Police Thwart Mass Shooting Threats In Ohio And Florida | NBC Nightly News

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • Ohio police raided the home of a 20-year-old suspect after an Instagram post from the self-proclaimed white nationalist showed him firing a gun and tagging a local Jewish community center. In Florida, a 25-year-old has been charged with making threats to commit a mass shooting after police obtained some of his text messages.» Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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    Police Thwart Mass Shooting Threats In Ohio And Florida | NBC Nightly News

Comments • 158

  • Adrian Maldonado
    Adrian Maldonado 12 days ago

    And not terrorist threats?

  • Christian Williams
    Christian Williams 17 days ago

    These white folks getting crazier and crazier a white state already got all them

  • Gino De La Fuente
    Gino De La Fuente 28 days ago

    Trump charges ..smh..charge him with making terroristic threats too dumbasses!!! Oh thats right hes WHITE SO THEY'LL JUST TAKE HIM TO BURGER KING TOO...SMH..

  • Trevizzo
    Trevizzo 29 days ago

    Stupid white MF .

  • Andrew Rogers
    Andrew Rogers 29 days ago

    It is time that we have a memorial built to remember all the victims of domestic terrorism and mass shootings, least we move all of our fallen too quickly to memory. The impact of such a memorial might move us as a country to reasonable action.

  • Charles Kafka
    Charles Kafka 29 days ago

    ok problem with this..
    they didn't' thwart a threat.. he made the threat.
    also im glad they stopped him..

  • Tara Aliyeva
    Tara Aliyeva 29 days ago +2

    Ssoooooo they are WHITE are the police going to say is "MENTAL ISSUES " or is plain HOME GROWN TERRORISM?!

    • Zach B
      Zach B 27 days ago

      Tara Aliyeva but it’s not terrorism...

  • R Lorenzo
    R Lorenzo 29 days ago

    All these white boys smile and put on a "mentally ill" look for the cameras. Isn't that what everyone is supposed to say? Oh, he was mentally ill, that's why he shot up Jews. Yea right. It's called premeditation and these white Nazis know precisely what they're doing.

  • Enduro JS Swe
    Enduro JS Swe 29 days ago

    PUBG people thinks... oh KAR98 :D :D

  • Timelessmusic Familymusic

    I would be fired if I worked at a gun shop. If a young man wanted to buy several high power military style weapons, plus unlimited ammunitions. Red flags would ring up all over my head, telling my boss I don't think we should sell this weapons to this guy. I can see my boss telling me, "it's not your job to question his motives, that's lost profit for our business". I tell him, "I'm refuse to sell it to him". He tells me, "Your fired".😒

    • Zach B
      Zach B 27 days ago

      High powered military style weapons? You know that a hunting rifle can shoot larger bullets than most “military style weapons”, and also what makes a gun military style? Metal?

  • Army truth
    Army truth Month ago

    If you are going to commit a mass shootings, dont post about it online or tell people.

  • O SL
    O SL Month ago +1

    Everyone who attended that rally should be under surveillance, good job officers

  • Andrew FAMBILY Barnett

    Pokemon! Gotta catch em all! How many Manchurian candidates do you trigger each day Americaw?

  • Admiral Allahu Akbar
    Admiral Allahu Akbar Month ago +1

    This is what happens when ppl just talk about It instead of being about it 😑

  • Raising Sun
    Raising Sun Month ago

    Really? Look at this joker, this actor, smiling for his mug shot... who does that? He also looks possibly jewish. Does he know an "inside joke" we aren't supposed to know about? His duping delight smile indicates it. It's fake and staged. Who benefits from this? The corrupt, corporate government. They'll use this to justify "pre-crime" (thought-crime) legislation that will effectively destroy what's left of the first and second amendments.

  • Dan Thomas
    Dan Thomas Month ago

    Pretty good looking for a wanna be mass shooter. In fact I'd do em.

