Lions vs. Cardinals Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019
  • The Detroit Lions take on the Arizona Cardinals during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Comments • 2 633

  • Gp420 187
    Gp420 187 9 days ago

    Kyler is 🗑

  • Brassfield Zendejas
    Brassfield Zendejas 16 days ago

    it's the best TV I've ever seen.

  • Сергей Сердюков

    Kyler murray probably runs around 200 yards a game just by scrambling around in his backfield

  • Joseph Bashor
    Joseph Bashor 22 days ago

    Go Lions 🦁 This is our year !

  • Christian Backmon
    Christian Backmon 22 days ago

    That missed interception cost the cardinals the game. Look at how pissed the coaches were on the sideline when he missed it 😂😂

  • Ace Williams
    Ace Williams 25 days ago

    6:36 Kyler Murray has a sweet release, beautiful passes. look at the way the ball just drops into Larry Fitzgeralds hands.

    • Ace Williams
      Ace Williams 23 days ago

      @Álvaro Azofra Gómez Greetings from The States.
      About overtime: That's the old rules, they changed that a couple years ago. If you score and stop the other team, then you win. It's stupid, it's all about ratings and money. I like sudden death rules, first to score wins.

    • Álvaro Azofra Gómez
      Álvaro Azofra Gómez 23 days ago

      Random question: i thought whoever scored first in OT wins the game. Am I wrong? Why did I think this?

      Greetings from Spain!

  • Mumbo X
    Mumbo X 28 days ago +6

    13:16 if he would of just caught that the Cardinals would have been in field goal range and could of kicked to win...

  • Aussie Reflexx
    Aussie Reflexx 28 days ago

    Stafford is such an underrated QB

  • Patrick Ridley
    Patrick Ridley 28 days ago

    That's it... no more ties in the NFL

  • terry tyler
    terry tyler 28 days ago

    get Murray a line or he will be damaged goods before he is 27

  • Wardo Gangsta
    Wardo Gangsta 29 days ago

    You know the Lions could win if they swapped there team's with the Michigan Wolverines or the Michigan state spartans

  • Buck Futtler
    Buck Futtler Month ago

    Carry on, Johnson....

  • Un Stoppable
    Un Stoppable Month ago

    Are y’all not understanding in these comments that if dude caught the pick the cardinals had a chance to win with a field goal, major L 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • samlawhorn
    samlawhorn Month ago

    At the end, Matthew Stafford and company seem to be engineering a tie. Why? Was it out of respect for the Cards coming back on them?

  • Javan Figueroa
    Javan Figueroa Month ago

    Larry Fitzgerald still has it. But I don’t trust kyler Murray.

  • j livingston
    j livingston Month ago

    Keep pushing Kyler.

  • bob
    bob Month ago +1

    Anyone notice how Kyler Murray sucks

  • Thomas Coursey
    Thomas Coursey Month ago

    They only tied it because of terrible coaching calling a timeout when they made a beautiful play smh

  • Thomas Coursey
    Thomas Coursey Month ago

    Couldn't even get a touchdown on 1 and goal

  • Ced Cuddi
    Ced Cuddi Month ago

    TJ looking real nice doe 👀🔥

  • Sean Stephenson
    Sean Stephenson Month ago

    7:38 ....Keyshawn Johnson🤔🤯

  • melik williams
    melik williams Month ago

    how you get more turnovers and still lose

  • Johnny Hernandez
    Johnny Hernandez Month ago

    Can someone explain to me how the game didnt end after the first field goal score in OT?

  • Romaine Athey
    Romaine Athey Month ago

    ScreenVariety Tv. I recommend this website to watch NFL in 2019. If you have $5/monthly you can watch it on any device HD.

  • lil p90 misery
    lil p90 misery Month ago

    Go cards 👻

  • gigas81
    gigas81 Month ago

    Hey, at least the Lions tied. Because it could be worse....they could've been destroyed like the Dolphins were last week. good god (the dolphins arent even looking for wins this season, just trying to score & tie)

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    A lion roar☎️

  • Text Story's plus
    Text Story's plus Month ago

    Wow. Lions ruin every THING. You better win today my team lions

  • John Michael
    John Michael Month ago

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME they PUNT it away with 1:10 left in overtime!? QUITTERS!

  • helmedon
    helmedon Month ago

    A lot of passes batted down by Murray. I think that's going to be a problem for him, just like it was predicted. Cards got lucky in the 4th that Detroit's defense seemed to wear down and for some reason Jamal Agnew was playing defense. Other teams will figure out how to counter their hurry up offense better than Detroit did and it will look like the first 3 and a half qaurters.

  • helmedon
    helmedon Month ago

    Man...Lions had this won.....why was Agnew playing defense at the end? He allowed several crucial catches.

