We Bought an $1,800 MYSTERY Crate of Amazon.com Returns!

  • Published on Nov 8, 2018
  • 10 Gaming Gadgets That Will Let You Play FORTNITE ANYWHERE! ➡ thexvid.com/video/agnOLtUMmQs/video.html
    We Bought a MYSTERY Crate of Amazon.com Returns! ➡ thexvid.com/video/vMJwDBWQC70/video.html
    Today on DOPE or NOPE we're unboxing another MYSTERY CRATE from Amazon.com! We have no idea what could be in these mystery boxes - they could be really cool and useful, they could be total trash, or none of them could even work! These mystery boxes were all Amazon returns, so we really have no idea what kind of gadgets will be found in here - let's hope for the best! 🙂 Subscribe to see more funny videos like this in the future!
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  • Metro Metro
    Metro Metro 10 hours ago

    At 7:15 911 whats yur emrgency my son died of laughter mom watches video hello my wife died from laughter

  • Curvy Corgi
    Curvy Corgi 15 hours ago

    hi, breastfeeding mother

  • Curvy Corgi
    Curvy Corgi 15 hours ago

    i am "those people" ( 8:40 )

  • SuprBanana3030
    SuprBanana3030 Day ago

    Ya I saw one yesterday

  • Evil Donut
    Evil Donut Day ago

    Gosh he owns a Chevy pickup??? I want one!!

  • Holland kids Family channel

    JK! I wish I did though!

  • Holland kids Family channel

    My sis had that Minney set when she was young but then one day it disappeared * cough cough burned it cough cough*

  • EvanBirdSlayerGG Daddy


  • Anxious V24
    Anxious V24 2 days ago

    *-L I S S S S-*

  • steve tyra
    steve tyra 2 days ago

    I have the driving rage

  • CaptainFoufeu
    CaptainFoufeu 2 days ago

    Dont put anything in your ear SHARPER than your elbow. -Jimini Cricket.

  • Tamara Rodriguez
    Tamara Rodriguez 2 days ago

    tanner was the kid that mixed all the playdoh colors together even though everyone told him no

    REDRUM-TO- DIE 2 days ago

    I was driving home and a tornado formed right behind me destroying the walmart behind me gotta love ohio

  • Tony Halo 75
    Tony Halo 75 3 days ago

    Mathias:oh we were moving
    Smoke alarm:beep beep beep beep

  • Kid Death
    Kid Death 3 days ago

    Matthias i legit live down south in oklahoma so tornadoes are a normal thing for me

  • Ran-O
    Ran-O 3 days ago

    Tech crate pls

  • YM Pawm
    YM Pawm 4 days ago

    Air cargo US line 2.5USD/KG.
    Contact wechat:54005624

  • Fred Rosales
    Fred Rosales 4 days ago

    My mom was

  • LateDeathray
    LateDeathray 4 days ago +4

    *Tornado touches down Where I live*"honey get the camera"
    *Tornado touches down everywhere else*"aaaaahhhhhh run get to the basement"

  • Saige The gymnast
    Saige The gymnast 5 days ago

    I have seen many tornadoes I live in Oklahoma we had a huge tornado and it destroyed half of our town

  • Kirsten Croll
    Kirsten Croll 5 days ago

    Ironically I’m a breastfeeding mother watching this while breastfeeding AND I have that exact drying rack 😂😂

  • Louis van der Meer
    Louis van der Meer 5 days ago

    You should do unboxing videos with Amanda. I feel like we really need her input on this.

  • GidgetSwim72
    GidgetSwim72 7 days ago

    Oh my goodness this reminds me of my husband and how, despite living in the house with a baby, he doesn’t know that a lot of baby products even exist or how many decisions I have to make in a single day. The bottle brush? Base level baby shower gift. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Turboturtle Fan WAW
    Turboturtle Fan WAW 7 days ago

    Me: Sees every d or n video is exactly 24:00 long so they can get more ads.
    Me: Sees no ads on the video
    Where you demonetised matt

  • nerderler thenerd
    nerderler thenerd 7 days ago

    1:58 Matt are you a libra

  • cool guy
    cool guy 7 days ago +1

    i am from Texas and i have seen 20

  • DankPetClips !
    DankPetClips ! 7 days ago

    I used to have one of those things that goes on the buggy, I was persuaded it was a "skateboard" and called it my buggy board.

    I was the coolest 3yr old in the street😎🤙

  • Connor Boyle
    Connor Boyle 7 days ago

    AMANDA would LOVE this video

  • Thats Fucking Awesome

    Straight garbage.

  • Emily Jara
    Emily Jara 8 days ago

    I mean bottle brush

  • MrNewcaledonia
    MrNewcaledonia 8 days ago

    Is that latin man an illegal? America must decide if it wants to let anyone in or if we will make America great again. Liberals and illegals are killing this great country and committing crime. He has a D-Backs jersey so I bet he fled Maricopa county when the great Joe Arpaio dropped the hammer on these criminals.

  • Emily Jara
    Emily Jara 8 days ago

    Why was Tanner playing with the toilet brush

  • Warrior 17
    Warrior 17 8 days ago

    Dude I saw an F5 tornado

  • Peyton Martin
    Peyton Martin 8 days ago +1

    I played the baritone, hated it. Now i play the marimba which is basically a xylophone and a piano mixed. I absolutely love it!

