Sammy The Bull Breaks Silence After 20 Years

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • Salvatore "Sammy The Bull" Gravano breaks silence after 20 years in this exclusive sit down with Patrick Bet-David. Subscribe to Gravanos Bullpen
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    About: Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano (born March 12, 1945) is a former underboss of the Gambino crime family. He is known as the man who helped bring down John Gotti, the family's boss, by agreeing to testify against him and other mobsters in a deal in which he confessed to involvement in 19 murders.
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  • Rich Stacks
    Rich Stacks 38 minutes ago

    1:57:20 my uncle said the same thing Sammy is saying to comey face during my family members trial. He’s 💯 right

  • Christoffer Feser
    Christoffer Feser Hour ago +1

    This guy is his own publicist.

  • 1thug aka Hollywood Coke!!

    Iss odvious he hated Gotti!! Dere was no love!!

  • Christoffer Feser

    Bet-David is Moussad. An Israeli spy agent.

  • Arden Vangellis
    Arden Vangellis Hour ago

    He try to play innocent 😇

  • 1thug aka Hollywood Coke!!

    Da second ammendment is da equalizer for good law abidin people against da wicked scum of da earth!!

  • MrCharlieLuciano
    MrCharlieLuciano 2 hours ago +1

    What can I say. I love sammy the bull.. a stright shooter.

  • Benjamin Bidlack
    Benjamin Bidlack 3 hours ago +2

    One of the finest interviews I've seen on La Cosa Nostra. Thank you, Patrick, for your questions, great listening and for really letting Sammy answer fully, really telling his stories and finishing all of us his thoughts without interrupting. And thank you so much, Sammy - incredible stories, insights and lessons - especially about our legal and political system, horrendous double standards and secret but pervasive systematic greed. Absolutely riveting to watch.

    TENNESSEE KNUCKLEHEAD 3 hours ago +2


    • KhAoz
      KhAoz 2 hours ago

      Yeah? Do something about it.

  • tim smith
    tim smith 3 hours ago +1

    fascinating shit. hard to fault the man knowing what he has been through. just think would you be able to live this mans life? extremely great inteview!!!

  • Holly Leaf
    Holly Leaf 3 hours ago +1

    This the fourth time watching this ,I'm reading Sammy's book underboss right now

  • Victor Garza
    Victor Garza 4 hours ago +1

    Patrick, you are a smart man. But, why didn't you ask Sammy about Alan kaiser???? He is the innocent teenager killed by sammy. Sammy never mentions alan. If the mob would of followed their own code, and killed sammy, years later he wouldn't of testified in court and decimating the gambino family

  • Strizzy Rameses
    Strizzy Rameses 4 hours ago

    Good fucking stuff! I grew fascinated with the mafia

  • Anas Sarhan
    Anas Sarhan 5 hours ago

    Best interview yet, always intriguing hearing a wise guys point of view of the life.
    At 2:16:30 that’s not Frank Cali it’s John Gotti’s brother I think Gene Gotti if I’m not mistaken .

  • Tutankhamun 999
    Tutankhamun 999 5 hours ago +1

    Can 10 sec pass and not showing interview guy, IRRITATING!

  • Bj Bo Jackson
    Bj Bo Jackson 6 hours ago

    Man he talking facts about the government" and I see he supports the blacks struggle✊

      ROCCO De MAYO 5 hours ago +3

      Bj Bo Jackson I’m pretty sure he’s full of shit

  • De Badulkhan Raul
    De Badulkhan Raul 6 hours ago

    Nicely edited

  • M D
    M D 7 hours ago +1

    Scary shit

  • Roman Gonzales
    Roman Gonzales 7 hours ago +3

    Amazing fucking amazing!

  • TheHonestjbone
    TheHonestjbone 8 hours ago +1

    Amazing interview

  • Eric Graff
    Eric Graff 8 hours ago +3

    One of the best mob interviews ever! Loved it! 😎👍

  • C Klan
    C Klan 8 hours ago

    gets boring. Its a bit too long

  • Lorenzo Scirocco
    Lorenzo Scirocco 9 hours ago +4

    Cosa Nostra to the core. Never disrespect your Wife, Mother or your family. Bella Figura..

