i used 1 STAR vs. 5 STAR rated food products 2

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
  • so i tested 1 star vs. 5 star rated of the same kitchen gadgets! microwaves, electric hand mixer, juicers and toastie makers! i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe, thank you
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  • Jimmy Dragon
    Jimmy Dragon 23 hours ago

    11:45 thats a waffle maker on the left

  • Maheen Imran
    Maheen Imran 5 days ago +1

    That sandwich looked delicious not fair you get yummy food and I get brocoli

  • Chrystina Sofia Sevilla
    Chrystina Sofia Sevilla 10 days ago +1

    0:27 the von chef is in 1 stared and the white hand mixer is in 5 star pls read if you saw this

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen 14 days ago +1

    6:24 6:25

  • Sude Yuseinova
    Sude Yuseinova 17 days ago +4

    3:00 bruh the glass is higher thats why

  • Dino-sings
    Dino-sings 18 days ago +7

    I have the 1 star sandwitch maker it works it so gooo

    • TOXIC AlexGR
      TOXIC AlexGR 3 days ago

      Me too🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ThatPizza IsCheezy
    ThatPizza IsCheezy 20 days ago +5

    The cup is not the same

    • ThatPizza IsCheezy
      ThatPizza IsCheezy 6 days ago

      @SaD SoUL are u blind

    • SaD SoUL
      SaD SoUL 15 days ago

      Bruh. He put the same amount that doesent make a difference

  • jwizzo
    jwizzo 20 days ago +3

    You said the white whisk was 5 star

  • Unicorns Wolfy
    Unicorns Wolfy 21 day ago +7

    The ONLY reason the 1 star juicer looked like it had more is because of the glass. B R U H

  • ShinyChicken
    ShinyChicken 21 day ago +3

    My grandpa had the 1 star toaster

  • Golden Gacha
    Golden Gacha 23 days ago +15

    Lol the one star microwave tho I was laughing so hard when you said there’s a freaking chicken inside 😂

  • Andrei Santos
    Andrei Santos 23 days ago +5

    The 5 star whisk was faster but the 1 star one made whipped cream faster because of the shape of the beaters. :)

  • The Asian Boi
    The Asian Boi 25 days ago +3

    The cups the cups

  • Roda S poda
    Roda S poda 25 days ago +6

    When i saw microwave i started laughing soo hard lol😂

  • SaMIN SHINee
    SaMIN SHINee 26 days ago +5

    OH LORD!
    Yo are NEWT SCAMMANDER's 'MODERN' version....glad to see ya

  • Fernando Martinez
    Fernando Martinez 28 days ago +15

    They have the same exact juice, The cup is just higher

    • Baylie Ho
      Baylie Ho 24 days ago +2

      Fernando Martinez I just noticed that

  • Destinee Aguilar
    Destinee Aguilar Month ago +5

    I use that all the time the sandwich thing the 1 star on

    • My Life
      My Life 25 days ago

      Wait I have both😂😂😂

    • cocaine
      cocaine 28 days ago +1

      Thats the exact one i still have it

    • Destinee Aguilar
      Destinee Aguilar Month ago +1

      I mean one

  • Magic animals
    Magic animals Month ago +2

    we have that 1 star toastie you used in the vid and it works fantastic! we have never had any problems with it at all!!!

  • progamer0340
    progamer0340 Month ago +6

    The cup on the 1 star juice has less if u look at the bottom of the cup

  • paolo trip
    paolo trip Month ago +3


  • paolo trip
    paolo trip Month ago +4

    The juicer one the 1 star cup is different

  • Bubbles Vlogs
    Bubbles Vlogs Month ago +1


  • Marvin Tavengwa
    Marvin Tavengwa Month ago +1

    .... I had that sandwich cooker for a YEAR no problem

  • Heartless Creature
    Heartless Creature Month ago +3

    I've been using that toaster for a year, no problems with it. (The one star one)

  • xFuriousPlayz
    xFuriousPlayz Month ago +2

    For the first one,Raphael did a lemon for the 5 star juicer and an orange for the 1 star

  • Jacky Wong
    Jacky Wong Month ago +4

    Pls redo the 1 star and 5 star blender

  • Jacky Wong
    Jacky Wong Month ago

    So which one is the real winner rapheal gomes

  • Mauk 3
    Mauk 3 Month ago +5

    Umm in the intro the Von Shef mixer was in the 1 star product side and the other blender was a 5 star

