The Crimes of Grindelwald - Ruining a Franchise

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
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  • FBB
    FBB Hour ago

    More and more evidence is mounting that JK never wrote those books. May as well be another Bob Dylan situation.

  • Damian Anslik
    Damian Anslik 2 hours ago

    I literally fell asleep during this. So boring

  • Krayz_1 Mitchell
    Krayz_1 Mitchell 14 hours ago

    Stick SJW ideals in any established franchise and it will break...

  • Krayz_1 Mitchell
    Krayz_1 Mitchell 14 hours ago

    Did i watch this movie?
    yeah, i have seen that scene ....
    wait.. wtf?
    have I really seen this movie...

  • Stan GreyJoy
    Stan GreyJoy 15 hours ago

    that intro gets me every time

  • Athena Onyx
    Athena Onyx 15 hours ago

    Rowlings has a lot imagination but no mind for logic. Just look at Quittich the win depends solely on which seeker catches the snitch it's as if the other players are just keeping the audience entertained in the meanwhile.

  • Athena Onyx
    Athena Onyx 16 hours ago

    I think the movies would have went over better if the American Wizarding world was as colorful as the English one. I always thought Bewitched would be like how the American Wizarding world would be in the Harry Potter Universe.

  • EmberQuill
    EmberQuill 16 hours ago

    Oh good, I'm not the only one who walked out of the theater in a state of sheer confusion. I enjoyed the spectacle of the movie but honestly, I couldn't make any sense of the plot. It actually somehow makes more sense (or at least I'm less confused than I was) after watching this since you broke down how ridiculous it all was and touched on some things I missed during the deluge of sudden twists in the final act.

  • fabian webstars
    fabian webstars 19 hours ago

    Yes thanks!!!!!! Everyone around me was thrilled about this movie and I felt so lonely having the opinion it is a shitty movie

  • Juan Bermudez
    Juan Bermudez 22 hours ago

    Idk why Just Kidding Rowling is killing the universe I grew up with. (did I say "killing"? forgive me, I meant to say "killed")

  • Doctor Strange
    Doctor Strange Day ago

    Harry POtter is not GAY :\

  • Super Shepherd
    Super Shepherd Day ago

    JK is just a joke

  • Quinn farrell
    Quinn farrell Day ago +1

    what is JK Rowling going to say now? wizards when't to the moon before NASA did?

  • hitchhicker2013
    hitchhicker2013 Day ago

    I knew it was going to be bad when they didn't add "and" in the title.

  • Sneky Snacc
    Sneky Snacc Day ago +1

    I'm mad that Credence didn't die the first movie. The only time where a fake death scenario made sense was watching Hannibal because he was a psychopath and deceitful. It makes sense that he had everyone trapped in his web of lies. Credence not dying on the other hand just doesn't make sense. I would like the character even more if he died. It's just more realistic and leaves you stuck with that feeling of hate towards the people who killed him and that he was just another kid trapped in the middle of an adults war. Therefore the only Harry potter related story I'm accepting is the first movie where Credence dies. The rest of the movies don't exist to me.

    Also I fucking love Jacob

  • Gonzalo Silva
    Gonzalo Silva Day ago

    I just watched it, I am SURPRISED by how aggressively bad it is. I like plenty of bad movies but this one is plenty steps too far.

  • A D
    A D Day ago +1

    All of this is spot on except for one thing: Anthony Goldstein actually actually IS in the books, he’s just not relevant aka the cheapest kind of “representation.”

  • Carbon Life
    Carbon Life Day ago +1

    You should all check pop culture detectives take on this movie

  • DutchDevilXL
    DutchDevilXL Day ago

    I never even saw part 1 completely. I fell asleep halfway and never bothered to watch it again. Loved the Harry Potter movies tho..

  • Rawbeard
    Rawbeard Day ago

    you don't sound black. are you using your white voice?

  • suck urmum
    suck urmum Day ago

    virtue signaling about the 6 gorrillion before it even happened kek

  • thousandyoung
    thousandyoung Day ago

    Newt is too autistic for my liking. And i totally despise his love interest. Funny how the secondary characters are better in this movie. Lol'd at the yandere queenie. J.K. going full fanfic.

