Summer Morning Traffic at Prague International Airport | Plane Spotting August 2019

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • *Complete list of planes in description below*
    Hello friends!
    Arrivals to Prague airport during a bit cold, but beautiful morning. My main goal was to catch United 767 as a first plane of the day. Yep, I falied. They were too fast and I was too slow. Anyway, at least departure of this old lady you will find at the end of this video. Besides it, landings of various planes - butter landing of A330 AAL, various 737´s, A320´s, beautiful BAe-146 Astra Airlines or departure of Sichuan Airlines A330 in Wuliangye livery to Zurich. This and much more you will find in this compilation. I hope that you will enjoy this, thank you very much for watching and take care! Radko
    Location: 50.1153028N, 14.2615575E
    Runway in use: 24
    Time of recording: 6:30am-11:30am
    Weather: partly cloudy, temperature 10°-21°C, wind variable, max 8kts
    Camera: Sony FDR-AX53
    Featured planes:
    Boeing 737-9GJ(ER) | Smartwings | OK-TSI | Tel Aviv
    Embraer ERJ-190STD | KLM | PH-EXF | Amsterdam
    Airbus A330-243 | American Airlines | N284AY | Philadelphia
    De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400 | Air Baltic | YL-BAF | Riga
    Airbus A319-111 | easyJet | OE-LQM | Amsterdam
    Airbus A319-111 | easyJet | G-EZAV | Edinburgh
    Airbus A320-232 | Freebird Airlines | TC-FHM | Istanbul
    Boeing 737-7Q8 | Smartwings | OK-SWW | Moscow
    BAe 146-300 | Astra Airlines | SX-DIZ | Corfu
    Airbus A330-343 | Sichuan Airlines | B-5923 (Wuliangye livery) | Zurich
    De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400 | LOT | SP-EQG | Warsaw
    Airbus A220-300 | Swiss | HB-JCE | Zurich
    Boeing 737-8LJ | Aeroflot | VQ-BWA | Moscow
    ATR 72-500 | Czech Airlines | OK-MFT (95 Years sticker) | Braunschweig
    Boeing 737-8Q8 | Smartwings | OK-TVY | Varna
    Boeing 737-8AS | Ryanair | EI-EFE | Copenhagen
    Boeing 737-8FZ | Smartwings | OK-TSU | Corfu
    Airbus A319-111 | easyJet | G-EZFX | Southend
    Boeing 737-86N | Smartwings | OK-TVT | Hurghada
    Airbus A320-271N | Vueling | EC-NCS | Barcelona
    Airbus A320-232 | Aegean Airlines | SX-DVQ (Star Alliance livery) | Athens
    Boeing 737-484 | Smartwings | YR-SEB (Leased from Star East Airlines) | Hamburg
    Airbus A320-232 | British Airways | G-EUUH | London
    Boeing 767-322(ER) | United Airlines | N667UA | New York
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    This video may not be used without my permission.
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Comments • 54

  • German Korb
    German Korb 4 months ago

    It's nice to see US planes in Prague. I live close to US border so we don't get heavy planes from US, only small regional planes.

    • RN Plane Spotting Prague
      RN Plane Spotting Prague  4 months ago

      But you have much more another heavies :) when the summer season will end here, it will be another "boring" winter season with reduced amount of widebody planes :/

  • 34500dauphin
    34500dauphin 4 months ago

    hey radko at 6:50 bae 146 don't deploy wing speedbrakes, only tail???

  • Chiru P
    Chiru P 4 months ago

    When do you post a new video again? what time do you post it in TheXvid? What country or state are you leaving at>

  • Shaun Cleary
    Shaun Cleary 4 months ago

    Nice 👍

  • Jeffrey Werner
    Jeffrey Werner 5 months ago

    Radko. I’m at Gym right now watching one elliptical. 😂

  • mylosairplanefan
    mylosairplanefan 5 months ago

    That looked like a well-spent summer morning! Absolutely loved the Sichuan A330 and Astra Avro. Great work Radko!

  • 郭天豪ANDY HAO
    郭天豪ANDY HAO 5 months ago +1

    CzechHunter.Com brought me here !!!

