Making My Dogs Homemade Dog Treats

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
  • Here's the recipes I used in order:
    Frozen Blueberry Coconut Oil Dog Treats -
    No Bake Coconut Hypoallergenic Dog Treats -
    Peanut Butter Banana Flax Dog Biscuits -
    There's lots more that looked really fun as well, I've tried making my dogs meals before in our crock pot which they enjoyed for like 3 days and then were over it WHICH IS SUPER COOL THANKS GUYS, but aside from that I've never actually attempted to make little treats for them and this was incredibly easy fun and worth it to do. If you have these ingredients lying around like oats peanut butter banana coconut oil etc. there's just a lot of easy things you can make that dogs really enjoy so now I feel stupid that I was today years old when I first tried. Hope you enjoy or get inspired to make some stuff for your dog or pet or whatever. Homemade treats are fun and made with love I'm gonna go cry now wow.

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  • Natalie Gooders
    Natalie Gooders 7 hours ago

    marble looks like baby yoda

  • Montana OTTB
    Montana OTTB 17 hours ago

    Julian: you like peanut butter?
    Cermit: yez ezpesalee xylitol kind

    *I’m sorry*

  • Tumultuous Chaos01

    9:04 Bethany, *I mAdE buIScuiTS!*

  • Ashley Cecilia
    Ashley Cecilia 2 days ago +1

    Marbles looks like baby yoda

  • Jo Gambini
    Jo Gambini 3 days ago

    this girl looks stoned

  • Morgue Music
    Morgue Music 3 days ago

    Even Bobby enjoyed the treats

  • Erin Murray
    Erin Murray 4 days ago +1

    Jenna should just get a papoose and carry marble around in it. He would probably enjoy leisuring more that way.

  • Districtninetyseven
    Districtninetyseven 5 days ago

    I feel like if I were to watch any of her dog videos without the background music it would have a whole different vibe😂

  • norrepud
    norrepud 7 days ago +2

    marbles is baby yoda

  • Avery Roy
    Avery Roy 8 days ago +1

    I also have an old Chihuahua like marble and and he acts the same way as precious marble😂 his name is Charlie

  • Neko
    Neko 9 days ago +1

    “Juns cats can do this” jun’s kitchen 🥰

  • Punchingbabies
    Punchingbabies 9 days ago

    I love how excited Marbles gets when he sees Jenna

  • Lillie Birch
    Lillie Birch 11 days ago

    Dogs can’t have coconut oil. I love your channel and I’m tryna look out for your dogs

    • Jeagr
      Jeagr 10 days ago

      Lillie Birch They can have it, they just can’t have too much as, like Jenna said, they’d have bad diarrhea. They can have allergic reactions to it, but I’m sure Jenna and Julian would know about those kinds of things by now. Please do your research before commenting

  • jahna
    jahna 11 days ago

    she probably talks to the dogs more than she talks to julien

  • Jonny coolbeans
    Jonny coolbeans 12 days ago +3

    When the title gets cut off and it says “making my dogs homemade dog”

  • I’m an Aries
    I’m an Aries 12 days ago

    Marbles at 3:30 is me!

  • Tanis Stewart
    Tanis Stewart 12 days ago +1

    awe omg i am like Jenna, feels so bad sometimes for nothing really. she just cares so much. i love it.

  • Christina Smith
    Christina Smith 12 days ago +1

    *looks at him and stops*
    We know who does disciplinary actions 😂😂

  • Buttscratcher Mcgee the third

    @ 2:56 Anyone hanging out with an ENTJ friend "How many times am I gonna have to force you to leisure?!"

  • Shy Dragoness
    Shy Dragoness 13 days ago

    Sponsored by Adidas

  • Samantha P.
    Samantha P. 13 days ago

    As usual Kermit is crying, Peach is just in it for the food, and Marble has NO idea who he is or what’s going on. 😂👏🏻

  • Lily Medley
    Lily Medley 13 days ago

    *to the dog standing on the counter* don’t leave the blueberry on there it’s messy 😂

  • Hailey Dimoff
    Hailey Dimoff 15 days ago +1

    Jenna: “ we’re finally having DOG time”

    The dogs: (sitting in chairs with capes watching Jenna cook

  • Guy katz
    Guy katz 18 days ago


  • Ivan Dario
    Ivan Dario 18 days ago

    For 2020 I want a coconut oil bed for kermit

  • Esme
    Esme 20 days ago


  • Maria Perez
    Maria Perez 22 days ago

    I figured out why dogs bury their treats sometimes and it’s not because they are storing food for winter ... sometimes it is but usually when the treat is to big for them so they don’t want it

  • Andrew Konopka
    Andrew Konopka 25 days ago

    dog maze

  • Minty - Vixen
    Minty - Vixen 26 days ago


  • MandyDraws •w•
    MandyDraws •w• 26 days ago +1

    Marbles looks like baby yoda

  • •ShawnTheSushiPusheen •

    Now this makes me wonder if jun just edits out when one of his cats get up and do something weird

  • Tambra Bonds
    Tambra Bonds 27 days ago


  • Rinkitamo
    Rinkitamo Month ago

    Marble is a literal marble

  • Confused Therian
    Confused Therian Month ago

    Wanna know my favourite vegetable?


