hundred times it’s those people who will start their sentence with ( what if) what if you were gay bro what would have u done😂 and conor please stop having a couple of personalities, before matches u act arrogant, racist and fuck you and when u lose u start to act polite as a pussy stick to a personality so you don’t embarrass your fans

  • Er Blackirri
    Er Blackirri 2 months ago

    corner Don't teach your father khabib how to fuck ....

  • nischal tyagi
    nischal tyagi 2 months ago


  • jimmy postwala
    jimmy postwala 2 months ago +1

    Megan u wanted to suck his dick dint u? :)))

  • Macho Mak
    Macho Mak 2 months ago

    Chicken get cooked 😂😂😂😂

  • sultansempire
    sultansempire 2 months ago

    Khabib mopped the floor with this guy

  • kobeyrules97
    kobeyrules97 2 months ago

    Lmaooo watching this after the fight!!!

  • Muhammad Mirsab
    Muhammad Mirsab 2 months ago +1

    If this was my first time watching a Conor video I'd have had respect for him and thought he's a humble respectful down to earth man man but as we know that's not the case.