  • Qasim Abbas
    Qasim Abbas 5 months ago


  • IsoscelesKramer
    IsoscelesKramer 5 months ago

    Just FYI, the United flight actually goes to Newark :)

  • Paris Plane Spotting
    Paris Plane Spotting 5 months ago

    awesome video mate , liked

  • Pete Brandy
    Pete Brandy 5 months ago

    Super video, jako vždy! A opět zajímavá skladba, hlavně BAe a červený Sichuan (ale jak píšeš, za chvíli je po sezoně a zas to bude nuda :-D). Jinak jsi asi chytil jeden z posledních letů Sichuanu do Curychu, tuto sobotu letí naposled.. :-/

  • Kristína Beňová
    Kristína Beňová 5 months ago

    Radko vďaka za krásne video. Vďaka vám je čo pozerať.

  • jelmerpilotHD
    jelmerpilotHD 5 months ago

    What an amazing and beautiful video man! Love it! Liked!

  • eye trapper
    eye trapper 5 months ago


  • Greg Mctevia
    Greg Mctevia 5 months ago

    Thanks for getting up at the Crack of dawn to bring us all a great video presentation. Love the Smart wings livery. Don't see that on our side of the Atlantic. Lookin forward to your next posting as always.

    • RN Plane Spotting Prague
      RN Plane Spotting Prague  5 months ago

      Thank you very much Greg, well soon "we" will send you some of them for winter lease. :) Have a great day and thanks a lot once again!

  • Yannis Moutafis
    Yannis Moutafis 5 months ago

    Beautiful Radko.Today I am twice as happy than the other times because I watched two Greek jets Astra and Aegean in this wonderful compilation of yours.Massive likes my friend

    • RN Plane Spotting Prague
      RN Plane Spotting Prague  5 months ago

      Thank you Yannis, I am very happy that you are happy! :) The BAe in this livery looks awesome, I wish they fly more to Prg. :)

  • Darmstadt 98 Flyer
    Darmstadt 98 Flyer 5 months ago

    Yeah, Im gonna fly again, tomorrow ✈✈✈✈
    Thx for sharing
    Greez from Frankfurt as always
    P.s. SWISS was the best, 'cause im flying with LX LX tomorrow 😅🙈🤗

    • Darmstadt 98 Flyer
      Darmstadt 98 Flyer 5 months ago

      @RN Plane Spotting Prague haha actually in the SWISS Lounge in Zürich and waiting for my Connecting Flight

    • RN Plane Spotting Prague
      RN Plane Spotting Prague  5 months ago +1

      Enjoy the flight my friend! :) Greetings from CZ ;)

  • Алекс Боингов

    On the first OK-TSI last summer flew Moscow-Prague

  • Jiří Fiala
    Jiří Fiala 5 months ago

    Jumbolino !!!!

  • eva800
    eva800 5 months ago +2

    I really,really like those written additional information regarding the age of the plane,timing (so we can imagine what time the plane took of) and so on. I for example like to see the difference between the new vs old planes.

    • Greg Mctevia
      Greg Mctevia 5 months ago

      Isn't that great. He also puts leasing info if applicable, if you haven't seen it before.

  • C 70015
    C 70015 5 months ago +3

    Great video 😃

    • C 70015
      C 70015 5 months ago +1

      @RN Plane Spotting Prague anytime, I've been rather busy

    • RN Plane Spotting Prague
      RN Plane Spotting Prague  5 months ago +1

      Thank you, I am glad to see you back :)

  • Luboš Semerád
    Luboš Semerád 5 months ago +1

    Radku paráda, konečně trochu lepší počasí pro Vás a k tomu to luxusní přistání A 330ky z Philadelphie, balzám na duši!!! Díky moc :-)

  • František Mourek
    František Mourek 5 months ago +3

    Dívám se Radku a líbí* palce nahoru! :-)

  • dinamar dos santos
    dinamar dos santos 5 months ago +8

    Do you like United? It is one of my favorite airplane 💓!

    • dinamar dos santos
      dinamar dos santos 5 months ago +2

      @RN Plane Spotting Prague ...oh, the next time...! 😅

    • RN Plane Spotting Prague
      RN Plane Spotting Prague  5 months ago +2

      I do, they were the reason why I was at airport earlier, but I missed the landing. I arrived about 5mins later :/

  • Dominik Pomichal
    Dominik Pomichal 5 months ago +6

    That AA from philadelphia landing was nice

  • dinamar dos santos
    dinamar dos santos 5 months ago +2

    I got here first 😍!