  • TROLLAlolAlol
    TROLLAlolAlol 2 days ago +1

    I mean in 2007 JK stated in an interview that Dumbledoor was gay. And Antony Gauldstien was in the books and he went out with Ginny

    • rdgtxs
      rdgtxs 2 hours ago

      Ok. But why did she state that? Did it change anything about his character’s arc in the books? Did it change anything at all? Not for me. His sexual preference means nothing to the story.

  • 1multiverse
    1multiverse 2 days ago

    The Crimes of J.K. Rowling!

  • silentninja32
    silentninja32 2 days ago

    just died at 9:07

  • The Jimb
    The Jimb 2 days ago

    >hydrocity zone music
    hell fucking yeah

    MYNEXTPHASE 2 days ago

    Just tried to watch this. The evil wizard Roland Krump's plan to Make Magic Great Again by stopping magical Americans from mingling with
    non-magical illegals from Mexico was about as mind-blowing as the plot of all those Super hero series where good illegal aliens from the planet
    Mexikrypton are being persecuted by President Tronald Dump's plans to Make Earth Great Again and that Dr Who episodes where Mr Big from Sex
    and the City played a character who was probably called Nonald Kump and wanted to Make Arachnids Great Again.

  • Ziga 00
    Ziga 00 2 days ago

    JK Rowling: Hagrid fucked the green MnM

  • Louis B
    Louis B 2 days ago +1

    No one:

    Jk Rowling: 30% of hogwarts students are transexual

  • Math Simon
    Math Simon 2 days ago

    Thanks for putting the movie in perspective. This clusterf*ck now makes sense.

  • Stephanie Thompson
    Stephanie Thompson 2 days ago

    Why couldn't it just be about Dumbledore and Gridlewald? Especially since they'd be friends/lovers becoming enemies, but I guess that's be too hard for Rowling to write so lets make it about an irrelvant zookeeper.

  • Stephanie Thompson
    Stephanie Thompson 2 days ago

    Rowling is a one-hit wonder. Nothing she's made since has been any good.

  • Kristopher Workman
    Kristopher Workman 2 days ago

    "Why are you like this" haha

  • Ollie Oliver
    Ollie Oliver 2 days ago

    I literally agree with all of your points about the 1st one which is why it's one of my favorites

  • Curtis Backfish
    Curtis Backfish 2 days ago

    No, the plot doesn't come to the characters, the characters literally teleport to the plot

  • Edward Hernandez
    Edward Hernandez 2 days ago +1

    I feel like everyone is overlooking the big picture, she could be insecure about having another successful book series. She will always be known for HP and perhaps if she wrote a new book with a black lead and gay characters, she may think it will be overlooked, so instead, she rewrites part of a book series she completed to incorporate these ideas.
    Just a thought

  • Jbeast 567 S
    Jbeast 567 S 2 days ago

    Not hating but at 09:02 grindelwald came back for his jewel which means dumbaldore can’t attack him

  • Nhia Pheng Thao
    Nhia Pheng Thao 2 days ago

    haha this was very entertaining. I enjoyed your condescending sarcasm and had to listen to this, for about the fifth time just to laugh.

  • Aestholus
    Aestholus 2 days ago

    Yeah a fantastic beasts movie about murdering as much people as possible.........

  • HelloThere
    HelloThere 2 days ago +2

    and also mcgonagall states in 1995 that she had taught at hogwarts for 39 years, i guess J.K has a pretty bad memory.

  • calypso
    calypso 2 days ago

    I have never liked the harry potter universe (I find it so fucking dumb) so i gotta say that im enjoying all the stupid shit that jk rowling is doing

  • J Sagy
    J Sagy 2 days ago

    The only good thing is they did decide to push filming of the 3rd movie to help work on the story so that gives me hope that they can least try to make a good film.

  • Zboy 115
    Zboy 115 3 days ago

    No one:

    JK Rowling: Harry and Hermione are actually related

  • dandy dasyt
    dandy dasyt 3 days ago

    Wait a minute. Did you use some Bloodborne soundtrack?

  • Professional Procrastinator

    *Anthony Goldstein* was part of Dumbledore's Army in Book 5, I think.

