The Crimes of Grindelwald - Ruining a Franchise

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
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  • Jeanae Rowley
    Jeanae Rowley 14 minutes ago

    I bought the Cursed Child and realized just now that I never read it. Is it worth the read? I’m not huge on the stage style format so I could use the advice. ☺️

  • ItsYaBoi
    ItsYaBoi 51 minute ago

    23:15. That’s it. That’s the whole movie.

  • destronia123
    destronia123 2 hours ago

    Queenie was creepy, aging and annoying. You're clearly a pervert. ;)

  • Fluffy Jackie
    Fluffy Jackie 9 hours ago

    I don't think it sucks at all, I'd say it's more unsatisfying or displeasing. I know that there are more than a few not well thought through things in it, but it's just the second part. I think, just 'cause of an unborn McGonnagall, a weird childswap story (which could be a lie from Grindelwald) and Queeny, you shouldn't doom an entire series. Like I said, it's just the second part and Rowling has three more tries to straighten out the story and to think things more through this time.
    And why is everyone making jokes about Dumbledore being gay, it was known all along.

  • trash
    trash 11 hours ago

    Cursed Child will never be canon.

  • Aziz
    Aziz 12 hours ago

    the richest most successful writer in the world is a pretty stupid one

  • themightyboush
    themightyboush 12 hours ago

    I think I was too generous giving this film a 5 out of 10.

  • AuroreMoriarty
    AuroreMoriarty 13 hours ago

    They have to fly Grindelwald to the other prison in Europe and it has been established that you can't use any form of teleportation to cover that distance, hence why Newt took a boat in the first film

  • AuroreMoriarty
    AuroreMoriarty 13 hours ago

    Anthony Goldstein was in the books and could be seen in the movies (as a member of Dumbledore's Army).

  • PonyPon -X
    PonyPon -X 16 hours ago

    Wow, to think i was almost lured into this mess by the promise of beasts. Rowling has completely lost the pot, because she smoked it.

  • TrainerBlue192
    TrainerBlue192 16 hours ago

    1. It's actually never stated at any point that Hermione is white. Her only description is her large frizzy hair and buck teeth. It's not "just to appease black fans" it's more of the fact that it was left open-ended to be able to interpreted as any race.
    2. Her "Random Tweets" often times come about because shes asked the same dang questions over and over and over again and so finally she decides to answer on mass. If she doesnt answer fans get upset, if she does answer everyone makes fun of her for it. As for why she didnt reveal that Dumbledore was gay, it's because it doesnt have anything to do with his character.
    3. The dont want him to take down Grindlewald. They want him to track and dispose of Ezra Millers character, because as you stated earlier, he wrote the book on monsters. Their only other viable option was what appears to be an unstable wizard with high magical prowess, so they would rather have a meek magizoologist that they can control vs a strong badass wizard they cant.
    4. It was HEAVILY hinted in the end of the first movie that Ezra Miller didnt die and even Newt knew that he didnt die.
    5. Jacob was under a heavy charm during that time of explanation. Chances are that Queenie got him to believe that was how his memories came back. We know at the end of the last movie some of his memories still existed but were viewed more like dreams or creativity rather than an actual memory. Chances are Queenie rekindled with him, and later charmed him to ensure he couldnt leave as well as spill the beans on how he got his memories.
    6. Shes a circus attraction because she isnt an Animagus, anyone can BE an animagus, Nagini was a malidictus. A person with a rare magical blood curse that forces them to turn. It's not so much a "oh look shes a snake" as much as "oh look at the freak with a rare disorder" very similar to bearded lady's, conjoined twins, contortionists, and just about any "non normal" humans in circus' and shows.
    7. The characters didnt end up there "randomly" each one found something out that pointed them in that direction.
    8. Grindlewald is using images of WWII as scare tactics to get others to his side, what's more grindelwald barely views those hes killed as people, even going as far as calling humans beast of burdens.
    9. We don't know how far the apparation ban extends, as well as when it was instated.
    10. Did you watch the movie at all? Like actually pay attention to it?

