World Famous Chef and His Daughter | Part 1


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  • HD Animez
    HD Animez 38 minutes ago

    Im jealous of them they have a happy family i wish i have family like them , he is actually a good dad . Compared to my family really broken , i think its fun to have a persistent and funny dad , total opposite of mine 😢😊 my family is too much broken i dont even remember when is the last time we were together complete as a family and i don't remember when we last laught hard together

  • Marta Girina
    Marta Girina 2 hours ago

    This is so wholesome :’)

  • Layla Gamer
    Layla Gamer 7 hours ago

    Why AVICII

  • ZainEsus
    ZainEsus 9 hours ago

    I wish I was part of the Ramsay family

  • Layla Gamer
    Layla Gamer Day ago

    What. Is this song

  • Kysorsene
    Kysorsene Day ago


  • Armani Biyani
    Armani Biyani Day ago

    gordon can relax now.. one among his children got what he has for food... she is amazing like girl version of her dad😉

  • Lozan Eng
    Lozan Eng 2 days ago

    I am older than her and she knows how to cook and I don’t know😯

  • Rezky Ikhwan
    Rezky Ikhwan 2 days ago

    On the tv show : Its RAW!!!, SHUT IT DOWN!!, You f*ckin DONKEY!, D*CKHEAD!
    But when i watch this he is so funny and hillarious
    Well thats why i like Chef Ramsay and his familiy

  • MrzMsr
    MrzMsr 3 days ago

    4:43 Why do they drive left if theyre in LA?

  • Rosie
    Rosie 4 days ago


  • Manali Yelve
    Manali Yelve 4 days ago

    This was Sooo cute!

  • CyberpowerPC GUA3100a Gaming

    whats the song at 5:55?

  • Jgbfg Fhghg
    Jgbfg Fhghg 4 days ago

    It's soo anoyying that tilly is saying Los Angeles say L.A. ok cringe

  • heather c
    heather c 5 days ago

    A lovely young woman.

  • Oof
    Oof 5 days ago

    Wait this isn’t Hotel Nightmare

  • Linnea
    Linnea 5 days ago

    this is literally the cutest thing ever

  • nyatsuki ・
    nyatsuki ・ 5 days ago

    Can you guys tell me what it feels like to have a dad?

  • hiden lama
    hiden lama 5 days ago

    This girl doesn't go to school ... Actualy goes to school

  • Ivey TheCAT
    Ivey TheCAT 5 days ago

    “Get rid of your family” 😂

  • Suditi Gautam
    Suditi Gautam 5 days ago

    Anyone noticed the 1D
    Story of my life music

  • Dxdelion The Unicorn

    She's over there making burger while here I'am cooking *noodles.* Also.... Los Angeles? Whats that? I only know... LOS ANGILIS

  • Mckee Jolly
    Mckee Jolly 6 days ago


  • Aiden the gay
    Aiden the gay 6 days ago

    she dosent use soap when she washes her hands

  • Kahina Harrache
    Kahina Harrache 6 days ago

    Two Ramsays scare me : Ramsay Bolton and Gordon Ramsay LOL

  • Augustya Sing
    Augustya Sing 6 days ago

    thank you for such a nice quality *)

  • Mc Muffin
    Mc Muffin 6 days ago +2

    Long Live Gordon and his Family

  • Princess Butter Cream Hernandez

    I think Tilly is the next Gordon Ramsay of the next generation.

  • Eyeless Eclipse
    Eyeless Eclipse 7 days ago

    Weird and annoying, your right that is what a dad should be and that is what some dads are!

  • maja manic
    maja manic 7 days ago

    People think my dad is scary

  • Unniea Playz
    Unniea Playz 7 days ago

    You are so cute

  • Darren Unknown
    Darren Unknown 7 days ago

    Is there Logan Paul?

  • Sebastian Melmoth
    Sebastian Melmoth 8 days ago

    I would not let pop media NEAR my family.

  • Darius
    Darius 8 days ago

    I Need Gordon To Play Just Dance

  • Abdossamad Benmohamed

    Matilde e la migliore..!!