  • gringo livin
    gringo livin 9 hours ago +4

    Best fucking interview I've ever seen. Hands down.

  • Domingo Tejada
    Domingo Tejada 9 hours ago +2

    99% of people that call him rat would rat in a heart beat 😂😂😂 and I'm not condone this

    • Domingo Tejada
      Domingo Tejada 2 hours ago

      @Ankle Socks circumstances change he was being betray by Gotti

    • Ankle Socks
      Ankle Socks 3 hours ago +1

      He took an oath when he was being made, he knew what he signed up for and still snitched in the end.

  • RobInWhiteRock 73
    RobInWhiteRock 73 9 hours ago +4

    a killer a loser a murderer a man of low intelligence a drain on society a man who easily impresses low lifes a sociopath a man who detroyed many lives,,,,,,,,,,People are mesmerized by tough murdering thugs. Sad

    • tellthetruthg
      tellthetruthg 15 minutes ago

      RobInWhiteRock 73 yes sad and very human we’ve killed each other for ever . Loser I’d not go there he was a winner 30 yrs by how much he had until the end of his life. U know the saying “how much you earned, the more stuff u have is the measure men go by when you die “ . So by that standard he did a lot. Still he sold his soul

    • tellthetruthg
      tellthetruthg 27 minutes ago

      unknowntuber unknowntuber high rated tv shows are W11 anything , Hitman of the mafia . Humans are violent ! watch when water starts dry up .
      Food gets scarce in America , wars on . Which side will u be on ? Murderess cut throat jumpers or compassionate let’s get through this as human kind hearted people ? Everyone chooses every day

    • tellthetruthg
      tellthetruthg 44 minutes ago

      unknowntuber unknowntuber u can shoot and Bomb the world to pieces but u can’t shoot or bomb it into peace . I’m 64 and have never known a world with out war . Country,s nations gangs . To me it’s all dumb evil ways .

    • RobInWhiteRock 73
      RobInWhiteRock 73 6 hours ago +1

      @unknowntuber unknowntuber 100%. Mankind I tell u.

    • unknowntuber unknowntuber
      unknowntuber unknowntuber 8 hours ago +2

      and people are mesmerized by america. the same america that starts wars, kills innocent people in other countries with air strikes, brain washes kids to join the military only to come home to have nothing to show for it, and overall is just ruthless and the biggest bully known to man..........

  • Gabriel Ashantee
    Gabriel Ashantee 9 hours ago +1

    The history of the mafia is so interesting. Whether it be the traits of a person, the work they put in, how someone(s) got caught up or got away. Just know that a piece of truth will always be missing no matter who is speaking. As for myself all i needed to hear was being both thug and racketeer was a rarity, the mindset possessed from such roles simultaneously is outstanding.

  • SuperBROKEN81
    SuperBROKEN81 10 hours ago +2

    How do you interview this cock sucker? He is a rat

    • E30 Lover
      E30 Lover Hour ago

      SuperBROKEN81 easy to say that behind your keyboard, but when your facing the rest of your life behind bars, you’ll rat everyone to save your ass

    • SuperBROKEN81
      SuperBROKEN81 5 hours ago

      @E30 Lover nope

    • E30 Lover
      E30 Lover 5 hours ago

      SuperBROKEN81 guaranteed you’d be a rat if it came down to your life or someone else’s

    CRISPY NEWS ! 10 hours ago

    crisis actor

    CRISPY NEWS ! 10 hours ago +1


  • J M
    J M 10 hours ago +1

    Mafia underboss who doesn't know what semi auto means

  • Gerard Mcparland
    Gerard Mcparland 11 hours ago +1

    trump did to the u.s. what gotti did to the mob... fucked it up

    • Matthew Pino
      Matthew Pino 2 hours ago

      You fucking douch bag . People like you make the u.s fucked up

      TENNESSEE KNUCKLEHEAD 3 hours ago +1

      The TDS is strong with this Libturdtard

      ROCCO De MAYO 5 hours ago

      Gerard Mcparland your a moron

    • Delft Dirk
      Delft Dirk 8 hours ago +2

      Make the mob great again?

    • itchygonads
      itchygonads 11 hours ago +11

      Man you snowflakes are such deluded retards.