    • Thomas Raines
      Thomas Raines 13 hours ago

      TrainerBlue192 that’s such bullshit, the illustrations of the books depict Hermione as white, the covers of the book depict Hermione as white, Rowling backpedaling and using the excuse of saying “she was never explicitly described as white” is a pathetic excuse and was done solely to win brownie points.

    • TrainerBlue192
      TrainerBlue192 13 hours ago

      Regardless of the fact, it's never explicitly stated she was white. Ofcourse the merch will have Emma Watsons portrayal of her because that's what the fans want to buy. Just like how Harry Potter had green eyes but because Daniel was allergic to the contacts the merch and movies have him have brown eyes because that's just the movies continuity even if its incorrect.

    • Thomas Raines
      Thomas Raines 15 hours ago

      TrainerBlue192 her being black is odd as all of the: merchandise, films, games and even the illustrations of the books have Hermione depicted as white.

  • H.L
    H.L 20 hours ago +1

    Anthony is in the book bro

  • Mel Hemmings
    Mel Hemmings Day ago

    still dont really get it why people are so damn surprised Credence still lived. I mean, I can understand that its hard to notice because I only noticed it the second or third time I was watching the first movie but in the end of it it did foreshadow that the obscurus has definitely survived. For me I can say that I do not really know why the obscurus came back in the not-so-damaged body of credence but I figured maybe because the obscurus was heckin powerful he preserved the adult credence somehow in order to have a strong embodiement. For sure it had to seem like Credence and the obscurus inside of him died.
    Just my thoughts, kinda wanna know what yall think of it :)

  • TheAkwarium
    TheAkwarium Day ago

    I would’ve liked the Fantastic Beasts series better if it didn’t try to be Harry Potter. I don’t want another overarching story about defeating an evil wizard and stopping a massive wizard war. I’ve already seen this story. I’d much rather have episodic adventures about Newt Scamander, his baker sidekick, and their respective girlfriends travelling around the world looking for and dealing with dangerous and fantastic beasts.

    No Grindlewad, no Dumbledore cameos, no Hogwarts fanservice.

    Just a globe-trotting adventure with magic animals.

    You know? Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

  • Captain Goomba
    Captain Goomba Day ago

    Rowling is a genius, but this is why you eventually have to remove the Boss from the Board. They ruin everything because they don't know when to stop.

  • Adrijana Radosevic

    I um.. off topic, on the jews topic... I figured there really WERE no Jews in Hogwarts? Or Catholics, or Orthodox Christians, or Christians in general, or Moslems... I mean the books DO mention witch hunts - which is what actually drove the rift between the muggles and the wizarding world - and DO show Hogwarts students celebrating Wiccan hollidays like.. .Yule... and.. .the Solstice.. and... Yule... ok not TOO many details but I thought the books were rather CLEAR - ok, Implicitly - that these wizards and witches were you know... WIZARDS, and WITCHES? And sure they go home for christmas hollidays, but christmas is WAY older than Christianity, likely even older than judaism...

  • Pirrad The Vault Hunter

    i love that you are black and can point out the BS in ppl forcing diversity +1 sub

  • AnalOG Habits
    AnalOG Habits Day ago

    speaking of 'you were his ride', my most hated scene in the books is when Hagrid uses magic to get to the island, then steals the Dursleys' boat because he didn't feel like rowing using the excuse that he's not supposed to use magic

  • Awesome 5
    Awesome 5 Day ago

    "Magical buttplug" XDDD

  • Rint Macleanen
    Rint Macleanen Day ago

    Spoiler alert most people like the first fantastic beasts movie

  • John C
    John C Day ago

    Bloodborne's The Hunter makes the climax so much better

  • Edward Rushton
    Edward Rushton Day ago

    In crimes of grindalwald I thought she just name dropped to much

  • Honeypea Digital

    Maybe that's why the movie is great! Other movies make sense and their twists are predictable. This one makes no sense so you're going to be surprised anyways because you have no idea what is going to happen.

