Buttonhole prank

  • Published on Aug 18, 2021
  • Buttonhole puzzle - www.puzzlemaster.ca/browse/wo...
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Comments • 645

  • Puzzle guy
    Puzzle guy  9 months ago +139

    Buttonhole puzzle - www.puzzlemaster.ca/browse/wood/otherwood/10613-tied-in-a-buttonhole?a=709294

  • Jayson Thompson
    Jayson Thompson 9 months ago +4958

    Am I the only one that at first glance thought the title said butthole prank and was intrigued as to what it might possibly be?

  • C.A.T.S Central
    C.A.T.S Central 9 months ago +1355

    My friends would probably just break the elastic band

    • Soupy Studios
      Soupy Studios 5 months ago

      Ikr I would just cut it

    • Spyziy
      Spyziy 5 months ago

      Yeah I would just cut it
      Or remove it that doesn’t seem hard to figure out lol

    • Joel Balsters
      Joel Balsters 6 months ago

      In 3 seconds I would try and break the stick or the rope

    • apapz3245
      apapz3245 7 months ago

      The joke being you don’t have any friends?

  • Fantomas
    Fantomas 7 months ago +556

    "Wait to see their reaction."
    My friend: **Pulls out a pair of scissors**
    "Fair game big guy."

  • Timothy Scheneman
    Timothy Scheneman 9 months ago +839

    Ima be honest, I did not read buttonhole at first

  • Lex Luthor
    Lex Luthor 9 months ago +206

    Haven't seen this puzzle in quite a bit of years, nice to see it again!

    • Puzzle guy
      Puzzle guy  9 months ago +11

      It's an old puzzle, but quite fun.

  • Pravin Kumar
    Pravin Kumar 9 months ago +518

    When I read the title "Buttonehole" I forgot to read the one in it

  • Clone Trooper 5555
    Clone Trooper 5555 6 months ago +1

    I get the idea of this being a prank, but I would literally just break that little stick and look at you "so was your $5 toy worth it?"

  • Datboytubby
    Datboytubby 9 months ago +52

    The dyslexia is real...I thought this was supposed to be a butt hole prank

  • Cheems
    Cheems 9 months ago +22

    Wow! Interesting! Surely gonna try on my friends! 😁😁😁

    • Mad Rith
      Mad Rith 8 months ago


    • Puzzle guy
      Puzzle guy  9 months ago +1

      You friends will be very happy 😁

  • downtimefun
    downtimefun 9 months ago +63

    like the editing! :) great stuff.

  • Miguel Cordeiro
    Miguel Cordeiro 7 months ago

    The fact that this guy finds this is a prank is hilarious to me

  • D.A.
    D.A. 8 months ago +7

    This shows the guy has never done sewing with a needle
    Man I do this every time I have a short string 😂🤣

  • Harry Bailey
    Harry Bailey 6 months ago +2

    Was thinking who does that to a friend then realised I would tbh 😅

  • Demoman Gaming
    Demoman Gaming 7 months ago +3

    Obvious way to fix it is to spin it

  • HyperCars
    HyperCars Month ago

    I love when he told you how to put it on the button hole

  • Colin Mills
    Colin Mills 9 months ago +4

    Miss read the title...had to come back..Not the type of prank I initially thought it was... when I was scrolling through 😂😂

    • Puzzle guy
      Puzzle guy  9 months ago +2

      Stop right there. I have a very good imagination. 🤪

    • Colin Mills
      Colin Mills 9 months ago +1

      I was kinda curious how you were gonna pull it off haha

    • Colin Mills
      Colin Mills 9 months ago +1

      @Puzzle guy Thats what Im sayyyin 😂🖖🏼

    • Puzzle guy
      Puzzle guy  9 months ago +3

      Can't even imagine how the miss read prank looks like 🤣

  • Verified Weeb
    Verified Weeb 9 months ago +11

    I was so confused when it just popped on and was stuck i thought to my self : "did I blink or fall asleep" but then he showed how he put it on and realized that he did a transition.

  • Legend of None
    Legend of None 8 months ago +1

    You say it's a prank, but in about 10-15 years, that's gonna be how people button their shirts

  • ariel sanchez
    ariel sanchez 7 months ago

    This could work well as an anti theft device 🤣

  • Give_me_besito
    Give_me_besito 5 months ago

    Him: pranking is friend
    The friend: uses scissors to cut the string

  • Kate Lynch
    Kate Lynch 6 months ago

    I’m teaching for the scissors before I’m taking the shirt off to fold it and get the thing off. Prankers beware 😂

  • SlickIsMyAlias
    SlickIsMyAlias 7 months ago +10

    "prank your friends by grabbing their shirt when he's not looking"😆😆😆 bruh lmao

  • Sum Guy
    Sum Guy 7 months ago

    I wish removing the wooden peg from the buttonhole was this easy all the time. Some people really need the wooden peg removed from their buttonhole.