  • Abdossamad Benmohamed

    Sei bellissima Matilde..!!!

  • Jade Bear
    Jade Bear 9 days ago

    The editing style reminds me of some old educational video that they used to show all the time in middle school.

  • Rikko Fisker
    Rikko Fisker 10 days ago

    LOS angelis

  • Dragon city Player
    Dragon city Player 10 days ago

    You mean the book matilda

  • Ug9ndaa
    Ug9ndaa 10 days ago

    I bet they're different off camera

  • VlaD V
    VlaD V 10 days ago

    Jack.lmfao.looking for a snake hahaha

  • Tanichies ang
    Tanichies ang 11 days ago


  • Ahmed Amer
    Ahmed Amer 11 days ago

    The son said shut up to his dad, wow

  • SGG
    SGG 11 days ago


  • Rosemary T.
    Rosemary T. 12 days ago +2

    Lmao the ending 😂 Jack!

  • random person
    random person 12 days ago

    Oh well gotta say i envy them. I envy Mathilda a lot😕may you have a successful future anf not be drawn to plastic surgery you cute lil one may you be blessed with more happiness and good luck to your future bf~

  • Fantastic Finnow
    Fantastic Finnow 12 days ago

    Bro they can go to la in this huge house with so much good stuff but Tilley still has a iPhone 5

  • Petar
    Petar 13 days ago

    I like the video.But rattlesnakes are venomous.

  • Julia de salsa
    Julia de salsa 14 days ago

    Jack is so me xD

  • Andy Delmonico
    Andy Delmonico 14 days ago

    How does it feels like to have a family like Gordon?
    Im sick of this depressing family.

    • Gnay Garcia
      Gnay Garcia 4 days ago

      +GG Yip i think they're talking about their family, not Gordon's.

    • GG Yip
      GG Yip 8 days ago

      Andy Delmonico how r they depressing? Ur life is depressing

  • Foxy Loxy 666
    Foxy Loxy 666 15 days ago


  • GiacoC
    GiacoC 15 days ago

    So happy to see Ramssy family to be so feets on the ground bunch.
    Tilly is adorable kid and I wish her a good luck in life.
    If only every billionaire kid on the planet was like Ramsay's
    Gordon is top chef.....and top parent B-)

  • nil clifford
    nil clifford 15 days ago

    Is anyone noticed they played dont stop by 5sos at 2:45 in the back?? Or is just me? Though so..

  • Jay Otaku
    Jay Otaku 15 days ago +2

    This Family is


  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady 16 days ago

    "He's so weird and annoying...everything a dad should be."

  • bts I love
    bts I love 16 days ago

    No one is the best

  • Jenny and Ryan
    Jenny and Ryan 16 days ago

    Such a talented girl at such a young age :) lovely family :)

  • Phsycotic Singer
    Phsycotic Singer 17 days ago

    The whoppie pies are not whoppie pies they”re ice cream sandwiches

  • Phsycotic Singer
    Phsycotic Singer 17 days ago

    4:57 LOS ANGILIS?!?

  • the best
    the best 17 days ago

    Respect for Gordan he has a motorcyle

  • Issa tae Bij
    Issa tae Bij 17 days ago

    It’s hard not to cry while watching when your family is falling apart.

  • Zachary Lhouvum
    Zachary Lhouvum 18 days ago

    Bla bla bla such a nice family come and see mine we don't even even talk to eachother

    • Gnay Garcia
      Gnay Garcia 4 days ago

      Hey now, don't shit on a happy family. Sorry to hear about your situation tho, dude

  • Miss Blue
    Miss Blue 20 days ago

    WOW 😳 .. @6:14 to 6:15..... That was some crazy sanitary hand-washing after handling MEAT 🥩 😳😳😳.. 🎉.. 😑

  • Harry Punnat
    Harry Punnat 20 days ago

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  • George gacel Banias
    George gacel Banias 21 day ago +2