  • a pokemon
    a pokemon Day ago

    To get the fullest out a Harry Poootter read the original books watch the first fantastic beast movie and ignore the second fantastic beast movie and also avoid JK Rowling's tweets at all costs like if you want to have the best experience possible

  • Olivia Rosario
    Olivia Rosario Day ago

    To be fair about one single point, sex crimes were already a thing. That's why Voldemort exist.

  • J Mace
    J Mace Day ago

    What are the actual crimes of Grindewald? The magical fire thing at the end?

  • Ur daily shitpoaster

    Anyone ever investigate the plotholes of WW2 and the Holocaust?
    Worse than the movie.
    But don't bother asking why Hollywood cant stop pushing Holocaust crap.

  • Ur daily shitpoaster

    But theres literally nothing wrong with an English person living in England writing about all English kids.
    She otoh is an insufferable sjw phony

  • Melissa Acevedo
    Melissa Acevedo 2 days ago

    Anthony Goldstein was a Ravenclaw prefect with Patil and was part of the DA. She didn't just retroactively add him in. He was a part of book 5 and popped up during the Battle of Hogwarts with "Both Patil twins were there, as were Terry Boot, Ernie Macmillan, Anthony Goldstein, and Michael Corner." Just because he wasn't part of the golden trio doesn't mean he didn't exist. Takes like five seconds to look him up.

  • Hecht
    Hecht 2 days ago

    Back in the day, when we were told that Dumbledore was gay, I didn't really think of it as a big deal. I mean, during Harry Potter he's an old, unmarried man, so his sexuality never mattered. I actually thought, it was a nice little trivia, nothing more. But, yeah, nowadays things are out of control. I'm not a big fan of the Harry Potter universe anymore. I read the books, saw the movies and I really liked them. I didn't see Fantastic Beasts, but I listened to what other people tell me about it (like my sister, who didn't speak as critically about the movies as they probably deserve). I did think about it, but when I learned that it was supposed to be a prequel, I immediately lost interest. They could have just made a funny, light-hearted movie about a slightly awkward guy, who's searching for a lot of cute and some dangerous fantastical beasts in a fantastical world. Heck, the main threat doesn't always have to be a purely evil guy that wants to murder a lot of innocents! Sometimes a raging dragon is enough.
    Anyway, those were my thoughts. Sometimes I just like to share an ramble on about what's going on in my head.

  • Brian Chamberlain
    Brian Chamberlain 2 days ago

    I wish I could like this vid more. Such a great job!

  • Alex Lane
    Alex Lane 2 days ago

    Just saying, Anthony Goldstein appears in the books, film(s?), and at least one video game

  • 92636391036e730714263982828383883837 689

    For real I'm not gonna watch this video anymore I read the 7 books and didn't looked at the tweets of J.K Rowling this destroys my childhood

  • Shubham Chandani
    Shubham Chandani 2 days ago

    This movie is just bananas 🤣🤣🤣

  • Egon Piesepampel
    Egon Piesepampel 2 days ago

    Queenie was bewitched by Grindelwald. Stop leaving important facts out to make it look like it does not make sense

  • Egon Piesepampel
    Egon Piesepampel 2 days ago

    Jacob WANTS to marry her, it's just he does not want to break the law.

  • Egon Piesepampel
    Egon Piesepampel 2 days ago

    There is a scene in the first movie where you see Credence survives, but go on saying this is rubbish without looking at details.

  • Egon Piesepampel
    Egon Piesepampel 2 days ago

    Anthony Goldstein IS IN THE BOOKS! Just read them before you do stupid videos

    EDGE DUTCH 2 days ago

    The Crimes of Grindelwald? dont you mean " The Crimes of J.K.Rowling " ? XD XD XD

  • Blood Archer
    Blood Archer 2 days ago

    also kudos for the use of Castlevania music!