    • Professional Procrastinator
      Professional Procrastinator 2 days ago

      @SaveMeMoon Probably. But the video stated specifically that there was no Anthony Goldstein. Which is clearly false.

    • SaveMeMoon
      SaveMeMoon 2 days ago

      He was but it was never stated that he was Jewish, she could still have made that part up.

  • Jhon Karston
    Jhon Karston 3 days ago

    Great vid but sorry no. In the books is no mention of a white heromine sorry. Im with you it could be just fan pleasement, but canonicly it is perfectly right.

    • SaveMeMoon
      SaveMeMoon 2 days ago

      There is a mention of "Hermione's white face" sticking out from behind a tree in Prisoner of Azkaban. Apart from that though J.K took part in the casting process of the movies and she said so many times that Emma was her ideal Hermione, so I will still call her a hypocrite even if there was no mention of her skin colour in the books. If she thought Hermione should have been black she had the chance when casting the films.

  • Luc Konosuke
    Luc Konosuke 3 days ago

    Thanks for ruining my childhood.

    • Watson Young
      Watson Young 20 hours ago

      Your childhood was a movie that came out less than a year ago? Or are you saying this to JK Rowling about her retcons?

  • Regnier Mercer
    Regnier Mercer 3 days ago +1

    J.K. Rowling: Cosmonaut is actually a gay black Jew

  • Elena Migliorini
    Elena Migliorini 3 days ago

    Seriously I don't understand why the first movie is so hated by hp fans. It's just amazing.. As you introduced it. Way better than hp movies ever been, and actually the story and characters are very interesting, screenplay is very good, acting too. the second one unfortunately is terrible. The plot inconsistent, the characters lost, the screenplay bad, Johnny Depp is useless.. to a point that to me it happened something in the production of this 2nd movie. Everybody blaming JK Rowling, but we can't be sure she is the one responsible...... You don't know how the production of a movie works

  • panda
    panda 3 days ago

    D&D: We fucked up our franchise pretty badly.

    JK Rowling: Hold my firewiskey.

  • Mr. Hybrid
    Mr. Hybrid 3 days ago

    The Cuphead music is perfect for that big Grindelwald-meeting-reveal-breakdown

  • Sash13
    Sash13 3 days ago

    i think most of the ppl will still consider Harry Potter original series as only canon, honestly after that, things got super crazy. I mean, why could not fantastic beasts be movie about crazy guy who just foking loved magic animals, traveling all around the world, doing shit, why, why everything has to be connected in some convoluted spider web of deep meaning, not mentioning the amazing tweets. I am really glad i had a chance to read the books and enjoy movies before Rowlings went bonkers.

  • sauce boss
    sauce boss 3 days ago

    No one:
    J.K. Rowling: Dobby and Harry had an intense homosexual relationship

  • Dieselnaut
    Dieselnaut 3 days ago

    I just found the plot confusing, i didnt realise half of the things you mentioned when i watched the movie. Idk that just proves that its a bad movie.

  • Jack Ntulsa
    Jack Ntulsa 3 days ago +1

    As soon as I heard Johnny Dreck was in this series, I knew it wasn't worth wasting money on. He just can't go anywhere without white pain and bad mugging. And a rally stupid, bad, monotone, "british" accent.

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari 3 days ago

    No one:
    J.K Rolling : *Thanos is a woman*

  • spirit123459
    spirit123459 4 days ago

    4:32 that girl in the picture is Luna Lovegood.

  • gert Van den Berghe
    gert Van den Berghe 4 days ago

    There is one thing you seem to forget: Grindelwald is a liar. When he says he wants to prevent ww2, it's very likely a lie to convince the other wizards of joining him. The Aurelius Dumbledore thingy is very likely a lie too just to convince Credence of joining the dark side...

  • lordofgangstas
    lordofgangstas 4 days ago +2

    No one:
    J.K. Rowling: Muggle plumbing was only put in place in Hogwarts after Dumbledore had such a powerful bout of diarrhea that he couldn’t vanish the results away

    DIEJF EIFJSK 4 days ago +1

    I wouldn't say she is lying. I think that she can add whatever she wants, just because she is the author.