Sekiro : Speed Run

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
  • This is like the easy version of Dark Souls.
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  • pharma dr
    pharma dr 12 hours ago

    how did he enable fast runnin

  • cmoney92
    cmoney92 Day ago

    i was just here for the juul

  • GamE FrEak
    GamE FrEak Day ago

    u freaking cheater..
    invincibility n attack boost!

  • Daniel Duff
    Daniel Duff 4 days ago


  • Marcus Lambright
    Marcus Lambright 4 days ago

    Is this a crazy mod or a mode I've yet to unlock?

  • Sargon Avocado
    Sargon Avocado 5 days ago

    Makes you really feel like d_____y

  • Torrian Marshall
    Torrian Marshall 5 days ago

    For people who want the outro song, the song is "Here Comes the Hero" from X-men arcade (Fukami arrange version)

  • Дмитрий Орлов

    Ok, your turn
    My turn

    The best

  • GJD 06
    GJD 06 8 days ago

    Hey guys, imma head out

  • Murdock Frankestein
    Murdock Frankestein 8 days ago


  • bleach licker 123
    bleach licker 123 10 days ago

    1:04 teenagers at partys

  • gausm warhole
    gausm warhole 11 days ago

    Dunkey finds CE
    Dunkey gets banned

  • vxctxm
    vxctxm 12 days ago

    2:24 Dejavu

  • Mr.Ouest
    Mr.Ouest 12 days ago

    thank you, d____y

  • Andrew Quiros
    Andrew Quiros 13 days ago


  • Hermine
    Hermine 13 days ago

    Dude youre so fkin funny and I wasnt even stoned, how come I havent heard of your channel with 5.7M Subs ? Ima smoke one and brb lmao.

    BABA 'DAN VİDEOLAR 13 days ago +3

    2:02 omg Dark Souls 1

  • someone with 10 shoes
    someone with 10 shoes 13 days ago +3

    01:47 hey i didnt know that fromsoft made dark souls 2 in sekiro

  • Kyan Nezhad
    Kyan Nezhad 14 days ago

    Franklin's clearly been working on that hit

  • Ricochet Brain
    Ricochet Brain 15 days ago

    For a moment there i thought this was a speed run !!

  • Anger G
    Anger G 15 days ago

    Song at 1:40?

  • The Man With A Million Names

    The real Speed Run is watching this video at double speed.

  • Ozen the Lewdable
    Ozen the Lewdable 16 days ago

    OPM's Flashy Flash will be proud.

  • Crash.png
    Crash.png 16 days ago

    4:16 i lost my shit lmfao

  • TheXMagus XHunter
    TheXMagus XHunter 17 days ago

    Welcome to Dunkeyro: Shadows Die Never.

  • Vinegar IV
    Vinegar IV 17 days ago

    1:32 my google assistant said "heyy it's me!"
    Honestly, this dumbass isn't even working when I properly say "Ok, google"

  • Emote XD
    Emote XD 17 days ago +2

    Just what I would expect from the man who holds the world record for Bowser’s Big Bean Burrito

  • Maz Siddiqui
    Maz Siddiqui 19 days ago

    2:25 How it feels to chew five gum

  • EB
    EB 19 days ago

    please play densha de go

  • EB
    EB 19 days ago

    please play densha de go

  • vadimyakus
    vadimyakus 19 days ago

    This is exactly why I do not play stealth games, because they are stupid.

  • papa stalin
    papa stalin 19 days ago

    Let's be honest here were all here to see the next more dunkey

  • Joe Kershner
    Joe Kershner 20 days ago

    I love these d____y videos he’s funny as heck

  • Mr. Monocle
    Mr. Monocle 21 day ago

    Yo ima get this mod

  • Trex bra
    Trex bra 23 days ago

    He never did finish this game

  • Cowstrum
    Cowstrum 24 days ago

    Metal Gear : Sekiro

  • Minecraft Chicken Nugget

    Sekiro: Speed Runs Twice

  • posit poi
    posit poi 24 days ago


  • Ramses Alejandro Caraballo Alvarez

    Did you used speed hack dunkey?

  • t, zain99
    t, zain99 25 days ago

    Which skills did you use in:
    and 2:44
    It looks very powerful

  • ye
    ye 26 days ago

    2:40 screams of agony

  • Uhhh
    Uhhh 26 days ago

    Sudoku, prepare to play the same series again edition.
    It's a streamlined dark souls that actually runs on the year of release. That's nice. But if you've played thousands hours of this stuff already, chances are you moved on awhile ago.
    And what kept all the hardcores around dark souls all that time afterwards? Mainly Pvp. Which they don't even have here. That void? Replaced with nothing. Same price.
    Glad it did well but I'm only here to whine that I'll never bother to pick it up. Best comments.

    MAtTeO CAMPUS 26 days ago

    Golden Experience: 4:17

  • Skeleton Masher
    Skeleton Masher 27 days ago

    "Assassins creed is a good franchise"
    This guy still doesn't know

  • 魁澈
    魁澈 28 days ago

    iv watched this Video 7 times in past two days... still laughed out loud when I see he fights with the monkey part.

  • Alex Wieland
    Alex Wieland 29 days ago

    Song name at the end, please?

    GUCCI SANDALS 29 days ago


  • Sam Clipz
    Sam Clipz Month ago


  • Diego Alejandro Londono

    Love your fucking edits are the funniest 😂

  • Nepgeardam
    Nepgeardam Month ago

    Man that Red/Orange clothes must be giving him 3 times the speed

  • Михаил Абдулов

    «Speed Run”😂😂😂as if that exists with this game

  • XxMvpKostxX
    XxMvpKostxX Month ago

    go do far cry stealths peedrun dunkey LOL

  • jackroxable
    jackroxable Month ago

    Speed run halo 5 recap

  • Jacksongaming
    Jacksongaming Month ago

    Sekiro shadow with sanic power

  • Istaka
    Istaka Month ago

    lol, TheXvid really think that this video is actually doing speedrun XD wtf

  • Milin Augustin
    Milin Augustin Month ago

    Special ed kids when there is a fire 2:46

  • Tea Boi
    Tea Boi Month ago

    So,what is dunkey doing, how does he get that fast? I still don't get it

  • G1 Sunstreaker
    G1 Sunstreaker Month ago +1

    I lost my shit when he started gunning it at 800 miles per hour

  • Michael Marrs
    Michael Marrs Month ago +1

    This video proves my point, the game is boring and repetitive, no skill needed whatsoever, block, swing and run, wow that’s some choices!!

  • HamC
    HamC Month ago +1

    fun fact: that kanji that appears after you die says "fuck"