  • Blood Archer
    Blood Archer 2 days ago

    Guess i must be the only one that love the both of them.

  • Rant Radio
    Rant Radio 2 days ago

    The only fanfic change I agree with that Rowling made was Harry & Hermione being together.
    That's why I love the Portkey website.. Those Harmione stories are possibly better than the books 🤔
    AND...... They should've just given us "The Life & Lies of Dumbledore" movie, ending with the badass, most awesome wizard duel of ALL TIME. 🤔

  • Gene lester Uy
    Gene lester Uy 2 days ago

    Gascoigne's music plays in background

  • Wal Does
    Wal Does 2 days ago +1

    You clearly missed a lot of the points of this movie.
    That's sad.

  • Leonor Távora
    Leonor Távora 2 days ago

    The Karma/Credence comparison part was fucking hilarious lmfao

  • Wal Does
    Wal Does 2 days ago +1

    The hate on JKR is big in this one.

  • Wal Does
    Wal Does 2 days ago +1

    JK Rowling :
    *Yall: "JK Rowling : McGonagall is lesbian bla bla bla".*

  • John Sargeant
    John Sargeant 2 days ago


    just kidding rowling: why didn't i just use the Time-Turner to save Fred Weasley from the death-eater and make him marry a vampire storyline??? now i have to make a friggin story about a bunch of gay people.

  • jezusmylord
    jezusmylord 3 days ago

    Im sure Anthony Goldstein was in the books but it was never said hes jewish because no one gave a fuck about your religion when you could transform a fucking rat into a wine cup.

  • Oliver Channing
    Oliver Channing 3 days ago

    I liked it

  • L Lamb
    L Lamb 3 days ago

    JK Rowling did not write Cursed Child. She did say it was cannon but did not create that gross story.

  • Flarish
    Flarish 3 days ago

    I’m only watching these movies because I want to see a final showdown of Dumby vs. Grindy

  • Koko Mmc
    Koko Mmc 3 days ago

    face 😆

  • tamjid hossain
    tamjid hossain 3 days ago +1

    J.K.Rowling: You all are Gay

  • Hesperion
    Hesperion 3 days ago +1

    My theory about that baffling twist ending is that it's given by Grindelwald. You know, the main villain of the series. Maybe he's not being entirely (like, more than 0.001%) honest there.
    Then again, maybe I'm also giving ENTIRELY too much credit to Rowling at this stage of her career as a writer.

  • trblessed1020
    trblessed1020 3 days ago

    I have looked at this video like 10 times. It is so spot on

  • Безымянный канал

    Anthony Goldstein actually WAS mentioned in the books

  • E P W
    E P W 3 days ago +1

    The opening scene with the prison escape was only included to push sales of 4DX Screenings. I work in a cinema, and it was heavily leaned on as a sale point for the film. It's the same for most block buster movies now they will include a 4DX heavy scene to push people into upgrading to 4DX seats as it costs twice as much and on opening week the film distributor gets 100% of the box office.
    More Gimmick, less story, more cash.
    *4DX being, Moving seats with rain, lightening, smoke, wind and snow.*
    Imagine watching Spy kids 3D without 3D, it wouldn't make sense. Many parts of this film were only made to be part of the 4DX gimmick.

    • E P W
      E P W Day ago

      @DanVzare Also if you want to check if this is an active gimmick in a movie, check for the 4DX logo in the credits at the end. If it's there then there is a 4DX based scene somewhere that will probably make 0 sense to the rest of the film.

    • DanVzare
      DanVzare Day ago

      Thank you very much for this explanation.
      I'll have to keep it in mind for any other out-of-place action scenes in movies.

