this video is for our future kids

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
  • me and Kate decided to go on a 2 day trip to a place called bath! it was super cute and all I wanna say is if our future kids are watching this..hello I hope you're doing good legend!
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  • touchdalight
    touchdalight  Month ago +143

    buy my merch if ur a legend -

    • Louis Tighe
      Louis Tighe Month ago


    • Even Cruz
      Even Cruz Month ago

      You wired fuck

    • Heather_willow
      Heather_willow Month ago

      touchdalight ❤️👼🏻💕😍

    • Sibilia Camilleri
      Sibilia Camilleri Month ago

      Ma 656czfcz£33 %4 the first %wwwq2wwq2ww2w21w23221212112121222211211212222212132521252222222222222222222

  • millie roberts
    millie roberts 3 days ago

    i love carmie’s vibe

  • Shabby Cat
    Shabby Cat 5 days ago


  • Death Awaits
    Death Awaits 8 days ago

    Poor kids aren’t gonna want to go outside anymore

  • Phil Reid
    Phil Reid 13 days ago


  • Ellie Grace
    Ellie Grace 15 days ago

    The vogue video

  • Daniel
    Daniel 19 days ago

    Gf I thought you were gay?

  • ShoFFy
    ShoFFy 20 days ago

    you're just gonna give your "kids" visible confusion
    well that's if they will survive natural selection

  • corn
    corn 22 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with the thumbnail

  • Girafinha
    Girafinha 23 days ago

    i tought you were gay 🙏😷 sorry

  • Tomz Varz
    Tomz Varz 27 days ago +1

    A lot of people have probably told you this but I’m just gonna say it again your a “cunt” goodbye 👋

  • CoBo
    CoBo 29 days ago

    I already feel bad for those kids

  • Lia Marsden x
    Lia Marsden x 29 days ago

    OMG you actually went to bath my grandma lives there and I’m going tomorrow me and my grandma Karen could’ve seen u ahahahaha

  • Jenni Tilling
    Jenni Tilling Month ago


  • Jenni Tilling
    Jenni Tilling Month ago


  • Alexi Dimitrov
    Alexi Dimitrov Month ago

    Isn't he gay?

  • NitroCowfish
    NitroCowfish Month ago

    Please never have kids.....

  • Lauren Bee
    Lauren Bee Month ago +9

    9:30 Emma?

  • ϟ CatNoir ϟ Mendes ϟ

    Carnie literally sounds so much like Kate

  • Ya boi James
    Ya boi James Month ago +1

    3.23: We are kinda famous
    Literally one group comes up to them and thats all
    Also they got their genders mixed up
    Gay bunny

  • Ya boi James
    Ya boi James Month ago +1

    The only reason that i would want to be blind is so i wouldnt have to see his « future children »
    (Which hes never gonna have kate is obviously a gold digger)

  • false god stan
    false god stan Month ago +2

    “KATE don’t speak like that on my channel”

  • false god stan
    false god stan Month ago

    I love them I can’t ‘the London tower of pizza’

  • false god stan
    false god stan Month ago +3

    Anything he says is funny because he speaks in the exact same tone for every sentence i canny deal

  • Bronwyn Neil
    Bronwyn Neil Month ago

    I love you guys so much💕💕

  • Nocna nijansa08
    Nocna nijansa08 Month ago +21

    Clearly light isn’t the only thing This guy is touching...

  • Sylas Arthur
    Sylas Arthur Month ago

    Bro... The thumbnail...😔

  • KaeBabyBlogs
    KaeBabyBlogs Month ago

    i live in bath but carmie literally convinced me that it was abroad

    • KaeBabyBlogs
      KaeBabyBlogs Month ago

      spoiler I actually don’t live in bath but it wouldn’t have been a good comment otherwise

  • Aus tralia
    Aus tralia Month ago

    omg the salsa is so much better when you put it on before the cheese then put it in the oven, you’ve baffled me

  • Aishah Maryam
    Aishah Maryam Month ago


  • stan loona
    stan loona Month ago

    what if the kids fat tho. u not gonna want them ooor??

    • touchdalight
      touchdalight  Month ago

      they wouldnt be fat bc i would make them eat healthy of course!

  • Elisa F
    Elisa F Month ago

    Are you the same guy who bodyshamed bigger girls in tik tok or am I wrong?

  • FunIsInfinite 06
    FunIsInfinite 06 Month ago

    What the fuck

  • clapped beaner
    clapped beaner Month ago

    Why would you ever try to roast jojo

  • Trippie Xanz
    Trippie Xanz Month ago

    Jojo’s asmr is still better than you

  • I can't think Of a name

    Jojo got more subscribers than you L

  • Ella Wants to Be famous

    I almost liked them I realized I’m fat

  • Albert Dryden
    Albert Dryden Month ago +2

    you're the kind of person to fall in the shower and grab the water

  • Jenson Rante
    Jenson Rante Month ago

    You gay, Jojo is better

  • TGK Burner
    TGK Burner Month ago

    Who is from jojo asmr

  • Elloise Johnson
    Elloise Johnson Month ago

    Those photos are the cutest photos 😊

  • amy jones
    amy jones Month ago

    Omg u was in Barth I live twerton I wish I went to town now 😢😂

  • blue x Bobby 123
    blue x Bobby 123 Month ago

    Pin this if you like your fan base

  • Jude Taylor
    Jude Taylor Month ago

    You are the worst person on the planet, I would love to punch you in the mouth.

  • Lucy Jones
    Lucy Jones Month ago +1

    when I say it’s perfect for me and Catherine :
    wHeN I SaY I t s PreEfrEcKt fo r mE aNd CafeRthIne

  • Ells G
    Ells G Month ago

    5:00 okay did anyone else ac jump?!

  • Alexandra (Alex) Green

    bath seems all cool and shit till you live there lol

  • Ruby McConkey
    Ruby McConkey Month ago

    when he said 2 seconds and counted down from 3😂

  • ronnoc BTW
    ronnoc BTW Month ago

    I want to punch you in the fucking face

  • ronnoc BTW
    ronnoc BTW Month ago

    How much did you pay her?

  • Joasil
    Joasil Month ago

    carmi: This is rEaL wOoD

  • Teffany Pastieh
    Teffany Pastieh Month ago

    I hope Carmie's kids won't throw up after seeing his nachos.

  • Gato_meow
    Gato_meow Month ago +1

    That moment when an asmr channel that you “roasted” has more subs than you

  • Cahles Feels
    Cahles Feels Month ago

    Hold up weren’t they brother and sister

  • Elmo Films
    Elmo Films Month ago +1

    you guys are sooo cute

  • anniegeiger1031
    anniegeiger1031 Month ago

    I love not American youtubers but I’m American 😹

    WVLXN8TH Month ago

    Fuck you

  • C 1
    C 1 Month ago

    surely carmie ain’t his actual name
    that ain’t no name

    • Michaela C
      Michaela C Month ago

      C 1 it is his actual name 😂his name is carmino or something I think it’s Italian since he’s half Italian

  • Jennie_the_ Dragon
    Jennie_the_ Dragon Month ago

    there’s nothing this man wouldn’t do

  • Lucy James
    Lucy James Month ago

    Just had an ad for eroda