  • 31kilo
    31kilo Month ago

    They are seeking their 15 minutes of fame from the 24/7 mass coverage. Stop the mass media coverage. The media provides these mental cases what they want.

    • Raising Sun
      Raising Sun Month ago +1

      Actually, the media provides coverage of these hoaxes and actors. They all have a role to play.

  • Last Laugh
    Last Laugh Month ago +1

    The past few shooters openly announced they wanted to be famous for killing the most amount of people.
    Idiots in the comment section: *WHITE PEOPLE!*

  • Tom Krohn
    Tom Krohn Month ago +2

    One of those fine people Trumpnazi talks about.

    • Raising Sun
      Raising Sun Month ago

      Trumpstein?! Haha, he's as jewish supremacist as they come. He's Super Jew! All he cares about are his fellow jews and the terrorist state of Israhell.

  • Aurelio Figueroa
    Aurelio Figueroa Month ago +1

    For life in prison, good job Ohio 🇺🇸👍

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Month ago +8

    White males between 18-30 should not own guns

    • America 81
      America 81 27 days ago

      Corrupt Cop God How about Black Men Shooting and killing Cops ???

    • Raising Sun
      Raising Sun Month ago +2

      Go tell that to the jewish supremacists! We all know what happened in the Soviet Union... 60 million dead Russians, mostly White Russians. The jews ran the genocidal Soviet Empire. And now they have come here to try to do the same thing. Be careful what you wish for! You're probably on their death list too, unless you're a jew who follows the Talmud (not even the Torah) or a Freemason stooge.

  • Steve Koch
    Steve Koch Month ago +1

    I'm a white guy... Abolish ALL Assault weapons ASAP!!!! 😠🤕

    • Zach B
      Zach B 27 days ago

      Steve Koch what constitutes an assault weapon?

  • onemoretime15
    onemoretime15 Month ago +1

    At this rate, Mexico will help build the wall faster.

    • Raising Sun
      Raising Sun Month ago +1

      Trumpstein was never going to build the wall in the first place. No US ZOG president will and a wall should have been built when Reagan was president. They won't because the banksters don't want them to. They want to move people from one nation to another like money.

  • mark price
    mark price Month ago

    Wait...you mean we can call and report a threat to police...without more Red Flag laws in place? Wow, we actually have that ability right now....Who would have ever thought it?

    • mark price
      mark price 29 days ago

      @Poop Brain Yes,but the lunatic democrats desperate for a talking points" pass some more gun laws" have been beating to death passing red flag laws when in fact we already have the ability to call and report someone who is a threat. The red flag laws would allow anyone to report anyone as a threat and have their guns taken which is their real goal.

    • Poop Brain
      Poop Brain 29 days ago

      it’s always been around. law enforcement are just taking it more seriously now.

  • David VR
    David VR Month ago +6

    I'm a white man and it's frustrated to see other whites doing this. Most of these people aren't mentally ill, just weak and wanting to lash out. They can't deal with their problems and so they think a gun is the answer. That's weakness.

    • David VR
      David VR 29 days ago

      @Raising Sun There isn't a Jewish plot to cause mass shootings. It's mostly frustrated, angry white men that are lashing out at society.

    • Tomorrison28
      Tomorrison28 29 days ago

      I agree. Mental illness is an excuse .

    • Raising Sun
      Raising Sun Month ago

      How do you know he's White and not jewish? Jews aren't White. I think he's a jewish actor playing a role of a murderous "white supremacist" meme pushed by jewish supremacists in the media and government.

  • Hawkzblade
    Hawkzblade Month ago +1

    america doesnt need to be attacked by ISIS etc, trump has his own little soldiers doing the job for them.

  • Reginald Brown MUSIC

    All I know is the ENDGAME IS HERE...August 20,2019...it's time to change the GAME !!!