  • Alexis
    Alexis 3 days ago

    harry in order of the phoenix: *y'ALL* i saw voldemort. he killed cedric diggory. i'm so traumatized
    a bunch of other characters that JKR wrote: we don't believe you. no proof. thank you, next.
    gridlewald: i don't kill people even though there's evidence that i do
    the same ass characters JKR wrote: k

  • Dayz Vawn
    Dayz Vawn 3 days ago

    whats up with their wands looking like chopsticks?

  • ferman plays
    ferman plays 3 days ago

    Why do i think all the characters that died in deady hallows will return because in reality they are immortal hamsters

  • Alberto Romo
    Alberto Romo 3 days ago

    Accio works on people now?
    ...... A C C I O B U M !!

  • Sam Engle
    Sam Engle 3 days ago +1

    You should do long form reviews like this/suggest changes you would make if you wrote it. Just an idea :) love the content though, keep it up!

  • Asacio
    Asacio 3 days ago +1

    I almost cried watching this. Such good humor. I almost lost it when you mentioned Dumbledore wearing pijamas to work. BTW you should have mentioned JK said Hufflepuff do jerk off circles XD

  • tonald drump
    tonald drump 3 days ago

    Dumbledoors appearance = Fan Service

  • dracopo
    dracopo 4 days ago

    The song at 20:55 I've already head it somewhere. Is the OST of the Logarius bossfight?

  • Scrosseh
    Scrosseh 4 days ago

    Dude, the potion good memories exception *was hinted in the end of the first movie*... they say the potion will erase the memories of those last days bad events, like everyone was in the middle of the destruction of the city, they got their memory erased, but not all of Jacob's memories were about the city destruction and strange events, 'cause we saw the events unfold from another perspective.

  • Valerie Tucker
    Valerie Tucker 4 days ago

    love how when he comments on how hermiones black is just a picture of luna lovegood

  • Harrison Lane
    Harrison Lane 4 days ago

    Cursed child isn't canon
    Prove me wrong

  • Ark Angel
    Ark Angel 4 days ago

    this movie was weird

  • Nerolee Blanca
    Nerolee Blanca 4 days ago

    Never watched these movies but this fucking funny video was enough to rip a hole in life-long love for the Harry Potter books (well the last one was awful anyway)

  • sxd fvck
    sxd fvck 4 days ago

    grindelwald wasnt saving that guy. hes saving the blood pact bc thats just how gay he is

  • friggyk
    friggyk 4 days ago

    *why does this guy sound so fucking punchable ? Mind you I’ve got nothing against you or your videos nor am I fan but idk you just sound like you must have the most punchable face* 😆

  • YouTube Account
    YouTube Account 4 days ago

    Your Reasoning Behind Jacob's Memories Are Really Stupid. If You Remember From The First One, Newt Said And I Quote "To Remove Bad Memories Ya Know?" All Of Jacobs Memories Were Good So He Remembered Them

  • HywolfGaming
    HywolfGaming 4 days ago +7

    No one:
    J.K. Rowling: my books supported LGBTTQQIAAP before it was trendy

  • Alan
    Alan 4 days ago +1

    J.K. Rowling is an amazing World Builder.....just story wise not that good. Honestly, wasn't a big fan of the original books. Book 1-3 pretty amazing. Then book 4 comes about and it is overshadowed by Ron's drama. Then book 5 is overshadowed by Harry's hormones. Book 6 everyone is hormone crazy and in a bad mood. Book 7, kind of the thing, but it ends in an interesting way and makes the books as a whole a decent series.

    • Thomas Raines
      Thomas Raines 14 hours ago

      Alan it wasn’t really Harry’s hormones in book 5 but rather the PTSD and survivors guilt he was experiencing also the fact that no one gave a fuck about him or tried to help him they pretty much ignored him.