  • annoyingpuzzler
    annoyingpuzzler Month ago

    Why does the kitchen in this video look identical to Colleen Ballingers kitchen

  • No It’s not
    No It’s not Month ago

    Cermit : ready
    Peach: ready
    Marbles: marked absent

  • taylor kimball
    taylor kimball Month ago

    10:22 that fukin joke about his name tho lmao.

  • Colorful Wolf 0-0
    Colorful Wolf 0-0 Month ago +1

    Jenna: “Ahh...... It’s like I’m gettin’ stabbed.... Its so NICE... So Wonderful... ;-;
    Julian: :0

  • Kaiya Masten
    Kaiya Masten Month ago

    Kermit Kermit cries in Hermit why you always crying why you always crying why you always crying why you Triad crying

  • Kristi Larens
    Kristi Larens Month ago

    This is crazy, you shouldn’t feed any of these things to your dog!!!! Dogs are carnivores what means they have to eat raw meat and animal products.. their digestive system is not made for this stuff and they are not gonna get any nutrients out of it..

    • CuteToad
      CuteToad 11 days ago

      I take that back, you're correct about them not getting much nutrition from TREATS. Humans also don't get nutrition from treats. Which is why you're supposed to eat them sparingly. Lol.

    • CuteToad
      CuteToad 11 days ago

      So, everything you said is wrong. Dogs are omnivores, we've known this for a long time. Their digestive track is significantly different from a true carnivore, such as a cat.

    • Rage Mutt
      Rage Mutt Month ago

      I dont think you understand how treats work. They only get a few far between. Jenna's dogs arent vegan lmao

  • Kerri Mitchell
    Kerri Mitchell Month ago

    Kermit terrified of the banana at 8:21

  • Ethan Productions, Videos, And Playlists

    Marbles is the food equivalent of Ego from ratatouille

  • Quatro Draws
    Quatro Draws Month ago

    This made me cry lol

  • tiktok stuff
    tiktok stuff Month ago +1

    *kermit being bad*
    j from across the kitchen "KERMIT"
    Kermit * * sterts crying

  • Xkodi
    Xkodi Month ago

    This is the only video Marbles doesn't just sit there...

    looking dead.

  • Derek Cazares Tapia
    Derek Cazares Tapia Month ago +5

    Jenna: “Sit and enjoy the show”
    Me: *Sits down*

  • Valentina Lee Harrell Cardona

    "FUCKING" not nesecery

  • Valentina Lee Harrell Cardona

    Oh my, too cute. Love, love, love.

  • SimplyDeeJae
    SimplyDeeJae Month ago

    “Come here”
    Marble: high steps forward 😂

  • SimplyDeeJae
    SimplyDeeJae Month ago

    That look with the sunglasses tho! Made me giggle

  • Elsie nidia molina
    Elsie nidia molina Month ago +1

    Marble has to have a show named Marble Ramsey

  • inkadinkadoodle
    inkadinkadoodle Month ago

    Jenna: They love the treats! Now I feel bad!
    Me: (chokes on my coffee)
    Me: (okay, i'm good now....)
    Jenna: Marbles doesn't even know where he is, and he likes them!
    Me: shit!

  • Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer Month ago

    OMG ! Can not watch the rest!

  • Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer Month ago

    Wow really bad video! Recipes not so much !

  • Haven Anderson
    Haven Anderson Month ago

    You should make a video just going through an album on your camera roll explaining dump pictures of your dogs

  • Gacha Sphy
    Gacha Sphy Month ago +4

    *“he looks like a gargoyle”*

  • Krista Gomez
    Krista Gomez Month ago

    From the back Kermet looks like one of those turkey vultures that hang out in trees looking for dead shit

  • Jessica Schoonmaker

    Wheres the beef

  • AngelPuffs 420
    AngelPuffs 420 Month ago

    Is it just me or does marbles look like baby Yoda on some parts of this videos lol

  • Ellie Dicken
    Ellie Dicken Month ago +1

    Jenna=I want him to feel included
    Peach and Kermit:both look at marbles in the same time 😂 0:30