  • BigWasabi
    BigWasabi Month ago

    You forgot the treat in Connecticut kind of incompetent by NBC but overall this means nothing because US law enforcement have themself enabled US terrorism and international terrorism by for DECADES repeatedly and DELIBERATELY and by being WEAK labeled US MALE TERRORISM and EXTREMIST as “ It’s just somebody who has a mental issue “ It’s embarrassing and inexcusable and it has and is has had deadly consequences

  • Bird Man
    Bird Man Month ago +7

    Nice 👍 Job to law enforcement , many lives saved

  • Gary Fields
    Gary Fields Month ago +3

    Poor white boy ain't got no woman no job no friends" lock him up he'll be happy he'll have a place to stay a job and a hot meal, Spanish people be having two jobs too support their families and do the right thing and theses white boys want to be murderers

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe 28 days ago

      It's a fake story. Guy in video is different person than the kid in the parking lot

  • Barton Carlin
    Barton Carlin Month ago +4

    I'm ashamed of what our country has become . This is what we produce in the way of young men???? This is the kind of atmosphere we breathe -- violence and hatred and cruelty?? This is the kind of leader we want - ignorant and cruel and racist?? It is heart-breaking.

    • Raising Sun
      Raising Sun Month ago

      It's probably fake just like these recent "mass shootings" hoaxes. Same BS, different day. The Republicans and Democrats are all the same- all traitors who work for their jewish bankster paymasters.

    • mark price
      mark price Month ago

      I'm ashamed that we have open avowed socialist running for president and even being given a chance to win. It's disgraceful and anti-American to even consider such non-sense. Every democrat running is for: open borders, government re-distribution of the wealth, job killing high taxes, giving free social services to illegals who sneak into our country.

  • Thomas Lu
    Thomas Lu Month ago

    Stupid Criminals

  • Know Thanks
    Know Thanks Month ago


  • Lily Jade
    Lily Jade Month ago

    What a duffus white supremacist groups keep encouraging members to be killed by police.

  • soggybread
    soggybread Month ago

    trash news for the dayton shooter they didn't say his political views right away unlike this guy . BIASED

    • UnknownPlayer
      UnknownPlayer Month ago +1

      are you this stupid? or do you practice?

  • Crawford Hogan
    Crawford Hogan Month ago +1

    Both of these people clearly had no intentions of shooting anyone. ADL-ran FBI at it again with the hate crime hoaxes. Gotta justify the budget somehow I suppose.

    • Crawford Hogan
      Crawford Hogan 29 days ago

      @Poop Brain nonsense. Your display name is apt. There are hundreds of millions of guns in the country, many millions of people have 10k+ rounds of ammo.

    • Poop Brain
      Poop Brain 29 days ago

      they had guns and ammos. a person with no intentions of shooting anyone would have no guns in their possession.

  • Gentleman Yeboah
    Gentleman Yeboah Month ago +2

    They should compile all these videos and show them to the President, FOXNEWS(Tucker Carlson, Ingraham Sean Hannity and the Republicans) that these threats are not hoax but real. The next thing you'll hear as an excuse from the President, NRA, some Republicans and FOXNEWS is that all these people have mental problems. Gosh!!! God please come save America. Just so you anyone who read my post know. I AM NOT A DEMOCRAT, I happen to have conservative views and believe in humanity, but hating immigrants or none white people is not conservative.
    One of the past beloved Republican President Ranold Reagan was adored as the "perfect" spotless President but recently an audio surfaced with him and President Nixon spewing racism and racial slurs at Blacks and black African leaders. Point is they all profess they are not racist including the sitting President but only God fetch them out. By the to white Americans being a Republican or conservative is does not make you a Christian or give a pass to heaven so get ready to be judged like anyone else.

