Emma Watson vs Daniel Radcliffe vs Rupert Grint ★ Before And After ★ Harry Potter 2018

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
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    • Cole Menard
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    • Phyo Amyzin
      Phyo Amyzin Month ago +2

      i love harry potter😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    • Hannah Banana
      Hannah Banana 5 months ago +2

      Famous Singers, eg: Ariana Grande & Billie Ellish

  • Ratty Woof
    Ratty Woof Day ago

    9:30 - Amazing what you can do with gaffer tape.

  • anna sofia abellana
    anna sofia abellana 2 days ago

    Harry potter is the best movie

  • Lillylolly editz
    Lillylolly editz 3 days ago

    I think all the little versions are adorable
    (Sorcerer's/Philosopher's stone)

  • AD Bom
    AD Bom 3 days ago

    music ?

  • I gOt No IdEa Of A nAmE

    Then is always better in my opinion. I love kids! Until they get old and know more and start being...unbearable. ( and I'm definitely not talking about how they look. Looks are nothing without a pure heart. And nobody on this world decided how they wanted to look, only god decides what's better for you )

  • crochet creations
    crochet creations 17 days ago

    Drop a like if any of u love hermionie

  • FoxyThePirate Games
    FoxyThePirate Games 19 days ago

    Emma has my fav since forever 💞😍

  • Tara Hedges
    Tara Hedges 20 days ago

    I am now 10

  • Tara Hedges
    Tara Hedges 20 days ago

    I am born on April 15 like hermine

  • zoie alexa arcilla
    zoie alexa arcilla 20 days ago

    Rupert looks like he's using drugs

  • crochet creations
    crochet creations 21 day ago +1

    Oh my word Daniel Radcliffe is soo ripped like if u agree

  • Rajani Bhatt
    Rajani Bhatt 21 day ago

    Love you Dan biggest fan 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Kake Playz!
    Kake Playz! 22 days ago

    All Harry’s/Daniel’s photos at 10: Ron, “GrEaT aUnT tEsSiE?!

  • Cole Menard
    Cole Menard 24 days ago +1

    Why did you skip Rupert grint from 2-11

  • Janies janies
    Janies janies 27 days ago

    Neco neni pravdive a neco je 😐😑😑

  • Jojo Granger
    Jojo Granger Month ago


  • Sonny Parker
    Sonny Parker Month ago

    Ron really looks stoned

  • Pinky Steinbrenner
    Pinky Steinbrenner Month ago

    I refuse to beleive thats daniel in the thumbail as a kid

  • Gunter Arnold
    Gunter Arnold Month ago

    Wow Dey so old

  • 밍주
    밍주 Month ago

    해리포터 2019년기준 30살
    (다니엘 래드클리프)
    론 위즐리 2019년기준31살(루퍼트 그린티)
    헤르미 온느 2019년기준29살(엠마왓슨)

  • ELISHA Rayner
    ELISHA Rayner Month ago

    I love all of the harry potter books and movies

  • KPop channel
    KPop channel Month ago

    Come on done grow up hahahha love you

  • Potter_Roblox Hogwarts

    2:50. Whattt that isn’t Daniel Radcliffe.

    7:06 looks like my friend.

    7:15 looks like me for halloween 👻.

    7:33 EPIC hair flip 💁‍♀️

  • DD Rudd
    DD Rudd Month ago

    I can't stop myself from staring like a crazy person and drooling all over myself when I see pictures of Harry Potter as a teenager!MOMMA LIKES!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Pam Bam
    Pam Bam Month ago +3

    Emma Watson is so pretty!like if you would agree

  • Taurus
    Taurus Month ago +1

    Why do they always use they most revealing picture of Emma on every Harry Potter thumbnail

  • Kajal Kumari
    Kajal Kumari Month ago +2

    All are fantastic but l really like Emma

  • Younis Nasser
    Younis Nasser Month ago

    What’s the name for the first music u used in the video!

  • Fun with Friends
    Fun with Friends Month ago +1

    I love harry potter

  • esaiel and avan zepeda


  • Bille -er
    Bille -er Month ago +2


    I think Rupert is Real Ron Weasley

  • Laste DOROTHEE
    Laste DOROTHEE Month ago

    Y love Daniel Radcliffe

  • Sudip wb Tach smart

    Your video song download link please sir

  • Robyn Grogan
    Robyn Grogan Month ago +1

    That doesn’t look like Emma Watson’s body!
    It looks like her head on someone’s else’s body. Dan looks GREAT!!!

  • Gladys Ortiz
    Gladys Ortiz Month ago

    Aguante rupert grint wacho😍😍😎

  • emoji tsin
    emoji tsin Month ago

    4:41 photoshop

  • Matteo GARNIER
    Matteo GARNIER Month ago

    Emma Watson is very beautiful

  • udomporn meeying
    udomporn meeying Month ago


  • Sonja Huebner
    Sonja Huebner Month ago

    Emma Watson wäre ein gutes Top Modell für die Mode 2020.

  • Meark Baow
    Meark Baow Month ago

    3:35 0-0

  • TiPaTi
    TiPaTi 2 months ago

    Rupert Grints ages are not right!

  • wei li
    wei li 2 months ago


  • This is it.
    This is it. 2 months ago

    rupert grint looks like a drug addict

  • Bunnys & Co.
    Bunnys & Co. 2 months ago

    Heu... y’a des français ? Je me sens seule 😥

  • Maili Allenger
    Maili Allenger 2 months ago

    He also doesn't have brown eyes

  • Maili Allenger
    Maili Allenger 2 months ago

    On the photo of Daniel when he was 24 that wasn't him he doesn't ear glasses and he doesn't have curly hair!!!!

    • Xin He Wang
      Xin He Wang 2 months ago

      He only wears it for the movie.

  • Jana Vlogs
    Jana Vlogs 2 months ago

    Next i wanna see Daniel(Harry),Tom(Malfoy),Rupert(Ron) and Emma(Hermione)

  • Vaughn Villarosa
    Vaughn Villarosa 2 months ago

    Ps: I was born on July 23 2008

  • Christopher Howells
    Christopher Howells 2 months ago

    They’ve missed out 3 to 10 for Ronald Weasley.

  • Christopher Howells
    Christopher Howells 2 months ago

    My cousin who used to live in Pill worked as no. 24 when I was little and my sister when I was bigger and she was.

  • Blanka Weber
    Blanka Weber 3 months ago +1

    Emma watson is amazing 💛💛💛💛💛💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • Klaudia Calligeri
    Klaudia Calligeri 3 months ago

    So beautifull

  • Annabelle Lee Djaja
    Annabelle Lee Djaja 3 months ago

    I am a fan of Harry Potter

  • Panther Girl
    Panther Girl 3 months ago

    Daniel is so beautiful! 😍

  • Nö Bugga
    Nö Bugga 3 months ago +1

    Did someone realize that the first picture of Emma was used in Harry Potter and deathly hallows p1

  • Rolland Kenly
    Rolland Kenly 3 months ago

    Im just looking for emma watson.. My idol.. So cuteee😍😍😍

  • Jessie Ficken
    Jessie Ficken 3 months ago

    Daniel needs to shave and i personaly LOVE harry potter

  • Jessie Ficken
    Jessie Ficken 3 months ago

    he needs to shave his beard Daniel does and i perso