  • atarlidomates
    atarlidomates 4 days ago

    as bayrakları as as as

  • Koko Ya
    Koko Ya 4 days ago

    Bruhhh 💀

  • Pat Thetic
    Pat Thetic 5 days ago

    I lost it at the magical butt plug

  • Pelicanman2020
    Pelicanman2020 5 days ago

    Looking back on it, it could just be that newt lifted the creature by one of the objects it stole and held in its pouch.

  • Fuzzy Dunlop
    Fuzzy Dunlop 5 days ago

    Can't tell if profile pic is furry or not. >.>

  • Aura 7
    Aura 7 5 days ago

    No one:
    The entire universe:
    JK Rowling: Oliviander was a nonce who only kept Harry in his shop for so long so he could not just find the perfect wand, but to find the perfect moment to stick his wand in his ass.

  • Vezerai
    Vezerai 5 days ago

    Too many chefs and one soup and you have one bad soup. One good chef and a soup boiling for years with more and more weird ingredients being added and you have both a bad chef and a bad soup. If Rowling just moved on from her one hit maybe she could make another good story until then i guess she will just continue to ruin her old one.

  • chris chulo
    chris chulo 5 days ago

    Magical Butt plug... lmao. Seams like the entire movie was a Magical Butt plug for it's fans.

  • hideNxd
    hideNxd 5 days ago

    This movie is full of nothing, I barely even remember 10 minutes of it, it's like a Tech Demo for a Game.

  • Daphne B.
    Daphne B. 5 days ago

    Honestly this whole series was a disappointment

  • DeathMinion11
    DeathMinion11 5 days ago

    Ima be honest, when i read the books i was really curios about grindlewald and what he did. kinda weird they just made him gay tho

  • Black Sun
    Black Sun 5 days ago

    1:14 He gotta catch em all man.

  • Alexia Is On Fire
    Alexia Is On Fire 5 days ago

    JK Rowling is lost forever in the woke rabbit hole, bitch has lost her goddamn mind

  • NighthawkVsTheDragon

    There's been sex crimes in harry potter ever since Voldemort's mother drugged and raped his father.

  • Giga419
    Giga419 5 days ago +1

    Great video - and I loathe to defend any aspect of this film, but I don't think Grindlewald's 'goal' was to, as you say, 'stop the Holocaust'.
    I believe the argument he was making was 'see what the Muggles will build if we don't make a move now' in reference to the Atomic Bomb, which is a completely separate development from the policy of extermination against Jews instigated by Nazi Germany.

    • sxd fvck
      sxd fvck 4 days ago

      also grindelwald is a sneaky ass bitch he said stuff like that just to recruit people joining his side when his true intention is definitely NOT saving people whatsoever. he just wants to be the 'greatest' or some shit.

  • White Shadow
    White Shadow 5 days ago

    This movie sounds fucking stupid

  • Delvy
    Delvy 5 days ago

    I feel bad assuming too much since I've only seen every HP movie, but not FB, but that thing about Grindelwald wanting to kill every Muggle to stop WWII is the stupidest thing I've heard. He's just saying that he wants to kill all muggles because they muggles will kill a large portion of itself.

  • Carrloz
    Carrloz 5 days ago

    I am so glad I broke up with the Harry Potter World... J.K Raw-Len is a JOKE!

  • maile c.
    maile c. 5 days ago

    this is fucking hilarious im so glad i didn't waste my time watching the second movie lmaooo

  • Raef Wilhelm
    Raef Wilhelm 5 days ago

    I actually thought she was a psycho in the first one.

  • Hari Thomas
    Hari Thomas 5 days ago +1

    Her name is Rowling pronounced role-ing

  • The Asian Beast
    The Asian Beast 6 days ago

    Bruhhh 💀

  • Mitchell Cleveland
    Mitchell Cleveland 6 days ago

    5:13 it doesn't say there's a Jewish hogworts, it just says there is a Jewish wizard.

  • Dead Channel New channel is Mckadow Plays

    1:00 Ha! Subscribed my man, perfect description.