  • Arne S.
    Arne S. 7 months ago

    Do you remove it by putting the peck back through the button hole?

  • Dom AZ
    Dom AZ 9 months ago +1

    Very good😂

  • Rahul Kathayat
    Rahul Kathayat 9 months ago +2

    Nicee one 😂

  • Aj B
    Aj B 6 months ago

    Its called a pocket knife my friend 😂

  • Mıc Mac
    Mıc Mac 9 months ago +5

    I've never seen the world map flipped horizontally

  • Defective One
    Defective One 8 months ago +1

    I'm that aggressive impatient type that would just yank it off and break the cord

  • Kamal
    Kamal 7 months ago

    The friend can use scissors 😂lol

  • aBbie rEynolds
    aBbie rEynolds 4 months ago

    It's all fun and games until they pull out some scissors😂

  • Animator yash
    Animator yash 7 months ago

    I would have broke it 🤣😂

  • HellDescent
    HellDescent 7 months ago

    Wow what a prank. I guess nobody has a pair of scissors at home to cut a piece of string these days

  • Donjo69
    Donjo69 2 months ago

    If someone pranked me with that I’d find scissors as fast as I can

  • Brandyn Thomas
    Brandyn Thomas 7 months ago

    I’m the friend who’d just cut it 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • pips17
    pips17 8 months ago

    Yeah, my friend would just look for a pair of scissors.

  • Professhional Hunter
    Professhional Hunter 6 months ago

    That one smart friend: oh, again.... let me grab scissors

  • Skylar_Freecss
    Skylar_Freecss 9 months ago

    If my friend did this to me I would just cut it 🤣🤣🤣

  • Daten Schutz
    Daten Schutz 7 months ago

    First saw it by a magician putting it on my shirt. He was so fast that I couldn't see the solution.

  • Sore Tuber
    Sore Tuber 7 months ago

    "Hmm, what's this on my shirt."
    *Grabs scissors*

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago

    My uncle got some pencils with his company info on like this. He's retired early so guess it worked haha

  • DJ Force
    DJ Force 8 months ago +1

    I read "butthole prank", saw the stick, and thought "That's going to be one mean prank!"

    • Puzzle guy
      Puzzle guy  8 months ago +2

      I read butthole prank after posting the video as well. 🤣

  • Chronic_hatred 2k20
    Chronic_hatred 2k20 7 months ago

    I always carry a k of so this would never be an issue but thanks for the guide

  • Nico Ezekiel Lauta
    Nico Ezekiel Lauta 7 months ago

    Pretty sure I would just cut the string if this happened to me

  • Puzzle Wanderer
    Puzzle Wanderer 9 months ago +8

    My doctor said I need more of these for my health

    • Puzzle guy
      Puzzle guy  9 months ago +4

      What an awesome doctor! 👌

  • hotako design
    hotako design 5 months ago +1

    Bro your content is great

  • 0𝖱𝗒𝖽𝖾𝗋_𝖥𝗋𝗂𝗍𝗓0

    I would just cut the string if someone did that to me 😬

  • Beta Tester
    Beta Tester 8 months ago +3

    Me : *doing it to my friend
    My friend : noobs *cut using his scissors

  • Xx_StéphaneBern_Enjoyer_du17_xX

    Thanks but if one of my friends do that , I think I might cut it .

  • Andrew Barsky
    Andrew Barsky 6 months ago

    Scissors would solve this puzzle real quick

    GAGAN BARMAN 8 months ago +1

    My friend did this to me ...but i tore it with my hand, didn't even need scissors

  • Irfaan Miazi
    Irfaan Miazi 6 months ago +1

    If I was to be pranked I would just cut it with a scissor then life continues 😎

  • REDBERRET 1916
    REDBERRET 1916 8 months ago

    Me pranking my friend
    My friend:finds the scissors

  • Ellis Gee ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    They're gonna use scissors when you can't even see it

  • Lakshay Dhiman
    Lakshay Dhiman 8 months ago +1

    I will cut the elastic band 😂

  • Saturn666
    Saturn666 6 months ago +1

    I don't think he's heard of scissors

  • Nicholas Heath
    Nicholas Heath 5 months ago

    Yeah until he just cuts it off his shirt!😂

  • Senpai Daruto
    Senpai Daruto 8 months ago

    Scissors: *am I a joke to you*

  • Nekoツ
    Nekoツ 5 months ago

    My friend will just rip his shirt 🤣

  • CoryKickzAss
    CoryKickzAss 9 months ago +2

    Lol on first glance, I thought the title said "Butthole puzzle" 😆 n I was like WTAF?

  • Panel SM
    Panel SM 7 months ago

    You would be extremely disappointed when i give you the wooden piece without the string in about 2 seconds.