  • D. Davis
    D. Davis 12 hours ago +1

    It all makes sense now for sure,

  • manuel alvarado
    manuel alvarado 13 hours ago +2

    snitchK dirty rat 🐀🐀🐀🐀

  • DMBfanatic Go Blue
    DMBfanatic Go Blue 14 hours ago +3

    I know he is a rat, but lmk what you would do if you were facing Life In Prison w/ no parole. Be 100% honest

  • a-beni Ford
    a-beni Ford 14 hours ago +1


  • Adam Barnaby
    Adam Barnaby 16 hours ago +3

    In Poland during 90's there was a witness protection mafia member called "masa" (he still around) he said that mafia (crime syndicate) was like kids playing in a sand box compering to what some government officials (secret service etc) was doing... Basically government is the real mafia no matter what country...

    • AllianceFiLifee
      AllianceFiLifee 13 hours ago +1

      Real shit you a talk man. The government is the real mafia they're criminal as shit but people don't get it. They're just as gangster as Sammy or the whole of Cosa Nostra, its just that.. they're LEGAL to do it!! So FUCK the government

  • Bill Paxton
    Bill Paxton 16 hours ago +2

    He’s an

  • Bill Paxton
    Bill Paxton 16 hours ago +1

    Sam is for sitcoms and his supporters are OK with them formers

  • Bill Paxton
    Bill Paxton 16 hours ago +1

    SupporSammy support the cops same thing bitch

  • Bill Paxton
    Bill Paxton 17 hours ago +1

    Homies don’t need this snitch ever we do us

    • Anthony Auriemma
      Anthony Auriemma 6 hours ago

      Yeah I gotta be honest, you sound like an arm chair quarterback who has no clue wtf you’re talking about. Either you’re not from the states or you’re illiterate.

    • YaBoi Mater
      YaBoi Mater 12 hours ago +3

      Bill Paxton you would definitely be a snitch

  • Aaron Powers
    Aaron Powers 17 hours ago +3

    Samy was the under boss so that's somthing
    You know
    That was a Good one on Sammy
    Well done !

    • Aaron Powers
      Aaron Powers 4 hours ago

      @Bill Paxton
      No love for samy cus
      I'm giving love to the real Gangster around the World
      The real guy paying his bills talking care of his kids
      Holding it down
      That's a Gangsta
      You don't have to in these street to be one although I was
      A real Gangster is there for his kids show different way

    • Bill Paxton
      Bill Paxton 16 hours ago

      He works for the police

  • Thomas Simmons
    Thomas Simmons 17 hours ago +4

    He bit the cheese, he will be forever a RAT!!!!

  • Bill Paxton
    Bill Paxton 18 hours ago

    There’s a lot of cops supporting Sammy

    • Jake Murnion
      Jake Murnion 9 hours ago +1

      So I get what your sayin but at the same time gotti did the exact same thing to sammy. Gotti was literally openly having conversations bout cosa nostra on those tapes going out in public during the day buying 3000 dollar suits and hand painted ties aaying im john gotti the biggest gangster ever. And then wants sammy to take the rap for Gotti's problems. Get Gotti's dick outta your mouth look around you schmuck. The boss wasn't loyal to one of his own.

    • Bill Paxton
      Bill Paxton 18 hours ago

      Support Sammy you’re a rap for cop. That’s why the Italians are dead because they got too many rats and cops just now whoever is supporting Sammy is a rat or a c that’s why the Italians are dead because they got too many rats and cops just now whoever is supporting Sammy is a rat or a cop.

  • Lillo Gerax
    Lillo Gerax 19 hours ago +3

    Did you know that al bundy made 1966 4 touchdown in a game.

  • Lillo Gerax
    Lillo Gerax 20 hours ago +8

    Cosa nostra is a secret organization. They want to go unnoticed. John Gotti wanted to be famous. That was his big mistake.

    • andymufc25
      andymufc25 8 hours ago

      Sammy the Rat bastard

    • NBFS TV
      NBFS TV 13 hours ago +1

      Bill Paxton your so stupid!! John admitted all of there business on those tapes and he was plotting to kill Sammy. Wtf would you do??