  • Rob Hicks
    Rob Hicks Month ago

    There should not be any tie games! There should be a field goal competition! Like this. Cardinals: we can kick it 58 yards. Lions: we kick it 62 yards. Cardinals: we can kick it 63 yards. Lions: we'll take that bet! And if the Cardinals make it they win, if they don't the Lions win. Yes it's a bet but the game starts off with a bet! Coin toss, heads or tails!😁

  • Grubenwolf
    Grubenwolf Month ago

    Ties in the NFL is one of the most unsatisfying feelings ever. I'm not even a fan of either of these teams and it bothers me. I'd go crazy seeing my teams record with that one tie in it. It should be the team that gets a touchdown first wins the game. If it's a field goal the it goes to the other team. If they don't make a touchdown in that drive then they lose and the other team wins. Game over.

  • Michael Jay - Value Investing

    1:00 when you sack your own QB

  • Enej Kelecija
    Enej Kelecija Month ago

    If I was watching this on my nfl pass it would be on mute these play by play guys are awful to listen to

  • Jordan Truce
    Jordan Truce Month ago

    When the offensive line started playing well and blocking, Murray was great. He has a big arm. Cardinals defense is pretty good they kept the lions from killing them in the first three half’s.

  • D Flatt
    D Flatt Month ago +3

    1:03 I hope they gave OL number 68 an assist on that sack lol.

  • Ron S
    Ron S Month ago

    Great comeback by the cardinals

  • Cake Ser
    Cake Ser Month ago +2

    I just remember that the cardinals was made in Chicago and used to be named the Chicago cardinals and the first ever team in NFL

  • Jonah Kuczynski
    Jonah Kuczynski Month ago

    Lions were the better team. Just sayin. Cards got some lucky breaks

    • Jonah Kuczynski
      Jonah Kuczynski Month ago

      Phil Huebner Lol. I’m not a lions fan!!😂😂. I watch the ravens. Just looking at it outside of the box with no bias towards any team. But hey, way to assume things and and look like an idiot after😬

    • Phil Huebner
      Phil Huebner Month ago

      Lucky breaks by the Lions giving up in the 4th quarter..?
      thinking they won the game?
      If you guys can't beat the Az Cardinals in their first rebuild year..maybe you guys should just play the dolphins for 16 games and still be last in your division.
      The Cardinals suck right now and you still didn't win!
      Go cry to momma.
      Can't wait till you guys play da Bears and the Packers.

  • Scott Mayfield
    Scott Mayfield Month ago

    Lions gonna finish last place again, they have no chance

  • Cody Cooper
    Cody Cooper Month ago

    Kyler murray needs alot of work...idk..i dont see him doing well this year..height defiantly against him..i predict next week atleast 2 ints just from tips at the line

  • Blow' The Whistle
    Blow' The Whistle Month ago


  • chris madsen
    chris madsen Month ago

    If it wasn't for the dolphins, I would say these 2 teams are playing for last place

  • chaosbolt66
    chaosbolt66 Month ago

    Kyler Murry is not the answer.

  • Semour Buttz
    Semour Buttz Month ago

    Prater is a badass.

  • dre1507
    dre1507 Month ago

    Great 4th quarter by Murray. Coiuld've won it in OT, but stopped trusting his receivers again, like he did the first 3 quarters.

  • Richmond king
    Richmond king Month ago

    He had 2 seconds to get a pass out. O line needs help.

  • Alex Short
    Alex Short Month ago +3

    I feel bad for kyler. Literally got no blocks all game.

  • Elias E
    Elias E Month ago

    Amazing comeback

  • tacolizard225
    tacolizard225 Month ago

    Cardinals set Murray up for failure

  • JordanForeverGoat 🐐

    That pass to fitz in overtime was beautiful so underrated Murray has a special arm

  • Decimus Aurelius
    Decimus Aurelius Month ago

    Great game

  • Earrol Mierez
    Earrol Mierez Month ago

    At the end of overtime they should go to Field Goal kicks to decide a winner.
    Go Bengals.

  • Gaining Ground
    Gaining Ground Month ago

    This is America mf we don't tie

  • TheFarmlegend
    TheFarmlegend Month ago +2

    14 minutes of highlights and you omit the biggest play of the game?

  • daevon jones
    daevon jones Month ago +4

    I’m convinced the cardinals didn’t draft or trade for ANY lineman

  • Anhell Daveela
    Anhell Daveela Month ago

    It should keep going on until there's a winner

  • Aalique Grahame
    Aalique Grahame Month ago

    A tie? 😒

  • Abel Benitez
    Abel Benitez Month ago

    I love kyle