  • AstroCat
    AstroCat 8 days ago +1

    I have seen a tornado irl, I was at my babysitters when I was really young play on a slide then all the sudden I look up and see a flag flapping like crazy, I ask my babysitter why that's happening then she said "oh shoot that's a tornado" so then we all had to go inside and me and everybody else (She babysat multiple kids) freaked out while we were inside.

  • Jenna Partridge
    Jenna Partridge 9 days ago

    My brothers a rich boy.
    I say i will give him 5 bucks to hang out with me for 30 mins and he says no.

  • Samantha Shoup
    Samantha Shoup 9 days ago

    go cheak getgood gameing

  • Ashton Bone
    Ashton Bone 9 days ago

    I have lived in Oklahoma I have seen some tornados

  • Derrick David
    Derrick David 10 days ago +1

    You guys should buy Tanner a new car. His car has been in so many videos now... Lol

  • Bozzy687
    Bozzy687 10 days ago

    I’ve seen a waterspout tornado about 5 miles of the coast of my lake house it was pretty damn scary

  • Jaci
    Jaci 10 days ago

    I just laughed to much at this

  • Tracy Nettles
    Tracy Nettles 10 days ago

    I’ve seen one

  • scooby scoobers
    scooby scoobers 10 days ago +1

    Yes I've seen a tornado actually 3 weeks ago

  • Dominic Gauthier
    Dominic Gauthier 12 days ago

    Did anyone else realize that at 15:14 tanner is holding a toilet scrubber

  • PanicAtTheBlink182Pilots ChemicalRomanceDisco!

    Boots with the furrr😂

    LIL KING GAMING 12 days ago +1

    To all south Africans the way they said v-tech sounds like futsek

  • lilli nawrocki
    lilli nawrocki 13 days ago

    7:12, i call my grandmother mimi and i used to say "lets go to mimis" all the time bc she has a pool, but i live there now so i have a pool😎

  • Quintin Bullard
    Quintin Bullard 13 days ago

    this is me 23:04

  • Quintin Bullard
    Quintin Bullard 13 days ago

    i have been in one and i had a water tornado

  • Michael Bennett
    Michael Bennett 14 days ago

    Michael:"Time to go meemees."
    Matt: Mimis? 😂😂😂

  • DeVouR Playz
    DeVouR Playz 14 days ago

    had a dust devil steal my phone

  • H S
    H S 14 days ago

    That book.... was required reading for my college. It's awful

  • hello frend
    hello frend 14 days ago +1


  • KevBigWeb g
    KevBigWeb g 14 days ago

    One time there was a tornado and my little 4 year old brother called it a tomato

  • Turtle Lizard
    Turtle Lizard 15 days ago +3

    Matt:Amanda would love this
    Amanda at home with dope or nope products: 👁 👁

  • The Wonders
    The Wonders 15 days ago

    6.9K comments, what a find.

  • Dakota Kasal
    Dakota Kasal 15 days ago

    Clean s10

  • Simran Gill
    Simran Gill 16 days ago

    I love 💕 YOU LIS

  • Dino man
    Dino man 16 days ago

    Imagine you come across a wild young tanner you tell him don't run on the road 5 seconds later he's in pain on the with no he says ooh that's why ha

  • Ethan Kelley
    Ethan Kelley 16 days ago

    I play the baritone (b.c.)

  • Jacqualyn Santana
    Jacqualyn Santana 16 days ago

    Love this part 13:43

  • The Raptors best friend
    The Raptors best friend 16 days ago +2

    Matt: look Luna a cow.
    Luna: year a Ferdinand.

  • Allie Pruett
    Allie Pruett 16 days ago

    I used to see tornados all the time since I lived in Arkansas for a while then Texas. Through that area is tornado alley. I’ve also seen one pass by my house.

  • Megan
    Megan 17 days ago

    I’m watching this...... whilst breast feeding my newborn 😂😂😂😂

  • band geek euphonium player

    I play baritone

  • Lydia Vogel
    Lydia Vogel 17 days ago

    Breastfeeding mother who is obsessed with your channel here. I’m commenting down below as asked. Lol 😂

  • Jeremy Grubb
    Jeremy Grubb 17 days ago

    I was on a trip and a three-year old broke my bumper.

  • krille kiwi
    krille kiwi 17 days ago

    challenge, drink one time everytime that guy say Amanda... i dare you

  • Mike Broyan
    Mike Broyan 18 days ago


  • Suba Karen
    Suba Karen 18 days ago

    Where’s the tech video

  • Veronica Martinez
    Veronica Martinez 18 days ago

    ( 16:16 ) Let us just hope she matures fast enough before she gets to driving a car...

  • Kyari Dorsey
    Kyari Dorsey 18 days ago


  • Danielle Hooks
    Danielle Hooks 18 days ago +1

    My house was destroyed by a tornado 10 years ago so yeah I’ve seen one

  • The Adventures of Jesus
    The Adventures of Jesus 19 days ago +8

    They should rename this show to "Would Amanda and Luna like this?" 😂 I do love your content !!! I just laugh everytime M says it.

  • Mechanically Musical
    Mechanically Musical 19 days ago +1

    You guys should race the vehicles you drive every day across the parking lot and rate each one dope or nope