    ( ^_ ^)
    /> />🍔

  • Steve Binu
    Steve Binu 22 days ago

    Me scrolling the comments to look for ITS RAW comments

  • Meant To cringe
    Meant To cringe 23 days ago

    *please don’t try this at home*’re doing this at home mate

  • ester yuhani
    ester yuhani 23 days ago

    great vlog

  • YOU NIC Mechevellian
    YOU NIC Mechevellian 23 days ago

    I wish i had a family like this

  • Neyla Wongso
    Neyla Wongso 24 days ago


  • Ribal Khalil
    Ribal Khalil 24 days ago +1

    I love how 5 second of summer’s song was involved in this

  • Amar
    Amar 24 days ago


  • Lil Rifff
    Lil Rifff 25 days ago

    wtf is wrong with Jack😂😂😂 looking for snake at 2 am

  • Aeoss Fortnite
    Aeoss Fortnite 25 days ago +1

    It’s not fucking Los Angelees it’s Los Angeles or LA

  • Phidelia Kagai
    Phidelia Kagai 26 days ago

    Please tell me they eat food later again I can't sleep on Burgers only that's hunger death.

  • dark and deep
    dark and deep 26 days ago

    Others make slime
    She makes food

  • Kennelkiz
    Kennelkiz 27 days ago +2

    Lucky kids

  • babylon hazzz
    babylon hazzz 27 days ago


  • Ecstatic Gamer
    Ecstatic Gamer 29 days ago

    Jack and holly look older then 14, they look 16.
    Megan still looks 16 though...
    Matilda is she 11-12?

  • top kek
    top kek Month ago +1

    *_I ’ M s H y , P u T i T d O w N !_*

  • soltan alosmi
    soltan alosmi Month ago

    None of them look like there mom lol

  • Andreas Weber Christensen

    Jack looks so much like hes dad :D

  • Nada Bozovic
    Nada Bozovic Month ago

    Get rid of your family and add the ice cream filling, great advice xD

  • Ako Si Bea
    Ako Si Bea Month ago

    Megan Ramsay looks like Abigail Breslin

  • Official Moshi
    Official Moshi Month ago

    Wish my family is like this;)

  • Adam Ting
    Adam Ting Month ago

    Are you kidding, Gordon Ramsay is the KING of all Chefs.

  • Jamie Sullivan
    Jamie Sullivan Month ago

    Megan is the only introvert in the family 😂

  • Hannah Singular
    Hannah Singular Month ago +1

    'nervous i'm out of a job' hahahahaha

  • yuvraj agnihotri
    yuvraj agnihotri Month ago

    I am convinced Tilly will make it very hard for her father to remain in the business, CHEF is ready to rock...👍👍👍

  • Dani Motorhead
    Dani Motorhead Month ago

    Looks too perfect for me...

  • Ishkay O.
    Ishkay O. Month ago

    Hi Gordon! I'm a 27yo mom and wife and I love your family. It's a great inspiration for me to also have a close and loving family like you have. The fun is there but at the same time, the respect and love. God Bless to you and your family.. You're such a great parent and husband.

  • nikola boom
    nikola boom Month ago

    Hey matilda you can make the burgers on a grill

  • Road to 10000 subs without a video

    Who is the cam. man?

  • haylie chow
    haylie chow Month ago

    Twins ?

  • Gacha ChefPotato
    Gacha ChefPotato Month ago


  • Denise Doce Mel
    Denise Doce Mel Month ago

    Boa noite Vilma Ribeiro eu te vi você falou comigo Eu agora estou te respondendo Eu estou aqui minha querida no seu canal Muito obrigado minha linda Pelo seu carinho por mim um grande beijo da sua querida Denise Doce Mel já vi que eu ganhei uma amiga que é você beijo

  • taehyung is mine
    taehyung is mine Month ago

    Gordon said it was 10 in the morning and bed time? um yeah sure?

  • Lucio'o'z
    Lucio'o'z Month ago

    "What you do first??!"
    Find the Lambsauce.

  • l i t t l e r a i n y

    How we see Gordon Ramsay: GET THE F**KING SAUSE!!!
    Reality: Check out these shades, baby