    • Bill Paxton
      Bill Paxton 19 hours ago +4

      Lillo Gerax his mistake was. Having a rat as an Under boss

  • OhhhJimmyboy
    OhhhJimmyboy 20 hours ago

    NDranghetta Calabria Sacra Unita Apulia

  • Bryan Ring
    Bryan Ring 21 hour ago +7

    One of the best interviews ive seen. Good job

    • E30 Lover
      E30 Lover 5 hours ago

      Bill Paxton you don’t support police officers?

    • Bill Paxton
      Bill Paxton 17 hours ago

      Bryan Ring are you a cop or and informer supporter

  • Paul’s Pods and Marine Ornamentals

    Interesting. I ran into this by accident. Great interview. I have a little more respect for the guy. I wouldn’t want to piss him off though...

    BLACKLIST 원터치 22 hours ago +5

    gotti used this dude like 5 dollar hooker and this dude raped gotti like a midget slut. lose lose. win win for the state

    BLACKLIST 원터치 22 hours ago +1

    La cosa NostrAT

    BLACKLIST 원터치 22 hours ago +7

    everyones here exactly a month after this was uploaded...Weird algorithm youtube


    La Cosa NostRAT

    • Bill Paxton
      Bill Paxton 20 hours ago

      BLACKLIST 원터치 Sammy is a rat is Based on facts

  • Jonny Danger
    Jonny Danger 22 hours ago +2

    He's the last of the Gambino mafia .. la Cosa nostra

  • magdalyn
    magdalyn 22 hours ago +4

    Sammy should lecture for a university class in social work or law, I' m serious. Or, he should write about the injustices he experienced and witnessed growing up, in school, on the street, in prison.

    • Mo Soueidan
      Mo Soueidan 11 hours ago

      Bill Paxton..... YOU TRY WAY TO HARD TO SOUND LIKE YOUR NOT AN INFORMANT. THATS A FACT. HERE'S ANOTHER ONE..... YOU HAVEN'T DONE 1% WHAT THIS MAN HAS. This isn't the place to act GANGSTER where we from that's called halfstepping and its usually done by a wanna be but in this case your just a keyboard warrior. This woman gets on here n recommends he speaks to our youth n you accuse her of cooperating? I think you have little man syndrome n its not about height weight or toughtalk.... simply an incapability of feeling significant until you talk down to someone. GROW UP TOUGH GUY

    • Bill Paxton
      Bill Paxton 17 hours ago

      Are you a cop or anInformant supporter

  • Max Damian
    Max Damian 22 hours ago +2

    More like Sammy The 🐀

    • E30 Lover
      E30 Lover 5 hours ago

      What’s wrong with being a rat? You’d rather the mafia sticks around?

    • Bill Paxton
      Bill Paxton 20 hours ago +1

      Max Damian bingo!

    NBFS TV 23 hours ago +7

    I was very impressed with this interview, Sammy the bull literally put you in the shoes of a made man and Boss. Respect ✊🏾

  • magdalyn
    magdalyn 23 hours ago

    Is organized crime less active or more active now than in the 70's?

    • Mitchell Plaice
      Mitchell Plaice 10 hours ago

      Less more russian less Italian and Irish

    • magdalyn
      magdalyn 13 hours ago

      @NBFS TV fewer high profile hits? Sammy says they are handling disputes differently.

    • magdalyn
      magdalyn 13 hours ago

      @NBFS TV And at the highest levels one suspects! Yes? I do admire the American press for digging and spilling these difficult and dangerous issues. We could stand some more gumption like that in the Canadian press, imo! Sometimes I think my home province is owned by organized crime in one form or another.

    • NBFS TV
      NBFS TV 13 hours ago

      magdalyn less active but there still around. It’s no more unions but dirty money is still being cleaned

    • Greaz
      Greaz 16 hours ago

      U want some dick?

  • xee doll
    xee doll Day ago +1

    What a great interview. 💯

    • Bill Paxton
      Bill Paxton 17 hours ago

      xee doll Are you a cop or an informant supporter

  • scarfy1983
    scarfy1983 Day ago +1

    I can sort if see why sammy flipped john opened his mouth
    A fish with a shut mouth wont get caught

  • Robert Ballard
    Robert Ballard Day ago

    You would think a made man would have some sort of firearm knowledge lol