    • Gentleman Yeboah
      Gentleman Yeboah Month ago

      @William Anthony no pun intended but you certainly do not know what you talking about and there's no need to argue or go further with this, let's leave it here. But I hope and pray to God that with the nonsense going on in the world now but more so here in the States it does not affect you in anyway

    • William Anthony
      William Anthony Month ago +1

      Gentleman Yeboah- Reagan referring to those leaders as monkeys wasn't racist in the way the news media wants you to believe it was. The word monkey had a different meaning to a man in Reagan's age bracket. The word evolved into something different over time, but it bridged different generations who thought of the term in completely different ways. It's like when Howard Cosell, one of the least prejudiced men in the sports world exclaimed: "Look at that little monkey run!" He never really recovered from that remark, and ended up retiring.
      It's not that words don't matter, but the meanings of some words really do change over time. Would Reagan's moronic daughter be apologizing for something she KNOWS is UNTRUE about her father, if he'd used the term "squirrelly" instead? I think not.
      We're quick to point fingers without a great deal of thought about who we're accusing of what. It's like a modern day witch hunt. Like all witch hunts, however, the consequences will eventually come back to haunt us.

  • Robert Dillon
    Robert Dillon Month ago +1

    All white men

    • Jasper Perrywinkle
      Jasper Perrywinkle Month ago +2

      95% of violence in Chicago and Baltimore are not white. You're racism is showing.

  • quest 77051
    quest 77051 Month ago

    lots of terrorist popping up.

  • Tobias Forge
    Tobias Forge Month ago +4

    Not sure how to feel about this ... arresting people for words. What's next, thought crime ? George Orwell warned us that this would come.

    • Poop Brain
      Poop Brain 29 days ago

      making threats isnt protected under free speech. just go to your local bank and tell them youre there to rob them. see how that goes for you.

    • Raising Sun
      Raising Sun Month ago

      It's a government setup- problem, reaction, solution. They create these "mass shooting" hoaxes and then say they'll prevent "mass shooters" by launching "pre-crime" (thought-crime) legislation. It's goal is to eventually completely destroy what's left of our first and second amendments.

    • Tom Krohn
      Tom Krohn Month ago

      @UnknownPlayer and titanium body armor.

    • B A Baracas
      B A Baracas Month ago

      @Tobias Forge Moron

  • Isthis reallife
    Isthis reallife Month ago

    What do you expect from Republican Ohio.

  • InspiredByEbonyLove
    InspiredByEbonyLove Month ago +5

    Problem: WHITE CULTURE. Synagogues better get ARMED SECURITY and stop playing. Those who want a "home for White people " should be exiled to Antartica or somewhere in the far northern extremes. The planet is overwhelmingly NOT WHITE. If you want isolation, exit the planet.

    • Drhumbolt
      Drhumbolt Month ago

      White culture?.. Elaborate

  • Damien
    Damien Month ago +2

    Like in the Zone, when your bad you get sent to the corn field! That's what he should get, no Return!

    HOMER DRUMPF Month ago

    White supremacy..dont wont address this.
    Just blame obama right fatass 45.

  • kaiyack
    kaiyack Month ago +1

    Gonna be a couple days before we see the full broadcast.

  • Michael Hodnett
    Michael Hodnett Month ago +1

    Wow, that's sad when people has that much hate in their heart and its fill with RACISM just because of someone color of their skin and religious beliefs. Anybody is a white supremacy has a mental problem of themselves not others.

  • Traveler Guide
    Traveler Guide Month ago +3

    support open carry to keep us safe from crazy peoples like this no racism will be tolerated

    • Raising Sun
      Raising Sun Month ago

      This smiling guy is an actor. It's staged. Don't fall for it. The recent "mass shootings" are hoaxes with more holes in them than Swiss cheese. It's utterly ridiculous. Btw, you'll have as much success declaring war on "racism" as the US government has with the "war on terror". Yet, terror and war only increased. Funny how that works. What's next, declare war on death? Or against Nature? Good luck.