    • jwizzo
      jwizzo 20 days ago

      I peeped that too

  • Layla Jones 1234
    Layla Jones 1234 Month ago +20

    August 2019 anyone?
    I guest only me😭

  • Nayla Mansilla
    Nayla Mansilla Month ago +6


  • Laverne Samonte
    Laverne Samonte Month ago +9

    This is the face of my mom 11:19 when she's disappointed in my math grade😂😂

  • TAK gamer
    TAK gamer Month ago +5

    Fake microwave

  • Faranaz Khan
    Faranaz Khan Month ago +5

    Poor Raphael Gomes

  • Lucas Lee
    Lucas Lee Month ago +9

    Literally did everything wrong every single thing wrong

  • Lucas Lee
    Lucas Lee Month ago +11

    No for the jucier the fucking cup for the 1 star is a different cup

  • mochi
    mochi Month ago +4

    i’ve been using that 1 star toasties maker for years and never had any problem with it

  • Marcela vlogi
    Marcela vlogi Month ago


  • Escape The Night Tea

    i literally have that 1 star rated girller and its amazing wtf but it’s a different company

  • subscribe for nothing
    subscribe for nothing Month ago +3

    I have the 1 star griller and it works fine

  • Just Balahadia
    Just Balahadia Month ago +1

    You put the 1 star hand blender on the 5 star

  • FiRe Lord11
    FiRe Lord11 Month ago

    Don't call it a toastie

  • DJ_Vlogs DJ
    DJ_Vlogs DJ Month ago +1

    This is joke..

  • TheRedstoneMagic games

    Check it at 3:34 you can clearly see that the 1 star rated juicer it's taller than the 5 star and he Acts it's more noooo👎

  • Shahid Shabbir
    Shahid Shabbir Month ago +1

    Brock ni🅱🅱a for ever

  • Just Balahadia
    Just Balahadia Month ago +1

    It dosent spill cheese

  • Dji Mavic 2 Pro Austria

    How much money do you get for this?

  • chunky Charli
    chunky Charli Month ago +6

    On the toaster one I have the 1 Star but I really didn’t know it’s was a 1 Star till now and I’m 14 lol 😂

  • Port Adelaide Highlights

    Why did you not taste it. The other orange juice might of tasted better

  • Jakib_ Playz
    Jakib_ Playz Month ago +3

    Am I seeing that right?
    On the 1 star there a item which is Russell Hobbs
    And on the 5 star there a Russell Hobbs item
    So they sell good stuff and shity stuff

  • TheClumsy Sisters
    TheClumsy Sisters Month ago

    I have a really good toastie maker

    But you can also use an oven it tastes way better

  • CIA BETA Wing
    CIA BETA Wing Month ago +1

    3:49 dual wielding AK-mixer...

  • Kookies and Tae
    Kookies and Tae Month ago +5

    My mom has that one star griller and it's pretty okay. So, yeah.. :)

  • GoatTrix
    GoatTrix Month ago +6

    All the comments salty that the 1 star won more lmao

  • Zachary Zaxor
    Zachary Zaxor Month ago +1

    You shoved the 5 star mixer too much

  • Zachary Zaxor
    Zachary Zaxor Month ago +5

    The 1 star juicer had a layer of extra glass so it’s taller

  • MelBox Studios
    MelBox Studios Month ago +4

    I have been watching your videos for 2 years! I love your videos!

  • ImmaPuppy _Lover
    ImmaPuppy _Lover 2 months ago +1

    Me: *watched while trying to memorize bad guy by Billie eilish*

  • Chrystina Sofia Sevilla
    Chrystina Sofia Sevilla 2 months ago +1

    havent enyone notice that the handmixer von chef is at 1 star

  • BiGatSAP
    BiGatSAP 2 months ago +15

    I noticed this everytime i watch this video,in the first 1 star vs 5 star ratings the glass of the thing is not the same the 1 star has a high glass in the bottom of the glass and that's why he said it gives the most juice and the 5 star one the glass in the bottom of it is low so it looks like it has a little juice i don't know if you noticed this,i really want to comment this so if your not corncern about this it's fine i just want you to know....

  • ah choo hi
    ah choo hi 2 months ago +8

    Does anyone notice the cups were different and the 1 star cup had a bigger no cup place at the bottom or what ever u call that

    • Kosta Kyrkagatslis
      Kosta Kyrkagatslis 2 months ago

      ah choo hi ikr I was about to make a comment on that 😂 🤣😂🤣😂🤣