  • Sharmaine Melecoton
    Sharmaine Melecoton 7 months ago

    All you need is a scissor 🤣

  • that_G_EvanP
    that_G_EvanP 7 months ago

    I would just cut the string. I know, I'm no fun.

  • L
    L 6 months ago +1

    Me watching this: grabs scissors ✂️

  • vAPE
    vAPE 7 months ago

    Let me introduce this "prank" to my knife.

  • Joe Buddy
    Joe Buddy 8 months ago

    Lol he didn't tell us how to take it off tho haha

  • Lavina D'silva
    Lavina D'silva 8 months ago

    If I was that friend I would use a scissor 😜

  • Noah Forsythe
    Noah Forsythe 5 months ago

    Scissors: am I a joke to you

  • Prem K.🌀
    Prem K.🌀 8 months ago

    Rip cutting instruments 😂

  • Country Boy Ogre
    Country Boy Ogre 5 months ago

    This is great unless your friend carries a pocket knife.

  • PandiZeGeek
    PandiZeGeek 7 months ago

    Congrats, I just broke your toy using my trusty pair of scissors 💖

  • Zekiro
    Zekiro 7 months ago

    Me:*cuts it with scissors* M A G I C

  • S D
    S D 9 months ago +1

    Good one

  • Teledible
    Teledible 2 months ago +1

    The real magic is how everyone didnt read it as buttonhole

  • Ahmad Nizam Mohd Nor
    Ahmad Nizam Mohd Nor 8 months ago

    It sounded like short when you said shirt & it sounded like bottom when you said button. Love how you speak bro.. 😁

  • Yukino Metaxa
    Yukino Metaxa 7 months ago

    Legends say that it's still stuck...

  • gamerz hub
    gamerz hub 4 months ago

    That friend: hmm... Oh yeah lets use the scissors ✂️✂️✂️

  • Undeadly
    Undeadly 6 months ago

    Its all fun and games till someone grabs the scissors.

  • Bhargav Shatrughna
    Bhargav Shatrughna 9 months ago

    Wow thats a hard puzzle my friend put in my buttonhole
    *pulls out scissors*

  • Nicky Mirage
    Nicky Mirage 7 months ago

    If anybody were to try this I wouldn’t doubt that they just cut it

  • Stream sniper
    Stream sniper 7 months ago

    I mean what if they just break it?

  • Keith Cari-an
    Keith Cari-an 2 months ago

    If I was the friend, I would've just cut it.

  • Som Nath Tripathi
    Som Nath Tripathi 8 months ago

    Just cut the string 😂😂

  • Syed_ Tawqeer120
    Syed_ Tawqeer120 7 months ago

    If you want to prank your friend...
    Pretends scissors don't exist.

  • Vibhu_Dummy
    Vibhu_Dummy 8 months ago

    Yes of course they would just be annoyed and they definitely wouldn't cut the string with a scissor

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata 7 months ago

    Try to remove it?
    Sure,where are my scissors ✂️

  • Blazeon火
    Blazeon火 5 months ago

    Lol I would use force to push it out or cut the wood or string

  • Topaz
    Topaz 7 months ago +1

    Lmao- I actually can't beleive i read 'ButtonHole Prank' as 'ButtHole Prank'

  • The isolated soul
    The isolated soul 6 months ago

    Legends will grab scissors and cut the thread.

  • Devon Patrick
    Devon Patrick 6 months ago

    CounterAttack: cut the string if someone put it on your shirt

  • The Hooper Uploader
    The Hooper Uploader 7 months ago

    Me:I can reverse time(reverses it)yes now you try

  • Xyla Atupan
    Xyla Atupan 7 months ago

    Scissors: I will end this mans whole career

  • Anand Sebastian
    Anand Sebastian 9 months ago +5

    I remember seeing this in Curiousity Show a long time ago...

  • Dr. Toasty
    Dr. Toasty 7 months ago +1

    Scissors: I am inevitable

  • Abhi Reddy
    Abhi Reddy 8 months ago

    To Solve this we need on scissors ✂️
    Steps to follow to remove this
    Take a scissors ✂️ and cut the band (whatever it was) i.e. Simply cut 😂😂😂😂

  • zackzoid
    zackzoid 7 months ago

    Me: haha u can't do it
    Friend: scissors

  • Bloodycrow115
    Bloodycrow115 7 months ago

    Sees peg in my shirt
    Me: oh ok *grabs knife *

    SHIVAM LAKHARA 8 months ago

    I will use Scissor 😂😂😂

  • Worth Haithcock
    Worth Haithcock 8 months ago +1

    🤦🏻 People!!! That’s a lot of wasted time spent making that stupid contraption just to irritate somebody… 🤔 Guess I’ll make one after work😎