    • Traveler Guide
      Traveler Guide Month ago

      Lazy Gamer yes it will help because we have to be ready for the unexpected

    • UnknownPlayer
      UnknownPlayer Month ago +2

      @Traveler Guide its interesting how other parts of the world do have gun laws and have less mass shootings then america.. and yet you guys think adding more guns will help LOL

    • Traveler Guide
      Traveler Guide Month ago

      Lazy Gamer im not dont talk on behalf of others without any clue

  • Pat Geren
    Pat Geren Month ago +1

    Not safe to be one of (((them))) anymore ! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    • Raising Sun
      Raising Sun Month ago

      Sorry, buddy, but it's fake. All these recent "mass shootings"' are hoaxes. Thanks Mossad, FBI, CIA, ZOG cops!

  • flowerluli
    flowerluli Month ago +1


  • Sagezilla
    Sagezilla Month ago

    I hate Earth 🌍

    • Pro Dog Balls
      Pro Dog Balls Month ago +1

      *I don't. I just hate my species.* 🌍

  • Wolf Jumper
    Wolf Jumper Month ago +3

    🔥👹🔥 MEDIA 🔥👹🔥 Recruited them. ☠️💀☠️. BRAIN WASHING 🚩🏴🚩

    • UNLEASH- HELL666
      UNLEASH- HELL666 Month ago +1

      Wolf Jumper sounds about "White"!💩💩😂😂🏃🏃🏃🏃

  • Political Twinkie
    Political Twinkie Month ago +16

    Law enforcements are becoming soldiers.

    • Michael Kelley
      Michael Kelley 23 days ago

      They are being forced into it constantly being asked why by incompetent weirdos ! Can you blame them !

    • Gale Mara
      Gale Mara Month ago +1

      Indeed we need them in every corner

    • Loretta Harris
      Loretta Harris Month ago +2

      Job well done!!!

  • Political Twinkie
    Political Twinkie Month ago +1

    Nazis. Domestic terrorists. Same.

  • Barry O'Connor
    Barry O'Connor Month ago +37

    "Police found him in a Winn-Dixie parking lot."
    That sounds about white.

  • Panda n Coco
    Panda n Coco Month ago +1

    They paid these guys to say say things...just so people feal safe

    • Poop Brain
      Poop Brain 29 days ago

      Angel N Rich you live in a nice little bubble called ignorance. its usually after mass shootings that they are most active.

    • Panda n Coco
      Panda n Coco Month ago +2

      This will go away quit and you wont here from those actors anymore its a play by the goverment...who is really stupid enough to make post right after those sad shootings?

    • UnknownPlayer
      UnknownPlayer Month ago

      keep thinking that

  • hung well
    hung well Month ago +8

    This is what happens when a 25 yr old has no real friends only friends on a screen. Becomes socially awkward and looks for a place to belong. In " walks" a recruiter and convinces him his hate is justified and it's " their"fault his life sucks. Same tactics used by isis and alquieda

    • Kaloop Spring
      Kaloop Spring Month ago

      He had a girlfriend, so I guess he probably had friends.

    • UnknownPlayer
      UnknownPlayer Month ago +1

      half of that is false, you think people that only have friends on a screen is bad? plenty of gamers and youtubers spend a ton of time in front of computers and havent done anything wrong. this kid was most likely raised with this type of hate

  • Angelic Alaska
    Angelic Alaska Month ago


  • VladI
    VladI Month ago +12

    Are any of those "fine people" mentally ill? Perhaps the insanity defense is in the cards.

    • Michael Kelley
      Michael Kelley 23 days ago

      A universal model and study of will tell you exactly that...

    • Hawkzblade
      Hawkzblade Month ago +3

      the one who called them "fine people" IS mentally ill.

    • quest 77051
      quest 77051 Month ago +5

      nope..they are terrorist.

  • mr funball
    mr funball Month ago +14

    Remember when young men were into rock and roll and chicks ?

    • UNLEASH- HELL666
      UNLEASH- HELL666 Month ago

      mr funball ..sounds about "white"!😂😂💩💩💩🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

    • InspiredByEbonyLove
      InspiredByEbonyLove Month ago +6

      You mean back when they were into Klan meetings and terrorizing black/non white ppl too, and spitting on Black children trying to go to school? Sounds like you describing a tv episode, rather than accurate American history.